Cafe Capriccio - Breakfast & Brunch - North Beach/Telegraph Hill - San Francisco, CA - Menu

Cafe Capriccio   - Breakfast & Brunch - North Beach/Telegraph Hill - San Francisco, CA - Menu

I'd go so far as to say that this is one of those little cafes that truly fits its location perfectly.  Cafe Capriccio is a nice little spot on the corner of a not particularly famous North Beach corner.  It is not a destination, and I think that this probably worked in its favor.  The result is a nice little cafe which is not jumping off the hook.  The things here are just fine.  And, they don't force a contrived environment - it's already good enough to be on a nice corner of North Beach, with decent Sandwiches, Coffee, Wraps, Quiche and Breakfast items.  Nice chill spot inside and a few tables outside.I've had lunch here a number of times - and I like their sandwiches.  It takes a few minutes, but the ingredients are tasty and it comes on grilled bread and with a nice little salad.  Says a Minnesotan:  "I guess that's what they call a Panini."  ... I didn't grow up in North Beach, but I like good Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Basil, Olive Oil, etc. I like a chill place to have a cup of coffee in the morning.  BTW - They also have Iced Coffee, which is reasonably priced and packs a good pre-work punch.  I'll keep going back when it's convenient.  This place isn't going to become a scene so I feel comfortable recommending if you like the things that I just outlined,  I hope you drop by and enjoy it as much as I have.  I root for all good businesses to succeed, but I hope this place stays low-key.  They do a solid job.

Cafe Capriccio Cafe Capriccio Caprese Sandwich Caprese Sandwich The Menu The Menu See all photos from Adam S. for Cafe Capriccio 5/27/2016

05.14.16Super low key neighborhoody cafe. The quiche is delicious and hearty. I'd pass on the iced tea, though.Total damage: $11.44

Quiche + Iced Tea. Quiche + Iced Tea. 4/10/2016

Despite its name, it's not really an italian cafe. Service was a bit on the curt side, and drinks were just okay (and not Italian-style). We came here to try ordering coffees with the new Cups app, and were first told that we couldn't get a large size (untrue; we showed them the description within the app) and then had to pay extra for a dirty chai latte, which should have been included as a standard drink. Wifi was good, and there's ample space to work, but probably won't return again.


I was on an extensive hunt for the best coffee in SF as well as the best patisserie/boulangerie. Though I don't think I found THE best, I must say their baristas are AMAZING but their food is just ok, ambience is casual and warm. Overall, I would go back if I am in the area, but I didn't fall in love with it. First, we got a mocha and a hot chocolate. Take it from a barista with 10 years experience when I say you can't really mess up a hot chocolate, it was still perfectly balanced between sweet tasting, foam, and delicious cocoa (I think it is a sauce not a powder, fyi). As for the mocha, excellent. The foam was sweet and delicious with just under a half inches worth - perfect. They did some latte art as well, which I have NEVER been able to do - try as I might. The mocha was perfectly balanced with the richness of the espresso. The espresso itself was full bodied but not over powering, not too acidic, and very aromatic. Whatever their blend is, I appreciated. Food wise, I think the quality of the breakfast sandwiches I got were ok. Nothing to brag about. I was starving and just wanted something so I wouldn't be hangry anymore. I must say, their lunch menu looked more to be desired than breakfast - they also seemed to be lacking in the pastry/bread department but we got their around 10 so it could have been taken by the morning rush. I would be interested to try some of their lunch sandwiches and paninis.Finally, the location wasn't too bad. It was only two or three blocks away from Hotel Zephr (our hotel, go check out my review!!). So essentially 3-4 blocks away from the piers. I will definitely go back for coffee, skip it if you want something spectacular for food. I just try to support local businesses over chain places. I will still be on the look out for the best coffee place (the one I looked at was closed for renos). Honestly, the mocha sold me. Consistent? Not sure since I have only been here once.

Meh it's ok. It's food. Meh it's ok. It's food. Another angle from our seat at the door. Another angle from our seat at the door. Our view by the door! Our view by the door! 8/17/2016

Love, love, love this cute small coffee shop in the corner of Chestnut and Mason. Decent French press coffee for $3 for a big fat mug, and their breakfast bagels. I came from Washington, so, their prices which I'm sure of San Franciscan are cheap, for me, a bit much. But, when the food came, I can see why. Generous. Nice and friendly people too, and in a quiet neighborhood. It was a perfect start of a sunny day in the city!


A really nice café, just on the other corner across from our hotel. Good service. A nice breakfast; granola with yoghurt and fresh fruit. Coffee is strong and good.


Customer service is extremely lacking.  Went in to order and it took 6 minutes for anyone to acknowledge my presence.   When I flagged down the cashier, he indicated he is very busy right now and couldn't help take my order. ........?????  Never heard such a thing in my life.   Besides that the oatmeal came out cold and egg croissant was stale.   Upon asking for Gerardo the manager , he was nowhere to be found and no one else was in charge.   Horrible place, horrible food,  horrible experience.   Will never be back.


I absolutely enjoyed my visit. What I experienced was the heart of local business all throughout the world. This place, my fellow Yelpers, is worth a visit.It's a few blocks from the touristy piers. It's located on a corner in a nice neighborhood. Bring your laptop or tablet. Bring a friend. Stay a while. Sit inside or grab a seat outside and sunbathe. There's wifi with no password.I only had a blueberry cheese danish and an iced mocha. Both were hits. If you know me well, then you know cheese danishes are a weakness of mine. This danish was amazing. My iced mocha had enough sweetness without an overpowering sugar taste.What really made my visit here so memorable was how friendly the staff was. I started off sitting outside in the shade and they brought my food to me. I was a bit cold so I moved inside and I saw how friendly everyone was with every person that walked through their doors. I could have easily picked up and gone somewhere else to kill time (I was on my laptop) but I felt so at home at this cafe. I ended up staying for about three hours.Kudos to this great place. I'll definitely be back in July for another danish!

Iced mocha Iced mocha Blueberry Danish. So good! Blueberry Danish. So good! 7/18/2016

This place has the worst customer service ever. I tried to place a delivery order but had some issues online. They told me to call Eat24 and hung up on me. When I called back to clarify some things, the woman was extremely rude to me. If I'm going to get this kind of service, I'm going to go somewhere else.


Pretty terrible for food.  Old, hard bagels are served with super thin and flavorless tomato slices.  The two sandwiches came out to $20 and then they charge $2 extra for hot water.  Avoid at all costs.


Great experience! The gentleman making my breakfast bagel was friendly (haven't eaten it yet but I'm sure it will be delicious) and the cashier who made my iced mocha was also friendly and helpful. The mocha was fantastic-I prefer a less sweet chocolate. At other cafes I order half chocolate. I'm glad I didn't. Soo good. What I LOVED- the cashier washed her hands after taking my cash before she made my drink. I saw her do the same with the next customer who paid by card. That ensure I will be a repeat customer!


Upon being immediately seated with my family of 6 we never received water asked for our order or even awknowleged as 6 waiters walked passed us and stood around. After 15 minutes of being ignored we walked out!


Totally mediocre breakfast. Maybe more interesting for drinks rather than food? Got a croissant sandwich and a bagel sandwich. Both incredibly basic, flavorless. American cheese. Big pass on this place. Nothing wrong with service or location. It's all the horrible food.


One of the many many great cafes in the north beach. What Capriccio has going for it is that it is actually pretty far away from most of the other cafes in little italy in north beach. You feel like you are getting far from the maddening crowd when you check out this little place on Mason street. The drinks were excellent and I was always impressed by the food. The wraps were large and always tasty and came with a salad for a nice filling lunch. The drinks can be a pit pricey but its worth dropping 15 bucks to go to a quiet area and work and not be bothered by a ton of people coming in and out like you see and many cafes in north beach. I especially liked the work area in Capriccio. The wifi was strong and the seating was comfortable. They have a large couch area in the back with pillows and plenty of outside seating to enjoy the rare sight of sun in the area.

3/24/2016 Updated review

To my understanding this place has changed ownership since my first review. It meets the needs one has for a nice neighborhood coffee shop. Stop in for some espresso before hiking the hills to Coit Tower. I absolutely loved having Capriccio as my neighborhood spot.

4/6/2013 Previous review You know when you begin drafting your reviews on Yelp? Well for those who have never written a… You know when you begin drafting your reviews on Yelp? Well for those who have never written a review, you begin by choosing a star rating and when you hover over 5 stars, the caption next to it says, "As good as it gets!" Well Cafe Capriccio really and truly is as good as it gets!I first happened into this cafe as a North Beach resident out for a stroll, and since then, every other cafe & coffee house has had to measure up to Cafe Capriccio.The atmosphere is pleasant, and comfortable. On the walls, featured artists exhibit their works, local magazines and publications sit on the racks - waiting there to be thumbed through, and music from Pandora stations drift over the sounds of coffee grinders and conversation. There are a few tables available inside with more tables & chairs available outside on the sidewalk. The workers here are friendly but reserved. Don't mistake their pleasant peace as anything more than an appreciation and respect for the personal space of patrons that choose to begin their day here. Come in, smile, place an order, sit, eat, drink and appreciate!This little cafe is a crossroads of culture from the diverse mix of local residents, to the steady stream of tourists who bravely stray from their guide maps and happen into this oasis. It became a great routine to my day when I would walk in, grab a cappuccino and a breakfast wrap then sit outside and watch the neighborhood wake up.I recommend the breakfast wrap with either ham, or bacon or for some lighter fare enjoy one of their well portioned parfaits. Go in knowing that their menu doesn't offer a full array of breakfast & lunch items, but everything prepared here is divine.  They also have a beer & wine license! Read more 6/21/2016

It was okay. Food was nothing special, and we had to remind them to make our lattes. Our bagels were warmed , but not toasted, and there was only the thinnest layer of cream cheese. I wouldn't say no about returning if it was important to a friend, but I wouldn't go out of my way to go back .  Ambiance is very pleasant.


Wonderful place! Great breakfasts. Great service. Warm atmosphere and soft music. Love this place!


Nice little cafe, people were friendly. Unfortunately the food was not good. We ordered the egg and cheese bagel and the California turkey panini. The egg was not fresh, the bagel was a little stale. The panini was unlike any panini I've ever had. The bread had the panini lines on it, but somehow remained untoasted, highlighted by the fact that the cheese was unmelted. We ended up leaving and grabbing more food elsewhere.Maybe it was just a bad day or we ordered the wrong things, but would not recommend


I live in the area and decided to try this place with a friend who was visiting. I ordered a tomato bagel which was mediocre. Maybe the bagel was old. My friend had a gluten free diet and combined two breakfast items to accommodate this restriction. She paid $18 for eggs with processed American cheese, side of lox and a small salad. The eggs were so bad with the processed cheese that she asked if they had any other cheese they could substitute. The staff didn't care and just reaffirmed that it was real cheese. If you've ever slapped a Kraft single on top of eggs, this is what my friend got. I'm writing this place off as a tourist trap for everyone staying in Fisherman's Wharf.

Processed cheese over eggs. Nasty. Processed cheese over eggs. Nasty. 3/14/2016

Perfect coffee and espressos. We stopped here on the way to touring Alcatraz. The egg wrap is large enough for two small portions. Bagel with egg and tomato, and ham & cheese croissant are excellent.  Priced reasonably. Great quiet atmosphere, lovely neighborhood at 7:30 in the morning. Parking is what is is. Worth going off the beaten path.

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