Barrel Republic Oceanside - American (New) - 215 N Coast Hwy, Oceanside, Oceanside, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Barrel Republic Oceanside   - American (New) - 215 N Coast Hwy, Oceanside, Oceanside, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Super cute spot. Perfect for a date night. But heads up, it's a little loud, so this is not the place for a "romantic" date.Great for girls night out or even a date with yourself.I stuck to the wine and kombucha, which were delicious but the beer selection is insane.Come on a Thursday night and take advantage of the Oceanside Market that takes place right around the corner.

Endless beer, wine, tea and kombucha on tap Endless beer, wine, tea and kombucha on tap 10/10/2016

I love this place. I love the concept of it! I think it's a perfect place for a gathering with friends or a date night. The staff here are really friendly as well. I wish they had a larger wine selection as they o my have 6-I think. It is a little crowded in here on the weekends and it is loud so if you you want to have a conversation with a friend you haven't seen in a while this might not be the place. They have trivia nights on Tuesdays which is something I have been wanting to check out. This place is really cool! I would check it out if you are in the area.


The concept of a self-serve tasting room is awesome.  I love that they offer pour-your-own beer, wine, cider, tea, and even kombucha, there's something for everyone.  The staff was very nice and friendly, and I love the industrial, repurposed-looking wood and metal furnishings.  The mac & cheese was amazing in flavor, but I think all the chile peppers should have been cooked, not thrown in raw.  Who wants to crunch on some raw poblano peppers?The reason why this fun place gets 3 stars is for three reasons.  1) I'm a cider girl and I didn't like either of the two ciders they had and 2) I find it ridiculous that when we went to pay for our mac & cheese and approximate pours of 3 glasses (if you combined all the little pours), the bill was $52.00.  Yes, I am in full control of how much I pour since I can see the price on each tap, but what we paid for what we got wasn't worth it. 3) There was an obnoxiously drunk guy screaming and causing a scene (everyone was watching him is disbelief) and I observed the employees just nervously watch him to make sure it didn't get worse.  Shoulda kicked him out.On a side note, if you're going out with people that like different things, this would be a good place to start since they really do have something for everyone.


A very fun addition to the local beer scene! This is a great option if someone in your party doesn't drink or prefers wine or cider. There are non-alcoholic options like tea, coffee, and specialty sodas as well as about 8 wine taps. If you have not been to a self serve beer spot before this can be a bit overwhelming, but it's really very simple. You are given a a bracelet that is linked to your card at the door, and then it basically becomes a giant adult froyo shop! Get as much or as little as you want! Upside to this are the endless options, not only in the many different types of beers but in the ability to have as little as you want - this allows for you to create your own tester flight. More, the prices are very reasonable. However, I think it would be a beneficial if the screens showed the overall total amount on your card each time you get more -- I know I always err on the side of caution so I don't get surprised with a big bill when I close out. If the total was displayed the worry/nagging wonder/need to keep a running mental tab would be removed.Another down side is that this is one of the few places in town that has no outside area OR windows. That basically ensures that I won't be coming here during the day -- it is the beach and I like to be out in the open air as much as possible when I am in town! I've had mixed experiences on the food, and the closed in atmosphere makes it very noisy at times.

See all photos from Ally F. for Barrel Republic Oceanside 9/3/2016

I love love love this place! The food is good and there are tons of drinks to choose from. You get a bracelet when you first enter that you use to pour drinks and the staff uses it to put your food order on. The atmosphere is warm and the staff are so friendly. I'm always amazed how awesome their staff is!When you walk in, you stop at the first desk to show your ID and give your credit card so you can get the bracelet. They ask you if you've been there before and will proceed to explain how the drinks work etc. During my first visit she even walked me to one of the drinks to show me where to put the bracelet and how to read more about each drink. There is a good amount of tables so usually you won't have a problem waiting long. I am not a fan of any kind of beer so I was so excited to see you can choose from different wine choices or ciders. They even have teas. The food is very good! My first visit I got the spicy four chili mac and cheese. It is an appetizer but it's a large enough portion you can order it as a meal. It has the right amount of heat along with peppers. Super yummy! My second visit I got the crispy avocado grilled cheese. It had a lot of avocado, plenty of cheese, and tomatoes. It also comes with a side. I chose the clam chowder. The chowder was rich and very tasty. I couldn't finish the entire meal. I highly recommend this place. You won't be disappointed!

Spicy Four Chili Mac and Cheese Spicy Four Chili Mac and Cheese Crispy Avocado Grilled Cheese and Clam Chowder Crispy Avocado Grilled Cheese and Clam Chowder 9/17/2016

This was a new adventure for hubs and me on a Saturday night. We have meant to stop in for some time, but parking has always been an issue. Ugh. Today, the Barrel Republic gods took mercy on us and opened a spot right in front of the door. So here we are! Let's take this in parts...The system: I love the idea of pour-your-own. I get to sample lots of things at exactly the rate I choose.  Awesome! There's a scrolling digital "menu" of all the beers on tap and their numbered places around the bar. Very easy to navigate once you get a game plan from that board.The drinks: I poured my first drink with some Dreaming Tree red blend wine. It was awesome! So yummy. I then made some less-than-stellar picks. The Aztec blonde coffee was awful. It smelled burned and that itself was overpowering. The beer was ok, but only if I didn't breathe in. Not awesome. Then I picked Booze Brothers Cherry Blind, aka toothpaste. I kid you not, it tasted and smelled like toothpaste.  Hubs picked better beer than I did. He went for the Stone Beachwood Heretic and loved it. He also tried the Stone Ruination 2.0 with orange and vanilla - another winner, assuming you like hoppy beer. Of course, Stone hit it out of the park with both. I should have picked a Stone beer (so disappointed in the Booze Bros - I'm a long time fan of theirs). The food: we started with the garlic pretzel bites. Yum!!! Then we split the avocado/tomato salad and a burger. All of the food was good quality, served up quickly, and tasted great to me. I was even able to tolerate the jalapeño vinaigrette on the salad - a little kick, but I did ok with it. All in all, we will probably come back again or check out the Carlsbad location when it opens up. We may bring some ear muffs though, as it's quite loud inside.


Great place to grab a delicious burger! Especially Monday! Get a burger and fries for $6!They have great food! We love the burger&fries, crispy cheese tacos and pickle chips! Concept bar-wrist band and pour your own beer and wine from a huge selection.Not a long wait to be seated and receive food.Great service.

Menu! Menu! Sounds like fun!!! Sounds like fun!!! Very cool concept!!! Very cool concept!!! See all photos from Jamie H. for Barrel Republic Oceanside 8/6/2016

We were in town for a soccer tournament. We had 4 hours between games and were looking for a place to eat lunch and chill until our next game. We weren't really looking for a bar but damn, are we ever happy this place showed up in recommended places on Yelp!I think most people come for the booze but let me emphasize they have fantastic food too!The concept is genius. You arrive and must present a credit card and ID if you're planning to drink beer or wine. You are given a wrist band. The wrist band is your ticket to beer beer and more beer! Unless you're a wine drinker, they have that too! You swipe your wrist band on the screen in front of the selection of your choice and pour as much or as little as you want. I highly suggest you pour a taster if you're not 100% sure you like that flavor. They charge per ounce. The screen indicates how much per ounce that flavor costs and how much you've poured on that flavor plus how much you've poured total. If you have more than one person on your tab you may want to check in with staff to see how much you've spent if you're concerned.Now for the food...I had the avocado salad. My family had the avocado grilled cheese and the burger plate. We all agreed the food is BOMB! No complaints. This place is a gem. Sean greeted us and didn't hesitate to answer all our crazy questions!  They have plenty of TV screens showing sports and they don't rush you out.We will be back! Like the Terminator. 6z thumbs way up!

Stouts Stouts Citrus Avocado salad Citrus Avocado salad Burger Burger See all photos from Anna R. for Barrel Republic Oceanside 8/6/2016

This place fucking rocks! I wouldn't normally use swear words to describe a restaurant/beer establishment, but how can one not? The superlative is a necessity!There are literally, well figuratively, almost a million beers on tap here and you get to serve to yourself. You can choose from traditional stuff, like the really odd Belgian vinegar-esque red ale I had. There are an incredible variety of beers and wine, plus the food is excellent! Yum.If you're a hipster/douche that only drinks IPA, they have some for you, but the majority are just really great beers. And the food, did I already say, "Yum!"

To the bottom! To the bottom! 9/28/2016

Seems and feels like quite a nice place for tasting or just guzzling new, or even just your favorite IPA, respectively. I found the taps to offer more foam than I expected. However, I wouldn't let this be a deciding factor in returning or not. The beer selection is great in that you get seasonal as well as most local favorite brewery offerings. The food and service was above average. But, I visited at a slow time of the week. I expect the "pour yourself" thing to take hold and be a factor in the future.

Waiting for my first BR meal. Waiting for my first BR meal. 7/31/2016

Traffic was horrendous on the 5 and we just couldn't take it anymore. Time for a stop in Oceanside, and oh my goodness was that the best decision ever. I am simultaneously sad and happy that we don't have a place like this near home. Sad because it is awesome. And happy because I would spend so much time and money here....and would def need to live within walking distance....and my wallet and my liver just couldn't take it.There are lots of beers, and you get to pour for yourself which means if you just want to try something, or get a 1/3 of a pint, you can!! A nice mix of everything...they even have a super yummy ginger one complaint is the choice of beers from certain breweries. Grunion from Ballast Point? Lemongrass witbier from Bootleggers? I mean, you could throw a dart at a list of all their beers and hit better options. Why pick the worst beer from a brewery? So sad.That being said, the food was really good! I got the avocado grilled cheese and there was so much avocado. And it was perfect and green and the exact kind of avocado you dream about eating. My friend got the cuban sandwich and she really liked it too, especially the mustard.I 100% recommend stopping in and checking this place out. :)


Fun concept. Pour your own beer after putting your chip enables wrist band in the circle. Food is good and beer choices are great. Some of it is quite pricey. The Gorgonzola stout dip that comes with the parm crusted potato wedges Is amazing.

Veg tacos. Veg tacos. Organic tea. Organic tea. Cheesy potatoes bites. Awesome! Cheesy potatoes bites. Awesome! See all photos from Paul J. for Barrel Republic Oceanside 7/11/2016

Barrel Republic is like a self serve yogurt shop for adults. It's amazing and I felt like a doe eyed little kid. Their barrel taps are self serve and you fashion a bracelet and tap it to the screen in order to signify the it's your account being used. You can choose any flavor, brand, and type of alcohol. The barrels are broken up between beer, wine, and teas. Just as I thought I made a move for a Booze Brothers stout I uncovered another row of barrels. It's magical. We dipped into their menu as well which has vegetarian items! I ordered their portobello mushroom French dip sandwich and some pretzel bites. Utterly satisfied and I will be back to uncover more beers here!

Barrels and barrels!! Barrels and barrels!! 9/17/2016

This was our first time here and we were showing our family around North County. We are so glad we came to check it out since it has a very different and interesting concept for the beers on tap. Everyone gets a wristband that is used as a way to scan to open up the tap for that particular beer. My husband and our cousin were very excited at that prospect and enjoyed trying the variety of beers. We also ended up getting dinner while we were here. We got the ghost chili potato chips to share and finished up every single one. For dinner our cousins got the grilled cheese, which they only were able to finish half of since it's a very large portion! My husband got the Cuban and said it's one of the best he's had :) and I had the soba noodle salad which was delicious and refreshing to have. The ambience is very loud, hipster, and joyous so I'm sure you'll have a good time if you like that. Make sure you return your wristband while leaving :). We will definitely be back and we will most likely be more frequent at the Carlsbad location when that opens up!

Grilled cheese! Grilled cheese! Soba noodle salad :) Soba noodle salad :) The Cuban The Cuban See all photos from Priya B. for Barrel Republic Oceanside 2/20/2016

Great new place in O-side.  It's quite popular and should be.  They're doing something new.  Trying to be different.  And have 48 awesome craft beers on tap is a good way to start!My wife, my daughter and I stopped in for a late lunch on a Saturday around 3pm.  Place was about half full.  We easily found a table for four along the wall.  And yes, this place is good for older kids (ages 8+).  Best keep the crying babies at home if you can.  Ideally with a sitter ;)Because it's PIY ("Pour It Yourself"), you can drink little samples of beer...all of them if you'd like.  Watch your pour or you'll have a hefty tab in the end.What we tried:  *  New Belgium Blackberry Barleywine  *  2 Towns Ciderhouse Raspberry Cider  *  Founders Dirty Bastard Scottish Heavy Ale  *  Smoked Salmon appetizer  *  Chile Dusted Crispy Pickle Chips  *  Smoked Turkey Breast sandwichThe beers and turkey sandwich were out-of-this-world delicious and my wife loved the pickle chips (me too, just not as much).  Neither of us really liked the salmon.  It was smoked, but served cold over a caper-dill crema and cracker.  Sounds good on paper, but we like our salmon either raw (sashimi) or cooked warm (cedar plank, butter, etc).Total came to $60 with tip.  Staff was very friendly.  We will most definitely return for more beer and less salmon ;)

Steampunk + craft beer = awesome Steampunk + craft beer = awesome Smoked Salmon appetizer Smoked Salmon appetizer See all photos from Erich C. for Barrel Republic Oceanside 8/26/2016

We took a mini road trip to Oceanside a couple days ago.  My husband wanted to check out this place since he's the one with the beer knowledge.  As soon as we go in everyone is welcoming.  The owner right away attended us and started explaining the concept about pouring your own beer, wine, etc.  The place,s decor is super cool and spacious.  I really just gravitated towards the menu.  I ordered right away and loved everything I ordered.  I went with the jalapeno mac & cheese.  My husband had one of their burgers and it was delicious.We had our daughter with us and the owner offered us a kids plate not on the menu.  Since they don't have a kids menu.  But it was probably one of the best kids meal she's had, since everything they serve is fresh.  He cut her up in super small pieces; strawberries, turkey, cheese, & avocado.  She loved it.  I think it's a great place to go with a group of people for birthday celebration s since you pay on separate tabs and no one has to go through awkwardness of splitting or paying everyone's tab.  We will definitely go again.  The service, beer and food were amazing.


Five out of five, all around winner! This is the place to go if you want to try a bunch of different flavors of beer, a few ciders and wines.Upon entering you're given a bracelet that is linked to you. Once you find something you want to try, simply place your bracelet at the bottom of the screen describing the beer/cider or wine and pour as much as you want! Each bracelet lets you pour up to 40oz a day. If you're feeling hungry, they offer a lot of choices from Mac and cheese, popcorn, or more filling foods like burgers. Order all food up at the front, very simple and easy! The overall vibe is very relaxed and chill. It's very easy to come by for happy hour and find yourself staying for here hours after. Long table seating makes it easy for a bunch of friends to hang out all together but there are smaller tables if you're looking for a more intimate setting. I really enjoyed Barrel Republic and will totally be back! I highly recommend this little gem to everyone!

Bacon popcorn Bacon popcorn Mac and cheese with kale and almonds Mac and cheese with kale and almonds 1/29/2016

I'm giving them 3.5 stars because if you really don't know how to pour a glass of beer it will cost you. I'm not a bar tender so I know nothing about pouring beer so doing so was a little frustrating. I'm not a big beer drinker but recently I've been drinking more so I wanted to try this spot.The guy at the front door was so nice and helpful to explain everything. He took my credit to hold of file but give it back to me. He showed me around a little bit then I ordered some mini crab cakes which were okay. The menu was a little limited but there were a lot of vegetarian and vegan options. That's cool but I think there were more vegetarians/vegan option than meat options.The beers that I like but they didn't have was the Cali Creamin, Peanut Butter milk stout and the Peanut Alert. They had a whole lot of beer I've never even heard of but that's OK. I would probably not come here again unless they get the beers I like.

Mini crab cakes were okay. Mini crab cakes were okay. See all photos from Vincent C. for Barrel Republic Oceanside 9/9/2016

Came during happy hour 3-6pm... 20% off taps..Loving the concept of pour your own beer (there's also wine available )... Price varies per ounce - awesome concept. My daughter and I had fun here...Coming back when we have more time.


Awesome idea--awesome experience!You pay anywhere from 46¢ to a few bucks an ounce for each beer. (Some are special seasonal beers so they are more but mine were all less than 65¢ an ounce.) Pick a glass, use the bracelet given to you at the door on the tap. Pull until you have as much as you want to try. Move on to the next tap that interests you. They have non-alcoholic choices in the back corner including kombucha and wine on tap as well. We tasted a number of beers--for educational purposes, of course. There were 48 options so either taste very small tastes or pick and choose. I decided to try the IPAs at 1.5 oz each. (I ended up drinking a couple ounces more than a pint so my plan worked well.) Eventually, I knew my fav and poured a second round of that. (Pizza Port's Kook Double IPA.) We sat down and ordered some delicious mini crab cakes to go with our last beer. When you are ready to leave, they check your bracelet back in and charge you for what you drank. If you ask, they will print out what beers you tried. I hope to see more pubs like this elsewhere. It is a great idea and lots of fun.

The best beer The best beer Tracking the pours so you can be aware of how much you drink as you go Tracking the pours so you can be aware of how much you drink as you go Mini Crab Bites Mini Crab Bites See all photos from Suzanne W. for Barrel Republic Oceanside
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