Autotrends Body Shop - Body Shops - 2840 Broadway Ave, Oakland, CA

Autotrends Body Shop   - Body Shops - 2840 Broadway Ave, Oakland, CA

Love this shop! It's family owned, gives excellent service, and is simply awesome. I've gotten hit twice in the last 8 months and I can always rely on these guys to take good care of me. I picked up my car today and it's as good as new (again). They'll even give you a flower and little bottle of wine as extra thanks for your business. Don't go anywhere else, choose this shop!! THANK YOU AUTOTRENDS!

All patched up and ready to go! All patched up and ready to go! 8/25/2016

Loved the service I got in addition to the repair.  Nicest service I have had for a long time, and a lovely bottle of wine for my business.The fact that it is family owned rather than a shop that is part of a chain of repair shops makes it even more special.  AAA recommended Autotrends .  It was a great recommendation.  I recommend it wholeheartedly.


Autotrends took the pain out of taking my car to the shop. Everyone was pleasant, process was easy and quick. To my surprise I could see the progress of the work online. I highly recommend!


I recently had a fender bender, this young lady hit me from behind, AAA recommended Auto-trend. My experience was amazing. Dominick is the man, he knows how to treat a LADY! I took my car in 2 June 2016, got it back 3 June 2016, the very next day. It looks amazing. Thank you guys for a job well done. I recommend anyone to take their car to Auto Trend.


Referred here by a reliable source for my insurance claim. Very professional, clean, and friendly. Amber at the front desk was pleasant & friendly. Given a rose + bottle of wine as a appreciation gift. Very thoughtful. Very good work + they even have a step by step process you can check on your vehicle on their website. My only complaint is that no one communicated with me that my car would need to be kept an extra week because of a damaged part they received. A bit of an inconvenience but it all worked out. I would bring my vehicle here again.


I really like this place.  Never had to take my car to have body work before so my insurance sent me here.  Very clean, smelled good and had a very nice look to the place.  You can tell that the staff wants to be there and doesn't mind helping you.  Originally I was told my car would be ready in about 5 days and it was done in 2.  When I went to pick the car up this morning all my paperwork was ready, car had been washed, I got a fresh red rose and a bottle of wine.... Way to go guys!!!!NOW, my only tiff is there is a Koi pond in the reception/waiting area so there are little gnats flying around, I didnt wait long but if they can figure that part out everything will be all good. LOL


I had to go to them for a fender bender since that is who AAA referred us to. They had to fix a head side light and paint job in the front since car was dented up. One year later, I'm at the car wash, cleaning the car and the pressure from the water is pushing the light out and peeling the paint off, really!!! Now, I'm going to have to go and pay to have this fixed

7/1/2015 Updated review

What happened to this place? Left the car there for 2 weeks to fix a minor accident. When we came to pick it up, there was a very noticeable scratch on the bumper and blue paint on the hood. They took *sort of* took responsibility for the paint in that they helped remove it, silently, but refused to take responsibility for the bumper. The entire bumper had been replaced on the car 24 hours before bringing it to this shop. I refuse to ever bring another car here.

4/30/2015 Previous review Outstanding auto body shop! My car had some body damage that needed repairs, and the bill from… Outstanding auto body shop! My car had some body damage that needed repairs, and the bill from Autotrends was about $500 less than the other two estimates I had gotten. Their work was excellent, and they even washed and vacuumed my car. The bottle of wine and flower for my wife was a great touch! Highly recommended! Read more 1/21/2016

Great customer service, had my repair done lightning fast and I could even go online and see the repair progress which definitely helps me cause I'm a controlfreak. Definitely recommend!


My car was stolen, scraped and spray painted. Thanks to Autotrends top notch body work, there is no evidence remaining of the nefarious deeds. Dominick & Amber are wonderful to work with. Communications were great and the roses, a charming touch. Thank you.


I can't believe I'm the first to review this place! First of all...everyone is super nice and when bad things happen to your car you need all the good things around you that you can handle. They take care of all haggling with the insurance company, auto parts places, rental cars. They take you where you need to go and have a very cool comfortable waiting room...with a waterfall and mini pond:). On top of that, they kept me well I formed of the repair of my car without me having to get irritated. Kevin is amazing -definitely talk to him. My stress level went through the roof when I took the car in. After I filled out the paperwork, they gave me a rose...yep....a ROSE. Its good marketing...cause I'll definitely be back(but hopefully not too soon lol:).


I recently had an accident and through my insurance Autotrends was a preferred shop. My experience with them was wonderful. I like that I can track the progress of my vehicle through there free online Auto Watch system. Dominick and Amber were also a pleasure to work with & great communicators. There work is also guaranteed and I was informed that if I had any problems with the work done that I could bring the car back and that they would handle it. I can't forget that when I went to pick my vehicle up my car had been washed, I got a rose, and a bottle of wine. I would definitely recommend this shop as well as bring my car back for any future bodywork.


This is my first yelp review. I have enjoyed yelp for years, and regret not posting prior.  I'm tempted to wait for a good review, but I am hoping by posting will be very careful if you still select this body shop.  1) They replace my bumper, but the paint job was clearly a mismatch. The body shop manager emphasized that his computer   produces an exact match with what the manufacturer specified by my car's VIN. According to him, since my car is a few years old, the paint has faded. Also, the bumper is a different material than the car body, so it dries to a different color.  So, I explained to him that he should offset the color from the computer, to match.  He said, he could not do that. (later he admitted he could, but doesn't since it would make it difficult for any future shop to match.  -this is another lame excuse for being lazy. Need I even say that obviously I want my bumper to match, and IF I have another accident, the next could also do the matching.  2) So, they refused to match the bumper to the car, my only choice was to pay to paint the full back of the car(portion of the car, that the eye could see when looking at the bumper), to match the bumper. But, when they painted the rear, they only painted the rear, but didn't re-paint the bumper. And, their paint of the rear didn't match the color of their prior paint of the bumper. Their excuse, the paint comes from different batches, which are not always exact. So, the computer specifies the components, but can't always match. Really, do I need to say it? Since they knew that, why didn't they paint the bumper again, at the same time as the rear of the car? Especially when the whole purpose was to match the rear of the car, to the bumper. 3) As part of the accident repair, they replaced the rear quarter panel.  However, it bulges, where the seam meets the car body. The body shop manager says this is normal. ****In fact, the body shop manager said if I look on the street, I'll see a lot of cars with bumpers not matching the body, and quarter panels not aligned with the body.  So....before posted here, to be extra certain of my facts, I went to the Lexus dealership where I had bought my guessed it, the Lexus dealership Service Manager said that was crazy, and said the body shop was absolutely wrong.


I love these guys! The service was great and fast. Some complications with getting the correct part from dealer but Bryan kept me posted the entire time, he's nice to look at too so I didn't mind coming back the 2 nd day! Overall great experience! Thanks.

I received a bottle of wine and a rose when my work was done...p.s. chai tea latte machine! I received a bottle of wine and a rose when my work was done...p.s. chai tea latte machine! Driver mirror is perfect! Thanks again auto trends Driver mirror is perfect! Thanks again auto trends 9/3/2015

This place is AMAZING!!!!! Everyone is so sweet, and very professional. They feel like family lol. This place is extremely clean inside and out. Okay my car, my car looks brand new. Like I just bought it. I love autotrends and will recommend everyone I know to them. They also give you a thank you gift when everything is done. I'm extremely satisfied with the end results THANKS A MILLI AUTOTRENDS :-)


Not at all impressed.  I was rear-ended and this was a shop my insurance recommended that was in between the place of my accident and my home.  When I brought the car in, I told them it was really difficult to drive and expressed concern about one of the tires and the alignment.  When I went to pick it up, I was told they couldn't prove the alignment issues were due to the accident so they couldn't fix it -- I should take it to another place and pay out of pocket to have it fixed.  I am having a ridiculously difficult time driving the car now.  I do not believe this car is safe to drive in the current condition.  If they can't make the case for realignment with my insurance then they are not very good at their job.  They should have actually driven the car to see how bad it is and been a better advocate for me and my car.Also, my license plate was lost in the accident.  When I arrived to pick it up, there was a license plate on my car that was not mine.  It turns out they accidentally put someone else's plate on my car!  So, they asked someone to take it off.  10 minutes later, I went to check on him.  He was tearing apart the bumper and pulling out sockets and lights and all sorts of things.  I went back to the office and told the person working what was going on.  He came over and was shocked as well and then had to show the tech how to unscrew the 2 screws holding on the plate.  Even I know how to take off a license plate!  Would not go back.


Autotrends was really helpful to me for many years when Brian was in charge of the State farm clients.  Today, I went to the shop to get an estimate on a dent in the car.  Gus, the person who handles state farm claims, basically called me a liar.  He said the dent I reported was there a long time ago.  yet, he does not have any pictures to prove it.  He also said that the other scratch and chip I reported would be filed under a different claim and I would owe 250 times 3.  He told me he could find dents or dings all over the car if he wanted to.  My car is in near perfect condition actually.  He was really mean to me today and was quite disrespectful.  I had a legitimate reason to go there because I called State Farm who gave me a claim number.  I noted the dent last week which is why I went in today.  I am kind of disappointed since Autotrends was my shop to go to fix my car problems.  Brian and the other girls were always understanding of my situation.  All in all, Gus was mean, rude, and dismissive.  He even raised his voice at me.  I called State Farm to tell them I am not returning to that shop in the future.  Maybe they could be a bit nicer to clients in the future since they do need customers to stay in business.  He would not even shake my hand when I went to thank him for helping me in the past stating he does not like germs.  Thanks Gus!!!!!!!Just left Cooks Collision in Berkeley.  They appreciated my visit and immediately assisted me.  They told me they would fix the dent for less than my deductible and did some touch up work today for the scratches on the mirror.  I told them my experience with Gus.  Apparently, my experience was not all that unusual according to Cooks if you know what I mean.


My wife and I have had our car damaged in two separate car accidents in less than a month. We were referred to Auto Trends trough our insurance agent and have never been Happier. The manager, Kevin, has been very good at guiding us through both of these ordeals. He was always kind and explained to the average person as we are the basics. Those small little things you do for people are what make you remember their business.We would recommend ANYONE for, on time, quality, and excellent customer service to Auto Trends on Broadway in Oakland.K. Thompson-Molien


I had the horrible experience of being in an auto accident. I took my car to Autotrends and they fixed my car in a timely manner. I could even check the progress online.


I have nothing but good things to say about Autotrends.  A landscaping truck took a chunk out of our bumper.  The company sent out an insurance guy, who assessed damage and sent us a check.  We got SUPER busy and didn't end up taking it to get fixed until 9 months later!  When I took it to Autotrends, they saw me right waiting.  They took some photos and explained that the estimate might have gone up because 9 months had gone by, but they would let me know.  Then they gave me a rose...awwww.  Kevin called me soon after to let me know that the repairs WOULD cost more than the insurance company had said, but he was handling it.  And he 100% did handle it.  He called me again to let me know that the insurance company came by and paid the difference, and the car would be ready soon.  And it was ready soon.  And it looked brand new.  And when I picked it up, they gave me a bottle of wine.  So nice!  They also cleaned the car inside and out.I also love that they gave me a tracking number, so I could track the status of repairs online and see photos of the progress.  And Kevin called me a few days later to see if we were happy with the repairs.  Total class act!  Not only do they do a great job, but they make sure you are informed on every step of the process and that you are happy and satisfied.  I would recommend them and go back here for future work without hesitation.

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