Bowl’D Acai - Food Trucks - 14 Mint Plaza, SoMa, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Bowl’D Acai   - Food Trucks - 14 Mint Plaza, SoMa, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews

love everything about this place. Service is beyond good. Friendly, engaging and cool. The staff ALWAYS have smiles on their faces. Everything I have had here has been delicious. Fresh, tasty and prepared Heath consciously. -Acai bowl and toppings were super fresh, de-lish! -Flu shot and flu shot tea great pick me up all year long. I love ginger!-Poke bowls on point, all the fixin's perfectly curated.. Black sesame seeds, sesame oil, ground nuts for crunch..Who puts orange zest on their poke?? Everyone should! All in all I like this place and it doesn't hurt that they are right downtown. Love that it's a healthy option as well!


friendly truck inside mint plaza right in front of blue bottle coffee.  got a small OG with added goji berries.  A small now cost $10.50.the acai was not too sweet.  topped with slices of bananas fanned out, granola, a few blueberries and dried goji berries.  all drizzled with honey which added the sweetness.  it tasted healthy and clean....and filling for just a small.  great snack during the day!


Randomly stumbled upon this place while I had to wait for an appt. So glad I did!When you go down Jessie St, you don't think you'll end up anywhere near food...lolBut at the end there is a cute little square with a restaurant on one corner, cafe across the street, and an Acai Bowl food truck in between! I ordered  and "Flu shot" (lemon juice, ginger, cayenne) and "These Nutz" (acai bowl) because we all know  anything with peanut butter is better! I also added blueberries because I was feeling frisky. The guy who took my order was super cool and really nice, said he just opened a second truck by ATT park. I would come here again and recommend you try it. The presentation is pretty and the fruit tasted fresh and healthy, not sugary.


Sitting in an open square in the heart of San Francisco on a Saturday afternoon eating an Acai Bowl - I could almost feel the clear lensed glasses growing on my face and my top lip becoming more groomed by the moment, and what's this? I appear to now be a carrying a canvas bag over my shoulder! In case you couldn't tell I was morphing in to a hipster!The point I'm trying to make is that Bowl'D Acai couldn't be more on point! This food truck (not a beat up chippy van) could not have been cooler and the staff could not have been friendlier, the girl serving had a custom convo with everyone who approached and she managed to up sell by being informative rather than pushy. What's that? It's topped with ethically sourced hazel nuts, of course I'll pay extra for them! I had the 'These Nuts' Acai bowl which set me back $10.50 (reg) but it was worth every dime. I could feel my alcohol sodden body regenerating as I ate the bowl of health. If you're a peanut butter fan go for this bowl!This was one of the best looking and best tasting things I ate in San Fran! I can't wait until Acai makes it's way to Belfast - it'll probably be on the slow boat - sad times!

Acia FTW Acia FTW See all photos from Stevie M. for Bowl'D Acai 8/29/2016

Yes, yes, YES! It was cold outside and I had to dodge human excrement to get to Bowl'D Acai at 14 Mint Plaza, but it was oh so worth it.I went with These Nuts which has acai, strawberry, banana and coconut water, topped with granola, banana, peanut butter, hemp seed, sliced almonds, bee pollen and honey. Check in on Yelp and you can also get a free power up in the form of another topping or addition like ginger and protein powder. They also have smoothies and juices if acai bowls aren't your thing.My bowl was packaged up nicely so I could bring it to the office to devour (and believe me, devour it I did). The truck is parked right next to Blue Bottle so you can also grab coffee with your breakfast. Done and done!

These Nuts to go! These Nuts to go! Menu Menu Truck Truck 8/27/2016

I loved this place so much I went twice in one day. One of my SF bugbears is queuing. Queueing for brunch in particular - that's such a cruel time of day to queue. So when I woke up feeling like total ass on a Saturday morning, I knew I needed to go somewhere that didn't involve queuing. This place popped up as a 6 minute walk away and the poke sounded perfect. It's a great location, easy to find and the staff are awesome - super friendly and chatty. I got the poke which is $15 - seems pricey but it's actually a really generous portion and pretty much one of the best things I've ever eaten. You'll need to like raw fish to like it though. When I returned a couple of hours later, I got the cold killer juice which is $10 and has some serious tang going on. I also tried a bit of the acai bowl which was lovely. Seriously, is this place just awesome at everything?!I'll definitely be hunting these folk down when I'm in SF next. You can check their website for exact locations each day as I believe they have another site they're at during the week.

Poke bowl Poke bowl 8/14/2016

My review probably won't be helpful to most people since I've never had their acai. I come here  specifically for the POKE BOWL.It's my favorite poke I've ever had. Recently poke has become a big thing in the bay area and I've tried about 7 places now . Bowl'D Acai adds minimal dressing (besides their spicy sauce) and garnish, resulting in a much more refreshing taste. Their brown rice is also some of the best brown rice ever, super juicy and well-made. While there are no sides, the unconventional mix of ingredients creates such a powerful taste that I never thought of it. The main thing is the ahi tuna, anyways.Definitely recommend getting the poke here during the day when the food truck is around--there is only one poke bowl ("Great White") on the menu, and it's ALWAYS consistent and delicious. They'll start serving whenever the rice is ready, so ~ 9am.

Great White poke bowl Great White poke bowl 6/24/2016

If you want a super delicious Acai Bowl this is the place to go! They also have poke bowls and juices as well. I tried "these nuts" Acai bowl and it was so good! I really liked how it wasn't super sweet but all the flavors were still there. I went there again today for the "Original Gangster" and I love it! It truly does have everything in an OG Acai Bowl! Everything is super fresh and the overall bowl is just so refreshing and filling. They have two locations, one at the Mint Plaza and the other by Montgomery and Sacramento. Perfect lunch spot.The service is great and fast so even if you're in a rush you'll be fine.

Original Gangster with Peanut Butter Power Up Original Gangster with Peanut Butter Power Up Original Gangster Original Gangster These Nuts These Nuts 9/15/2016

Came to Sparks with colleagues, after I already had an early lunch!  Sat there for a while before I decided to go for a healthy refreshment.  Bowl'd Acai was the chosen one.  Actually only option.  I ordered the Al Greens, with kale, spinach, cucumber, green apple, lemon, ginger, and Himalayan sea salt.  It does cost a hefty price ($9+).  Just think of the health factor....


Excellent!!Lucky for me this truck decided to make one of the best decisions they've ever made: It's now parked behind my office on [email protected]'s review is for the poke bowl.First, the value is spot on. The fish, as you can imagine, is wonderful. The brown rice and all of the fixings make this a great value at $14.50. As you can see from the picture we've got Brown Rice, Green Onions and some type of nut product. If I made as little more is ready here every day.I will be back.

Poke Bowl. Get one! Poke Bowl. Get one! 5/11/2016

I recently had a 24 hour stopover in San Francisco and made a point of coming here for breakfast. I am ride or die for acai bowls and especially loved the idea of getting one from a food truck (only here or in I right?)I got the original gangster acai bowl in the small size. It was more than enough for me and the large size looked massive. With a Yelp check-in I also got a free add on...which ended up being a protein...which ended up being a choice between peanut butter or almond butter. But, is that even a choice? I got peanut butter of course!The d'acai bowl was just as delicious as I dreamed it would be. There were some seats opposite the truck so I sat down to eat there in the sunshine (and of course take a droolworthy photo for Yelp and Instagram!). Overall it was a very pleasant way to start the day. The gentlemen working in the truck were very upbeat and more than happy to answer questions. It makes a big difference if the staff seem content. The price was also right, considering the $$$ flying around San Fran these days. Next time I'm in the city I will make a point of coming back here. Until then I will have to be content with following them on Instagram. Or perhaps wishing they would sprinkle the d'acai bowl food truck love around a few more cities!Note #1They also make poke bowls. As a veggie of course this doesn't appeal to me. But the diverse combination does. Bringing da healthy eats to da city peeps. What will they think of next?Note #2 Bowl D'Acai is in very very close proximity to Bluebottle Coffee. Which is oft proclaimed as the best coffee in all of San Francisco. Yes...I went there straight after! ;)

Original gangster Original gangster Original gangster Original gangster Original gangstaaaarrrr Original gangstaaaarrrr 5/7/2016

I settled on getting an acai bowl from Bowl'd after an impromptu trip to Mint Plaza. Their OG bowl consisted of acai, strawberries, bananas, and coconut shreds. I also found granola in my bowl, which was a nice addition! The granola had a nice "freshly toasted" texture to it, and it gave the acai bowl a nice crunch. Everything else was fresh, and I enjoyed it a lot! A minor drawback was that the acai bowl tasted more watered down than the bowls from Blue Hawaii. If they manage to get their other truck up and running, I hope to visit them if they happen to be  in the FiDi to try their poke bowls!

The OG The OG 7/13/2016

Underwhelming. I was SO excited to try this place because I love acai. I had the OG and added almond butter on top. The acai had no flavor. I get that it is unsweetened, but it literally tasted like purple ice. I went with two co-workers who also got the same thing. One even got it without honey because she doesn't like overly sweet things, but she ended up using the honey at our workplace to give it some flavor. We all would not try Bowl'D Acai again :(


Was looking for a nice treat in the downtown area and my boyfriend and I stumbled upon this place. We got the "these nuts" acai bowl. A large is pretty large. We couldn't even finish it haha. If you check in on yelp, you get one power up! We put whey protein in and we were told that it'll make the acai bowl sweeter. We were okay with that. The acai bowl was super delicious and refreshing. 100x better than what my boyfriend makes LOL Shout out to Angel for the fantastic service! ;)

4/26/2016 Updated review

I came back to get my post-workout acai bowl fix and I loooved it this time around! I got the Green Goliath this time. The OG was definitely good, but I thought the Green Goliath had more flavor. I also thought the granola was much better this time! Not sure if they make different batches of granola, or if I just happened to be in a better mood that day. I got the Green Goliath because it had hemp protein and I had just finished a 6 mile run + gym workout. I am happy to say that it kept me full for hours. :) Can't wait to try some of their other items!

4/12/2016 Previous review I really liked Bowl'D Acai! My acai bowl wasn't quite 5 stars, but I'd definitely go back. I had the… I really liked Bowl'D Acai! My acai bowl wasn't quite 5 stars, but I'd definitely go back. I had the OG, but I want to try some of the other flavors next time! I went in the morning around 9 and there was no line. I got my bowl right away. It was very tasty and there was A LOT of fruit to fill you up. I had to save some to eat later because I couldn't finish it all. The only thing I didn't love about it was the granola. Maybe because it's gluten free? It tasted fresh which is great, but it wasn't as crunchy as I typically like my granola. This could just be a personal preference thing. I'd recommend checking it out though! Read more OG OG 7/3/2016

As a frequent traveler for work, I'm constantly on the search for the best acai bowl. I've found it in San Fran, and bowl d'acai is it! Amazing bowls (including a spinach, protein infused version), and operating out of a food truck no less! What a perfect business idea.Can't wait to keep coming back every time I'm in San Fran!

Give me all of the acai! Give me all of the acai! 6/25/2016

Ahhhhh I finally got an acai bowl!!~ It was soooo good after waking up! The acai is not sweetened (yes!) and the fruits were sooo good! I got the original and it had fresh fruits with honey, coconut strips, and I believe it's cocoa coated roasted oats? Extremely delicious and satisfying! I could not even finish a regular.. Maybe if I was a big breakfast eater but I could easily have this for lunch as well.


Berry! Berry ! Good!!! :D I was finally able to try their creations. So fresh and delicious. My girlfriend got an Acai bowl and I opted for their spicy Poke bowl with brown rice. Got back from Hawaii few weeks ago, Bowl'D Acai serves poke just as amazing or better !!  They have a location at the Mint Plaza location but today I went to their spot at Montgomery and Sacramento street. Service is excellent, food is fresh and so tasty!! If you see a line, it will go by fast. I'll be back for sure

We found amazing Poke in SF !! We found amazing Poke in SF !! 7/6/2016

I love poke! Poke is life! After seeing all the aesthetic photos on Instagram, I've been wanting to try Bowl'd Acai for a while. I ordered the piranha  poke bowl. The guy is super friendly, and the service is really quick. I was in a rush and it only took me less than 10 minutes to stand in line with one person ahead of me, read the menu, order, and receive my poke! It was a little bit pricey compared to other poke places, but the poke is very fresh and flavorful so it makes up for it! I'll definitely be back to try the acai bowl next time!

Acai! Acai! Acai! Acai! Poke! Poke! 3/10/2016

A pretty consistent, good fast option for lunch. Super friendly guys. They're really accommodating to substitutions and took the time to get the spelling and pronunciation of my name right.Acai Bowl - First time I got the Green Goliath bowl which was really fresh and tasty but basically a dessert. Blended acai, spinach, protein powder with bananas, coconut flakes, and goji berries. Trying to avoid carbs and grain when I can, I withheld the granola. Still, the bowl is really sugary and I got the post-lunchtime jitters. The hemp protein was pretty filling though from someone who usually needs something savory to feel full. Nothing against these guys, but I'm not fully bought into cold pressed juice, acai bowls, "superfoods" or whatever trendy sugary new thing is masquerading as health food. At the end of the day it's a pricey bowl of fruit. - organic be that as it may.I found they now serve poke bowls which changed totally opens it up as a regular lunch option. They're fresh, filling and flavorful. You get a decent amount of tuna (looks like 4 oz eyeballing it), well seasoned with macadamias, black sesame and a tasty hot sauce that's just the right moderate level of spiciness to not drown out your appreciation of the freshness of the fish. I'll definitely come back but just for the poke bowls.

Great white salad Great white salad Poke bowl Poke bowl Poke bowl Poke bowl
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