54 Mint Forno Italiano - Italian - 1686 Locust St, Walnut Creek, CA - Restaurant Reviews

54 Mint Forno Italiano   - Italian - 1686 Locust St, Walnut Creek, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Went here to pick up lunch.  Staff was so nice and helpful. Recommended a fantastic pizza. They also let me wonder around the farmer's market while I waited for it.  Only thing disappointing was that I could not use the free dessert check in coupon (only available with dinner). But the service was great and prices were reasonable so I didn't really care.  Highly recommend the place.


They don't make it easy to find the menu. Once you do, though, you'll love the food! We tried the beet and orange salad with goat cheese, Belgian endive, and walnuts, the eggplant parmesan, and the sausage and mushroom pizza. Just the right amount of food for two. We'll be back!


4.5 stars for food, service is the 3.  We have been here four times actually, twice we were turned away because they don't do just coffee and desert even though the place was not full so why not, nor would they serve us something to go?  Breakfast with the kids on a Farmer's Market day was very tasty.  The gals behind the counter were unfriendly and not helpful.  We finally met up for dinner with friends and no kids and again the food was delicious and I finally got my after dinner coffee and desert which even if I wasn't hungry I was still going to have because I finally was allowed!  :)  It was again delicious!  I had the dulce de leche mouse cup thing and OMG!  Based on discussions with friends we aren't the only ones that have been turned away for coffee and desert so at least I don't feel singled out.  I just don't get it.


On one occasion, I asked the woman about a drink that was a bit on the sweet side cause my girlfriend preferred that type of drink and she snickered and said, "that's not our thing here."Today at 8:20 AM (9/28/2016), I went in, ordered first, paid first and the guy behind me ordered right after me and paid after me and after a few minutes of waiting, he received his drink and pastry first. I sat there for an extra few minutes to get my girlfriends coffee and finally, I was served. Yeah, I'm not sure if the owner trains his employees to be this way but I won't be going back to Mint 54.


I've been here twice and this place is ok. Just ok. I've had the coffee and pastries. The pastries are great but I won't go out of my way to go here


Ham, Cheese and GreaseTheir website's menu is outdated. I didn't know that at the time. Unfortunately I made the mistake of going there based on that menu. And, as they graciously point out in their response below, I also made the mistake of not calling ahead. So I showed up to find that both items I wanted aren't on the menu.No problem... Let's try something else. I ordered the calzoni from their printed menu. I suppose it's possible they gave me an authentic Italian calzoni. Nevertheless, stripped of the fancy names, what they actually gave me was ham and cheese on pita bread. It was good ham and cheese on pita, but that wasn't what I had in mind.We also had the lasagna. Owing to the aforementioned outdated menu on their website, it wasn't the particular lasagna we wanted - but we rolled with it. The pasta was cooked well. It was a little greasy. Maybe that too is authentic. Overall the lasagna was fine. However, that and the pita sandwich (to go) weren't worth $50 plus tip.The service was good, but it was a to-go order. Driving back to exchange it wasn't in the cards. The bottom line is that while the food tasted OK, it didn't meet expectations. Maybe that's my fault for having the wrong expectations. Regardless, IMO the Safeway deli would have tasted just as good and would have cost less than half as much.Update: A Correction to Daniele's CorrectionThe exact total was $47.85 before a 20% tip. It was dinner time and the lasagna was for two. One large helping of lasagna in one carton looks like one item to me. Now I understand that it's actually two items.As for the online menu, if it's only a sample menu then why not say so on the website? Perhaps true foodies know that some highly-rated restaurateurs have difficulty updating a digital menu, but I did not.

Is it a calzoni? Is it ham and cheese on pita? Maybe it's both! Is it a calzoni? Is it ham and cheese on pita? Maybe it's both! Lasagna: Mostly tasty. A little greasy. Not worth the price. Lasagna: Mostly tasty. A little greasy. Not worth the price. Comment from Daniele C. of 54 Mint Forno Italiano Business Owner 9/20/2016 Johnathan,The menu on our website is only a sample menu and we try the public aware of that when… Johnathan,The menu on our website is only a sample menu and we try the public aware of that when they call. However the current menu is always available to be emailed to our customers. We keep a focus on seasonal ingredients so our menu changes often, sometimes week to week.I need to correct the wrong information you are putting out there for your fellow yelpers.The 2 items your ordered cost $13 each at lunch time and $16 each at dinner so there is no possibility your bill came to $50 unless you ordered more items you have not mentioned. If you feel you were charged inaccurately please contact me and will look at the issue immediately. Thank you. Read more 5/7/2016

Check marks all around for flavor, simplicity and authenticity.... all important factors in the Italian cuisine. Food: Dined during lunch and had to go for a pizza having read reviews raving about authenticity. My boyfriend opted for the Carbonara Pizza which is similar to a breakfast pizza due to the egg emulsion, thin bacon pieces, pecorino and parmesan. Creamy, buttery and nutty base with a crispy and thin crust. Overall lighter than most pizzas, but still very filling. Everything about it screamed authentic, from the fresh ingredient combination to the perfect portion size. I ordered the Funghi Pizza which included an herby tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and a ton of mushrooms. Simple and flavorful, not a big fan of pizzas with tomato sauce, I usually prefer olive oil or a white sauce base, but this pizza was my jam. Sadly, I fell too in love with my boyfriend Carbonara so we split and shared both.Price: For the portion and quality, you are getting a great deal. I expected to pay more, most dishes range from $13-$20. What a steal.Ambiance: Chic, modern, clean and airy. I love the huge open windows, wood tables, chalkboard menu. Just charming.Service: Quick and very welcoming service. Owners are very friendly as well. Overall: The most authentic Italian pizza I've had post vacationing in Italia. Really charming location, simple and delicious menu offerings.  I highly recommend anything of their pizzas or entrees and I'm counting down for our next trip to 54 Mint.

Funghi Pizza Funghi Pizza Carbonara Pizza Carbonara Pizza 5/14/2016

TLDR: Pizza was good, service a little slow, bad choice of toppings.We came here for the first time the other day wanting to try something new. It was kind of off on its own, not really next to all the other restaurants in downtown Walnut Creek. The inside had a San Fransico-y feel to it, there was a big display counter with pastries in it. The place kind of felt like a cafe/restaurant. The way the seating was arranged made it a little difficult for the staff to see and get to every table. We were off in a corner so service was a bit slow for us. I think we waited about 15+ minutes for them to get our food out. The pizza itself was very good, BUT I don't think I liked the toppings I got on mine. I ordered the Vegitariana, and it came with long slices of zucchini, eggplant, basil and other things. The base and cheese were very soft and gooey, but so were the toppings. The vegetables were also kind of bland in taste so it all just kind of mushed together with the pizza. Although I really enjoyed the pizza, it would have been nice if the toppings stood out a little more. I kind of feel like it didn't fully embrace its potential. Like, it tried so hard to be flavorful and amazing, but then it gave up halfway and just went limp. I'll probably go back there again to try and find one with more ambition.

The Vegitariana The Vegitariana 10/12/2016

If you ever decide to place a take out order, don't expect them to be on time. There was 5 people in the front just standing around and didn't even tell me my order will be 15 mins late. They had a nonchalant attitude about the delay even though I placed this order the day before.


54 Mint II Forno may just be the best kept little secret in Walnut Creek.Italy is my friend E's favorite vacation destination. Just a few years ago, she spent an entire month backpacking up and down The Boot. Needless to say, she is my go-to person on anything and everything Italian. When I told her about the rave reviews of 54 Mint II Forno, it immediately grabbed her attention. So on a beautiful Sunday morning, we decided to go check it out.E and I arrived at around 10:15am. To my surprise, it was not too busy despite the good weather and the bustling farmer's market just a block north of the establishment. We were promptly greeted by a nice young woman at the counter. The place was decorated nicely. It looked contemporary but with a rustic touch. Since we only had a couple hours to hang out, we decided to just grabbed a couple coffee drinks and pastries (~$13).My iced latte was probably the best I had had in a long time. The chocolate pastry I ordered was excellent. The young woman at the counter heated it up for me so when it came out, the chocolate filling (quite possibly Nutella) was warm and gooey. The pastry (the name I forgot, sorry for being an ignoramus :-P) was flaky and resembled the French croissant. E told me her Americano was very good. The danish she had looked delicious.This place offers a variety of pizzas and sandwiches for lunch. E and I already made plans of checking that out, as well as their restaurant in Concord. My opinion is that the coffee drinks and pastries at 54 Mint II Forno are much, much better than all the other coffee shops in Walnut Creek. If you are in the area, you should definitely check them out.BONUS MATERIAL:- Parking is a pain in Walnut Creek. Use the public garage at North Locust and Civic.

Danish Danish Americano Americano Chocolate Pastry Chocolate Pastry See all photos from Harvey K. for 54 Mint Forno Italiano 2/18/2016

I can honestly say that never in my lifetime willingly and of my own accord had I ever gone to a place for two different meals in one day. And yet, it turned out I just never have stopped by 54 Mint Il Forno as of yet.I came in for breakfast and had a few pastries to pair with my coffee. For this visit, I ordered the bicerin and my hazelnut chocolate loving self was hooked! I knew that I would have a coffee that would have a hint of hazelnut and chocolate, but it was not a "hint" than it was a "generous taste." If you love all things Nutella, order their bicerin to go with any of their most excellent pastries. (As a bonus, if you want to save some extra bucks, their pastries are half off after 2 PM.)I enjoyed this breakfast so much that when I saw they had pizza on their menu, I decided to come back for lunch. Yes, I was hesitant, but based on what I have tasted during my breakfast and what I tried in their Concord restaurant, I decided it was well worth it to make an exception. So I went back and ordered their pizza. The pizza was flavorful and the crust was amazing. I had their Calabrese but I want everything else they offer. So maybe I will go back there twice in a day again sometime in the future.The service was phenomenal. The lady who helped me during breakfast was friendly and allowed me to have a leisurely breakfast without feeling guilty. The owners who were around when I came in for lunch were charming and explained to me how they make their amazing crust. I am now a devotee. Once Lent is over, 54 Mint Il Forno is where I am having my first meat and sweets.

Pizza! Pizza! Pastries and bicerin while reading my book Pastries and bicerin while reading my book Pastries Pastries 6/27/2016

Went late Saturday night after shopping.  Walked right in and seated with minimal wait...what good timing.  Fairly small restaurant that reminded us of Italia.  Carafe of water brought out with menus.Started with a half carafe of House Red and Salumi Antipasto Plate.  Five different types of sliced restaurant cured meats which demonstrate their Charcuterie skills.  Coppa, Spicy Sausage, Prosiutto, Speck, Salame, which were all good.  Also had the Arugula Salad.  Nice light start.Shared the Norcina Pizza, a thin crust pizza of sausage, truffle oil... Six pieces shared amongst the three of us.  Closed with a free Affrogato using Yelp Check-In.Great service, nice people running the place.  Not commercialized like the rest of WC...really felt like a casual restaurant in Italy.  A bit pricy but worth it.


This restaurant is my go-to and favorite for authentic delicious Italian. Unfortunately they are closed indefinitely according to signage on their door. Super bummed! Let us know if you are moving to a new location!!!! Now the only other location is at 54 Mint in SF.


*  Welcome Experience-  Non existentIt's truly one of my pet peeves!  My daughter and I walked in and two staff continues what they were doing without looking up to greet us. We waited, in my opinion, way too long, then were greeted and seated. The table we were given should not be there.  This table is stuck in a little indent where the entrance is and feels awkward and uncomfortable, and to have to contend with all the traffic in and out of the door was not pleasant.  *  Establishment-  OrdinaryA small cafe / diner type place with some for-sale art on the walls.  Meh.   *  Service-  Not good on my visitThis dining space is TINY.  While standing in one spot, someone attending the dining room can see and hear each diner.   There's no reason why it should be difficult to get the staff's attention but it was.  This means eye contact was avoided.  When it came time to order, I asked to switch things up a little bit.  My daughter and I wanted to share a Pizza but wanted to modify one of the existing combos.  I was told by the staff that the "menu is set."This phenomenon I will never understand.  Your pretentiousness level is so off-the-charts that you'll deny a patron a change request because why?  Your impeccable menu couldn't possibly leave anything to be desired?  Save that BS.  But alas, we were told there will be no modifications.  *  Food Quantity / Quality / Presentation-  OrdinaryI get what they are trying to do, but it felt like a fake version of what they wish they were.  Does that make sense?  The Zeppoli appetizer was a white ceramic plate with pale fried balls of pizza dough sliding around.  No garnish, no attempt to elevate the ingredients.  Just white fried pizza dough on a white plate with a little ramekin of COLD sauce.  Zzzzzzzzz.   So far I could do this at home in my ninja fryer.  The entree was a pizza with sausage.  Boring.  The crust was pizza-oven crispy and something I couldn't do at home.  The rest was unremarkable.  Dessert was a pasty cream puff with strawberries.  Nothing special.  I think this place could have been something more remarkable if the two staff were just slightly engaged.  For instance, there was what looked like a delicious pancetta roast in the middle of the sale counter.  Why was it there?  Can I taste it?  Can we talk about it?  What dishes is it included in?  *  What I'll rememberWishing I could know more about the pancetta on the counter.  Wishing the staff didn't work so hard to avoid eye contact or had a shred of hospitality.  *  What I can't wait to forgetMeh the whole experience.  Ok food with an inhospitable subpar staff = scratched off my list.

Pasty. Meh. Zzzzzzzz. Pasty. Meh. Zzzzzzzz. Decent crust. The rest was uninspired. Decent crust. The rest was uninspired. Zzzzzzz boring. Zzzzzzz boring. Comment from Daniele C. of 54 Mint Forno Italiano Business Owner 2/4/2016 We apologize that your experience with us was anything but superb, Peter. This does not sound like… We apologize that your experience with us was anything but superb, Peter. This does not sound like the normal level of customer service that we pride ourselves on. You and your daughter should absolutely feel comfortable at your table and in the presence of the servers. Unfortunately the space we have is limited but we always try our best accommodate our diners.Kind regards,The Team at 54 Mint - Il Forno Read more 7/2/2016

3.5 stars. I came in for a little snack break away from the nasty finals.  Since my friend and I came in towards the end of the day, the pastries and dessert options were limited.I ended up with a tiramisu and a little strawberry shortcake-like confection.  Both desserts were $4 and the total then came out to $8.  The desserts weren't bad, but for the portions and the taste, it was only okay.  The strawberries weren't as ripe and the cream wasn't as light and fluffy as I wanted. I preferred crixa's strawberry cake and their tiramisu for that matter.  Crixa sells those cakes for the same price and a bigger portion.  The tiramisu at 54 Il Forno had a good coffee flavour, but not enough cream and since it was in a cup, all the liquid sort of dripped down due to gravity.The service there was quick and efficient and polite, but I just don't see myself coming back for their desserts in the display case.  But I may return for dinner or made-to-order desserts.

Strawberries and cream pastry Strawberries and cream pastry Tiramisu cup Tiramisu cup Strawberry pastry Strawberry pastry 6/10/2016

Awesome pizza crust, though a bit pricey for what you getUnderstand, I think of pizza as a cheap-ish sort of food, so when I end up paying $40 for my girlfriend and myself, it seems a bit high. But with that said their pizzas have a distinct crust and the ingredients feel fresh. I got the quattro stagioli  pizza. Mushrooms on there were the highlight, but the artichokes were a bit sour.  My girlfriend got the vegetarian with the eggplant. She took some of it home, and it tasted great after being refrigerated. Service is somewhat slow, but the people are friendly. We also got the free dessert, an apple pastry with vanilla ice cream on top. While it tasted just fine I would have preferred the pastry a bit hotter, because the ice cream cooled it too quickly.


Interesting experience at this place.  Hot chocolate was very good and pastries looked good as well, which I had intentions of coming back to try, but unsure if I will.I happened upon this place Sunday morning while visiting the Walnut Creek Farmers Market which was on the same block.  I had purchased a breakfast item to eat at the market, but the market didn't have enough outdoor seating.  I noticed that this place had a lot of outdoor seating that was not being utilized and about a handful of people eating inside.I also saw that this place had some good reviews on Yelp.  I didn't want to be rude or disrespectful by trying to sit in the outdoor seating without ordering something so I went in and ordered a hot chocolate.After I ordered and set outside, the girl who brought my hot chocolate told me that I could enjoy my food item from the market this time with my drink, but to not do it again because the owner was not happy with me bringing in my outside item to eat and had her come tell me.She was very professional and nice about it.  I told her thank you for communicating this to me and it wasn't my intention to be disrespectful, but that I would get the word out.Though my drink was good, the experience was awkward.  I believe I noticed that the owner was around and I would have appreciated it if he'd talked to me directly.


LOVE this place.  Finally a true Italian eatery that doesn't compromise.  From the first second that you walk in, to when you're eating the delicious food, you'll feel like you've stepped through a portal that carries you from Walnut Creek to a piazza somewhere in Italy.  Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Decided to come here to grab a quick takeout lunch and I absolutely will be coming back. Parking on the street was easy. There were plenty of metered spots but I don't know if it is busier on the weekends or during peak hours (I came on a Friday around 2pm). Service was very nice. They have a self serve style with the water, silverware, etc. all laid out for you to grab. I ordered online and I got the Carbonara pizza and the burrata. The Carbonara pizza was really good. From the photo it looked a bit plain and I expected it to taste like a flatbread but it really is quite good and flavorful. I can't say it blew my mind and I wish the crust was a bit crispier but overall it was tasty. (4/5)The burrata was absolutely amazing. There was a bit of texture but it was also silky smooth and it went well with the roasted bell peppers, arugula, and garlic. It's a bit pricy at $12 but the quality makes it worth it. I definitely will be getting this again.Overall, a solid spot. The menu isn't overly exciting but the food is solid, the service is nice, and I'm so happy they have online ordering.


This is such a cute family owned restaurant and located right in downtown WC.  We came here for a casual evening dinner, thinking of get some quick and go, but not like what we thought!  The place is so cute and cozy so we decided to stay for the dinner.  My husband had a glass of red wine, and I tried their Aperol Spritz, and I liked it very much. I must say I can eat 2 plates of the arugula salads myself! it was simply fresh and healthy. We ordered a pizza and Rigatoni with meat sauce. Liked them both, very decent portions.  Nothing fancy about the place, but, it does give you a comfortable and charming ambience to unwind your day after work. Fresh ingredients, friendly service, nearby home... I am pretty sure we will be back more often!!

Octopus and of course my favorite arugula salad Octopus and of course my favorite arugula salad So glad to see they are full house !! So glad to see they are full house !! See all photos from Nikki P. for 54 Mint Forno Italiano
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