Auto 360 - Body Shops - 350 Treat Ave, Mission, San Francisco, CA

Auto 360   - Body Shops - 350 Treat Ave, Mission, San Francisco, CA

The service is awesome and Gino is the guy to go to get your cars fixed with the utmost highest quality! I usually don't feel comfortable with people who work on my car but for sure Gino breaks it down and explains what needs to be fixed and his honesty is amazing and rare! He's definitely got a strong crew! An enthusiast who's got the knowledge and proves it! Definitely coming back for my future car needs and I definitely recommend Gino to anyone who needs to get their car fixed or detailed!Keep up the good work and thank you Gino & his crew!!


Best service I've ever experienced at an auto shop. They say it's hard to find a good barber and a mechanic you can trust when you move to a new city--Gino helped solve half of that problem. I Brought my car to Gino after 3 other mechanics couldn't figure out what was wrong with my car, Gino went way above and beyond the call of duty to figure out what the problem was and was very clear and upfront about everything. The problem was a pretty unique one and where others had given up, Gino was determined to figure it out. Where other shops try to push all sorts of extra work on you to get more money out of you, Gino was honest and didn't push anything I didn't need. I've never been to a shop so committed to making sure you have the best experience. Shoot--when I first brought the car to him, Gino's mother and father dropped me off at the BART station afterwards!  All of the other mechanics at the shop were super friendly and very professional.I don't think there are any words in the English language for how good my experience was at Auto 360, if you live in the area and are in need of a mechanic, you'd be crazy not to bring it to Gino.


I have a GS450H Lexus and I am a very precise person. Gino was excellent!! He replaced my door with a new cover, blended the paint to match very well and took care of minor issues I saw as well--sap, scratches. He is very friendly, professional and helpful! I highly recommend giving this auto body shop a shot! I APPROVE


GINO GINO GINO!!!!!! Can you say superb customer service - in and out in less than 20 min and Enterprise picks you up from the shop to bring you to their office which is less than a min away if youre in need of a rental. If you have a crappy insurance agency he will go to bat for you and see to it that everything works in your favor. I came in with my 2016 Dodge Dart all wrinkled (smashed) on the driver left side and he ironed it all out; replaced my bumper. ... some places will just patch things up, not @ Auto 360. Not to mention he couldnt stop asking me if i was saticfied - if thats not a customer service guarantee then idk what is. Did i mention he was chill yet professional at the same time - not too many places like this one!!!! If you get hit or hit people, call GINO !!!!


Absolutely the BEST customer service I have ever experienced! I got into a bit of a (fairly bad) fender bender and was recommended to Gino by the serviceman who towed my car, and I could NOT be more thankful that I opted to use his services.PEACE OF MINDThis fender bender was the first accident I had ever been in, so, needless to say, I was totally and completely shaken up and stressed out as a result. However, Gino did an amazing, amazing job of taking care of me and my car and helping me to have true peace of mind throughout the process by keeping me informed and answering all of my many questions. Their excellent customer service allowed me to feel completely trusting of Gino and the rest of Auto 360--I knew I was in good hands!HANDS-OFF SERVICEGino handled absolutely everything from communicating with my car insurance company himself to dropping my car off all the way in Belmont (Auto 360 is located in San Francisco/Daly City) AND returning my rental car for me, simply because it was more convenient for me. It felt like a one-stop shop, and I had little to worry about in terms of calling and completing paperwork and following through--it, truly, was all taken care of for me!CONSTANT COMMUNICATIONGino did a fantastic job of keeping me updated with the progress on my car and responding to me quickly when I had questions or concerns. I work a full-time job and go to school part-time, so I am hardly available during the day; Gino accommodated this situation by both texting me (which is my preference), whereas many body shops would not normally do so. TOP-QUALITY WORKMy car (which was relatively new) was banged up pretty badly, and I had heard many horror stories about terrible paint and body jobs from other body shops, so I was originally, very nervous about the end-product, when the repairs were completed. However, I was pleasantly surprised--my car looks completely and totally brand new (and even cleaner than I had left it!) and I could not tell that it had been severely damaged at all. I am very, very happy with the work done on my car!GENUINE PEOPLEGino was a pleasure to work with, and I am positive that I could not have had a better experience anywhere else. I work very hard to pay for my very expensive school tuition fee, and Gino really helped me out by being considerate of this and working out an extremely generous payment situation that worked best for me.Overall, I am EXTREMELY satisfied with both my customer service experience as well as the work done on my car, and I will not be going to any other body shop for my car service needs in the future.


Gino at auto 360 is the man great attitude honest person and does outstanding body work and paint takes care of your car like its his own. If you want grade A work this is were you go just look at my car and it says it all! Thanks Gino

Gino at auto 360 will take care of your baby Gino at auto 360 will take care of your baby Auto 360 is we're it's at Auto 360 is we're it's at Go see Gino at auto 360 Go see Gino at auto 360 See all photos from Carlo P. for Auto 360 12/24/2015

Auto 360 is the BEST!!! I live in San Jose which is 57 miles from this shop.  And yet, I still took my car to Auto 360.  Why?  Because I want to deal with the best--outstanding customer service, and quality workmanship.  Thank you Gino!


5 out of 5 stars from me.Gino is very personable and professional. When I arrived, it was raining and Gino offered to drive me to Starbucks while I waited for my car. It was a quick turn around, he did an excellent job and I definitely plan on coming back to him for anything related to my car. Both my girlfriend and me go to Gino and wouldn't have it any other way.


I got in an accident on New Years Day when nothing was open for the weekend. Found Auto 360 on Yelp and luckily Gino helped me with everything - towing my car to the shop, helping me with a rental, and getting everything settled with the insurance. Highly recommend Gino and his crew!


Got into my first accident and I was lost... lucky  for me at the cite of the accident the security referred me to a towing company and the towing company referred me to Gino... Boy was I glad to open my mouth at the cite of the accident and for my car to land in Gino's shop he took all the stress and worry out of my first accident...... Definitely recommend this shop


Auto 360 got 5 stars by me.  Gino and his crew were amazing and I felt well cared for. But the shining stars in this exchange is the way my baby (car) looked - LIKE NEW.  He matched my paint to perfection and iridescent pearl white is a toughie!Thanks to his experience in paint and major dents and I imagine all the horrors of what an accident can do, when I picked her up, I felt like I just walked into a dealership and picked up a new car! Thanks to all at Auto 360


Big thanks to gino and his crew for doing a great job on repairing my car.. i have nothing bad to say because all the work they did was excellent.. gino made me feel at home by giving me a tour of the shop and letting me check on the car daily. I would definitely  recommend this shop


I had my car brought to the Daly City branch a few weeks ago. Gino goes out of his way to make sure your car gets returned to you in the best condition, all while being very friendly and helpful. Even though I live all the way out in Sunnyvale, I wouldn't hesitate to bring my car in here a second time should something else happen to it.


This is by far the best auto body shop I've ever been to! Gino was great and had my car all fixed up and looking better than new!! Unfortunately my car got keyed from the front bumper all the way to the back, but now the whole left side looks brand new! Thanks Gino! I would highly recommend this place to anyone who need some body work done. The shop itself is also super nice- newly remodeled and really clean!


Gino and his staff are absolutely fantastic. They understand the importance of building trusting relationships with their customers.I went to their newly opened facility on Bismark Ave in Daly City, and can confirm the following: First, they were able to replace and paint my bumper in well under one week, which even the larger body shops in SF were unable to promise. Second, they looked well underneath the car's exterior to confirm any potential structural damage, and reported their findings to me before starting any work. Third, they're very well respected among their business partners, which reduces the chances of unpleasant surprises... My insurance company (State Farm) was quite familiar with Auto 360's operation, and was very responsive and communicative during the entire process. The same goes with the local car rental provider (Enterprise), which picked me up at Gino's location (Gino also allowed me to leave the rental car there when I was finished so he could drop it off for me).My car was returned very clean and in better condition than it has been in years. I am very particular about body work and keeping my car in excellent shape, and I can tell anyone looking for a body shop that I had a 100% positive experience here. If (heaven forbid) my car gets dinged by another careless driver, I will definitely return to Auto 360.


I would like to give a "shout out" to Gino and his crew for doing an amazing job on my car. He was very professional, courteous, prompt, informative with details, and extremely thorough with the job he completed on my car.She rides like a kitten since the repairs. If you're in need of food service, Auto 360 is the place to go!~Peace~


On point auto body work! Quick and accommodating!It's my go to auto shop now :)


This is a hassle free place and the guys really know what they doing. Brought my car in, was told exactly what needed be done, and was quoted (very reasonable)  the price.Car was ready on time, job was perfect, paperwork done, no hassle no headache!Thank you!!!


Gino is very professional and nice person. He and his crew had my car perfectly fixed. I would not go any other body shop after I met him.


Great repair and customer service! Gino is as friendly as a person can get. He always made sure that I knew what was going on with my car and the insurance company so that I felt that the rates being charged were fair. He was also super easy to keep in contact with as he would text me updates about my car periodically so that I was never out of the loop. When I arrived at the shop to drop off my car, he even offered to drive me to the rental car kiosk, which made my life 1000 times easier because I never had to be without a car. My car was involved in a rear collision that left the back bumper completely bent out of shape, and since this car was leased, I was very nervous to see if it was possible to get my car back to looking brand new. When I picked up my car today, it looked like it did when I got it from the dealership 4 months ago! I really cant say enough about how accommodating and trustworthy Gino and his crew are. This was my first experience with an autoshop in the Bay Area and I think its safe to say this is where I will continue coming back if I ever need repairs done again. Very very pleased with the service!!

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