Alta Plaza Playground - Playgrounds - Washington St at Scott St, Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA

Alta Plaza Playground   - Playgrounds - Washington St at Scott St, Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA

My kids and I loved the place , the view was  grate , The only problem was there was no parking parking, the park was ok most empty People living near the park toke all the parking space

View View 3/2/2015

I think this is my favorite playground in San Francisco. The place is gorgeous, the park and games are in amazing shape. Any kid will enjoy so much a few hrs playing here. I totally recommend this playground before any other...

Sand box Sand box 3/20/2016

Fantastic playground with an amazing view. Very nice playground, newer than some playgrounds in the city, very very nice. Nice larger park and excellent playground. Great times guaranteed and gorgeous view


Alta Plaza is one of our neighborhood parks, and one of the most fun to visit. Apparently other people think so, too, because it's usually pretty busy. I've never felt like it was too crowded, though... it's a pretty big space, and there's enough to do that the kids spread out quite a bit.The playground has most of the classic playground staples: two play structures (one for little kids, one for bigger), two sets of swings (same), a decent-sized sandbox with this awesome two-handled shovel that I still play with even though I'm an adult, and a variety of other teeter-totters and carousels. Our kid gets at least an hour or two of fun out of each visit.It's hard to review this park without mentioning the view. Yes, you have to hike up about 80 steps (or push a stroller up one of the side hills), but the reward is an amazing view to the south over Pac Heights and Western Addition. The southern exposure also means that if there's sun, you're going to get some of it; especially helpful on colder days.Pro tip: The new, longer grass that they put in on the southern slope of Alta Plaza Park is nice and slippery, and the hill is just steep enough that if you sit down, you can slide. Instant natural slide! (warning: may cause grass stains)

Social hour at the playground... Social hour at the playground... 6/11/2015

Great playground for kids!


It is just too awesome. You get to see the views of the city. The kids get to play in a fenced in playground and see all the wonderful dogs getting exercised in the park. It's just warms a mom's heart with all the joy.


Absolutely one of the best in the city. Fully fenced and perched on the top of the hill, where it always seems to be 5 degrees warmer than the rest of the city. The playground has sort of a springy-soft flooring that makes it safer for little ones to take a tumble on.Playground is separated into 2 areas.. one for the 4+ year old crowd.. and the other half for the littlest visitors. It's nice to have that differentiation. The massive sand pitt is pretty exceptional, as is the HUGE climbing "spider-web dome" in the 'big kids' section. It's a good, attentive crowd that frequents this park, as well. The parents/ caregivers are generally very friendly and responsible.


By far one of the BEST children's playground! Actually has real metal slides. Plus the view for the parents is amazing. Two thumbs up  Highly recommended!!


Best views in the city as far as parks go...I would challenge Dolores, seriously. I really love taking the kids I nanny for to this playground. It's super central and convenient and not to mention renovated somewhat so it feels clean. Due to the numerous schools in the area, there are a ridiculous amount of kids here almost constantly. The top hill is a great dog run, and the stairs on the eastern side of the park are a wonderful, quick work out. One of my go-to parks in SF.


Arguably the best Playgrounds in the City.The place is new, very large and well maintained.Equipment is diverse and the view is extraordinary.


As far as playgrounds go, it's top notch:Fenced in, awesome if you have a runner, I have a runnerVIEWS!Better weather than a block in any direction, mysteriousAwesome sand playCushie ground stuffThere are some pitfalls that should be noted. The posh after-school crowd and their inattentive parents, nannies and often parents with their nannies are infuriating! If you are there with a little, watch out. Older boys and girls racing on the baby gear is a daily disaster! Trust me on this one, don't use the baby swing on the end, the chasing kids take that corner tight. The place is WAY over crowded. Leave before school gets out. Also some of the craziest Moms I've encountered. Pretty sure they're all popping something. OK, maybe that's not nice...Not all, just most. Another handy tip, watch out for the grass up the hill, you may be thinking about giving your little one some freedom to run in the grass. If you see a lumpy area in the distance and don't act, don't say you weren't warned...something very close to manure is up under the trees and it's a sinkhole version. Turned a perfectly good park day into the most heinous crying stinky event so far into this baby adventure. Thanks a lot perfect Alta Plaza Playground, there's no way my guy isn't traumatized somehow from the poo fest, I know Mommy is.


Great GATED playground in the city. Perfect spot if you have a "runner" as one reviewer calls it. Smack in the middle of Pacific Heights, it has a great vibe and many things to do (swings , climbing, sand pit, play structures, etc) and the entire playground is padded! A well maintained playground for kids.


My new favorite playground!  Lots of exciting things for my toddler to do ( and me!). Ok, so it gives me an excuse to play on all the structures ! There's a fairly good sized slide that's pretty fun.  Watch out coz you go really fast! I love climbing to the top and teasing my daughter that she can't catch me and she loves it!  We usually go around dinner time to the parks to avoid the crowd and embarrassment of me wanting to join in on the action.  Oh, did I mention the view! Spectacular!


20 minutes walk for us but worth it!  We live minutes away from Julius Kahn Playground, but we actually go to Alta Plaza more often (around once a week) because it's bigger, sunnier, the view is amazing, and it's just steps away from Fillmore where we usually have a late lunch at Crepevine, then grab a drink at the coffee shop, and walk on over here.  It's a fantastic playground for the kid to burn off all that lunch.I think anyone who comes here ends up loving this playground.  The restrooms are open on Saturday afternoons (I don't know about Sundays).  I have never seen an unhappy child here, and not once have I seen a parent allow their child to boss other kids around.  Lots of people chillaxing on the grass and dogs abound outside of the playground.  I highly recommend this park!


This is the best of the best as far as playgrounds go for my kids!  First off, it's enclosed so you can sit on one of the benches or tables and relax while watching your don't have to worry about them running out of the playground.  It has a colorful, padded rubber surface.  There is a sandbox, baby swings, big kid swings, teeter totter, merry go round, giant spider web...and much more.  This park seriously has it all, on top of great city views!  Me, and my kids, definately recommend!

Sandbox Sandbox spiderweb spiderweb Climbing the stairs Climbing the stairs 4/10/2008

Really, really great playground!I love the fact that there is a little toddler section and the big kid section. I love the weird, squishy ground. I love the sand is clean and is the big, soft grains that easier to clean up after the kid goes in. The views are fantastic. The equipment is fantastic and there is a lot of activities to choose from.This is a extremely popular park and I can see why.


Great for my 3 year old. Great views! No shade, so wear a hat or sunscreen on a sunny day.


Fancy sand.Completely enclosed space.Rubber mats.Giant sandbox (with aforementioned fancy sand) has many sand sieve and sand fussing tables.What makes the sand fancy?  There's no dust to the polished grains.This is a great place.  One of my favorite parks to take my toddler.


As parks go this one is definitely a must try for any city kid. My city kid gives this playground two thumbs up and applauds the padded rubber mat surface, colorful play sets with varied physical skill levels and a well designed out sandbox. OK so maybe he didn't say all that, but I sure appreciate it. The mere fact that he keeps asking to go back is a sure sign it's one of his faves. I'm not kidding when I say he can literally spend hour here playing with other kids or by himself in the sandbox.Oh and view? Forgeddabout it.


Playground with a fabulous city view!   Good sun, great place for picture taking.   I live close by but I like the fact that there a kids from all over the city making it very festive.   I feel very safe with my toddler here.

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