Addis Ethiopian Restaurant - Ethiopian - Shockoe Bottom - Richmond, VA - Menu

Addis Ethiopian Restaurant   - Ethiopian - Shockoe Bottom - Richmond, VA - Menu

This place was great!  The food was tasty and the service was wonderful. Packed into a side street near a few other neat shops and restaurants, it's atmosphere is nice. We were a bit skeptical as out of towers crossing under the railroad tracks, but as soon as we turned the corner, it turned out to be a neat little area with upscale restaurants and such. Highly recommend.


We went as a party of five on a Saturday night at six pm. The restaurant was not busy so we were witted immediately. The waitress did not know which drinks they had but managed to get our drinks (this was the only drinks we got, refills were impossible to get)We ordered three appetizers and six entrees (one to go). The appetizers never came. Our orders arrived and only three were remotely accurate. I have never had jalapeños in Ethiopian, but there were tons in every dish. We were careful in ordering and three people order entrees listed as no spice or mild. Yet all items were very spicy. Our server was polite and pleasant but clearly got our orders wrong and we could not get more drinks which was extremely problematic since our food was spicy and our drinks were gone prior to dinner arriving. Of course our bill included a charge for drink refills on the sodas.We will not be going back


Great business with amazing food! I'm a big fan of Ethiopian food for its simplicity, bold flavors, and healthy options. A variety of meat and non-meat dishes are available and its certainly a unique dining experience. I've only ever gotten the takeout and it's always been amazing.They do a great job of trying to take care of the customer and even called me directly when I did an online order and one of the items was out. They suggested an alternative and were even able to describe to me over the phone the similarities and differences. It was a huge help!I'm a big fan of "tibs" style beef and they do it very well. Spicy and well seasoned, fills you up and makes you happy. The bread is amazing and since my girlfriend doesn't eat it I like to fry some up with an egg the next morning.Prices are a bit high but you are getting fresh, high quality food and good sized portions for it. I'd rather pay a bit more for quality than have them cut quality to bring prices down. It's worth it.


My mouth is watering right now just at the mere notion of eating here again. This is an excellent option to take a group of meat and non-meat eaters. If you are new to Ethiopian food, the waitress will walk you through some of the more popular options.For the uninitiated, Ethiopian food is served family style with a plate of round doughy flatbread called injera. The idea is that you eat with your hands, using the injera to grab the food. The injera itself has a spongy texture so it soaks up the flavors of the food. It can be off-putting if you are new to eating this way, but I promise the food is great and it can actually be fun if you're in good company to break the ice. If you order in a large group, the shared foods will each be brought in their own bowls. Make sure your hands are clean! I rolled up with a group of about 8 to 10 friends. No issues with getting the table ready. We were able to order tons of vegan, vegetarian, and carnivore-friendly food. No one felt like they were tolerating someone else's diet (the thought likely did not cross any of our minds). Everything was amazing.A couple drinks were ordered. Some of us tried the Ethiopian beer, I forget the name, but it was pretty light. I think I ordered a red stripe too, which made me pretty happy. No complaints with drinks.Order extra Injera. You will need it! For my vegans: sambussas, excellent. Yeabesha gomen, good. Yekik alicha, good. We ordered a soup that I forget the name of but was also pretty good. Misir wot, DING DING DING! Grand Prize!!! Amazing!!!! Get the Red Lentils! GET THE RED LENTILS!!!! That shit will light your mesolimbic system afire, it is that amazing. The vegan and vegetarian options are so good that honestly we had to order extra so the carnivores wouldn't eat all of it. Everyone was sharing. Sharing, eating, talking, drinking. One negative is maybe the interior is not too friendly. But if you're rolling up with good company, I don't think it really matters. I had tried Ethiopian food on three other occasions at well regarded restaurants, and this is the first place where it really clicked for me. Last note: makes excellent leftovers. Eat it cold, straight out of the fridge, straight out of the container. Yum.


Great food and service. If you do not know what to order as the waitress. Kal was our server and she was great.  Trust her recommendations.

6/17/2016 Updated review

Okay. My parents wanted Ethiopian food when they came down here and we tried so much food that I added another star because there was some other dishes that surprised me here. The only food you should not attempt here especially if you never had it before is the Kitfo. They add too much Korerima which is Ethiopian cardamon. It is a very strong spice in flavor and they should have used an easy hand with that. I was struggling to finish it because I didn't want to waste food. Everything else was so good. It hit the spot and my parents were happy with everything too. If you need an Ethiopian food fix here in Richmond, this is the place for it.

4/3/2016 Previous review I am Ethiopian. I grew up eating Ethiopian food in the biggest population of Ethiopians outside of… I am Ethiopian. I grew up eating Ethiopian food in the biggest population of Ethiopians outside of Ethiopia (the dmv). I can tell you this is no way they best I have had but definitely better than all the places in Richmond. That is for sure. The owner seems nice. The place is spacious. When I came in with my sister it was at the end of the coffee ceremony so we each got a cup of coffee. The food itself was pretty good to satisfy the cravings. We got the ye beg awaze tibs and sambusa for appetizer. The sambusa wasn't astounding the awaze tibs was good. The portions were okay but they don't really give you a lot of Injera. Usually in most Ethiopian restaurants they give you enough injera to finish the wot. This place not so much. Service here is a little slower. My sister and I kind of waited awhile before someone took our order. Other that though, this is okay for being in Richmond. Read more 7/23/2016

The food and service was top notch I was very impressed with everything. It was different eating with my hands but got used to it and I will be returning my wife and I loved it!


The food was very flavorful and delicious. Bottles of wine are decent prices. The only complaint I have is that the service is very slow and not competent. Our server Didnt know what the Ethiopian bread was called she didn't know what draft beers meant. When she brought the food out she couldnt identify the dishes a part when we asked what was what. We had to keep flagging her down and it wasn't even busy4 stars for the food.5 for service

Comment from Dilnesaw B. of Addis Ethiopian Restaurant Business Owner 1/15/2016 Dear Cece,Thank you so much for your feed back, we really appreciate that you took the time to write… Dear Cece,Thank you so much for your feed back, we really appreciate that you took the time to write this review. We have taken note and addressed the situation. We pride ourselves in the best customer service, so please come back and we will make sure your visit is worth 5 stars.- Bitew Read more 8/6/2016

Not impressed with the cleanliness- sticky tables, dirty bathroom. But the food! It was the best I have ever had. Ever. Took leftovers home, even better the 2nd day. I can overlook the bathrooms for food like this!


I adore Addis! Aside from a really fun location in the bottom, Addis is spacious and open inside. Staff are a million different kinds of friendly and attentive without ever being annoying. They're knowledgable about the menu and can help guide you towards what you might like most. I'll guide you here- anything. Literally, anything you order will be über tasty! Doro Wat, Tibs, Kitfo. My mouth is watering evening thinking about these. Ethiopian cuisine is so flavorful and complexly spiced, completely different from what we get in every day life, it's a treat for your palate. The injera is soft and spongy and just the right amount of sour. The bar is super. Well stocked, generously poured and reasonably priced. While eating, ownership offered a traditional Honey Wine, which was an exceptional complement to the dinner. Top notch and a place you should try!


(3.5 stars) Ethiopian food is yummy and a haven for vegetarians and vegans. Addis is no exception; good Ethiopian platters at a standard price. Addis is close to the local farmers market, and we came here after perusing some booths there. I like their three big booths close to the window. Very few customers were here, one other group ate while we were there. The furniture inside is dark and a bit drab. We got their vegetarian platter. 3 sides for $13 or 6 sides for $18. I shared the 6 sides with a  friend and it was more than enough food. The tastes were familiar, the same vegetarian dishes I usually see at Ethiopian restaurants. It's a good choice if you're in the area, but nothing too special with the food.


Stopped by Addis on our way from Savannah to Boston....and we're glad we did.  We've eaten a lot of Ethiopian food over the years and Addis rates near or at the top of our favorites.  In addition, the staff was extremely welcoming and helpful.  Highly recommended!


Love this place, it has been a favorite ever since my fiance and I moved to downtown Richmond a few years ago. The Keye Sega Wot is my absolute favorite dish, always the perfect amount of spicy. The split peas, lentils, and collards are also standout. We are always bringing friends and family here, we always feel so welcome. My only wish is that you delivered!!


I don't eat Ethiopian food often, but I enjoy it when I do, and Addis is pretty standard. Had shrimp and green beans yesterday. Really communal dining experience. Eat with your hands. Share your "plate." Friendly service.


The best place in Richmond for Ethiopian! Make sure to ask for the gluten-free injera if that's an issue since they started adding wheat flour a while back. Their hours are wonky but worth it


This place is so cool.  No silverware?  No problem!  I admit my first time dining here I was a little bit apprehensive.  I've never (in public) grabbed food with my paws that isn't actually finger food.  Don't go here with anyone who has questionable hygiene ;)Everything is served on the spongy, slightly-sour wonder that is injera.  There is a lot of it.  The vegetarian combo is the way to go.  It allows you to sample either 3 for $13 or all 6 for $18.  You'll quickly discover those dishes you like more than others....although it's all pretty good.  All other food is served the same way but a larger portion for an entree price.  How it works is that you tear off some injera, and scoop up what you want with your hands.  I got a little creative and gently tossed my injera Spiderman-style on the food I wanted and picked it up that way.  It feels child-like and a little naughty to eat with your hands, and I wholly enjoyed it.  Service was good but not memorable.  Atmosphere is beautiful and provides fun people watching if you can snag a window booth.  Unique dining experience for a date or close friends or family.....might be weird for blind dates or work acquaintances.  ;)


A lot of people commit about how Addis isn't packed when you go in. Fair enough. BUT Ethiopian food appears to a very niche market. Richmond seems to be a chicken wing and hamburger town, although I'd love to see that change. For now, I can't see any Ethiopian restaurant being packaged in any city, let alone Richmond.As far as Ethopean restaurants go, the food here is the BEST of any I've been to. I've been fortunate to travel a bit to bigger cities like Chicago and have eaten at a few Ethopean restaurants, and Addis is BY FAR the best. As far Chicago, they were all empty too. I can't put my finger on what Addis does best. There is something about the quality, the freshness of what they use, something about it but it's by far my favorite. I'd tried to support Nile too because I love that we have options in this city, but I find Nile very bland. Sorry Nile.As far as the atmosphere, it is dark,and sometimes the music they blast and videos of people dancing in fields can get a bit annoying but at the end of the day, the food is absolutely outstanding. I also wish they had better beer selection and more craft beers on tap, but again, focusing on the food they got that right! I can't convince people to try Ethopean food but if you like Ethopean food and want to try a great Ethopean restaurant in Richmond, make sure you stop by Addis. It's well worth it.


I went there with my wife for lunch supported by Groupon. Not a great choice to buy a Groupon. Tried chicken kittifo which was a minced Ethiopian dish but not worth it. I have tried many Ethiopian places right from Boston, NYC and WDC which is heart of African food but this place in Richmond is certainly not worth your time, money and passion to be a foodie.


Absolutely loved the food - great variety of fully developed, distinct flavors. Very clean and lean ingredients, and the quantity of food you get for the price is over the top.We ordered three dishes that plentifully fed a party of six. We will be back!

Comment from Dilnesaw B. of Addis Ethiopian Restaurant Business Owner 1/15/2016 Thank you Bernd,We love hearing how much our customers enjoyed their meal and hope to see you again… Thank you Bernd,We love hearing how much our customers enjoyed their meal and hope to see you again soon.  -Bitew Read more 5/27/2016

Had wonderful service and polite stash. Went out of their way to make it spicy to my liking. However presentation deviated from the description on the menu as well as the ingredients. The whole fried red snapper turned out to be a three dollar tilapia. I was served a 15 inch diameter plate with a 4 inch diameter serving of food. I guess they're counting on the spongy bread that has no flavor to fill the void. Will not be going back

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