Cascal - Tapas Bars - 400 Castro St, Mountain View, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

Cascal   - Tapas Bars - 400 Castro St, Mountain View, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

Cascal is the second Tapas restaurant I've been to and it's pretty good. They hve a variety of snacks and appetizers ranging from hot to cold, seafood, vegetarian, and meats. So it can get quite difficult to make up your mind when making selections lolItems we tried:- banana leaf chicken: chicken was tender and juicy which went pretty well with the rice and sauce that the chicken was in. -ahi tuna: I prersonally do not eat fish but from what my co-workers told me they said it was seared perfectly and it was delicious -fried shrimp: crispy and had a spicy kick to it which we all enjoyed-mushroom empanada: this was one of the best tapas we ordered. The puff pastry was soft and flaky, mushroom was cooked perfectly and flavored so well. This is a must try!-octopus: marinated and stir fired with potatoes and carrots it was pretty tender to my surprise. not chewy at all. -short ribs: it was alright I wouldn't get it again-pork belly: cooked to perfection. juicy and so flavorful it melts in your mouth. highly recommend as well. -mixed corn with bacon: surprisingly it was pretty good. I would recommend getting this one too! it was super tastyeach table also comes with complimentary toasted bread with an olive oil+herb dipservice is quick and attentive, and they also have a wide selection of beers, wines, and mixed drinks. their sangria is good but however their mojito was way too strong. did not enjoy it at all

See all photos from Tuyen H. for Cascal 9/29/2016

So went here for a team of 7 for lunch, i must say the stay AWAY from this place.The portions are very small and Prices are much too high for food. We ordered a variety of tapas and none of them impressed me.Banana Leaf Chicken was blunt, the Fried Rock Shrimp were coldThe veg paella was just OK. The Vegetables were good but the rice was like boiled with excess amount of water. On rice there is no salt or pepper. The drinks weren't impressive either. Added gratuity by default on the bill..


I'm not sure when Cascal started to fall apart. Either the food and service have gotten much much worse, or I just remember it wrong.I ordered the paella and was told that it would take 25 minutes to come out, so I added an appetizer. I never got the appetizer.The paella was just OK. The meats were good but the rice had no seasoning - not even salt or pepper.I would really liked to have gotten the appetizer that I ordered

9/5/2016 Updated review

Paella still very good.  The olive oil aioli stuff (was told that the word 'gunk' isn't very palatable) was pre-dinner crack *a good thing* in my book.  They brought 4 pieces of bread per refill to my table of four which made it seem like I asked for more bread after each piece consumed.  Because I indeed had to ask for more bread each time I ate a piece.  Between 4 of us, we had the paella Cascal, a plate of Asado (Argentinian asado of marinated and grilled Flat Iron steak, braised pork belly, lamb chops, patatas bravas, chimichurri sauce and grilled shishito peppers), and a Spanish tapas sampler (appetizer plate).  All were delicious and the peppers weren't too spicy!**I've wasted a few Google searches on the definition of a 'cascal.'  Thanks Yelp for letting me know that a 'cascal' is a restaurant on the corner of CAStro and CALifornia streets in Mountain View!

Asado plate. Asado plate. Paella Cascal. Tastes better than this pic looks. Paella Cascal. Tastes better than this pic looks. See all photos from David B. for Cascal 9/6/2015 Previous review Paella cascal- it will be difficult for me to order anything but this dish if/when I return.  Also,… Paella cascal- it will be difficult for me to order anything but this dish if/when I return.  Also, the olive oil gunk that came with the bread- excellent.  You may wonder why the jump from 2 to 4 stars:  the paella cascal.  Seriously. Read more 1/26/2015 Previous review While reasonably tasty, the tapas platter didn't impress.  Very good assortment of almost weird… While reasonably tasty, the tapas platter didn't impress.  Very good assortment of almost weird stuff though...mussels, prosciutto, olives, cheese, shrimp, pate, deviled egg, etc.  Mushroom empanadas, while tasty, did not impress either.  The queso dip ended up coming off as a glorified cheese quesadilla.  Was hoping for a little more.  I did really enjoy the bread with some type of olive oil mix.  Yes, that gets the majority of my Yelp review.  The complimentary bread.  From that, take what you will... Read more 8/14/2016

Holy amazing evening drinks and apps under the glow of the heat lamps, attended to by excellent server and basking in the sounds of a great Latin band. We walked over here from some dive bar in an alleyway because when we had driven by it looked beautiful.And it was. Our Italian dinner was fine, I guess, but if I am ever in Mountain View again for a special occasion I vote for Cascal all the way. Vegetarian? These tapas do not disappoint. We tried the corn and goat cheese arepas ($6).Looking at that menu, I nearly forgot I had eaten dinner. I want to try the watermelon salad or baby artichoke salad ($9), veggie paella, ($14/21 ), the spanish tortilla side dish ($6.5), mushroom empanadas ($14.5). OMG just break out the tapas appetizer platter ($31) and me and my carnivore friend(s) can share.The music was awesome. The weather was perfect. The cocktails were flowing. It was a good moment, and I'm super down to do it again. Perhaps a quick trip to Spain is in order.

Awesome band and drinks and tapas on a Saturday night!! Awesome band and drinks and tapas on a Saturday night!! 8/9/2016

I was super excited to go on my anniversary date and when we walked to downtown Mountain View (if you can even call it that haha) Cascal seemed like a very trendy and popping place. We got on a waitlist (which usually is a good sign) that was a 45 minute wait. I didn't mind if the food was going to be good. We got seated outside near a heat lamp - thank god because it gets really chilly at night here even in the summer. We ordered a variety of tapas and none of them impressed me. I initially was going to give this place 2-3 stars just because the food was soooo overprices for the taste and portion size. The drinks weren't impressive and neither was the service. However, what is making me give this place a one star is the fact that on my anniversary with my boyfriend we spent all night in the bathroom because of the food. I absolutely didnt expect that from poblano peppers or potatoes! So if your stomach is strong, wallet is full and you dont mind the wait for a less than average meal then be my guest.

Poblano pepper Poblano pepper Mashed potatoes Mashed potatoes See all photos from Dasha K. for Cascal 7/8/2016

Happy hour is legit. The drink are half off if you sit outside. Inside will get pack if you dont come early. The wait can be 30-60min. But overall atmosphere is chillax. Food is pretty good too. Get the wild mushroom something ... Its very good. Mussel and piayya is awesome.

Too good Too good 6/10/2016

This was a pleasantly designed restaurant - loved the tall ceilings and dimly lit interiors. Classier than I expected!Mushroom Empendas :: these were toasted, crunchy and was the perfect ratio of mushroom to dough. The mushroom blend was an incredible mix with cheese, and was so earthy and rich in flavor. The mushrooms were so aromatic and it was definitely my favorite dish of the night. The truffle oil added a really nice touch to it.Ahi Tuna Ceviche :: decorated with lime, avocado, pineapples. Loved the pineapples, brought color and sweetness, and also appreciated the zesty combination. Paella Cascal :: ordered the small paella, which turned out to be HUGE. The rice was extremely rich with flavor and soaked up every bit of goodness. Great flavors, but it was definitely on the salty side though. I also thought the mussels and shrimp were slightly dry, but the chicken and pork were fantastic. Note :: slightly on the noisy side, not the best place for intimate conversations!

paella cascal paella cascal mushroom empanadas mushroom empanadas tuna ceviche tuna ceviche See all photos from Nicholas Y. for Cascal 8/11/2016

Mmmm, all the food I've had here is just delicious! Really awesome place for food. I've been here on several occasions and have had a great time each visit. Thank you Cascal for the memorable meals!!Definitely need to get reservations for this place. Dinner time is packed and you'll be lucky if you can get a seat inside. Outside can get pretty darn cold because of the location on the corner. It's like a wind tunnel. They do have outdoor heaters and are willing to move them to where you'd like. Servers and waiters are excellent. They take good care of you. Now, the food! Must get their paella! Just MUST! It's like the best paella I've ever had at a restaurant. Full flavors and heavy with the seafood. Yummy!! I also recommend their Spanish Tapa sampler. Comes with a little bit of everything so you can try. Honestly though, all their food is good.


Loved the sparkling sangria! Got two pitchers - they sneak up on you! We ordered the ceviche sampler and the calamari as well. Both were very good. And of course, the bread and dip they give you is great as well. Would love to try this place again.


It's an enthusiastic 4 stars as well!I love me some Spanish food. And after eggs benedict, there is nothing I like to be pickier about than my tapas.  In general I was impressed.Firstly, and most importantly, their tortilla de patata was really good.  This IS the staple spanish dish, so if you can't do that well... But Cascal was spot on - one of the better Tortilla de Patata I've had and perfect aioli.  The beef empanada (while not really spanish, cause turns out they are latin fusion as well) were also excellent.  extremely flaky butter dough, and very flavorful moist filling.  The creamy sauce complimented them perfectly.Patatas Bravas tasted like patatas bravas - I wasn't blown away, but I couldn't say anything that was wrong about them.  They aren't actually on the menu - but you can still order them.I was under whelmed by the albondigas.  The lamb flavor was nice, but hey were kinda dry and just didn't have that umph I was looking for, also, albondigas are really meant to be in tomato sauce - not humus.The Gazpacho was good - I prefer the southern salmorejo variety, but this was still solid and refreshing.They have a good list of cocktails and also beer and wine choices. The Red Sangria was good - strong.Everything was very nicely presented.Big place - lots of seating and lots of outdoor seating with heat lamps.  I love outdoor seating.Not cheap, but hey we aren't in Spain after all.....

Pisco sour. Pisco sour. Bread with some sort of chimichurri. Bread with some sort of chimichurri. Sangria. Sangria. See all photos from Sarah C. for Cascal 8/2/2016

Disclaimer: I've only been here once and I typically don't review places unless I have been there at least 3 times but this place was so amazing that I couldn't wait ha. :)This is just a review for tapas during lunch!I came here around noon with my co-workers and the place was packed. We were sat outside and it was a beautiful day, so it worked really well! We ordered a few tapas to share and I was really surprised at how full I was after!We ordered:-roasted sea scallops-wild mushroom empanadas-potato gratin-crab tostaditosI think we ordered 2 more dishes but I can't remember. All of them were seriously mouth-watering. I want to go back for more soon! The service was awesome too- our server was so friendly and helpful as far as recommendations and being very communicative.


Spanish Seafood Rice with shrimp Spanish Seafood Rice with shrimp Spanish Seafood Rice with shrimp Spanish Seafood Rice with shrimp

5/4/2016 Updated review

Gave this place another try because I was craving paella. We started off our meal with the ceviche trio and the shrimps. Neither were very impressive, but at least we could finish the shrimp. Can't say the same thing about the different types of ceviche... For our entree, we split an Argentinian meat platter that included a steak, lamb chops and pork belly and the seafood paella. Both dishes are good enough to eat, but neither are good enough to warrant a recommendation to order. I would go with something else on the menu if I were you, or maybe somewhere else, lol. The service is excellence and I really enjoyed the ambiance at night, but that isn't too important if you're here to eat and not satisfied with the food, haha.

Ceviche Trio Ceviche Trio Seafood Paella Seafood Paella Asado (Pork Belly, Lamb Chops & Steak) Asado (Pork Belly, Lamb Chops & Steak) See all photos from Phi N. for Cascal 9/2/2013 Previous review We ordered the pork belly, chicken andalucia, mushroom empenadas, peruvian ceviche, braised short… We ordered the pork belly, chicken andalucia, mushroom empenadas, peruvian ceviche, braised short ribs, plantains, shrimp fritters, taquitos, and paella cascal. Everything was pretty good, nothing stuck out to me other than the chicken. The pork belly was pretty good too-- my second favorite item. I don't usually say this about food, but I prefer my ceviche with more vegetables... particularly onions. A little more bitterness would have been good too. I also enjoy eating my fried plantains softer and more fried... ie more unhealthy, lol. The paella was cooked pretty well, but I'm there was too much of the pork in it. A little less of that would have made the consistency of the rice better. On to the desserts... we ordered the flan, chocolate souffle and of course the tres leches! And the winner goes to the tres leches! The other 2 were decent but not spectacular. Read more Taquitos Taquitos Mushroom Empenadas Mushroom Empenadas Shrimp Fritters Shrimp Fritters See all photos from Phi N. for Cascal 7/22/2016

Cascal brings a sense of España to a street I normally associate with Google happy hours. Heighty ceilings, dim lighting, and palm trees placed around the restaurant brought a sense of European charm with a Californian twist. Service was friendly and accommodating.Onto the food: [Mushroom Empanadas] - Absolute perfection. The dough was beautifully golden brown and crisp, and the mushroom/cheese/truffle oil filling was seasoned so well! This was the star of the course I tried. [Ahi Tuna Ceviche] - The tuna was fresh and flavorful, and slightly sweet & indulgent with the addition of pineapple and avocado. While this was the one instance where I could have done without the avocado (I prefer ceviche light and citrus-y), I loved the tapa overall. [Paella Cascal] - Cascal's titular and classic paella. While the vegetables, chicken, and pork were perfectly cooked, the rice was quite salty and took away from the overall flavor.  [Complimentary bread & dipping sauce] - the bread was warm, crusty on the exterior and soft inside; paired with the olive oil / garlic / herby sauce, it was a perfect starter. Don't fill up on this though, you want to save room for the tapas! I'll definitely be back to try other tapas, an empanada sampler, and a ceviche platter!


I went here for my sister's bday with my family. This place is well decorated and nice! Service is top notch, but it sucks that the food doesn't come at the same time and comes in random waves with the last dish (chile relleno 3/5) arriving when we were completely done with all the other dishes.You have to order the sangria! It's one of the best I've ever had. 5/5The appetizer Spanish charcuterie sampler was just okay, I don't think I would order it again. 2/5Must get: mushroom empanadas! That was definitely my favorite dish of the night. 5/5I wasn't too crazy about the seafood paella, it was just average and I wouldn't order it again. This was the only dish served that had left overs since it wasn't that tasty.. 2/5Here's what else we ordered:Ahi tuna escabeche 1/5 - disappointing and bland, plus it's tinyBeef short rib adobo 5/5 - so flavorful and tender!Braised pork belly 5/5 - delicioussssss Fried calamari 3/5 - average, just like any other place They also gave us a free tiny dessert with a candle for the bday. It took them a long while to get it to us though so make it known early that you're ready for it so you don't have to sit around waiting for it.I would only come back for special occasions if someone hasn't tried Spanish tapas before. We also waited about 45 minutes for our table which isn't too bad for a party of 8 on a weekend.


Came for a work celebration with about 12 people on monday night. Sat outside. No reservations outside. Only reservations inside which was already full by the time we tried reserving same-day. Table settings arent anything fancy, but the price means it better good. Luckily the food was awesome.Tapas:2x Roasted Sea Scallops (4 1 inch scallops); These were really good. They were cooked just right. A picky scallops person would love these because they are still soft when brought to the table. Many places don't do scallops right and overcook it and it becomes a tough mass. 5/52x Fried Calamari (includes tentacles); I always get fried calamari whenever its offered and this places does it well. The only wish they gave more since half of the dish is fried veggies. 5/52x Wild Mushroom Empanadas (3 pieces); These were highly suggested by all the people on yelp so I made sure to get some. They were good, but not out of this world I felt. 4/52x Braised Pork Belly (3 pieces); The pork belly was melt in your mouth good. Very fatty and super soft. I wish I got more of this. 5/52x Lamb Chops (3 small chops); The lamb chops were very soft and fatty which I love so much. 5/5Personally, I would get all these dishes again, but priority would go to the pork belly first :D2x Peruvian Ceviche; I have no idea what good ceviche should be. I noticed this is not as lime-tasting as other ceviche so I liked it more in that respect. 4/5. The coworker who really likes ceviche thinks this is more 3/5.2x large Paella a la Marinera (seafood); The large are so big. We had about 8 people split the two larges, but you could easily do all 12 considering the amount of appetizers we had. I would say a large can comfortably feed 5 people if thats all you ate. There was a ton of seafood in there including scallops, shrimp, mussels and clams. Again the scallops were super soft, so this dish was well prepped.1x vegetable paella: The vegetarians had this. I had some, it was good, but obviously I rather had meat.The only problem was the seafood paella came out within 15 mins, but the veggie paella came out after like 30 mins. The vegetarians didnt like the waiting. oh well, the solutions is dont bring vegetarians with you hahaha.Beware that what we ordered for our group was pretty pricey. If you're just a couple or a small group of friends, you can definitely get your fill here with just the paella.Service was good. Parking is easiest at the parking garage across California St.

Seafood paella. Large size. Definitely over 1 ft in diameter Seafood paella. Large size. Definitely over 1 ft in diameter 4/14/2016

Cascal is a solid choice, if you're in downtown Mountain View!They serve Latin style tapas (small appetizers), great for collaborative ordering and sharing! They've also got AWESOME paella, if you're on a 'see'food diet.I ordered the Cascal Paella, the skirt steak tapa, the mushroom tapa, and the white fish ceviche. I would avoid the mushroom tapa, as I felt it lacked flavor and looks awfully sad and burnt upon arriving to the table. The white fish ceviche was tasty, with white fish slices marinated in lime juice and red onions but it wasn't mind blowingly good.The star of Cascal and why everyone dines here is the PAELLA! It's so delicious! Perfect amount of rice, meat, and seafood! It comes out pipping hot so beware! I would also ask for extra lemons on the side because a squeeze of lemon really brightens up the dish. A small order of paella is great for two people.Cascal also has great happy hour options and live music/bands I believe on weekend nights. Great place for date night or a night out mingling and munching with friends!

White fish ceviche White fish ceviche Croquettes! Croquettes! Cascal paella Cascal paella 6/16/2016

I wish that I could give an extra half star for a total of 3.5 stars.  I meet a couple of coworkers here for a 4:30 appointment and it was a ghost town.  I was warned that shortly it would get crazy busy, and sure enough by 6pm the place was packed and the line was long.  The food was good, but nothing that made me rethink the way I feel about food.  The best items on the menu was the mushroom empanada and lamb chop.  I was not a fan of the melted queso dish.  What did I learn today?  City parking without meters?  What!  Such a novel idea.


I was recommended Cascal for their Paellas and was taken away by their quaint and lively atmosphere.  The service was very prompt and friendly.  The starter dishes of Trio Ceviche offered a variety and flavors of the different fishes and the Seared Pork Belly paired well with the sliced Vegetables. The Moroccan Lamb Meatballs over Hummus topped in cream sauce was cooked to the right texture and the Wild Truffle Mushroom Empanadas had amazing amoras and were amazing.  Lastly, the Cascal Paella with Chicken, Chorizo, Shrimp, Mussels, Clams and fish was spectacular.  The rice was cooked to the right temperature and the flavors melted on your palate.  Definitely the closest paella experience I have had to Spain.  Looking forward to returning to Cascal!

An amazing Spanish dining experience... An amazing Spanish dining experience...
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