101 Surf Sports - Outdoor Gear - 115 3rd St - San Rafael, CA

101 Surf Sports   - Outdoor Gear - 115 3rd St - San Rafael, CA

This is a go to business for fun on the water. As another  Yelper wrote they are very nice and give thorough instructions. I took my nephews there today. One is 10 and the other 12. We all rented the SUP boards for an hour and had a great time.


Super dog-friendly kayak and SUP rentals. Staff is very friendly and helpful, and prices are reasonable. Their kayaks are the sit-on-top type instead of the traditional sit-inside type, so it's easy for your dog to ride on top, without being restricted by only one opening. My dog ended up sitting in the middle space between the seats, so you should be able to fit your dog in between the seats of a 2-person kayak. Staff gives basic instructions and you start your trip in the calm waters of the San Rafael Canal. You will paddle past a lot of birds, house boats and docks in the canal, but there isn't a lot of traffic to worry about. For the more advanced, you can make your way out into the bay, and a six-mile round trip paddle will take you out to the Marin Islands. They offer free lockers to store your valuables.

All smiles after a kayak trip All smiles after a kayak trip My dog kayaking with me in the canal My dog kayaking with me in the canal 2/20/2016

The people that work here are so incredibly nice. Class A service with a nice selection of boards and equipment. There is also a dock where they can store and launch paddle boards amongst other things. You can take the San Rafael canal all the way to the bay (about 1 mile to the bay). I went there to buy wet suit booties and was impressed by the service and selection. I wouldn't hesitate to return there in the future.

A boy and his long board A boy and his long board See all photos from David S. for 101 Surf Sports 8/24/2015

We had a great time paddling around San Rafael and out to the bay! The guys at 101 Surf Sports were super helpful and showed us first timers how paddle properly and the sent us on our merry ways! I really enjoyed being out on the bay and so close to the water. I also got a great upper body and core workout!! We had a Groupon and enjoyed 2 hours of kayaking for $45 for 2 people.. a great deal. They had other options too, Paddle Boarding looked fun and they had surf lessons as well. A great family friendly place to check out on a nice summer day!

Great views!! Great views!! 10/12/2015

Awesome kayaking on easy waters today. Tide was high and sun was beautiful! San Rafaelites have weather as great as LA as far as I'm concerned.2 hr kayaking hit the spot. Almost made it out underneath the San Rafael bridge.Parking can get quite hairy there, as their lot is pretty limited.Lessons, sales, free launch for those with boards, kayaks , SUPS. All here


Had so much fun!! It was my friend and I first time ever doing stand up paddle. About 2 miles all together, which is about an hour long but took us a little longer. haha.The staff was so patient with us and so kind. Totally forgot his name but he was amazing. He actually look so good photos too. Can't wait to go back for some stand up yoga.


We just jumped into kayaking about a month ago and have been out on the water here four times. It is the best experience ever! The entire staff here is incredibly nice and really helpful. But today blew them off the charts for customer service. While driving home to Sonoma I looked at my left hand and realized my ring was gone. My heart sank and I rushed home to search my sailing gloves, my bags, our cooler and the clothes I had changed out of at the shop.  No ring.  I called and talked to Cort who immediately began searching the property and retracing my steps while I was on the phone.  He promised to keep looking and reassured me they have great luck finding lost items.  He was right -- he called me 10 minutes later to let me know they had found my ring! THANK YOU CORT AND CREW.


Simply the nicest most knowledgeable staff. Great place to get wetsuits, surfboards... all kinds of cool water sports gear


Every employee is super friendly and supportive. I've been on the water with several sports over the years, but now that I'm older, I thought I'd give SUP a try. What a heck of a lot of fun! Group rides on Sunday mornings, and a casual atmosphere. Not clique - ish at all. Walk in and you're greeted with a smile. The other SUPers were friendly and supportive as well. Large variety of SUP boards available for rent. That is a real plus. In terms of equipment to purchase. They've got everything. Please support your local businesses. Yes, you may pay an additional 5%, but you're paying for advice, ability to touch and feel. And your tax dollars stay local most importantly.

Red Right Return: San Rafael Richmond Bridge in the distance. Red Right Return: San Rafael Richmond Bridge in the distance. Artsy photo with kayaker between sunset Artsy photo with kayaker between sunset Heading out San Rafael Creek Heading out San Rafael Creek See all photos from Roger P. for 101 Surf Sports 10/30/2015

Been going here recently to rent SUP boards to cruise down San Rafael creek to the bay. I can't say enough good things about the folks who work here. Everyone I've dealt with has been extremely helpful and friendly. It's just a really nice spot with great people.


Best surf shop I've been to yet. Rented a paddle board and a kayak, told Tom and them we're going fishing. Then they said all right sounds good. Got over to the bait shop, got over there got me a green bug. Started trolling and we caught a fish. Excellent customer service and Tom is cool. We even got a sticker. He said I earned it.


This place is awesome!! My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting into kayaking after we move... was browsing through groupon one day and came across this place. $45 for two people for 2 hours? Sounds like a steal!The place was easy to get too, pretty close to the Whole Foods in San Rafael. There was a decent amount of parking which was surprising considering the fact that we went on a beautiful Saturday afternoon (around 12:30 and high 70s/low 80's clear day). The guy at the desk was super welcoming and helpful. If you forgot to bring your sunscreen they have a huge squirt bottle in the front for their customers to use.Since it was our first time we decided to share a kayak. They are above kayaks so I'd suggest putting sunscreen on your legs too if you are sensitive. The kayak was easier to use than I had anticipated. We weren't going super fast but it was a pretty smooth ride. Seems like a lot of people like to do the SUPing (they offer that as well) looks like a great whole body workout where as the kayak you seem to mainly be working out your arms and back. Also, it gets HOT out there...you have room for a bottle of water so I suggest to bring one just in case.Although the groupon said it was for two hours the guys seemed pretty laid back about how long we were out. I had my goal set to the island that was supposed to be about a 2 hour round trip. We got pretty close but got stuck in a pretty wavy part and I was starting to feel seasick so decided to turn back. Also, If you do choose to do the 2 hour route the first hour (about) is pretty much "escaping" the little water road/docks/water front houses... That was a tad off putting since I just wanted to be in the ocean already =p When you do finally get out of that first part you have a nice view of the richmond bridge, some small island and beautiful view of Mt. Tamalapias in the background. If I had my own kayak personally prepared for myself I probably could have spent hours just chillin' out in the water. After returning one of the guys informed me that my paddle was backwards. This kind of shocked me since I was getting more power than my boyfriend (we took turns paddling at times) and I hadn't rotated my paddle at all during the whole trip. I guess this would maybe reflect some neglect to the guy outside who was supposed to be instructing us but it didn't seem to have slowed us down or didn't give us a bad trip so I didn't mind. Overall we had a ton of fun and would def come back and pay the full price if still in the area... if you're new to water sports this is a great intro!


I just experienced perhaps THE best customer service of my life. Bought my first SUP board from the good folks down at 101 Surf Sports after speaking with Tom, who enthusiastically recommended several boards on sale within my price range. When I got to the shop, I was greeted warmly by every single person - I mean true Aloha. I felt like a surfer girl again surrounded by my tribe. Tom made sure I had everything I needed for my SUP endeavor and left me to talk story with an old friend - the ocean, is one small world afterall.Tom and the entire team snapped into action, installing new car racks, customizing my paddle and fanning the stoke with plenty of good swag! This place is definitely a waterman's and waterwoman's epicenter - with an autograph book filled with the John Hancock's of water sports luminaries. It was an honor to be invited to pen my name too.I'm a customer for life. Thanks guys.


It is so nice to have a one-stop shop for this waterman. The team rocks, the place could not be more ideal, and the amount of knowledge is incredible.


I experienced friendly employees and decent prices...for a local business.  I could buy the merchandise online for cheaper, but then I would have to wait for shipping, hope that the wetsuit fits, if it doesn't ship it back, etc, etc.Short story long: 101 has good people working for them and the races they host are super fun.  Check them out on paddle guru.


I've been here three times now, twice for Kayaking and once to try out Stand Up Paddleboarding. All three times the staff have been wonderfully kind. They give clear instructions and tips. They don't nickel and dime you for time spent on the water. They provide everything you need to have a fun time! I really appreciate the fabulous customer service here. The equipment seems to be in good shape. So far I've only done the route through the canal that opens up to the bay. It takes about 35-40 mins of kayaking/SUP to get to the mouth of the bay (one way, if you're a totally new, not-in-shape beginner like me!) As for the stand up paddleboarding, I was very nervous I was going to fall in the water... I'm happy to report I didn't! My only complaint about being in the water in the canal where this place is located, is that the water is sometimes dirty. But, I'll be back again (probably many times) because they are so nice, and it makes it easy and fun to get some exercise while enjoying my afternoon.Plus, they hosted a very generous fundraiser for a local non-profit a while back. I love to support businesses like this one that give back to the community.


This store rocks! I have been a surfer for over eight years but had never tried standup before with the help of Tom who works at 101 Surf Shop i was able to understand and know what to do on my first steps. Tom is experienced and intuitive. He is definitely NOT the average pushy sales person!I look forward to coming back this weekend! Thanks again Tom.


I had the most amazing experience at Surf Sports! I came here this past Saturday, 4/11/15, with 2 of my girlfriends. One of my best friends told me how much fun paddle boarding and in all honesty, I was very excited but extremely scared at the same time. I absolutely love sports, but when it comes to water sports.. Ya, not me! Regardless, I went into this experience very optimistic. When we arrived, I must have asked 10 thousand questions (not exaggerating) about every single thing that was going through my head. Every single person that works here was absolutely amazing. They made me feel very safe and comfortable. Cort, the owner, is great. He even noticed that I was bringing my overly priced sunglasses on my paddle boarding adventure and gave me one of those strings to keep them safe in the event that you fall. Speaking of falling, I did not fall!!! In fact, I had an amazing time. Paddling boarding is not easy, but I'm sure the more times I go, the easier it'll get. It was also a great core and arm workout! My friends and I are planning on coming back in 2 weekends and I'm really looking forward to it. Cort and team, thank you so much for making my paddle boarding experience so much fun! I felt so safe and happy the entire time.


Love 101! I've been here multiple times with anywhere from 2-10 people. Always easy to get set up and going quickly. They are great about suggesting new boards to try if you are over the big beginner boards. If you've been paddleboarding more than a couple times, try a touring board for a faster ride and more of a workout(wobblier). Love the staff here too! Super friendly and laid back, while being professional. There's picnic tables if you want to hang and have a snack. You can walk to trader joes and whole foods to grab picnic supplies or downtown San Rafael is just a bit further. The water here is always calm. The wind occasionally picks up and makes one direction a bit harder, but always a relatively easy paddle. I still haven't been out to the islands, but it's on my to do list!


Great Experience! I decided to venture out by myself during the week to go paddleboarding. The guys working here were very friendly and helpful! They offered to store my phone and keys for me so that I did not have to worry about losing those items in the water. I went out for an hour, and I was surprised by the workout I got when I turned back on the water paddling into a slight breeze and working against the tide. Made me understand why everyones' body looks so long and limber. I'm looking forward toward my 2 hour session soon, hope I can survive ;)

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