Bare Escentuals - Cosmetics & Beauty Supply - 845 Market St, SoMa, San Francisco, CA

Bare Escentuals   - Cosmetics & Beauty Supply - 845 Market St, SoMa, San Francisco, CA

I've officially found my MUA!!!  It's not everyday that you find a connection with someone that understands, listens, and can do a quick artistic one of a kind look.  Not only is he a sweet heart but he is the best at what he does and I'm so excited to keep coming to see him now for my events and products.  Thanks Josh :)


I stopped here while Christmas shopping with my daughter.  We both use BE cosmetics, and I needed a re-supply of my foundation powder.  Lucky for us, it was not that busy, and the woman who helped us was patient, explained everything well, and not pushy.  We both got super-sized foundation powder (which is a better deal than the regular size) and my daughter also convinced me to buy the serum.  The woman helped me find a lipstick color I liked as well.  Overall a very good experience!


I came in for a prom makeover and ended up looking like I had flour all over my eyes.


Wow, I used to like this store, but recently had a bad experience here. I knew exactly which product I wanted, but I needed to be color matched. I so asked a staffer to help me select the shade. She left me at the counter, TWICE (!!!), and then tried to upsell me. I was late for a dinner reservation because it took over *fifteen minutes* to do what I expected to do in three minutes. She also didn't seem certain about the correct color choice in the end, which was definitely less than reassuring. :(To top it all off, the stamped card I've had in my wallet for eons was no longer accepted. Sheesh. This experience was SO negative, it even makes me rethink purchasing their products at Sephora. That's pretty bad.


JOSH. Seriously a better morning pick me up than coffee! Josh was super friendly and totally understood all my concerns (I'm a professional make up artist/vegan which means I ask a million annoying questions) when the color he picked turned out to dark, he was the first to agree and without hesitation, took it all off and started over because he genuinely cared that I got the right foundation. He was very knowledgable about all their products and I'm actually loving the skincare samples he included with my purchase! I got home 12 hours later and my face still looked great. Thanx Josh, you're the best!


Omg! Make an appointment to see JOSH! If your looking to get out of a rut, maybe change your routine, or you want the latest trends... He is the man! He was so helpful with my selections and even turned me on to some of the skincare. BTW. Did you gals and guys know the company is owned by Shiseido.. Uh major score for skincare with a decent price. Remember people this is a "service" so buy something don't cheat yourself, treat yourself... I will be going back to see my magician ;)


I came into this store, being a complete novice with makeup, and a friendly sales rep came up to me and helped me out like a Pro. She sat me down and did my make up for me while walking me through the process and informed me about what each product did to my skin. The girl was friendly and kept a positive atmosphere which eases my initial discomfort. She didn't push any of the products on me and provided me with as much information as possible. I would highly recommend this place for those who may be new to make up, or even to those who very familiar, to this shop if they want to shop in a cute and friendly shop!Will defiantly come back here!


Products= GreatSan Francisco Westfield Mall BE store= dreadful* I am so relieved to read that I was not over reacting with my experience at this store and to read about others with the same experience there.I have been a loyal customer of your products for over 5 years now. The BE product is great and works well with my skin type. My experience at the local San Francisco Westfield mall has been fair so far when I drop in to the store to replenish my foundation supplies. However my latest experience last night Thursday January 7th @ 6pm, 2016 has left me rather disappointed with the customer service. My trip to the store was going to be quick, I know which foundation to pick up. The store was not busy at that hour. Two sales associates were tending to two customers testing the products (assuming for free). I didn't mind waiting for a few minutes but there was absolutely no acknowledgement of 3 clients including myself coming into the store. No eye contact, no hello. A customer ahead of me looked ready to check out but again no acknowledgement from neither of the sales associates. Not sure if she walked out.Same thing happens to me, as I was ready with my product, I went up to the cash register and asked one of the male sales associate if he could ring me up. He barely looked up and quickly responded with attitude that he will just finish up with the lipgloss on the customer he was tending to and would ring me up immediately.  I waited patiently with product and wallet in hand for 5 more minutes while watching him finish the lip gloss and exchanging more pleasantries with the customer and her friends. I even had time to play with my phone while waiting. Still no concern that I had been waiting next to the register for a while. I decided that I couldn't be dismissed any longer and waste my time watching this. I put the product down and my wallet away and walked out. And guess what: on my way out still no word from the two sales associates! It made me wonder about the purpose of this store really if it is not about selling products. Or is it for sales associates to socialize and play with make up? It left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I would most likely not go back if this is the way customers are received. I would rather go to sephora or other where you are truly welcome and leave happy. Ironically one of BE's slogan is "we love making you happy"... Well not this time.


They might know how to apply (maybe) the product on but definitely dont know about the product itself. I was in search of new cruelty free makeup so I thought I  walk in this store to do some research and a gentlemen approach me as soon as I walk in so I thought why not save me the trouble and just aske him if they had any products that are not tested on animals, since few boxes i had already look at already didn't have the bunny logo, and right out the batt he told me that they did not test in animals. That they were 100% cruelty free and all types of friendly. I look at him and ask him how i can make sure what he was saying was true, then he started looking at the back of the boxes and said "well it doesn't say in the box but you can go to the website and see for yourself" and turned around and walk away.  He clearly didn't know what he was talking about and lied so he can maybe make a sale. Got lied and told off right to my face. Sorry bare minerals you gotta update your game. Animal testing is so last century. And tell your employees to not freaking lie at least have some integrity.


I love BE's products, but what makes this store stand out from others is their staff. They're efficient but pay attention to your needs without trying to upsell you on their newer/better X, Y, or Z products (aint nobody got time for that).I want to especially call out Josh; I made an appointment to get some makeup done and when I showed up, it wasn't on the books (must have been some internal miscommunication). I can understand how frustrating that would be on a Friday night, but Josh brushed it off and nailed my makeup within 30-40 minutes. He taught me a few nifty application tips and perfected my smokey eye. Got compliments alllll night. Definitely go to him if you want to learn how to make the most of your BE products and learn his cat eye wizardry.

8/14/2012 Updated review

I still appreciate the concept behind Bare Escentuals and just recently purchased a great bronzer compact from here, but in the past couple of years -  I've never been overly wowed by the customer service at this particular location. Every time I stop in -  I find that the staff are never all that helpful and I have to always coax them into applying their products on me (one of the best ways to decide if you want something).When I visit Nordstrom - all of the makeup counter staff are always beaming and excited to assist you when it comes to questions about the products and they will often offer to dress up your eyes with their new shades. And more often that not - I always end up purchasing what they apply on me. Not this particular Bare Escentuals though.  You'll find yourself browsing by your lonesome or you will feel like you're nagging them when you ask them about their other products. This past week I was ready to buy a number of items here, but the staff helping me didn't seem very passionate or too informed about the products - so I just ended up sticking to my bronzer. A bummer - because I really enjoy Bare Escentuals products and with the wealth of new items they are constantly developing - I know I would be frequenting this location far more often - if I felt I was more welcome.Trust.

12/19/2006 Previous review I have always been a beauty product whore. It's not something I'm proud of.  Like sucking my thumb… I have always been a beauty product whore. It's not something I'm proud of.  Like sucking my thumb for waaaaaaaaaaay too long when I was younger ( I seriously do not still do maybe not the best example),or making a ridiculous mirror face-every time I pass my reflection, - it just comes naturally. I was born with an addiction to beauty products. Textbook caseI've been especially valiant with trying  foundations: Clinique, Lancome, Shiseido, Mac, Prescriptives, Christian Dior...the list is pretty gross....and sadly it goes on. Yet despite my growing collection of foundations, I rarely use any of them. Deep down, I dread the late night face scrubbing and pore clogging scares which makeup bases are known to unleash.I'm nervous about the idea of putting a strange smelling tan paint on my face each day. And sooooooo  all of my amassed foundations just lie in my makeup drawer. Each beside each other. Unused. Even hoighty toighty Christian Dior has chemically expired in my room.........until (drum roll....I'm all with the cheesy cliches lately) Le Bare Escentuals. Ah oui!Bare Escentuals has pretty much changed the face of makeup. I feel like such a royal dork, proclaiming my authority in the realm of makeup, but it really has. I am essentially a human guinea pig for the makeup world and I have no problem saying loudly - I know what's out there - and Bare Escentuals ain't no Crystal Pepsi fad (TM)Their simple secret: they're NATURAL. Yup the big ole NATURAL word. If you use the word NATURAL (organic is actually the better sell) on me, the rest of your sale should be as easy as Betty Crocker pie.- ESPECIALLY when it comes to  cosmetics.Not only is Bare Escentuals natural - it's light, easy to apply and won't clog one single little pore. In fact, some even claim that it makes the skin smoother.  It's the refined Hybrid (keeping with the granola-y theme there) of the cosmetic world.Their brushes are insane. You'll find yourself just brushing your face for the heck of it....uh or some people do that....I ....think.  Also, the eyeshadows are gorgeously pigmented and so gentle on the skin. I was tempted to  buy the turquoise and blue shadows just to look at. They are stunning.Moreover - the salesperson who helped me on Sunday was patient, friendly, and was confident in her product. And that's the final piece of the sale - that simple two part phrase . "It's Natural....I use it everyday." Yes I am easy. I am sadly further proof of why the beauty industry continues to be a billion dollar industry and climbing....but.... what can I say? I am a beauty product dork/fanatic/addict who is actually making the mirror face as I WRITE THIS!. (Note: Bare Escentuals can be a bit drying - since they are essentially powders. If you have very dry skin  - it may not be the best product for you.) Read more 5/1/2012

Yes, I am a man and yes I do wear makeup from time to time. Don't judge. And before you ask, I'm not a drag queen or a flamer. I don't wear it to alter my appearance but rather to enhance it. In keeping with that, I only want to put things on my skin that would alter that. That is where bare escentuals bare minerals come in. Their all natural products not only enhance the appears of my skin to the onlooker but it actually improves the texture and appearance of my naked skin over time. The only downfall is that all of the powdered products are messy. Definitely not the type of products you would want to apply while going down the road in a car.They have a really good product here that is from natural sources and reflects in how it makes your skin look and feel. It is so important to take care of your body. Why would you eat the finest organic foods, drink filtered spring water and take nutritional supplements. Why would you go and pile on makeup that has fifty synthetic ingredients in it? You don't right? Well maybe you do but you shouldn't. If you want to do one of the best things for your skin you can do,  use bare minerals. They are more expensive than some of the drugstore crud but your grill will thank you.

Storefront Storefront 5/6/2013

Came into this location after being told (over the phone by customer service) that I could come in and request a sample or have one of the associates show me the products and how they actually work. Went in there expecting that, but did not get that. It wasn't even busy when I went in, but I couldn't help but feel like I was interrupting the employees from the way they both reacted reluctantly to help me. Asked the associate about getting a sample to match with my skin tone, was told that they did not have any samples in my coloring "at the moment". Actually to be more accurate she said they don't really carry samples in every shade, just the more "popular ones". OK fair enough, it's possible that they do not get enough people in my shade. NBD.Asked the associate if they had any of the kits to show me what the different shades actually look like so I could make my decision on what to do next. Again, reluctant look across the room to the other employee. "Do you want to buy it or did you want to just see them?" Now I'm annoyed, obviously I want to see them so I can decide if I want to buy. Why so quizzical? Associate tells me that she "can go see" if they even have those shades in stock. I say forget it and she doesn't even offer any more assistance. The only positive from this experience is the laugh I got while walking out. I work in the mall and pretty much every time I pass the place is a dead zone and now I know why.


I was weary of going here, after reading the most recent reviews with low ratings, but I went anyways. I was greeted right first when I walked in. I bought my second tube of stroke of light and also asked for a sample of well rested. The SA was very kind in giving me some and also explained to me how to apply it. I would come back here for my BE needs!


5 stars for the product3.5-4 stars for customer serviceAs far as the product goes, I really LOVE BE foundation. Since I've switched from drugstore brands to BE, my skin has not only improved but it's also gotten much smoother. I really like the coverage I get and have just overall been happy with the product. It's perfect for everyday wear but when it comes to coverage at night, you really have to layer it on, but even then it still feels lightweight.Normally, I would stop into Sephora to pick up foundation or primer, but now I tend to go into the BE boutique that is located inside Westfield. On my last visit, I went to pick up some foundation and was looking at some eyeshadows. I love trying out different ones from any brand and BE is one that I hadn't tried yet. The sales girl was helpful but I felt like she had trouble picking some shadows for me, almost like she didn't want to help. I just wanted something neutral but also something that I could take from day to night. After picking and trying some shadows, I settled on three and was happy to find out that with my frequent buyer card, I not only saved money (3 for $39 instead of individually priced) but I also got a makeup bag.I definitely love BE products, especially their foundation, so hopefully their shadows live up to my expectations as well.


I love the products here but can't stand their sales approach. They are SO pushy and manipulative. I went into this location about a year ago for several of my go-to products. In my experience I never felt heard about what I needed, and they misrepresented discounts. I had to tell them to put back several items after I was rung up. I went back in once more and the manager immediately recognized me and left me alone (the prior experience was that bad). I've gone back to ordering these products online or getting what I can at Sephora. This spot is for tourists looking to spend a lot of money.


I love this product and have been wearing it for years, but the customer service here is AWFUL!!!The lady who 'helped' me was snarky and unfriendly and not at all helpful, even though I told her exactly what i needed (finishing powder and brush as a xmas gift). When I asked about the color of the mineral veil, she raised an eyebrow and answered pointedly that it had no color, as if i were stupid. what a bitch!There were 4 sales associates and only 2 customers, but I still had to wait for a few long minutes and clear my throat loudly before someone stopped shuffling around in the drawers to ring me up.I will not be coming back to this store!


I went into the Bare Escentuals store in downtown SF this morning on a whim for a last minute wedding make-up consultation. I know I should have booked an appointment, but as I said, it was a whim. I expected to wait but within a couple minutes Amina sat down with me and gave me the best make-up consultation I've ever had. She was so knowledgeable and friendly and gave me her absolute undivided attention. And is just such a lovely person!I've been using Bare Minerals foundation for years but really needed someone to do a new color-match for my skin. She got it spot-on. She also did a complete makeover including eyes, blush, and lips, and I loved all the products. She was extremely mindful of the fact that I don't generally wear a lot of make-up, and gave me an incredible look that was still very natural. In fact, I wore it all day and many hours later, when I picked up my daughter, she said, "Mommy, you look so beautiful!" It was a gorgeous sunny day, and I loved the way the make-up looked even in bright sunlight.All and all, I had such a terrific experience with Amina and the other salespersons I talked to. Ended up with a great look I feel confident in, learned some great techniques, brought home some really wonderful products, and also just had a fun and lovely time. I walked away with both a wedding look and a lot of knowledge about an everyday look. I also feel the products are reasonably priced given the quality.Fantastic!


Wildly excited about this makeup company and it's philosophy, I stopped in to pick up some foundation.  I asked for a foundation match because I'm a first time shopper and figured a professional will know better than me what looks good.  It was early, 2 employees were in the store and 2 were coming in with some food.  I was the only customer.  One employee greeted me and I explained what I wanted.   I shared some info about the samples I already had and she proceeded to explain the primer, foundation shade for my face and the night serum product that will help reduce my pores so that the makeup looks better during the day.  Still excited about the experience it was clear I was having a better time than she was.  While I think it's true in most purchasing experiences, why is it tolerated that customer service is often mediocre?I got the technical service to help me understand applying the product, the brushes to use, and info on pricing.  Since I was purchasing the foundation, the primer would be just $15.  What was missing was more fun and frankly, I expected that to be a part of this company's service.  I figured I'd be introduced to a couple more products while I sat in the chair and she transformed me into a much better version than how I walked in. I was also ready to spend and be a return customer.  Alas, the experience was "meh".  She also overcharged me for the primer.  I'll return to get the charge corrected and I really want to support this kind of local make-up company so I'm open to not basing future opinion of it on my first purchasing experience.

10/25/2013 Updated review

Maybe this spot is hit or miss...and I'd just previously experienced the misses and now just the hits. But hey, it feels completely different, whatever it is. Every time I go in, I'm greeted in a timely manner, and I can actually manage to have a friendly conversation with the people who work there and leave feeling good about my purchases. Bare Escentuals, you have not failed me! *sigh of relief*

4/27/2011 Previous review I've actually been meaning to write a review for this particular store for a while, but thought I… I've actually been meaning to write a review for this particular store for a while, but thought I would wait it out to gauge it against other visits. Honestly, this place is very hit or miss, but mostly miss. I LOVE BE products. I cannot live without them. In fact, it's a bit of an unhealthy obsession for me. Nothing else will do. I used to live by Stonestown and would stop into the BE there and was also pleased with the service. However, since it now takes me an hour to get there, I go to this one instead. On most occasions, I have been shocked by the customer service, or lack thereof. I have walked into this store when there have been three people working, only one customer and after smiling and saying hello to one of them, promptly been ignored. They actually have walked away after seeing me walk into their store. It's extremely bizarre. Once in a while, I will have someone actually ask if I need help with anything, but for the most part, I feel like they don't even want my business. And every time I go in there, I'm actually already planning to buy something! I keep telling myself that I will just go to Sephora to buy my foundation, but those $10 off cards get me every time! So I must ask myself, is it worth saving a few extra bucks? I'm still not completely decided. Maybe I will give it a couple more tries. Read more
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