Batteries Plus Bulbs - 17 Reviews - Battery Stores - 10770 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, CA

Batteries Plus Bulbs - 17 Reviews - Battery Stores - 10770 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, CA

I replaced a mobility scooter battery here.  They knew right what to do, and offered full fast service.  Unlike cheaper online options, I have confidence the battery is good quality.They also seem good with cell phone battery and screen replacements.  Not cheap, good.


OMG, these guys are SO smart and SO helpful! My cell phone's battery was not holding a charge. The helpful staff at Best Buy suggested I try a new battery. I am too chicken to buy a battery off ebay or Amazon so when I saw this store sells them I thought, "whew!" Well, first of all, the shop guy who answered my phone call suggested I buy online and pick up in the store to save 10%. Secondly, he didn't even laugh when I needed him to confirm the battery they sell (1800 something) would not last as long as my current fading version (2000 something). Thanks to his help, I will just take a breath and buy a new phone. You rock, Chase! I'll be in to buy stuff later!


Have been here several times for new batteries for a variety of items.  The staff always seem to know just what is needed, they often install the batteries and the prices are reasonable, expecially when I don't have to go searching for the correct battery!  Good people, well trained and courteous.


My Elliptical's computer died.  I had to get 4 more D batteries asap.  I didn't want to go to a department store.  I didn't want to go to CostCo and I didn't want to run all over town.  Then I remembered Batteries Plus Bulbs opened up not too long ago and I haven't been there yet.  So off I went and I was shockingly (no pun intended) surprised at how small the store is, but how much they have.The store associate was on the phone when I walked in, but was soon off and came over to help me.  Thank goodness because from what I was seeing, this place seemed overpriced.  I asked if they had a house brand.  Yes they do, Ray-o-vac.  For a fraction of the price, I purchased 12 D batteries, with tax, for about $13.  Very happy with this little gem and I'll be back.  For more batteries, and to deposit spent batteries and light bulbs.


I came here in a panic, needing a car battery because mine wasn't holding a charge.   Andrew was my savior today.  All hail Andrew on my manic Wednesday!  He not only helped me with getting the correct battery but also helped me install it.  What an awesome guy!  Whatever he makes is NOT ENOUGH.   HE was very patient with my battery installation that proved to be a bit more time consuming than we thought.   What a fantastic person you have working here.  He balanced customers, the phone and my installation without skipping a beat.   I can't say enough about Andrew. My goodness what a great guy.   Give this man a raise!!!!  We will be back for all of our battery related needs.  From AA-D and everything else needed for power.   Thanks for the opportunity to meet such a fantastic fella who clearly enjoys his job.


I needed a new computer battery.  I had to bring in my laptop for them to figure out what battery I needed. The one I had purchased earlier in the year at nothing on it to give a hint what I needed to order. My online purchase did not last long, but then I only paid $10 for it. They ordered a better battery that cost $75, a little bit more than the one I was replacing, but a lot less than Dell would charge. The people who helped me were all knowledgeable and helpful. They also have just what I am in the market for, a car charger for gadgets that have regular plugs that are not USB ends.


This review is long overdue.  This summer I went on a brief hunt for colanders to have new pendant lights made for our kitchen, then chickened out.  In the process I visited Batteries+Bulbs, which had opened relatively recently in a former bank/savings and loan building on San Pablo Avenue.  The entrance is in the back, near where the drive through ATM used to be.  It has its own parking lot, which can be entered either on San Pablo or the side street, Schmidt Lane.I found the people who work here to be unfailingly helpful.  They educated me about the types and strengths of bulbs.  They have a very cool light box which shows you the quality and character of the various bulb types.  You stick your hand in each section of the box and can compare how the light will look.  I came in alone the first time, then brought Alan the next day.  We wanted to replace the 200 watt incandescent bulbs in our enclosed kitchen light fixtures.  They would have to order the equivalent LED bulbs.  The choice was between a 150 watt equivalent or a 250 watt equivalent.  The salesman, whose name I have now forgotten, advised the 150 equivalent.  He also recommended the softer light rather than the brighter one, even though the glass shade is milky white.  They were expensive, close to $70 apiece, but they'll last for years, probably longer than we will.  We paid for them and he advised us that it would take about 2 weeks to arrive.  As it happened, it took 3 weeks or more, but that was not a problem, as we still had the incandescents in place.  Finally we got a call that the LEDs were in.  The man was very apologetic that it took so long, though it wasn't their fault.  We dealt w/ several men over the course of this process and each one was very helpful and nice.  We ended up picking up some AA batteries on sale and some 60 watt equivalent LEDs for other light fixtures.  A week or so later Tam and Kevin came over.  Kevin replaced the bulbs and Tam washed the globes.  We are very lucky to have them.  The lights are perfect.  The 250s would have been too bright.  We are very pleased w/ our dealings w/ Batteries+Bulbs.


Excellent service, great prices. When it comes to batteries and light bulbs, you name it, if they don't have it, they can get it fast and for less than the competition. Highly recommended.


The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about different kinds of light bulbs - I went in looking for a plain old light bulb and learned quite a bit! The light box comparing the "warmth" of each type of bulb's light was great. They also will recycle your batteries for free!


I encourage you to visit this new store, the next time you need batteries or bulbs ~ especially unique ones. I had to replace a special high-intensity J-bulb in a floor lamp that's been going strong for 10 years on the same bulb. I couldn't remove the bulb, so brought in the lamp. They have a Fix It station next to the register. A young man greeted me & offered to replace the bulb for me. I asked if he'd show me how to take it apart to clean it, and he said he'd clean it for me! He didn't say there was a charge for any of this, so I happily wandered the aisles, as he worked. I found an amazing offer of 24 Rayovac AA alkaline batteries for $7.99 - similar to Costco's big discount, right? They sell car batteries and unusual batteries you may not know where to buy -- like for phones. Do you have a cracked screen on your phone or tablet? Bring it to them! They're trained to replace them, with repairs ranging from $80-$120, I think Artur said (maybe higher). I expected to pay over $20 for just the J-bulb, as I priced them years ago, when they cost that much. Here, it cost $3.99! Nice guys! Easy to talk with! Artur even brought the floor lamp back out to the car for me! Hugs all around to these excellent young business men! The store is right on the corner of San Pablo Avenue and Schmidt Lane, at a traffic light.


The batteries for my APC Smart-UPS 1500 (computer power backup) finally expired; its alarm wouldn't stop beeping.  Rather than call APC and wait for a week for a new battery pack to arrive, I took it to Gordon at BatteriesPlusBulbs.  Turns out the pack was 2 batteries, hooked together electrically.  Gordon had new batteries in the store, and transferred the wiring from the old batteries to the new ones.  It works great!  No charge for his time (and expertise); he just charged for the batteries.  And it cost $75 less than APC would have charged.   If you need batteries for ANYTHING, go here first!  (They have neat LED bulbs, too.)


While the service was courteous, quick and efficient, the price of $8.99 each to replace the batteries in two watches is excessive.  Btw, at no time was I offered the deal that you see in the captioned photo of $4.99 for battery and installation.


These guys are awesome! They are knowledgeable and helpful. I needed to replace my car's front lights and they did it in no time! Absolutely great service! Also, the store is conveniently located with parking lot.


This store is great- highly recommended for the following reasons:1- the store hours are incredibly convenient, they open 8am to 8pm2- the staff is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.  3- they have a wide variety of products4- prices are very reasonableI've been twice now for my gate key and car keys.  I was in and out in less than 10 minutes and they did the battery swap for me.


Helped me replace battery in my Honda key.  Super helpful. I was dreading having to go to dealership for help. Only charged me price of the battery. These guys are awesome!


Everything you need in the battery / repair world. If it is not in the store they will find if for you. Gordon the owner spent time looking up an obscure battery pack for my radio, very helpful. Never pay retail for batteries again, they have bulk packs of the standard stuff that are great value. Great addition to the "Avenue."


Great selection, excellent service, good prices.

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