Casa Orinda - American (Traditional) - 20 Bryant Way, Orinda, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

Casa Orinda   - American (Traditional) - 20 Bryant Way, Orinda, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

Stopped in to grab a drink. Bar was stocked with the usual suspects. Service was fast. Real fast. Team here seems to be fast and competent.


This is my first visit to Casa Orinda. I am so pleasantly surprised. I work in the industry and I love to see when things are done with perfection not only in the kitchen but also front of the house. First off our server Nicole is amazing. She is spot on!!!  Besides taking care of us, she had two large tables and she never missed a step and her smile never faded. She truly lives never let them see you sweat. We both had the fried chicken and it was delicious. I had the chicken noodle soup and it was amazing as well. If I'm ever sick I will send someone here to pick me up a bowl. The biscuit with the chicken was great. I was raised in the south and I know my biscuits!!!  My only complaint was I wanted it bigger.   The mashed potatoes were over worked but was overlooked with how great the rest of the meal was!!!  We finished our meal with the lemon cream pie and cheesecake. I am so very impressed. As a chef I love when people are able to translate their love in their food. From start to finish this meal was five stars. The food is not fufu or pretentious. It is just great house made food filled with love!!!!


This is an absolute must go if you are in the town of Orinda. The menu is outstanding and will not disappoint you. I have been here multiple times at various time and the staff has done an outstanding job each time. Mind you that I had got reservations each time. A must have here has to be the caviar as an appetiser with their salads! Another must have had to be their famous fried chicken this is my absolute favorite!Dessert is AMAZING!! If you have room for it defiantly get the crème brûlée !!


Saw this place a few years ago on Check Please Bay Area and had bookmarked it. We were coming back from our boat on the Delta back to SF on a Sunday. Waze said there was a big wait on the Bay bridge - so we figured it is the perfect opportunity. Also it was about 4:45pm so we figured it would not be crowded.Sure enough we got right in. We were led to a a back room that only had 2 tables of people. One table was loaded with all kinds of yumminess freshly served and folks digging in - chicken parm, macaroni and cheese bites, & (of course) a fried chicken plate.We got some tasty (sourdough) bread in a basket with butter. We polished it right off. And the busboys were very attentive to refilling our water glass.The waiter read us the specials - there were quite a few. My man got the special risotto of the night (pesto, mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and frizzled shallots) - It was very rich.  I got the fried chicken Our food came out - almost too fast, but we still needed to drive back to the city so I didn't mind as much as I normally would.That fried chicken plate for $20!! -- amazing. Four beautifully crispy pieces, served with mashed potatoes (some weak mixed vegetables - but who cares - there was no room for them anyway), with gravy on the side and honey on the side. The star was that chicken -in the top 10 fried chickens of my memory. The biscuit also was not the best I ever had - but was very, very  good, crisp like I like, and the honey was very dark and rich.  This was one HUGE plate of great food.  We (abnormally) did not get any beverages, so the bill was about $44 Bucks - a steak in my mind.I had a problem with the "unisex" bathrooms. They really are a men's room (with a urinal - which I think is gross) and a ladies room. I also thought that the full length mirror on the back on the door in the (unisex) MEN'S room so that when (a woman) sits on the can, you have to SEE yourself sitting on the can - no bueno, just re-label them Men's and Women's!!!The specials board had Rhubarb strawberry pie - if only I had enough room in my belly!

Risotto of the night. Pesto, mozz cheese and cherry tomatoes. With Frizzeled shallots. Risotto of the night. Pesto, mozz cheese and cherry tomatoes. With Frizzeled shallots. Fried chicken. Amazing and only $20. Fried chicken. Amazing and only $20. 7/7/2016

4 stars for this place, the atmosphere was great, dim lights and a lot of people. We got a few drinks at the bar which is located right at the entrance and honestly the guy making drinks was really rude. He didn't offer a drink menu so when my sister asked he told her they don't have one! What kinda place doesn't carry a drink menu I knew they had to have one. So then we asked if they had Corona he told us only warm Corona with a straight attitude. By this time we about had enough of him being rude. About an hour went by and one of thr guys went back to get beer and what do you know he had a drink menu which he threw at the guy. The bar definitely needs a new bartender who doesn't have such a bad attitude.Anyways on to why I rated this place with 4 stars, our waitress was Stephanie who was really nice she was very knowledgeable about the menu and what the most popular dishes they had to offer. Everything came out quick and the fried chicken was pretty good. We also had the fried Zucchini which had great flavor I would order it again. All in all it was a good spot to try out. I will probably be back here again.

Old school guns Old school guns Fried chicken their specialty Fried chicken their specialty Fish special Fish special See all photos from Alexandra A. for Casa Orinda 2/1/2016

Casa Orinda is a wacky and wonderful place! A restaurant with a Mexican name, that serves Italian food, but is most famous for their fried chicken.  Don't try to make sense of it, just enjoy the tumble down the rabbit hole!My friend and I enjoyed a Friday night dinner, with an OpenTable reservation for 6:30 honored no problem. The decor inside is about what you might expect from the exterior and the age - rustic and very old fashioned, and rather saloon-y, reminiscent of a ramshackle Claim Jumper. Just go with it, because everything not fitting together at all is this place's calling card. It also must be mentioned that this joint is LOUD (granted my friend and I were seated right next to the bar), and the patrons in general are 50+. Mom jeans and Wrangler butts line the barstools! But again, there is some goofy charm in being in an environment like this, full of energy but completely unpretentious. So what's a 30-something doing here on a Friday night? Two words - FRIED CHICKEN! I love the stuff, and I've been hearing for years that this place does it right. I didn't even need to crack the menu, just bring me a plate of the good stuff! I didn't get our server's name but he was a doll - super friendly and as attentive as he could be in a totally packed house. After perusing their wine list, I asked to try a sample of their Sancerre before committing which was fine, but they had unfortunately run out the night before so he brought me a taste of something comparable, which was divine. Very classy! So this may be a pasta house, but the majority of plates I saw walking by were loaded up with fried chicken, so when mine arrived I was drooling with glee! A half chicken absolutely gorgeously fried, served up alongside smooth mashed potatoes, buttery broccoli and a mile high biscuit, along with a small boat of chicken gravy and a little carafe of warm local honey. And every last bit was divine, a reputation well earned! Perfectly fried crispy and juicy chicken, some of the very best I've ever tasted!We ended up closing the place down, lost in conversation and giddy on great food and delicious wine. I had an absolutely fabulous time at Casa Orinda and would happily return!

Fried chicken dinner Fried chicken dinner Mud pie (in an OCEAN of fudge!) Mud pie (in an OCEAN of fudge!) 3/14/2016

This place was frozen in time in both food and service.  I dined here on invitation from a friend to try this place out because he had "heard" it was good.  I had my doubts when I yelped this establishment and the plating, cutlery, decor,  and menu selection looked like something that was taken out of a time-capsule.  Reluctantly, I agreed to try it out.  I wish I had not.  Things started down the wrong path and quickly spiraled when the hostess was more preoccupied with the phone conversation than the dinner patron that had arrived and been waiting for 2 minutes for some attention.  I ordered a pretty straight forward drink - a Manhattan.  Server did not think to ask what Bourbon I wanted for the drink. And when it came, all I could taste was the low grade wells liquor.  Needless to say, it was not a good drink.The meal was disappointing:1.  Prime rib.  Bland, tasteless, a waste of a cut of meat.  Pales in comparison to House of Prime Rib, for example. 2.  House Salad. The ice berg lettuce that was use was past its shelf life.  The lettuce was wilted, and had no structure. 3.  Fried Chicken.  Not enough brine, not juicy, barely seasoned, and over cooked. 4.  Service (lack thereof).  There was no flow to the dinner experience.  When dishes came, the server was annoyed that we did not help out, for example, moving aside our appetizer plates, so the entree dishes could be placed on the table.The only two positives were the biscuits ($.75 per biscuit, and the deep fried zucchini).  But those two positives are not enough of an enticement to come back a second time and hope that I will not suffer an abysmal dining experience as I did my first time here.

Deep fried zucchini. Deep fried zucchini. Prime rib medium rare. Prime rib medium rare. 5/25/2016 Updated review

Again: CO is amazingly consistent on its two best offerings: the sweetbreads in white wine-lemon sauce, and the fried chicken. They do these two dishes better than 97% of the more heralded (and costlier) "hot new restaurants". It'll also cost you less here; the cost/pp is modest for today's prices.The special of chicharrons was terrific. The veal cannelloni was classic Italian-American - cheesy and creamy, a lovely retro throwback. Fried zucchini is a good side to share; only The Fat Lady/Oakland does them better. A special of late heirloom tomatoes made an amazing panzanella salad.Parking is valet, or you can try finding street parking, although weekends are difficult since Casa Orinda is only half a block from the downtown movie multiplex as well as several other restaurants. Still, if you get there reasonably early you can usually score one of the metered spaces within a block's length. Casa Orinda opens at 4 p.m., oddly enough, making an early dinner possible if you can get through the Tunnel in time.

2/20/2015 Previous review Casa Orinda is always so consistent on its two best dishes - the sweetbreads and the fried chicken -… Casa Orinda is always so consistent on its two best dishes - the sweetbreads and the fried chicken - we're upping them a half-star. There is nowhere else you can find a nice big plate of sweetbreads in a lemon/white wine mushroom sauce. For us offal lovers, this is Nirvana. Do we wish they would occasionally change the prep? Yes, we do. Do we applaud their reliability, where the dish is as good now as it was ten years ago (albeit a bit smaller)? Yes, definitely.The fried chicken is crusty and juicy and you can choose: mixed, all dark, all white. More places should do this. Backyard/Forestville does a magnificent fried chicken but you can't pick the pieces; you get whatever the chef grabs. Vegetables and desserts are tired standards. Similar to The Fat Lady/Oakland, if these old-style restaurants would just spend a little more thought on updating a few details here and there, they would wipe the "hot/cool/fad-oriented" new restaurants off the map. There is real value and disciplined consistency in these types of eateries, that offers more for the $$$ than any of the "Hot 38 EaterSF" or "10 Places You Must Eat Now!" from the here-today-gone-tomorrow bistros.We eat all around Northern CA. When we want enough sweetbreads to qualify for dinner, rather than three tiny cubes tweezered onto a plate, this is where we come. We're big eaters but we're always taking half that fried chicken home; the pieces are massive. For these two dishes, for the price, quality, and execution, Casa Orinda cannot be bettered by anyone. Read more 1/11/2014 Previous review Still a 3.5. We keep to the sweetbreads (wonderful!) and the prime rib or fried chicken. This is a… Still a 3.5. We keep to the sweetbreads (wonderful!) and the prime rib or fried chicken. This is a super-crusty batter, just FYI. And yes, they are still heavy on the salt shaker (sigh).Desserts are solid but this is a comfort food place, so don't expect anything fancy. Ice cream was Hagen Daz, woohoo!Service is brisk and efficient. Be warned they like to close as soon as decently possible, so they will subtly push to have you leave if you try and hang around past 9p to chat after dinner.A good solid traditional place. It's equivalent to De La Torres/Pleasanton, although DLT has far better desserts. Casa Orinda is the same as it was 25 yrs ago, and will probably be the same 25 yrs from now. My personal preference for fried chicken is Pican/Oakland, but Casa Orinda gives a larger portion. Your choice! Read more 2/26/2012 Previous review A 3.5, actually. Casa Orinda really needs to recognize that people don't use as much salt as they… A 3.5, actually. Casa Orinda really needs to recognize that people don't use as much salt as they did in the 1960's.Prime rib is almost identical to Townhouse/Emeryville - a very good value, thick cut, same price, but available at CO all week long, whereas Townhouse is only Wed-Sat. Townhouse, however, often does an excellent potato gratin which can be subbed for the mashed potatoes that are standard at both restaurants.Did not care for either the Veal Parmesan or Chicken Saltimbocca. Those Italian-American standards are best left to the old-style trattorias like De La Torres/Pleasanton.Stick to the fried chicken - and you can request all dark meat, BTW. Service is good, but they like to stop early and close up. Parking is really hideous at peak times due to the theatre. Read more 11/7/2011 Previous review Great old fashioned place. Read the history on the website, it's very amusing!We thought the fried… Great old fashioned place. Read the history on the website, it's very amusing!We thought the fried chicken was tasty, but they seem to cook all the pieces together, so the breast pieces come out a little overdone. It's good, though - perhaps not the best ever, but a great value for such a huge portion (four pieces, a full 1/2 chicken). What caught our attention was the sweetbreads Marsala. There was a time when no "good" restaurant worth its name would have been caught without a sweetbread dish on the menu. We love them, and the execution here is both generous and very, very good. Skip the soups; they're like Campbell's and forgettable. The sides of mashed potatoes (salty) and veggies (underdone to the point of unpleasantly raw) and gravy (on the side, also very salty) are ordinary.As are all this style of old-style, traditional restaurants - De La Torres/Pleasanton, Townhouse/Emeryville, Doce Lunas/Kenwood - the food is not gourmet or upscale bistro, but instead a step-up from classic diner. Townhouse, however, has better sides and realizes people don't use as much salt as they did 30 yrs ago.Casa Orinda's service is excellent: cheerful, efficient and accommodating, a strong rebuke to the likes of Va de Vi/WCreek and Chevalier/Lafayette. We enjoyed our meal here and will come back to try the prime rib! Read more Comment from Claudia T. of Casa Orinda Business Manager 5/31/2016 Jean,We are so happy to hear that CO continues to meet your expectations!  We value your feed back… Jean,We are so happy to hear that CO continues to meet your expectations!  We value your feed back and look forward to your next visit. Cheers! Read more 6/14/2016

Old traditional place not sure what the cuisine was exactly but try the fried chicken and the homemade cheesecake. Service was ok.

Fried Chicken! Fried Chicken! Caesar Salad w/ a glass of Force Of Nature Red (Topped with anchovies!) Caesar Salad w/ a glass of Force Of Nature Red (Topped with anchovies!) 8/16/2016

I've  been here twice. Both times were incredibly underwhelming. Everything is just super bland. The name, decor and menu don't match. We had the famous fried chicken and every part of the meal was lacking seasoning. I had the boneless chicken with mashed potatoes and veggies and the same. The third person of our party had the lasagna that was incredibly hot and incredibly one-note. I really don't get why this place is hoppin so much. It's pricey and bland.


I love fried chicken and I have pretty high standards.  Tons of friends and other Yelpers have recommended Casa Orinda for their fried chicken so I had to give it a try.  Just to be forewarned, they give you a half a chicken served with mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables and a biscuit (with honey!).  Definitely a meal you can split.  We also shared a beet salad.  If I had to do it over again, I would order fried chicken for the each of us, skip the beet salad and take any leftovers home.The chicken was cooked to perfection.  Chicken was moist and well seasoned.  Casa Orinda definitely has this recipe down pat.  The only reason I didn't give this dining experience 5 stars is we were seated with two other families with very loud kids.Five stars for the hostess, server, bus boy and for the actual meal!

Awesome fried chicken! Awesome fried chicken! 10/12/2015

Parking: find any spot and just park there! Otherwise, there's valet :)Refreshment: Water only (we were going to drink at the house after dinner::wink wink::)Meal: Casa Prime Rib served with a baked potato, vegetables, and creamy horseradish. The rib was amazing! I'm not a bone-in kinda gal who loves red meat, but this dish was prepared flawlessly!Appetizer: Pork Rinds -- I'm serious, crispy, fried pork rinds. It was good, but now I wish I got something elseSalad: Caesar Salad, now this is where it gets tricky! Most places will offer you a salad with your meal. But not this one! They'll ask if you want salad, without ever telling you that Caesar salad is an extra $10! Minor rip-off if you think about it. Us FOUR ordered salads... that's an extra unsuspected $40 on our bill...WiFi: NONEWe were full, happy, tired and satisfied-- but out comes our waiter running after us. Why? He under charged us and needed to cancel the charge and re-swipe, sign and re-tip. Normally, with a full belly of good food, mistakes could happen. It was just unfortunate the day we went was the one day it RAINED in the bay area... so we were a bit soaked going back in to the car.

Looks better without the little cups for the sides :) Looks better without the little cups for the sides :) Medium rare prime rib. Horse radish-- and sour cream and chives for the potato! Medium rare prime rib. Horse radish-- and sour cream and chives for the potato! Bleu cheese salad-- fee separate, does not come with dinner!! $7.50 Bleu cheese salad-- fee separate, does not come with dinner!! $7.50 See all photos from Dany B. for Casa Orinda 9/26/2016

I had a very bad experience at this restaurant. I made a reservation early in the day for dinner requesting a table in the main dining room. When we arrived we were told they don't allow tables to be reserved.  There is a woman running the show there they cal "C" who insisted we be seated at a little table (only one chair for 2 people) in a very noisy part of restaurant away from area we wanted. There were dozens of open tables but she said they were reserved. What ???"C" was super rude to us. She has been working there forever and apparently only gives good service to regular customers as we were told by friends we ran into there that night. Much older crowd and super fattening food. If you like fried chicken, prime rib and greasy zucchini fries and terrible service it's a good destination. Seems like a restaurant from the olden days! Thumbs down for me.


Never ever again.This restaurant was not what I expected.  It has a western theme (Cowboys and Indians) inside.  So I figured it is a steak house.Wait staff is 5 stars.  Wine list is 5 stars.  Food ingredients is a 3 to 3.5.  Service from kitchen 1 star.  Meal is 1 star.I don't like giving bad reviews, but I'm upset with the experience.  While beef entries range between $30-35 and chicken/fish is $19-25, I expect a little quicker service from kitchen, not 45 minute ticket time.  I expect steaks to be seasoned and cooked to temperature or close.  My party was 5.  Only 2 of us had beef.  Mine should have taken the longest to cook and both steaks were undercooked and not seasoned. I was waiting for staff to ask about meal; however, I think they knew my review and didn't want the "official" feedbackIt was a Thursday night.  Maybe experience improves on Friday or Saturday, but I'm not going to try again.  I know other consistent steak houses.


I had a Fresh charge on my Ankle Bracelet and had just washed and waxed my favorite Whip Black Beauty.  What next    ???Dinner of course you silly Gooses.So I jumped in Black Beauty and rolled to the Sleepy Berg of Orinda and Casa.I made it to Orinda in a Flash as I had dropped the Hammer in Black Beauty and she's quite fast when she wants to be. Casas Parking lot is Valet only . I parked on the Street as my Whip Black Beauty is my Baby and I am the Only one that drives her.  Casa is pretty low key on the Outside . No windows and one very little sign naming it . I Like Low-key!!!When I walked into Casa I was hooked . Old World charm , Dim lighting , Huge Gun Collection on the Wall, Cowboys and Indians Pictures everywhere, Bull Horns , Frederick Remington Statues Delightful .I Opted to Dine at the Bar . I grabbed a Stella and a Glass of Water at the Bar and Perused the Menu . I ordered the Fried Calamari for an Appetizer and the Doggy Style Prime Rib - Bone in LOL.My Calamari came out first with Cocktail and Tartar sauce . It was delish and not Oily or Greasy  . My Doggy Style Prime Rib came out next it was cooked perfectly and was a nice size cut  .It was Tender and Succulent . The Baked Potato was good also. For Dessert I ordered the Crème Brulee .It came out and it had a nice Caramelized Top and it was Yummy. Fun Fact - Casa has been in Business for 85 Years.Its a Local Orinda Hangout. Their Fried Chicken and Prime Rib are their Signature DishesI'm a Fan and Ill be back

See all photos from Eugene L. for Casa Orinda 8/14/2016

I need to come to Casa Orinda more often. Classic dinner house that does many things well.  Beef, chicken and pasta done right.  The fried chicken dinner takes a while but well worth the wait.  This time I had chicken dore and it was perfect, served with fettuccine Alfredo and sautéed zucchini.  I'll definitely order it again.  Vegetable special was roasted Brussels sprouts and they were outstanding.  My dining companion had the salmon special and it was in point. I'll definitely go back.


Dinner  7/25/15I have driven past this restaurant on the 24 many times and it never occurred to me to come here. Well, I finally drank the cool-aid and dined here last week---I assure you tis will not be my last time. Casa Orinda is an old establishment. A bit out-dated. Decor is Old West-esque. It's dark inside with wood paneled wall and fireplace. Food is Italian/American with anything from chicken, beef to veal.Drinks were okay. They don't have ginger beer so no Moscow Mule. Cosmopolitan is a red-orange color not the pink that it should be. Next time I would stick with wine instead.*Steak Burger ($20.75) is a very pleasant surprise. It's not done like a burger. It's several slices of tri-tip steak, cooked medium as requested, served open-face on a thick piece of toast with onion rings and slaw. Heavenly!*Capon Dore ($22.25) is exactly what it should be. Chicken breast sautéed in butter, lemon, and wine, with zucchini Doré. Instead of Alfredo, which gives me heartburn, I ask for just olive oil for my fettuccine. Delicious food.Service however was a little slow and inconsistent. I understand California is in a serious drought, but it's not acceptable that water glass is not refilled. Cocktails are probably not their strong suit. Food is excellent and that is what will bring me back.

7/25/15. Capon Dore 7/25/15. Capon Dore 7/25/15. Steak sandwich 7/25/15. Steak sandwich 5/2/2016 Updated review

Casa continues to be our favorite place to eat! We sat in the fireside room. I had the fish, it was wonderful. Husband had fried chicken, juicy as always and our 2 guests had Veal. They loved it. Ended meal with coffee & pie. Service was very friendly & excellent as always.

Best Chicken ever! Best Chicken ever! 2/2/2016 Previous review Had another amazing meal by the cozy fireplace Sunday Night. Fried Chicken for the hubby and Petrale… Had another amazing meal by the cozy fireplace Sunday Night. Fried Chicken for the hubby and Petrale Sole for me. Everything was delicious! Bartender made great margaritas! Our waitress was very friendly and remembered us from last time and we had great service as always- I love this place and the free valet parking! Read more 1/20/2015 Previous review This has been our favorite place for years! Yes the fried chicken is always delicious, but the prime… This has been our favorite place for years! Yes the fried chicken is always delicious, but the prime rib and tournedos of beef melt in your mouth. They had a fresh crab cake appetizer last week.. So good!! I love the decor and the friendly service! The bartenders pour great drinks and are funny & entertaining! We sat by the fireplace - service was great. A+ Read more 12/8/2015

Casa Orinda's food is so incredibly rich. Veal's covered in sauce, pasta is covered in sauce, and even the chicken is covered too. It will put you in a food coma in no time flat - I didn't even try to attempt the prime rib.However, it's all fairly solid fare. Sure, the veggies were a little tough, but this is country eatin' done right.


Celebrated my birthday at this fun (local) restaurant!I agree with other Reviewers that you have to leave your expectations at the door and enjoy this experience for what it is. It is warm, welcoming and historic.The bartender (Rocko) was welcoming and experienced! He even remembered one person in our groups favorite cocktail and had it ready before the person asked for it! Impressive!We were treated like family by our waiter. Chicken Picatta, Prime Rib, Steak Sandwich and one was complaining. And then we finished off with a delicious apple-berry crisp with vanilla ice cream for dessert. The walls are covered with history so ask someone to give you a tour. You won't be sorry.

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