Burma Love - Burmese - Mission - San Francisco, CA - Menu

Burma Love   - Burmese - Mission - San Francisco, CA - Menu

SF has the best Burmese food on the Pacific coast! The tea leaf salad, rainbow salad are so satisfying, you forget there isn't any meat. The atmosphere here is a lounge feel with a cool modern vibe. Great place for date nights or to chill with friends.There are so many good restaurants in Mission, it's difficult to try them all but this one definitely makes top 10.Value 3/5Atmosphere 5/5Service 4/5Quality 5/517/20


tl;dr version: Outstanding Burmese food, friendly service, high prices. Everything we had was delicious, and we'd happily have any of these dishes again: - Samusa with beef and lamb, served on shredded cabbage with a tangy, sweet and slightly hot sauce- Whole fried black snapper (fish variety varies from day to day), perfectly cooked, slightly crisp sink (could be a little crispier, but no matter), wrapped in banana leaf a different sweet-tangy sauce- Dry-fried string beans (a personal favorite), prepared in Burmese style and as good as I've had anywhere. - Coconut rice (sublime) Great food, good service, but $70 for two, not counting tips or beverages seems pretty high for Burmese food! We were hungry, but still ... Welcome to the "new Mission".


Atmosphere: Very relaxed! Shared seating at certain tables. Service: Excellent. They don't take reservations which I actually like. Otherwise I would never get to eat here. Food: Amazing food every time! Been here twice! My favorite dishes are the tea leaf salad and lamb with potatoes. Drinks: Live the cocktail with basil in it. One of my favorite places in SF!


I definitely love the abundance and accessibility of good Burmese food in the city. It's definitely hard to find in LA, so I really take it for granted when I can find four or five burmese places in the Richmond alone.Burma Love is located in the Mission. I love the interior- very clean, sleek. Reminds me of a good place to grab a cocktail rather than a meal, honestly. Came here for lunch- pretty uncrowded, got seated immediately.Ordered the platha wrap because I am a HUGE fan of platha. If you have never ate platha before in your life- you're really missing out. It's probably the fluffiest, most delicious bread to ever been created (and this is coming from a sourdough fanatic). You could get the tea leaf salad, you know, like most people would..or just order platha because it's delicious. idk, to each their own. ANYWHO, platha wrap was good. Definitely was more seduced by my platha than the chicken inside it. Wasn't a big fan of our food all coming out at different times- makes it kind of awkward. Service was good. Overall, I would come here for lunch but probably not dinner. Doesn't scream a nice dinner kind of place to me.


Where do you take a non-meat lover? Burma Love! On Labor Day evening, three of us waited about 20 minutes to get seated. First, we ordered some refreshing cocktails at the bar and chatted away. Before we knew it, our table was ready.Since we weren't that hungry, we decided on the Tea Leaf Salad, Nan Pia Dok, and Platha & Dip. Out of all of the Asian cuisines, I think I may have had the least exposure to Burmese food. In SoCal, there were very few Burmese establishments and although Burma Superstar was one of the first places I tried after moving to SF, I was turned off by the line and the distance.I really enjoyed the Tea Leaf Salad here and my sister, who had never had Burmese food before, liked it too. The Platha & Dip was a good appetizer for us. The Nan Pia Dok was the only "entree" and although the server assured me that it is one of the most popular dishes at Burma Love, it didn't do much for me. I liked all of the components except the noodles themselves. Perhaps the texture is just not my favorite.For some reason, I was still hungry after these dishes and I encouraged the group to order a dessert - Thousand Layer Bread. That thing was probably a million calories but it was so delicious. I left the restaurant in a food coma. It was a wonderful evening.


It's love at first bite at Burma Love. If you haven't tried Burmese food before, this is a solid place to start. The decor is much more Mission hipster than authentic Myanmar, but the flavors are explosive and pop just as much as other Burmese staples like Burma Superstar. Our favorite dishes were the Tea Leaf Salad and Nan Pia Dok. Both are smorgasbords of veggies, spices, protein (and noodles in the Nan Pia Dok), and each bite will leave you slightly confused but wanting more. They ARE pretty strong on the garlic and herbs, so be forewarned that you'll have Burma breath for the rest of the evening. You're also not doing it right if you don't get Coconut Rice. I dare you to stop at one bowl. We also tried the Curry Chicken and Chili Ginger Pork. These are more of the common Asian flavors you might find at other Thai or Chinese restaurants, which makes sense since Burmese food is heavily influenced by these regions. Still good, but take a pass if your taste buds are feeling adventurous. When we (party of 4) arrived around 6:40p, we were seated right away but it seems like the dinner rush arrives around 7p. We found service to be friendly and attentive - our waters were kept refilled and our food/check still arrived in a reasonable timeframe. We stayed and talked for a while, but no one really tried to kick us out, which we appreciated. It's pretty dark inside Burma Love which means your food/friend photos won't turn out that great without a filter, but it does help set the trendy vibe within. The tables are pretty crowded together so try not to get up to go to the bathroom too many times. From the trips I did take, it seems like a pretty popular place for drinks. Not sure what to get? Just lean over and ask your neighbors!

Nan Pia Dok Nan Pia Dok Ginger Chili Pork Ginger Chili Pork Curry Chicken Curry Chicken See all photos from Helen S. for Burma Love 9/9/2016

Tasty food: not exceptional, go to Yamo or Mandalay. Nice interior: kind of cookie cutter. Delicious cocktail selection: $13 price point. Verdict: this joint is trendy, I recommend Kin Khao for this price point and experience. We had the Spicy Noodle w/Tofu, Tea Lead Salad & Eggplant w/Prawn & coconut rice.

The view into the kitchen The view into the kitchen 9/7/2016

4.5 starsFoodEgg plant - yummie! So good Coconut rice - also yummy Service GoodAtmosphereAmbiance is great

Egg plant shrimp and coconut rice Egg plant shrimp and coconut rice 7/4/2016

I came here with a couple of friends for dinner on a weeknight after Happy Hour. Some of my friends haven't had Burmese food before, so we decided to come here. The food is good and prices are decent for the area we were in!Food - We ordered a couple of dishes to share for family style. Some of the dishes we ordered were: *Coconut rice - I never had coconut rice before, and I usually don't eat too much white rice. This coconut rice was so delicious and made me want to keep eating more.*Platha and dip - Similar to naan. This order comes with a lot of dip and you might need a second order of the platha! It is soft and crispy. The buttery dip with shredded chicken is so good!*Tea leaf salad - All the ingredients were fresh and went perfectly together. Make sure to take a picture once the server brings it out the if you plan on posting it to your social media account since they will mix in the salad for you!*Nan Pia Dok - A breakfast dish in Burma. This reminds me of pad thai but less sweet!Service - We were seated immediately with a group of 5. However, the food came out super slow and the waiters were unresponsive to our requests since they were understaffed. We only got our water refilled once after we flagged them down a couple of times.Ambiance - Dimmed lighting at the restaurant. It is very hip and it is a good place for great food and drinks since it has a full bar. This is restaurant is good for dinner with friends or for a date night. The crowd is young and fun!Overall, I will come back here for Burmese fusion food. The food is delicious, the menu is huge, and the ambiance overall is fun.

Platha and Dip Platha and Dip 8/28/2016

Went there for an early dinner. The food was very good. The tea leaf salad was great...fresh and crunchy! From the main courses we got the beef curry, the eggplant curry and superstar shrimp. Everything was pretty tasty and had a nice spicy kick to it. The beef and eggplant curries were my favorite. The shrimp had a bit too much onion for my taste. Food: 4.5/5Price: 4/5Service and atmosphere: 4.5/5Overall: 4.5/5

Tea Leaf salad Tea Leaf salad Calamary Calamary Superstar shrimp Superstar shrimp See all photos from Mo B. for Burma Love 8/28/2016

Really nothing to complain about Burma Love. Service and Food were quality even when the line was long. The tea leaf salad that I ordered was nothing like a typical salad because it had tea leaves. I was surprised at how strong the tea flavor was. I enjoyed eating the salad because it was crunchy every bite and the flavors blended very well together. Another thing that stood out to me was the platha and dip. The platha was so thin, crispy and buttery. It's so worth the binge because the dip was some good chicken curry and the platha was some good tortilla. Although I wish the platha was more floury so it could be more chewy, I still loved how buttery and crispy it was. So good. The other things: coconut rice, pork and pumpkin stew, and lamb curry was not all too special. These dishes were just all too sweet for my liking when it comes to savory entrees. The curry was expected to taste like the one from the appetizer, but it was different... So that was a bit disappointing. Anyhow, I recommend coming to Burma Love because it has a great dinner feel, great service, and overall quality food.

Platha and Dip -- it's good chicken curry!! Platha and Dip -- it's good chicken curry!! 6/5/2016

Overview: Burma Love is a relaxed sit-down restaurant and bar on the north end of the Mission District on the east side of Valencia St that serves up unique dishes that emphasize complex flavors with subtle bitter and sour notes usually incorporated into each dish. No private parking lot.The Service: My friends and I sat at the bar where Jasmine the bartender was an excellent hostess. She was fast, efficient, and friendly. The meals came promptly and at no time did we feel rushed to leave (we stayed more than an hour at the bar.)The Food: We ordered the Tea Leaf Salad, Tofu with Fresh Mint and Chili, and what I think was the Mango Chicken and loved each and every one. All were presented beautifully, had a wide variety of flavors and textures, and were decently portioned. The photos below are my leftovers the next day which were still delicious. Moderate pricing (at least for post-techboom San Francisco.)The Establishment: On an increasingly gentrified street, closed between lunch and dinner, modern decor, clean bathrooms. Lots of bar seating and large wall divides the bar area with the sit-down portion of the restaurant.Conclusions: With unique dishes that incorporate a variety of textures (meat, nuts, greens, seeds), the entire flavor gamut, clean decorated modern interior, and friendly staff, and a fairly central location in the northern Mission, Burma Love will probably satisfy all adventurous eaters in San Francisco.


I didn't mean to come here... I was actually trying to get to a different Burmese place and accidentally had maps take me to the wrong one.  Rather than course correcting, we accepted our fate and gave Burma Love a try. So glad we did!Service was great, timely, and attentive.  That's half the battle!Thai tea and ginger lemonade for a drinks, both awesome.  The ginger lemonade was pretty strong, but refreshing and punchy.We kicked things off with the beef and lamb samosas, which were delicious and presented so well, I had to wait for my girlfriend to finish photographing them to start eating... I got the house curry with beef and coconut rice at the suggestion of my server, and was very happy with it.  Very nice portion size, great flavor, and again, lovely presentation (more photos...).Also got the  tea leaf salad, since that's what everyone talked about.  Again, glad we did, as we enjoyed the presentation of the mixing just as much as the flavors in the salad.  I'd definitely get this one again!Everything was very reasonably priced, to the point that we were a little surprised.  Unfortunately, despite the room in our budget, our stomachs had no room for dessert.  Next time!A serendipitous error creates a new favorite.  We'll be back!


Came here with a group of friends after work on a Friday night. This place is pretty popular so be ready to wait. I waited for 45 mins with 2 friends for our table & the rest of our group to arrive. Good thing they have a bar!We ordered the tea leaf salad, coconut rice, chicken with fresh mint, and mango chicken. The chicken with fresh mint is supposed to be spicy but we were able to asking for mild. The food arrived fast and was delicious. A couple of the dishes were very savory but the sweetness in the coconut rice added a nice balance to the overall taste.

Mango chicken Mango chicken Chicken with fresh mint Chicken with fresh mint 8/7/2016

Good for group, its a fusion Burmanese restaurant. Not entirely original. They use organic meat stuff, so expect more than average price when you come here.It taste different than typical Thai food.

They are okay. They are okay. Calamari... Idk how i should feel... Calamari... Idk how i should feel... Whole fish- pretty good. Idk what's the name.. Whole fish- pretty good. Idk what's the name.. See all photos from Yeanne H. for Burma Love 9/9/2016

Imagine you are in your hotel room starving, you see these beautiful photos of Burmese cuisine, mouth salivatingwaiting in anticipation for your Yelp Eat 24 delivery order to arrive....Knock, knock, knock, the delivery guy is at the door! Yes! You greet him and give him his cash tip. You close the door. You feel like a dog getting a bone you are so excited.  You take the food out, ready to devour it........ Nooooooo! There are no utensils!! Is this some cruel joke??? You quickly call the restaurant and they say it is their policy not to give utensils unless asked. You say, shouldn't you offer it? They say, no. It's not their policy. (btw it is debatable whether washing utensils and wasting the water and electricity to do it is worse or disposing of plastic utensils)You call the Yelp Eat 24 customer service and they say there is nothing they can do...what? They can't call the delivery guy who was just here to bring me a plastic fork? ...Nope. The hotel does not have utensils either. Damn. Now you have to eat Mango Chicken and Tea Leaf salad with your hands as you curse Yelp Eat 24 and misinformed environmentalism.


Came for dinner on a Sunday night (~5:45pm) and got seated immediately once our entire party arrived. The coconut rice portion ($3) was a large single serving. Definitely worth it and fun to share if you don't want to load up on starch so you can save room for other delicious foods. Fresh coconut ($6) was a huge hit. I didn't feel guilty at all for ordering this as I would've if I ordered a glass of wine or another calorie full glass of liquid. The best part is that they'll hack it open for you after you're done! Tea leaf salad (no jalapeños and small dried shrimp) $13 (and you can get a pack to make at home for $25 which makes 2-4 single servings, lettuce not included they said) - so yummy. Ate an entire plate for dinner! It has the perfect amount of crunch and the leaves tasted fresh. No complaints at all.No complaints about service, water was refilled at an accepted rate and we got lucky with parking, otherwise it can get tricky for this area in general. We all left dinner feeling full and refreshed which is the perfect way to end a meal.


Was very expensive for something that tasted mediocre. I ordered delivery for the lamb curry with coconut rice. Lamb curry was fine, coconut rice tasted like it was going to give me diabetes(did they add sugar in rice??coconut milk isn't that sweet right?) and I'm someone who has a sweet tooth. Note to self: don't spend the extra dollar for coconut rice.


Short summary: food is decent but nothing mind blowing, except for the platha & dip. Do yourself a favor and order that!Came for dinner this past Saturday around 6 and was surprised the restaurant was still pretty empty. I guess 6 pm for dinner on the weekend is still pretty early? So lucky for us, my group of six got seated immediately!I've been here twice now, and usually what we do is split some of the appetizers, and then each person gets their own entree. Both times my group ordered the tea leaf salad and the platha with curry dip and really enjoyed them, especially the platha. After dining here twice, I can officially say that I am obsessed with the chicken curry dip served with the platha. This stuff is seriously the bomb!! I was honestly debating asking our server whether I could just get a serving of that plus rice for my entree but I thought that might be a little bit too much :)Some of the entrees we ordered:-Lamb kebat: please note, kebat is not the same as kebabs! This dish consisted of thinly sliced lamb stirfried with onions and plenty of mint, to the point where it was too minty (and my friends agreed). Also there is a tiny bit of cilantro in this dish. I'm not a huge fan so I was disappointed when I tasted it in my food when it wasn't listed on the menu.-Catfish chowder noodle soup: from what I tasted, it was pretty bland and not nearly as flavorful as you would expect. Don't recommend getting this here.-Nan pia dok: this is a rice noodle dish which gets mixed in front of you once it is served, similar to the tea leaf salad. My friend got this and I was super jealous when I found out the curry sauce used in this dish is the same chicken curry used for the platha appetizer!!! I tried it out and really enjoyed it. Might have to go with this next time...-Coconut rice: I don't know if they were just off on Saturday night or what, but their coconut rice that night was gross. My friend ordered it to eat with her chicken stir fry, and it was ridiculously sweet. As in omg why aren't you serving this as a dessert with mango (for mango sticky rice) sweet. My friend took a couple bites of the coconut rice and was done, and after trying it and tasting for myself how ridiculously sweet it was, I don't blame her.Service was good--they came and refilled our waters pretty frequently and I never felt like it was hard to grab our server when we needed her.Parking is all along the street and metered (if I remember correctly). I found a parking spot pretty quickly about 1.5 blocks away on Guerrero.

lamb kebat (lamb stirfry with onions, tomatoes, and mint) lamb kebat (lamb stirfry with onions, tomatoes, and mint) platha & chicken curry dip. SO GOOD. platha & chicken curry dip. SO GOOD. tea leaf salad was just all right tea leaf salad was just all right 4/6/2016

Burma, I have love for ya but your shining Star will remain on Clement Street, so that is where I will go. The building itself is definitely an upgrade from the smaller, quaint location on Clement Street. It is spacious, modern and bright. Upgrades come with a price tag and the price is definitely reflected on the menu. The only dish on the menu that was under $10.00 was the corn. It seems this location has added at least $2.00 to $3.00 to each item. For the same dish, Garlic and Chili Shrimp it's $16.50 at Burma Superstar vs $18.00 Shrimp with Garlic & Chili at Burma Love.We ordered the Garlic Noodles with Duck and the Skillet Shrimp. Neither came out piping hot. For a dish that is meant to embody "A Chinese-influenced dish sold from wooden pushcarts throughout Burma," I find it hard to believe the noodles from a wooden cart would be anywhere close to $14.00! The Thai iced tea is refreshing though I prefer it a little sweeter. I can't say anything was terribly wrong with the experience, only that it was overpriced. The food was good, but it wasn't spectacular and I guess.. well.. that's what was wrong.

Thai iced tea Thai iced tea Skillet Shrimp Skillet Shrimp Garlic Noodles + Duck Garlic Noodles + Duck
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