Cafe Bistro - American (New) - 865 Market St, SoMa, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Cafe Bistro   - American (New) - 865 Market St, SoMa, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews

White chocolate bread pudding. I actually don't like white chocolate very much, but if licking the plate was socially acceptable I'd do it for this dessert. Don't ask questions, just make sure you order this.My regular order is the sautéed chicken and angel hair pasta, which sounds like a simple dish but it's so good. The chicken is tender and juicy, the pasta is light and buttery, and I even devour all the spinach and mushrooms. My family has tried many different dishes but some other favorites are the cilantro lime shrimp salad (well not my personal favorite bc I hate cilantro), which comes with ~6 juicy shrimp, and the roasted chicken pommes frites, which are some of the best fries I've ever had - be sure to use their aioli sauce!Over the years, their prices have steadily increased with the rest of SF, but their quality has remained top notch and service is exceptional, as per usual for Nordstrom employees. The host will always remind you to "watch your step" as you walk down the stairs toward your table: simple things like this show how attentive they are. When it comes to quality, whether it's food or service, Cafe Bistro definitely delivers.

White chocolate bread pudding White chocolate bread pudding Sautéed chicken and angel hair pasta Sautéed chicken and angel hair pasta Cilantro lime shrimp salad Cilantro lime shrimp salad See all photos from KC W. for Cafe Bistro 9/6/2016

Great downtown choice. Food and service are consistent. Taco is the best bar tender - ever! Chris was also very nice and attentive. The food in general is decent but the Chicken Pommes Frites was juicy and flavorful, absolutely delicious! Also the bohemian side car is an excellent drink choice.Always my go to after-work or shopping.

Old Favorite Old Favorite Chicken Pommes Frites Chicken Pommes Frites 5/31/2016

Came here for lunch with my college friends and was excited to catch up with a perfect meal.Service: the service was excellent! Our server Kaitlyn was very attentive and pleasant. View: had nice seating with a beautiful view of union square. Food: I offered the Asian Chicken Glaze Salad. Def filling bit a little too sweat for my pallet... It was a bit too salty also. Nonetheless it filled me up so good portion! My friends ordered: lobster bisque( pretty good!), margarita pizza, and Pomme fritters steak. It was OK overall, not impressive.

Asian Chicken Salad Asian Chicken Salad Pomme Frites Steak Pomme Frites Steak Margarita Pizza Margarita Pizza See all photos from Dely H. for Cafe Bistro 9/18/2016

Came for late lunch w/my friends. Ordered the prosciutto w/arugula pizza & it was just perfectly cooked. I will come back & try their items on the menu next time.  Our waiter was very nice & helpful!

Our view Our view Prosciutto w/Arugula Pizza Prosciutto w/Arugula Pizza 7/5/2016

I've always enjoyed coming to the Nordstrom Cafe as a kid with my grandma and continue to enjoy coming here as an adult. Since the wife didn't even know Nordstrom had a cafe/bistro, decided to treat her to some good food. We ordered the Poke and the Sangria carafe to start...both hella good- the sangria could use a little less ice though. Ask them to be light on the ice! I ordered the prosciutto pizza and the wife ordered the lobster mac n cheese. On the real, we could have shared a meal- we both ate half of our foods and had to take it to go. Would I return? For sure! Especially for the views of downtown, the lovely staff, and the food of course!


Cafe Bistro never disappoints, no matter which Nordstrom you're in, you can always expect the same top notch service and food quality. My favorite is the margarita pizza - it's so dang delicious. In addition to the usual margarita-ingreds, they put some kind of garlic oil on top which gives it that little something extra. The crust has a nice chewiness to it. A very well-rounded pizza!Most of their seating is by the window, and since the bistro is on the top floor, you get nice views of the bustling city below. Great spot for a leisurely lunch!Oh, and they also have free wifi. I did some work the last time I was there and enjoyed speedy wifi and a server who didn't mind me spending a little extra time at the table to work  after I finished my meal. Thank you!

Margarita pizza Margarita pizza 9/19/2016

I had the crab bisque and WARM ASIAN GLAZED CHICKEN and was very happy with my choice. The food was fresh and had a great presentation.


One star for the glass of Chardonnay that made this visit bearable and another for the view of the city when seated.Save your time, money, and any expectations of legitimate customer service for another establishment. I am very disappointed that Cafe Bistro at Nordstrom did not deliver in quality of service or food to which they upload their standards to. I definitely won't be returning!

Ginger crusted ahi tuna salad Ginger crusted ahi tuna salad 9/2/2016

Good cafe option when you're shopping at Westfield Centre SF and want a good meal away from the food courts. I love their salads and crab mac'n cheese. They also make excellent cocktails at the bar. Bartenders are friendly and they will adjust your drink to your tastes. I've tried 3 or 4 of the salads, all fresh and unique. They don't provide bread with the salads, which I find odd and not up to what I expect from a Nordstrom cafe (I've been to several) so be sure to ask for bread and butter if you want it. I love the crab mac'n cheese so much I bought their cookbook so I can make it at home. Worth the calories!

Grapefruit salad Grapefruit salad Crab mac'n cheese with panko breading on top. Crab mac'n cheese with panko breading on top. 6/2/2016

Among cafes at nordstrom I have been, this has a good quality. Giving them 4 star is because the French onion soup is too salty!!!I am glad that they have fresh sheet seasonally. This season's fish is very fresh and tender! Chicken pramma frite is like usual. It took us longer time to wait for food, but overall dining experience is very awesome and nice!

Asian chicken salad Asian chicken salad Raspberry lemonade Raspberry lemonade Clam chowder soup! Super good! Clam chowder soup! Super good! See all photos from Nina H. for Cafe Bistro 1/23/2016

I always have an amazing experience when I eat at the Bistro! My coworkers and I were planning a celebratory lunch, and oddly enough almost every good restaurant in SF happened to be booked up that day. We finally decided to come here to eat, which I was excited about because they have a great menu.We started off with the crab mac and cheese which is probably one of the best things on the menu. Its really cheesy and creamy, and they don't skimp on the crab like some places do. We also got the pepperoni and mushroom pizza, which had an amazing crust (I'm usually not a big fan) that I actually finished. For my entree, I ordered the petit filet mignon, which I believe was a special that day. I asked them to substitute the original side for spinach and it came with some really tasty potatoes as well. It was cooked medium rare just the way I like it, and was perfectly tender and juicy. We finished off our meal with two desserts, the white chocolate bread pudding and chocolate and salted caramel cake. They were both so delicious! Although I didn't get it this time, I can never stop raving about the roast chicken and pomme frites. I'm never the type of person to order chicken when I go out to eat because I feel like it can get pretty basic, however this is one of the only chicken dishes I'll actually order. They put some amazing herb butter on top of it and it melts down and makes the chicken so flavorful! It's never dry or overcooked and is really filling. I highly recommend eating here. Whether you're starting or ending a shopping trip or are just looking for a well priced place to eat with quality food, don't count out the Bistro Cafe!

Chocolate Caramel Cake Chocolate Caramel Cake White Chocolate Bread Pudding is a great option for dessert! White Chocolate Bread Pudding is a great option for dessert! Petit filet with potatoes and spinach. One of the specials of the day. 12/10/2015 Petit filet with potatoes and spinach. One of the specials of the day. 12/10/2015 See all photos from Jaymie S. for Cafe Bistro 2/9/2016

I often forget about Cafe Bistro when I am nearby. There are so many places to choose from on Market or Mission Street, near 4th StreetYet, whenever I do come here I am always happy to be here.  It's an oasis above the hustle of market street.  Very good food, great views and good service.  Also reasonably priced.  It can get crowded around 12:30 or 1:00, so put your name down and shop a little while you wait

Chicken pasta Chicken pasta Turkey & prosciutto baguette Turkey & prosciutto baguette Marguerite puzza Marguerite puzza 2/24/2016

I've been eating at the top floor of Nordstrom for a while now. What was once a place to rest & have a bite turned into a regular spot. The restaurant is larger than it looks. There is a bar area behind the hostess stand. Every time I go here, the waiter/waitress leading me to my table never fails to say 'watch your step' before I step into the sunken dining area. There are small tables against the window that look out to a view. Unexpectedly, the corridor opens up into a dining area w/ booth-like seating on the opposite side.The menu includes their Fresh Sheet, which lists their seasonal specials.These are some dishes I'm familiar with. (* = my favorites!)First, they start you off w/ some bread & their brand of olive oil.Seaside Lemonade: refreshing w/ bits of fruit & a sugared rim, so fruity, tart & sweetBistro French Fries - herbs, kalamata olive aioli:Mr. Joy loves this olive aioli. The fries are crunchy & salty already, but the aioli adds a lot of flavor. If you do finish the aioli, you're going to be tasting it on your tongue for a while, though.No need to order, comes w/ most of dishes. BISTRO PLATESP.E.I. Mussels - mussels steamed in white wine broth w/ shallots, garlic, chilies & butter:very simple, mussels prepared classicallySALADSCrab Louie - dungeness crabmeat w/ zesty louis dressing over romaine & iceberg lettuce w/ scallions, eggs, tomatoes: thick chunks of crab in creamy dressing, great meal for a hot dayNicoise Salad w/ Salmon - organic baby greens, romaine lettuce, herb & dijon roasted salmon, french green beans, kalamata olives, petite tomatoes, red onion, potatoes, egg, capers, dijon balsamic vinaigrette:buttery salmon, a good enough portion for a mealSANDWICHES (served w/ fries & aioli)Bistro Club - sliced chicken breast, organic baby greens, crisp bacon, roma tomato, avocado, french green beans, garlic aioli, toasted rustic bread:Pretty good, but not my favorite club sandwich. Crisp vegetables & a good amount of chicken. I've never had green beans in a sandwich before. I kind of like it. A very filling sandwich.Croque Madame - ham & cheese w/ fried egg on top:The cheese melted over the top forms a beautiful crust. The fried egg was very runny. I would have liked it more if the cheese fused w/ the fried egg to be more cohesive w/ the sandwich.Dungeness Crab & Shrimp Brioche - dungeness crabmeat, wild jumbo shrimp, celery, scallions, organic arugula, romaine lettuce, oven-roasted tomatoes, avocado & lemon basil aioli on brioche:thick chunks of crab & shrimp, tastes fresh & crisp, great for a hot dayNew York Strip Steak Sandwich - grilled NY strip, fried shallots, Danish blue cheese, arugula, herb aioli on toasted French baguette:Good substitute for the flat iron. A little tough, but NY strip tends to toughen up easily. The bread is very fluffy & crunchy.BISTRO SPECIALTIES*Grilled Shrimp & Asparagus Risotto - wild shrimp, creamy lemon scented carnaroli rice, parmesan cheese:Shrimp is cooked well, usually has a light char on the outside. Very creamy & cheesy risotto. Roast Chicken Pommes Frites - crisp, boneless half chicken, herb butter, fries & aioli:juicy, buttery chicken about the size of a large chicken thigh w/ crispy, crunchy skinFlat Iron Steak Frites - flat iron steak, herb butter, organic arugula salad, fries & aioli:I haven't seen this on the menu lately, but it was a great price for a decent steak. I believe it is now a NY Strip.*San Francisco Cioppino - shrimp, clams, dungeness crab, mussels, roasted vegetables in spicy tomato lobster broth w/ sourdough bread:Don't recall seeing it on the menu lately, but it was good. The spicy tomato lobster broth has good flavor - very savory, but not so spicy. There's a good amount of clams & mussels. The vegetables soak up the flavor of the broth & the bread is good for dipping too.DESSERTSProfiteroles - 3 pastry puffs w/ vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate ganache poured separately:Great for sharing. The pastry only tastes good fresh, but it gets soggy very quickly.*White Chocolate Bread Pudding w/ raspberries, white chocolate shavings, raspberry & white chocolate sauces:It is an amazing hefty triangle of bread pudding. It is super moist inside with a beautiful crunchy outer layer. It's not at all mushy or soggy like a lot of other bread puddings. I would stop by just for this. & I have!The recipe is on their blog:, your bill comes w/ their branded chocolate mint sticks.The restaurant doesn't get too crowded. They do take reservations on Opentable. Since it's a little tucked away, there's usually no wait.I guess food at Nordstrom can be considered a chain restaurant, as there are locations across the country - probably w/ variations in menu and price. It may seem a little expensive ($15-$25 for entrees), but actually not a far cry from what you would pay in the food court. Dpt store or not, the food & service are great, a dining oasis.

White Chocolate Bread Pudding with Raspberries White Chocolate Bread Pudding with Raspberries Roast Chicken Pommes Frites Roast Chicken Pommes Frites chocolate mint sticks chocolate mint sticks See all photos from Joy W. for Cafe Bistro 12/8/2015

Don't overlook this place just because it's attached to the Nordstrom in the mall (4th floor).  It's probably the best option for new american cuisine in the immediate area.  Since a colleague and I were exhausted and starving, I picked this place primarily because of it's proximity to our hotel.  We arrived 30 mins before closing but they still seated us and didn't rush us one bit.  While not a special destination foodie spot, the dishes I tried were well executed and I wouldn't hesitate to eat here again.  I ordered the caprese salad appetizer and salmon with risotto entree.  The cookery of both salmon and risotto can be tricky, but they nailed both components along with a white wine cream sauce.  The salad was fresh and vibrant; I heart yellow tomatoes!  Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to try the dessert because my tired colleague was giving me the evil eye when the waiter asked if we wanted any dessert.

Salmon and risotto. Salmon and risotto. Caprese salad Caprese salad 10/4/2015 Updated review

Came by for dinner the other night and was able to get a seat by the window upon arrival. The restaurant offers fantastic views of San Francisco!Started off with the Crab Bisque and it was excellent! Flavorful and it contained chunks of crab meat!Moved on to the Chicken and frites entree which was a miss. The chicken was over-fried and came out dry... The fries came out cold...Service was friendly and prompt by the server.~$25/head after tax and tip for dinner.

Chicken Frites - $17.5 Chicken Frites - $17.5 Crab Bisque - $4.5 Crab Bisque - $4.5 12/29/2013 Previous review Came by for an afternoon snack the other day after a couple hours of perusing Nordstrom during their… Came by for an afternoon snack the other day after a couple hours of perusing Nordstrom during their Half-Yearly Sale.To my surprise, there was a ~15 minute for a table mid-afternoon when I later saw that there were numerous tables available in the dining room?!?Service throughout the meal by Omar was fantastic, typical of Nordstrom.There were numerous tables that had beautiful views of San Francisco.The Thai Chicken Crisps were okay.Their menu is pretty extensive considering that they close at 7 pm. I saw Filet Mignon,  Ciopano etc.!~$10/person after tax and tip for an afternoon snack! Read more Thai Chicken Crisps - $9.25 Thai Chicken Crisps - $9.25 Organic! Organic! 3/4/2016

Came here for 12:30PM lunch on a Sunday. We had gotten reservations for 8 but when we got seated, there were still a bunch of empty tables.This place is located on the top floor of Nordstrom, which honestly, I didn't know was there since I've never gone that far up in Nordstrom. The bathrooms are right at the entrance to the restaurant. Since it's so high up, the restrooms were pretty clean and empty. The view up there is pretty nice, especially if you sit by the window. They have a bar area too with TVs.We shared a bowl of the soup which was really good. I thought the soup was really tasty but as a bowl (opposed to a cup) I thought it was sort of small. Still pretty tasty though.I had their club sandwich. It was a little different than regular club sandwiches that you have at other places. Different but I do prefer regular club sandwiches. The fries that it comes with has a special dipping sauce that is pretty unique. Though I didn't think it was bad, I would probably order something else the next time I come here.Overall, this is a nice restaurant with a good view at the top of Nordstrom. Would come here again for lunch or if I wanted to eat somewhere with a nice view.


A beautiful view over looking SF. It's a lovely restaurant to an already architecturally beautiful store. Is it just another restaurant inside a store? Yes and no. Yes it is Nordstrom however, it's in SF so for me it was different. The restaurant has many qualities that I love which is it has an amazing view and yummy food. After looking through the menu, I ordered the crab bisque and the arugula prosciutto pizza. The crab bisque was good but a bit over seasoned for my taste but the pizza more than makes up for it. Our waitress was attentive but not overbearing. She checked on throughout the meal. I wouldn't necessarily say it's a must try. If you're in SF, there are so many other places but since I joined a tour group, my time and distance was limited. I wasn't disappointed in any way however. If you do some how find yourself in Nordstrom and looking for a bite, I definite say give it try!

Arugula prosciutto pizza Arugula prosciutto pizza 1/13/2016

Wow. Knew we might not get the meal of a lifetime but needed a quiet place for a family dinner and were already at the mall. Since the food court was packed as it was right before Christmas, we settled on this place after reading the reviews. What on EARTH were the previous reviews reflecting. After making a reservation, we went upstairs to the restaurant and were informed that our table wasn't yet ready. -French fries: even McDonalds can usually provide eatable fries. Cafe Bistro, however, cannot. The fries were somehow simultaneously overcooked and soggy, not to mention freezing cold.-Asparagus: Burned on the outside, cold and RAW on the inside. Also, arrived about 35 minutes after our entrees...eek!-Salad: Soggy and sister said that it tasted like parfait. She ate it, but man, was it strange! Sweet dressing almost more like a syrup, "goat cheese" with no flavor whatsoever, berries, and some wilted lettuce.-French onion soup: So awful we literally sent it back... also somehow burned on the top and cold in the middle...not sure if their heat source was broken that night and they were cooking over a propane apparatus or not, but whatever was going on was really bad.-Pizza: you're better off going to the freezer section of the supermarket yourself and reheating it properly. Clearly a frozen pizza, and very soggy because maybe they microwaved it? -Steak: steak was a horrible cut but did not taste that bad. Was on the menu to come with mashed potatoes, but instead came with home fries and this weird balsamic onion mess that really should never have touched a plate.The only redeeming quality was that our server was kind, clean, and seemed decent at his job. Unfortunately, we won't be returning. I will say that if you're stuck in the mall and need somewhere quiet to sit, this is an ideal place...just try to avoid any sort of food or beverage. Also, in addition to the poor execution of meals, it is pretty pricey here.


First time here and surprisingly the wait wasn't that long. The location is the top floor at Nordstrom.  Our table had a great view of the city. I ordered the bistro club and it was good. I love the fries and dipping sauce. It was so good my fiancé finished hers so I gave her mine!! We'll definite be back.

Lagunitas IPA and Citrus Vine Lagunitas IPA and Citrus Vine See all photos from Ramon A. for Cafe Bistro 2/25/2016

Why haven't I written a review for this place yet!? Maybe because the three times I went  I am so full and satisfied afterwards food coma promptly follows and well, you know what happens in food coma.The service here is wonderful. They're very welcoming and even when we stayed for hours while my fiance had to work on his laptop they were accommodating and friendly. Free wifi btw, added bonus!The only criticism I have for Cafe Bistro is one time I had to send my fries back because I like my fries extra extra crispy. They rectified this immediately.Now nothing but good things from here on out. Some of my favorite dishes!? Where do I begin?!Pesto, goat cheese bruschetta drizzled in a rich, thick balsamic glaze. Bread toasted to a perfect crisp. The marriage of pesto and goat cheese, fuh-get about it.Crab mac and cheese. Mac n cheese is normally a boring dish for me but since the chef recommended it personally, I had to check it out. Crab and cheese, who knew. The dish is rich and scrumptious. Def don't miss out on this Bistro favorite.Shrimp and Asparagus risotto. Rice cooked nicely and mixed in with an elegant cream sauce. Shrimp cooked just right and asparagus providing an appreciated crunchiness to top it all off.Tuna Poke. Marinated with ponzu and served with wonton crisps, a delightful and light appetizer.Bread pudding cake. Again bread pudding not usually a go-to for me but you put the word cake at the end of it color me intrigued. It did not disappoint! Decadent and divine.The most recent dish I tried was the special of the day: a pizza. Not just any pizza! Chicken with red pepper, purple onion with small dollops of goat cheese scattered on top and to top it off it was drizzled with a sherry gastrique! It was like pizza wearing an evening gown, who knew pizza could be soo deliciously fancy!Terrible idea writing a review when you're hungry and several states away. Mouth is watering and the only Nordstrom in this state is a Nordstrom Rack. I lose. If you're visiting SF and find yourself in SOMA try this place out. You'll get great views of the city below too!

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