Bangkok 101 - Thai - Dublin, CA - Menu

Bangkok 101   - Thai - Dublin, CA - Menu

I come here about once a week to get the Kao soi chicken which is basically a curry noodle soup. Out of all the curry noodle soups I have tried Bangkok 101's version is my favorite. They also have a very good peanut sauce. The servers are very nice, not the most attentive but it's a small enough restaurant that it's easy to get their attention of needed.

Green salad with peanut dressing Green salad with peanut dressing 9/17/2016

Ambience: 5, Customer Service: 5, Food: 5, Cleanliness: 5 Price: 5- not sure what happens to the level of customer service when it gets busy, but we had a great experience!!  We ordered the following items and they were really flavorful-Red Curry, Thai fried rice, fried chicken wings, pad Thai, Thai iced tea, vegetable rice & tofu (kind of bland, but I'm sure that menu item is supposed to be healthy and light)

9/16/2016 Updated review

Seriously delicious. Today I got 2 of my favorite dishes, crispy duck and pineapple red curry combined into 1 fabulous meal. B101's duck is fried and can be dry without a sauce. Adding the creamy curry brings a decadent lusciousness to the combined dish. The curry may have started out red but the finished sauce isn't really red. It is more of an orangey-yellow because of the addition of coconut milk. This also tames the heat of the curry and I found the dish quite mild. The one downside, the duck skin loses its crispiness as it absorbs the sauce.A new favorite. In the future, I may ask them to up the heat factor and see if I like the dish with more spice.

+ Spicy Catfish, yummy but only mildly spicy + Spicy Catfish, yummy but only mildly spicy ++ This curry is just ducky ++ This curry is just ducky + spicy spaghetti w/ seafood + spicy spaghetti w/ seafood 8/1/2016 Previous review They've redeemed themselves with the spicy spaghetti. Yummy, spicy plate of carbs with seafood. The… They've redeemed themselves with the spicy spaghetti. Yummy, spicy plate of carbs with seafood. The spaghetti is thicker than American  spaghetti, more like buccatini. It is chewy, very close to al dente. B101 is also generous with the seafood in this dish. I've also tried the same dish with the flat noodles and I prefer the spaghetti. The flat noodles don't hold up as well and became too soft, almost mushy by the time I finished eating. Read more = Yummy Angel wings but not spicy at all = Yummy Angel wings but not spicy at all = Spicy flat noodles w/chicken = Spicy flat noodles w/chicken 5/12/2016 Previous review Skip the tofu here. I had to ask them to redo my mixed veggies. The tofu was stinky. Dish was… Skip the tofu here. I had to ask them to redo my mixed veggies. The tofu was stinky. Dish was delicious the second time around with pork. Veggies were cooked perfectly for me, just a little bit past al dente. They had crunch but were not hard.I also pass on the appetizers. Mostly just fried stuff. Not very memorable. Save room for dessert instead. Love their sticky rice. Make sure to ask for ice cream if mango isn't ripe.Perfect time for lunch around 11:30-11:45am before the lunch crowds arrive. If I miss this time slot, I usually wait to eat until 1:15pm or later. I then walk in and can immediately get a table. Read more Rard naa with pork Rard naa with pork 11/15/2014 Previous review Returned for another meal of my favorite dish at B101, eggplant, long beans and pork in a spicy red… Returned for another meal of my favorite dish at B101, eggplant, long beans and pork in a spicy red curry sauce. Seriously delicious. I think I was able to identify some more of the exotic ingredients in the dish. There were these tiny knotted strips of green leaves. I think they were Kaffir lime leaves. I may have also tasted galangal. According to the dictionary, galangal is a rhizome with a hot, ginger-peppery flavor. I'm so glad I have developed a trusting relationship with the staff here. They know I am not afraid of trying real Thai cuisine. They don't pull their culinary punches when they cook my food. Read more battered & fried catfish w/ eggplant, bell peppers, basil battered & fried catfish w/ eggplant, bell peppers, basil 11/5/2014 Previous review Eggplant/Green Beans, Take 3:The owner was in the house today. She is the best cook in the place.… Eggplant/Green Beans, Take 3:The owner was in the house today. She is the best cook in the place. When she is in the kitchen, your meal will be a delicious experience. Her version of my eggplant & green beans was the best one, yet. She cooked it in a different sauce. It was red, spicy and redolent with fish sauce. The pork was also more tender while still fully cooked. Now if only I can predict when she will be cooking, I would be here all the time. Read more Yummy eggplant & Chinese long beans w/ pork in spicy red sauce Yummy eggplant & Chinese long beans w/ pork in spicy red sauce 10/14/2014 Previous review Eggplant/Green Beans, Take 2:This time around, I added pork instead of chicken. I also asked for it… Eggplant/Green Beans, Take 2:This time around, I added pork instead of chicken. I also asked for it to be made spicy. The result was much better. My current favorite dish. Next time, I'll try it with tofu.Note:This is a very "fragrant" dish. Make sure to have mints after eating this food. Also, make sure everyone in your party doesn't mind fish sauce. The smell of my leftovers permeated the car on the short drive home. Read more 9/19/2014 Previous review I've been coming here for years so I rarely look at the menu anymore. This may have been a big… I've been coming here for years so I rarely look at the menu anymore. This may have been a big mistake because when I came in for lunch today, I happened to glance at the dinner menu and saw something new. I don't know when they added the eggplant with string beans but this dish was another culinary home run for me. It was simply seasoned with salt and pepper. I added chicken to the usually vegetarian dish for some protein. The skin of the eggplant still had body so the vegetable held its shape but the interior was creamy like a savory custard. The string beans were cooked just a tick past al dente so they were tender but still had some crunch. The only thing that didn't work in this dish was my addition of chicken. B101 used chicken breast which was OK when the dish was first served but got tough and dry as the dish cooled. FYI, this dish also didn't reheat well. I also deducted points because B101 preps the tea for their Thai iced tea beforehand. I watched the server pour the cold tea from a pitcher onto a glass of ice. Then she topped it off with a splash of half and half. My drink was totally watered down. What a big disappointment.I would definitely order the eggplant dish again. Next time, I'll try it with pork and ask the kitchen to spice it up. I would skip the Thai iced tea. Read more 7/31/2014 Previous review My eyes are watering. My nose is running. My tongue is burning. I'm in agony but also in heaven! I… My eyes are watering. My nose is running. My tongue is burning. I'm in agony but also in heaven! I went outside my comfort zone and tried the spicy spaghetti. There is definitely truth in advertising. I was wiping the sweat off my fevered brow with every fiery bite.It was a huge serving for lunch. My bowl was brimming with a hefty portion of noodles and plenty of seafood including 2 mussels, 3 shrimp, 3 scallops and 4 squid. The noodles were perfectly al dente, with just the right amount of chew. The seafood was very tender. TIP: If you like this dish spicy, eat immediately. I ate my leftovers the next day and it had lost much of its heat. Read more The spicy spaghetti was blazing hot! Get it! The spicy spaghetti was blazing hot! Get it! 5/10/2014 Previous review The spice level of the food is pretty mild until you have developed a relationship of trust with the… The spice level of the food is pretty mild until you have developed a relationship of trust with the chef/owner. Once she found out that I could tolerate spice, she turned up the heat. My plate of rad naa came out covered with red pepper flakes and those long, skinny Thai chilies. I had to pat the sweat from my face and wipe my nose. I gulped down my Thai iced tea to cool down. Despite the heat, the flavors were balanced and the heat didn't burn out my taste buds.As always, the quality of ingredients was top notch. Portions may seem small for American eyes. Also, this is a mom-and-pop place so service was a little slow and disorganized. Despite these glitches, B101 is a family favorite. Read more 7/10/2012 Previous review Best mini-chain restaurant in Dublin. Yes, I said chain. I believe this is the 1st of 2 restaurants… Best mini-chain restaurant in Dublin. Yes, I said chain. I believe this is the 1st of 2 restaurants in northern CA. I agree with the other reviewers. Food here is really great. The portions are decent but smaller than other restaurants in the area. You pay more to get quality ingredients cooked well. I'll take that over huge portions of mediocre food.I've been coming here for years because I work just 5 minutes and live just 20 minutes away. I often do takeout for lunch because my break is only 30 minutes. I usually call in my order 10 minutes before my break so I don't have to wait for my meal when I pick it up. I have enjoyed almost everything on the menu for lunch and dinner. Here are some of my favorites. When I get appetizers, I get the spring rolls or the satay. Both good but what makes them home runs are the sauce and garnish. I love their peanut sauce and the arjad (cucumber dip.) I like their pad thai but if you want to try something new, try the rad naa with pork. You can choose any protein but I think pork is the best combo for this dish. I believe they use pork loin so no extraneous fat. The noodles are the flat rice noodles similar to chow fun. They call the sauce in this dish gravy but it's not like American gravy at all. It is a clear brown sauce thickened with cornstarch & with a slightly sweet taste. Ask for it to be prepared spicy. Now before you chow down, ask for the condiment bowl of vinegar & chili. Sprinkle a little or a lot more of one or both and you'll have a happy tummy. Far and away the dish I order the most is the pineapple curry with chicken or shrimp. So much delicious sauce that even if I drizzle some over my rice, I have lots leftover to take home. And yes, I take home the extra sauce even if there is only sauce left in the bowl. At home, I just toss in extra veggies & cut up some roast chicken from the Costco deli (or prawns) and I have another meal. Other favorites are the spicy green papaya salad, the angel wing (stuffed chicken wing) and the crispy duck (I love the vinegar sauce). For dessert, I always get the mango with sticky rice. I also enjoy the Thai iced tea or coffee. However, neither is brewed fresh at the table. :(This is a tiny restaurant, clean and nicely decorated. Perfect for any occasion. I have seen couples on date night, families with children and singles here. A true neighborhood place. Tip:  If you want a little privacy for a date or to corral the kids to keep them at the table, ask for the alcove in the back by the kitchen. Read more 10/27/2016

I came here on a Saturday and it was pretty empty. It was very clean and the three of us were seated very comfortably. I had a spicy pad kee mao. I don't think I specified the spicy level but it was perfect for me. The other guys were in uniform and she automatically gave us a discount which was very nice of this business.


I think I'm really picky about Thai food (I'm not even Thai). I just find that a lot of Thai restaurants seem to try to cater to American tastes by making things too salty or too sweet. For some better Thai food, try Thai Basil instead. But I've still yet to find a more authentic and amazing Thai restaurant. I guess what I'm expecting is something more like what you'd find at the Berkeley or Fremont Thai Temples. Those really made me feel like I was in Thailand again...


Rude and disrespectful! My friend and I were seated and after our drinks came, a party of 6 came in. We were asked to move so that they could seat them next to us (and push our original table together with another).... Even though there was already a cleaned table for 6 directly behind us...My friend tried to bring this to the woman's attention but she kept interrupting her and we didn't want to cause a scene. When I tried to talk to the woman in private about why we were not pleased with the service, she told me "You don't have to explain anything. You don't have to leave a tip."Wow. Okay, so we won't. And we won't be back. The food was good but when you eat at a restaurant, you are also paying for good service.This place is not worth your money.


If you like eggplant, this place is for you. If you don't like eggplant, this dish could change you. :PFor dinner, I ordered the eggplant with basil and instead of your typical soggy, oily mush, this eggplant was meaty (!) and perfectly flavored. I could actually taste the eggplant and it was amazing. I came back a second time within a month after my first time because I was so impressed and wanted to see if it was consistent (it was). Maybe next time I'll try something else, but the eggplant was that good to me that it's hard not ordering it.One star off for service (could be better at being quicker and more welcoming, but otherwise fine).


We had dinner here, ordered two appetizers, an order of bbq pork and an order of fried rice. The bbq pork was super dry and hard, must have precooked and reheated when we ordered. As for the fried rice, only after a few spoons, I noticed a strain of hair in my rice plate. I called the waitress over and showed her. She took away my plate. When the bill came out, she told me she gave me 20% off my fried rice. I was thinking "are you kidding me?" I ate 1/10 of the rice with hair in it, and you act like you do me a favor by giving me 20% off?? Needless to say, they did not deserve any tips! It's not very wise of how they handled the situation. Sometimes mistake happens, but how you handle it will determine whether you deserve a second chance or not. Obviously they didn't and we will not be coming back to this restaurant again.Make sure you check your foods before eating!!


Nice place for lunch! They have a discounted menu if you come on weekdays for lunch before 3pm. It's a $1 off the noodle section, which came with free side salad, and there are also nice combos to choose from. The portion was big for $9 (for little Asian girl that is me lol) and I would be able to split one dish with someone. The decor and ambience was definitely nice. I was able to hear the person I was talking to, and I particularly liked their choice of music. Indie music played the whole time in the back, and all songs I knew (thankfully, not mainstream pop that we hear enough on the radio) the restaurant was much cleaner and well decorated than I expected. I rated one star down because the lady taking our order was not particularly friendly or nice. When we would say thank you or end a conversation, she walked away not saying anything. Also, the side salad definitely needed more dressing, it was practically plain vegetables. But I did enjoy the other two dishes. Despite everything, I would come back!

Pad Thai & spicy noodles (like drunken noodles) with side salad Pad Thai & spicy noodles (like drunken noodles) with side salad Nice & clean inside pleasantly surprised Nice & clean inside pleasantly surprised 8/28/2015

This place has good asian food at reasonable prices.  But I wouldn't consider if I am craving for authentic Thai food.They have unique dishes that are not necessarily found in a Thai menu: Stuffed chicken wings and crispy pot stickers.  We liked the crispy skins and the tasty meat fillings for both dishes. The Tom Yum Kung had some young corn.  We have tasted this dish in various restos around north America and in Thailand.   This is the first time we've had Tom Yum Kung with young corn in it.  It was a different take to this popular Thai soup.Service was very efficient.  And they were fast. Our food arrived quickly and we're all presentable.This restaurant is good for families that want a variety of Asian food options.  It's great for groups and for young families, like ours.  We'll have to go back to try the other dishes to see if my first impression will change or not.

Tom Yum Kung (Shrimp) Tom Yum Kung (Shrimp) Thai iced tea Thai iced tea Crispy pot stickers Crispy pot stickers See all photos from Rochelle 'Shella' T. for Bangkok 101 2/4/2016

I was out here in Dublin one day and feeling peckish (I love that word), and decided to drop in here at Bangkok 101 for a quick lunch. Bangkok 101, is located ion the newer east end of Dublin, very near the BART station area. Parking is no problem out here in the suburbs! The restaurant is very clean and staff friendly. I get seated for lunch and see they have lunch specials here. I'm not long on time, so I dispense with the drink order, just water please ...and order right away. I select the Yellow Curry Chicken lunch special served with steamed jasmine rice and a small salad for ($8.95). I like the interior, modern and clean. Oh, wow, the food arrives out fast! I guess that's good, since the restaurat isn't very crowded now. I think I beat the lunch rush.The steamed rice is hot and the little side salad is fresh. The yellow curry is not super spicy, asI really didn't want super spicy today. I'd get the Panang or Red curry for the higher spice level, if that's what you'd want. Thee was a decent amount of chicken and veggies in it, and not too super soupy. I hate watery soupy curries. This was a good version. Bangkok 101 provided just what I wanted at the time, a quick tasty lunch for not too high a price and served quickly. I'd come back here to explore the dinner menu some time.

Yellow Curry with Chicken Yellow Curry with Chicken 9/11/2016

Used to come here for a quick food to go. Food isn't bad at all but customer service makes it or break it at times. Manager is not friendly even when I tried to be nice! I had to sign my receipt and the pen ran out of ink. I asked for another one and she looked at me crazy.. I said thank you and she didn't say anything.. Rude. I would've given 3 star but with that attitude, it doesn't deserve an extra!


Delicious food but very expensive for small portions. Also, their stamp card program is not very friendly. Had  two cards that weren't able to be combined for $10 off of an order of over $50. Bad way to do business. Not sure if I'll return or find a new spot with better customer service.


Pretty good Thai food! They've got all the classic dishes and a few others to keep you coming back! Haven't had a problem with them in any way.


I thought I already reviewed this, but I guess notvery serviceable Thai place, the best one I've been to in this area. small and located in an innocuous strip mall, but the food is fresh, there's plenty of variety and the staff is always great. I've been here a bunch of times, for lunch, dinner and take out and am never disappointed. they have a loyalty card program too, 10 meals and get one free.


So dirty...stay far away! We decided to try this place since it's close to home and were completely disgusted by the lack of cleanliness of the restaurant and staff.Upon being seated we immediately noticed a large bug flying around the window we were seated next to. We tried to flag down the waitress to come catch it but we're basically ignored. Finally my fiancé swatted at it with the menu. We ordered food and try to put it past us. After the food came out we noticed another bug and it was flying around so close to us I got scared and moved away from the table. There were also little nats flying around our food! I finally had it and stood up to get the waitresses attention, who was also the owner. What happens next is what threw me over the edge...She came over and killed the bug then picked it up with her BARE HANDS and brings to to show me "See?? It's nothing!". Who does that!!! I'm eating in your restaurant and you are saying 2 big bugs flying around is nothing??? Completely discussed I asked for the bill. She left with the bug in her hand and came right back with the bill. She didn't even wash her hands!!!!I can only imagine what the kitchen looks like. People like this should not try to operate a restaurant. If I had the time I would report them.


Came here for lunch at 2:45 and waitress seemed pretty annoyed about ordering lunch special. She literally threw the lunch menu to our table and walked away. Both of the waitresses were busy eating their lunch and didn't want to take our order.Service is horrible.We ordered pad thai and thai popcorn chicken. The pad thai had burnt taste and popcorn chicken came with 10 pieces of boneless chicken with some hot sauce on top. Ew. We paid $12 for that 10 pieces of boneless chicken. Definitely will not come back.


We were greeted by friendly staff and immediately noticed how clean the restaurant was. The decor is pleasant and the atmosphere is welcoming. We ordered the Thai Spring Rolls and Tom Yum Soup for appetizers and they were both really good!!! I ordered the Pad Ki Mao, and my husband ordered the Pad Thai. Both dishes were very well made and tasted amazing! I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who is a fan of Thai Food!!!


Went here for a farewell lunch for one of our co-workers.It was the usual lunch time & they looked busy but we called ahead to let them know about our party of 8.We were seated immediately.It's quite a small restaurant but they have the seats formulated so they fit a ton of people in there without it feeling too crammed in. They had Thai-inspired decor.The waitress took a little long to take our orders but we understood she was slammed.I ordered off of the Lunch Special Menu.I ordered the Imperial Corn & Mushroom with Tofu, it's stir-fried baby corn, mushrooms & green onions.You can order chicken instead of tofu, FYI.Out of 8 dishes, all the dishes came out 2 at a time in varying intervals. So not everyone was able to start eating together.I actually got my food last.The serving portions were not food-coma-y so it was enough to get me through the rest of the workday without making me feel sluggish.Oh! All dishes come with a little side salad that was yummy.You can choose to pay up front if you want but since we had 7 cards, we opted for the wait for your card to come back.All in all, it was yummy, the mushrooms & corn were super delicious & well steamed :)


This is my go to Thai place in Dublin. The staff is friendly, but sometimes when they get busy, they get a little overwhelmed. My favorites are the red curry chicken, pad Thai of course, Singapore noodles, and many stir fry dishes. Their peanut sauce is outstanding; smooth and flavorful. The one thing I don't recommend is the barbequed chicken, on the bone. It was very, very dry and the flavor was indistinct. I appreciate that the tables aren't too close together unlike the Thai restaurant in Ulfert center, where they pack you like sardines.

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