Cactus Taqueria - Mexican - 5642 College Ave, Rockridge, Oakland, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

Cactus Taqueria   - Mexican - 5642 College Ave, Rockridge, Oakland, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

How can Cactus Taqueria stay in business with super low prices, its huge portions, sustainable meat and chicken, and an all you can use salsa bar?It is busy and lots of families come here.Cactus Taqueria has reliably great food served quickly. After going to another new "authentic" Mexican restaurant in Oakland - where the mole enchilada tasted nearly identical to what Cactus serves but at about a 40% higher price, it only confirmed my love for Cactus.Sure you have to come after the family hour or be among lots of energetic kids. Sure it's noisy.But sure it is right by BART and you'll feel good about the ingredients.


My search for the worlds greatest tacos (or at least the bay's) could end here, and I'd be totally  OK with that.The crispy tacos are the only thing I've ever tried. Crispy without being too greasy. Perfect flavors. Chicken/Steak/Shrimp are all good. This isn't your traditional street style taco but man theyre good.


This is my go-to spot for crispy tacos in Oakland.  Everything is fresh and delicious, and their salsas are fantastic, too.  I like the heat, so I always go for the habañero salsa.  Their horchata is great, too, and they have an extensive beverage election, including several beers. This spot is right on the corner of College Ave, across the street from the Rockridge BART station.  It seems to always be well-lit and sunny.  Then again, the tacos are so good I never notice the weather!


Roughly $8-9 per burrito and worth it in my opinion. Set up like Chipotle or Baja Fresh, but not a corporate franchise. I'll pay an extra dollar per burrito to support a local business. Pro tip: Park in BART parking lot and take it to go. Salsa bar is key. Make sure to sample. Carne Asada burrito and chips and guacamole. All passed the test with flying colors.

Carne Asada and chicken burrito doctored up with sour cream and habanero salsa. Carne Asada and chicken burrito doctored up with sour cream and habanero salsa. 7/26/2016

This is a great spot for relatively inexpensive Mexican food in Oakland. I've tried their burritos and tacos, and they give you pretty big servings. This place is kind of like a more authentic version of Chipotle. They have tons of different options. They also have a great salsa bar, and you can try as many types of salsas as you like. My personal favorite is the pineapple salsa. I also like their selection of aguas frescas. This place gets extremely busy on the weekends and in the evenings, but I've always been able to find a place to sit.


I have been eating at Cactus for pretty much all of my life. My favorites are the shrimp crispy tacos and the horchata. I have tried other dishes but I always come back to the tacos. I used to live in Rockridge and I now live in Utah. Cactus is one of the restaurants I miss the most.


Ordered from here on DoorDash. Good to have a Mexican delivery option in the East Bay. The beans were ok. The rice was ok. But the chile relleno had no char on it. Poor little depressing partially cooked pepper. So, props for not using obviously canned chiles like a lazy grandma. And for having good sauce and cheese. But, sadness for my poor uncooked pepper. I would have loved some delicious tender pepper flesh instead of something that seemed more like it should be in a salad despite being fried in a delicious coating. I'll come back to try other items. But, I'd be super happy if some char appeared on their peppers. Right now my first impression is solid middle of the road option but, nothing extraordinary. My quest for the perfect chile relleno in the east bay continues! Glad this place is deliverable though.


I've heard amazing things about this place for ages, and I finally stopped in for dinner after hopping off Bart.  I went with the daily special, steak fajitas, and I'm so glad I did.  The red rice was perfect, the beans were amazing, and I loved the salsa bar they had going (the salsa verde was everything).  The atmosphere was very laid back, and although it isn't the cheapest Mexican food I've had in the area, it was very clean and fresh.  I'll be back to try more of their great options-I've heard their nachos are not to be missed.


Nasty. Band aid in my sons steak taco.Food tasted ok but how do you explain a band aid in the food?


Love the salsa bar variety which included a pineapple, green, red and others. The aguas frescas such as the melon agua was great!  I had the mole plate which was ok.  The lentil soup looked good. Chips a bit hard.


I frequent Rockridge a lot but never thought of stopping at this place until a coworker mentioned the fish tacos were delicious. I figured this place would be less than authentic, expensive 'cali-mex' food at higher prices compared to what i'm used to in Hayward which is almost a mecca of mexican food options. Ordered one fish taco which was plenty for a light, fresh lunch without staggering out the door and back to work. Pan-seared fish (talapia) accompanied with slaw, black beans, avocado on a soft corn tortilla with chips...nice selection of salsa from the salsa bar from hot, sweet (pineapple), mild with grilled peppers.  Delicious flavors and nice change from deep-fried fish but in all honesty, smothered with hot sauce for flavor....prices on the higher side but nevertheless, i'd come back as I'm on a fish taco kick and quest! Next time ill have to try their specials and desserts....they look so yummy!

specials specials Si, por favor! Si, por favor! 8/30/2016

Great spot to stop.... Food may be more of a 3 star.... Solid and hits the spot reliably... But salsas and convenience of location boost it up to four stars for me.


Nice place to stop in for a quick bite or to go order, especially since the menu is simple and food is prepared quick to order.  The prices are amaaaazziingg!  Huuuge thank you to the owners for making it affordable, since some of us are spending a paycheck on rent or are starving students.  I ordered 2 crispy chicken tacos, an order of mini quesadillas and a watermelon agua fresca to-go.  No complaints here!  I liked that they had 5 different aguas frescas when most places only have a choice of one or two or just have horchata.  They also had five different salsas.  They were all yummy as well.  The pineapple salsa was new for me.  Nice taste and would love  to try it on a seafood dish next time.  The place was very clean and the staff was very nice and attentive.  Parking was kind of a hassle, but there's a few side streets, so not horrible.


Parking is a pain but it is really accessible with public transportation (bus stop + rockridge bart station is right next to it). They have a wide selection of foods that are all decent prices; my favorites are the grilled chicken crispy tacos and the sauteed shrimp crispy tacos! It's open seating inside and food comes out really quickly.


Not worth it. At all. I definitely won't return.The food was Tex-mex, the salsas flavorless and far overpriced. One taco a la carte with a side of sour cream came out to be $9. Ridiculous. The carnitas were decent. Mole sauce just tasted of tomatoes, no complexity. The tortillas were only ok. Chips weren't good (I'd take Tostitos over those).Not to mention, I felt very ill after eating the food, an occurrence after eating at the Solano location too. I am very accustomed to eating spicy food and was definitely not that.The service was brusque at best. More like borderline rude, even on a slow Monday night. The woman seemed reluctant to answer any questions and didn't seem to even know the menu that well.Save your money and go less often to Comal for better food for not that much more. At least worth it to not get sick and for a quality dining experience. I'd rather not feel like I'm back in my elementary school cafeteria.Wish I could say I liked it since it's a good location in central Rockridge. But really nothing about it to recommend.

Wait . . . This is all I get for $9?!?! Wait . . . This is all I get for $9?!?! 5/20/2016

Food its ok but Waaay over price! Almos $10 for a small rice, beans and side of fish..

$10 $10 8/5/2016

You want my honest opinion? This place is pretty friggin cool. Authentic Mexican food conveniently located next to Rockridge Bart Station. Great selection of salsas and dessert, delicious burritos, and even beer. Never had a bad meal at this place. I give it five.


Some of the best food in the Bay at either location in Rockridge or Berkeley. Cactus is certifiably green, small and local, and their meats are raised humanely and sustainably. The average chicken burrito with Mary's Free Range Chicken still only costs around $6-$7, which means that even on a budget, my family and friends can enjoy. I live for their mole rojo sauce. (Can we pretty please have chicken mole rojo burritos back on the menu all month, Cactus?) Speaking of red mole, try their empanadillas. Lots of vegetarian options and ways to make it vegan, too. Keep a lookout for mushroom quesadillas and tacos on their monthly specials menu. Some people knock the occasionally noisy atmosphere and the line that can form in the evening, but I think that's just a testament to Cactus' longstanding popularity and craveability. I'm always down to support this affordable family-friendly business, especially at this time when so many overly expensive and gentrified restaurants offer similar but subpar fare. Long live Cactus Taqueria.


This place is AMAZING, the chicken is DELICIOUS (which is HARD to find!), service is fast, food is HOT, really great selection of dishes, restaurant is clean, employees professional and friendly! Definitely coming back


I came her for lunch after getting off the bart at Rockridge. Line was not that busy but waiting for my food took a while. The prices are reasonable but the food is bland.  It might just be me but, I keep going to "Mexican"  restuarants on the east bay but, they never seem to have authentic flavoring.  Anyways, I ordered a steak quesdilla and ate about half of it before I was just completely over it. Pros: eco friendly with products, conveniently across the street from bart, made to order right in front of you and reasonable prices.Cons: no flavor in the food, no waiter/waitress-serve yourself, no parking, seems like you gotta rush to eat with limited space and cleaning tables seem to be last on the list during rush hours.

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