Cathay Pacific - Airlines - 360 Post St, Union Square, San Francisco, CA

Cathay Pacific   - Airlines - 360 Post St, Union Square, San Francisco, CA

I just got back from a month of travel in Asia, where I flew Cathay Pacific for three legs of my trip, and the staff was absolutely lovely all throughout. I could go into greater detail about all the things that went right, how the flight attendants were very friendly and accommodating, but I will just narrow it down to two highlights from my positive experience -- Flying from Hong Kong to Bangkok, I was given a FREE upgrade to business class, just for asking nicely (I think I was also just plain lucky that there was a lot of availability on that flight). It was my first time flying business class, so I really appreciated the fancy dinnerware, specialty drinks, and the fact that the attendants refer to you by name.- Flying from Shanghai to San Francisco (with a layover in Hong Kong), a flight delay caused me to miss my connecting flight to SF. Cathay resolved this by providing a meal voucher, putting us up in a 4.5 star hotel with complimentary breakfast buffet, comping transportation to and from, and letting me switch to the later flight the following day. Things happen, nobody likes having their travel plans disrupted, but I would not expect most airline companies to make even half as much of an effort to make things right.As far as other comments I have - I thought the food was good, the entertainment a bit lacking, and the website/app in need of improvement.

HKG BKK Business Class HKG BKK Business Class 8/26/2016

Absolutely horrible in every believable way except for in flight service. The Cathay agents at SFO airports are now sub-contractors. They have no rights to do anything. Their call-centers across the globe have equally ineffective people who have no rights to help even when a traveler is stranded. Here's the story of my elderly parents who traveled by Cathay on August 18th. They were to connect to another flight in Hong Kong.  Their afternoon flight to Hong Kong from SFO was delayed and they missed their connection. If you check the Google data on flight arrivals and departures of Cathay, you'll see that Hong Kong flights from SFO are routinely delayed. In any case, instead of offering them a hotel and next direct flight to their destination Cathay just put them on a flight that added one more connection + a leg of 10 hours to their journey --i.e. 32 hours of travel time instead of 22. Looks like Cathay has become one of those greedy cost-cutter airlines which is bound to make you suffer to save themselves $$. Btw, at SFO itself, I confirmed with the agent whether the flight will make it on time and she assured me that they will make the connection--offering them boarding passes for the next flight. I also told her to put them in a hotel in case they missed the next flight and she said that, this part can be decided only by Cathay agents in Hong Kong. They were premiere economy travelers so we hope that things would be handled a little better. Last year, my folks had traveled via business class --at this time Cathay had called them ahead and postponed their flight by a day in SFO itself due to anticipated delays and a possibility that they may not make the connection. In Hong Kong, although wheelchairs were offered, and food coupons given no lounge passes were offered despite the delay in the next connection--again more cost cutting was in effect. Which airline saves on business lounge passes for elderly who have been forced to be in transit for over 3 hours. More disgusting was that the wheelchair staff at Hong Kong just stranded my folks near the expected gates on airport for 4 hours and did not show up or wheel them to nearby restaurants. The Hong Kong airport is huge and no one there can speak even basic English. My folks had no clue where to go with their limited mobility. To add to the misery, when my folks reached the final destination, they realized that their laptop was stolen from a bag that was plastic wrapped and had TSA lock. The laptop was a gift so they had put it with the box in the checked luggage and had paid $ 11 per bag to get the protective wrapping at airport. Again, Cathay agent was told that there is laptop in the checked bag and she reassured us that it'd be okay. It's quite possible that the Cathay staff does not understand English at all and they say is "it'd be okay" for everything without really meaning it. I empathize with folks who cannot speak/understand English but an airline cannot be so cheap as to put them in the front desk for customer service in a country where most people speak English. I have left several messages for Cathay Pacific but there have been no responses--obviously they don't care. I called their lost and found after calling SFO airport's lost and found--no response. I added my concern to their website --no contact. Cathay used to be a decent airline, but now it's time to find better alternatives. Next time I book a long haul flight, I am going to ensure that they take care of travelers in case connections are missed. I don't want to make international calls to find out that the "airport" has taken control of my elderly folks and the airline cannot do anything about it. I pay the airline to care for my folks--not the airport. The only good thing that happened in all of this was that the in-flight food service was decent and took care of my folks once they boarded the flight. Hence 2 stars.


I recently flew Cathay Pacific to and from Los Angeles / HKG. I thought I tried Premium Economy. I have to say it was pretty disappointed over all; Here are the break down.A. Seating was hard and uncomfortable for an extra $$$ we paid. This they get a 1 star and Cathay is only getting this is because of the leg room you get. But if you are tall forget it the extend leg foot rest really sucks!!!B. Entertainment is no better the coach this they  get a 2 star because of the larger screen.Oh, on our return flight they gave my wife a seat with a broken video arm "See attached" what a joke when we complaint they try and use scotch tape to hold it up.  Try to get a different seat for my wife they only have a middle seat and didn't really want to help. The attendance that came by they had attitude like we were bother by our request. C. Food is the same as Coach so what is the big deal about Premium Economy. Buyer Beware. D. On the way back we had emergency exit roll seat only because we switch with another passenger. The ticket agent and the gate agent could not help us. Poor attitude lack of customer service. Cathay Pacific have fallen way short of their mission from back in 2002  when I first started flying with them. Overall the whole experience is an F !!!E.  Oh if you are part of an elite status with your airline and use them for direct asia trip, forget it you get no priority other then board with their Marco Polo members. Sometime you don't even get to earn miles with your airline for flying with them. Check your ticket and rules before booking.F. Lounge access in Hong Kong, what a disappointment, crowded, hot and the food  selection was the worst I have experience.

At least the shrimp was larger, only decent meal on the entire trip. Too much sauce At least the shrimp was larger, only decent meal on the entire trip. Too much sauce Broken video arm Broken video arm 7/30/2016

I have flown Cathay Pacific over 16 times and yes shit happens people. Kids are going to cry. If you don't like it buy yourself a private jet. Delays are going to happen. The world does not revolve around you. Now onto the review. The food is fine for airline food. The  flight attendants are quite nice and try to accommodate everyone. Their customer service agents were easy to deal with when something did go wrong. I love flying with them and will never stop. Some of you just need to put on your big person pants.


I recently traveled in Cathay pacific airways from Los Angeles to Singapore with a break in Hong Kong with my husband and a 3 year old kid. i will say one of the most disappointed flight i have experienced. here is pinpointed remarks 1. when we book the tickets we already choose the food two Hindu meal with a kid meal. but when we boarded the flight they just denied our request and the food options are horrific, we didn't have any meal and whole journey till Singapore almost starving with juice and some crackers. moreover they have not even considered for the kid too. the response of the flight attendant also pathetic they just said they have nothing to offer, not even apologetic for anything.2. while returning from Singapore to los angeles we again choose our Hindu meal specially with a kid meal, even when we got the boarding passes also we confirmed with them about the meal but surprisingly when we boarded the flight they said from singapour to hongkong  they dont have any request received as such, and from hongkong to los angeles they offer us two hindu meal but there is no kid meal as they give the same excuse about no request as such. they are so bad that they didnt even offer any other meal for the kid as he was taking a nap so they didn't ask or never came back. horrific experience of food ever i had in my life i can say3. they didn't have anything to offer for kid like to make them busy with color or any toy, they didn't offer anything for whole lot of around 28 hours of flight. almost in every flight they offer something minimal at least for kids4. the seating arrangement is not so comfortable or specious either and they didnt consider to make a family give same row seating. 5. there is lot of turbulence and whole the time the seat belt sign was almost on although the weather was not that bad.If you are travelling in economy and with Cathay Pacific , think twice before you book your tickets. overall i am never going to fly with this airways because of their behavior and horrible miscommunication from booking to boarding to landing.


Flew business class from Singapore to Hong Kong to SFO.Pros:+ The stewardesses were accommodating during a full flight.+ Seat converts to flat bed, depending on the plane.Cons:- A big F*ck You to the selfish/rude Indian family in the center isle. Your bad parenting and foul kids disturbed/woke up many passengers in a 10 hr flight. We did not pay a premium to see and hear your bullshit. Karma. - Biz class seats are pricey. $$$$- Food is meh- Their transfer and boarding experience in Hong Kong was chaos and frustrating.


Flew a non-stop, economy round trip flight between Chicago and Hong Kong in November/December 2014.  Overall, both flights were pleasant experiences for being in the air for 15 straight hours.+ The flight attendants were professional and courteous.  They are constantly walking up and down the aisles with water cups on trays or asking if you need a beverage.+ Alcohol was included and unlimited!+ The lavatories were sprayed down at least 3x during each flight; possibly even more times while I was sleeping.+ We got 2 Chinese meals each way (and you got to choose between 2 options each meal).  Came with hot beverage, dinner roll, butter, fruit or salad, main entree (with pasta/noodles or rice), and dessert.  They tasted like microwave meals but were edible and satisfying.  You can order instant cup-of-noodles for snacking (also included).  They also passed out peanuts.  Take that, United!+ You get a pillow and a blanket.+ In-flight entertainment was the best.  TVs are touchscreens, and there were ample TV shows & movies (in multiple languages) and games to keep you busy.  I think I watched 3 movies each way.+ The back-of-chairs layout was also primo.  I loved that there was a separate shallow compartment right below the screen for small things like your cellphone, charger (everyone has their own USB port), pens, earbuds, whatever.  I always hate reaching my hand in the elastic back pocket, fearing the person in front of me thinks I'm feeling them up.  Also, the main dining tray has the ability to fold in half lengthwise, giving you more lap room for the long femured humanoids.- Largest drawback for me was the no wifi option, but I am a social media addict.- The seats don't "recline"; they merely swivel down.  I couldn't really tell the difference.  But this can also be seen as a "pro" because the person's seat in front of you doesn't get that close to you like in other planes.- Had a minor issue with a 20-minute delayed take-off from ORD, but otherwise we were fairly on schedule.Would fly this airline again in a heartbeat!FYI - your luggage is limited by the number of pieces (usually 1 carry-on, 2 check-in) and weight (15 lbs for economy/carry-on, 50 lbs for economy/check-in).

Economy meal: Cantonese style black bean chicken & veggies over rice Economy meal: Cantonese style black bean chicken & veggies over rice Economy meal: shrimp & egg over rice Economy meal: shrimp & egg over rice Economy seats. Note the half folded tray and upper compartment for small accessories. Economy seats. Note the half folded tray and upper compartment for small accessories. 12/7/2015

I flied roundtrip from New York to Bangkok using Cathay. The customer service in New York was excellent. They also had good TV and movie options for the flight. That's about the only nice things I can say about Cathay Pacific.On the way back, we had a nightmare with a layover in Hong Kong. Our connecting flight left 20 people behind even though we had 30 minutes to board the next plane after landing. They put us on a flight six hours later, gave me and my wife middle seats that weren't near each other for a 20 hour flight and only gave us a voucher for 9 US dollars for our six-hour wait. The customer service in Hong Kong was atrocious. They couldn't find a manager and many of us who were booted from our flight waited over an hour to speak with someone....who was rude and talked down to us. Not to mention, an unexpected layover in Canada where they stole all of the liquids and items that people bought at the Hong Kong airport.Upon return, after sending a complaint on their web site, they offered me $150 voucher on a flight within a year. Based on this and the $9 voucher, this is a very cheap airline who does not know customer service or care about returning customers. My experience in New York was good but I was extremely disappointed in Hong Kong and with their complaint department.

5/30/2015 Updated review

Update: It took them 3 weeks to locate my bag, it was in Chicago for the entire time and they just continually overlooked it. They finally sent it back to me via Fedex with "sincerest apologies" but with no compensation. I was so exhausted I didn't even fight it.Nope, nope, nope.

3/2/2015 Previous review Worst flight experience I have ever had. Hong Kong to Chicago.1) They delayed my connecting flight,… Worst flight experience I have ever had. Hong Kong to Chicago.1) They delayed my connecting flight, causing me to miss my international fight.2) The employee was not at all apologetic. All they provided was a $75HKD meal voucher for wasting 7 hours of our time for the next flight.3) They absolutely refused to give the 6 of us that missed our international flight an upgrade, despite business class being almost 90% empty on the plane when we got on.4) The bumped my front of economy seats to the back of the plane and stuck me in the center. Economy was packed, not a single seat was empty, it was hot and the attendant was rude, rushed, and exhausted.5) Food tasted horrible, gave me a stomach ache. Wasn't even warm when they gave it to us. Attendant forgot to give us the ice cream - the only good part of the whole meal.6) Why does the water taste so bad? They must use triple recycled water or something and they pour it out of this horrible container and it smells and tastes DISGUSTING!7) When we were walking through the plane, the first class and business class were basically EMPTY, meaning half the plane was EMPTY, but they still insisted on packing everyone in economy at the end like sardines.8) Lost my luggage - reporting the claim was EXTREMELY unprofessional, they hand-wrote my name and phone number on some paper and basically told me it would be a couple of days, and gave me a number to call - well guess what, I called it constantly and "This extension is not available" !?!?!?! WHERE ARE MY BAGS?! Why can't I contact anyone?!9) Exasperated, I Googled their customer service number and tried calling it literally like every 10 minutes. It was BUSY ALL DAY. I didn't even get it to ring. Just busy tone. What kind of circus are they running here? Is this even an airline? How can they get away with such crappy service?10) Feel completely like I wasted my time and money, and was conned. I honestly think at this point the staff might have stolen my luggage on purpose because it had an expensive camera in it. With no communication and crappy customer service I can't rule it out at this point! 11) NEVER FLYING WITH THEM AGAIN.People, don't listen to all these folks who fly first class. Apparently if you fly economy with Cathay you get treated like trash and no one gives a crap about you. Which is PATHETIC, because clearly it's US that gives you the money to fly the fricking plane in the first place (seeing as you can still fly internationally with basically no one in 1st or business class!)Seriously people, do your research. Avoid if possible. Read more 12/12/2015

Efficient is the word, the get me to HKG with no fuss, providing everything I need for a comfortable flight. Premium economy is the way to go especially with 15 hours in the flying tube, that is I don't have an extra $5k to throw around in business class.


I bought a ticket for my parents and they want me to email all the information they need to verify that I was my credit card. Befire scanning, signing, filling up those paper work and emailing to them, they already withdraw the money from my credit card. AND STILL want me to visit the SFO office to VERIFY? Now I have to drive 250 miles more.What kind of practice is that??? Most likely, this will be my last deal with this business.


I really like Cathay Pacific. They offer a seat service that I found was really fantastic: Premium economy is not business but it is a heck of a lot better than economy. The seats recline quite a bit....much easier to sleep. The cabin for this service is small and quaint and very quiet. The food was amazing as was the snacks ( I especially loved the ramen snack you could order anytime). The service was fantastic: Courteous, prompt, and flawless. The on demand entertainment was excellent and could easily distract you from the 12 hour grind.Even with delays from weather Cathay made up a lot of the lost time. Finally I appreciate that they let me into the club lounge in SFO even without a biz or first class ticket ( although not the case in Tokyo or Hong Kong....sad face).If you are traveling to Asia I highly recommend them...I think they beat the pants off the American carriers on this route


This review is for its HK ground staff and customer service in SF.Parents with babies, BEWARE!  DO NOT TRAVEL WITH THIS AIRLINE.  THEY ARE NOT BABY FRIENDLY AT ALL.Here is the deal:1)  The treatment of your HK ground staff was really rude.  I never got that type of treatment with your rival SQ.  One of them asked to wake my baby up when she was in the car seat at midnight while she was sleeping.  When I said "no" she said "whatever" turned around and walked away.  SO RUDE!  Even the engineer who tested the car seat, didn't require the baby to be woken up.2)  I know for the fact, they damaged the front wheels of the stroller, and it caused the stroller not easily to be maneuvered around.3)  The food tray was severely damaged.  Thank God I caught that, otherwise if my baby ran her tiny hands and fingers, they would get wounded.  Definitely, I would sue CX if that happened.4)  It took so many back and part on my part just to get the status of my complaint.  I had to get my travel agent contacting her CX sales to finally got a response.5) After 5 months of waiting of a productive response, they are trying to nickel and dime me on the reimbursement, stating depreciation.  Really, it is a joke!  They just add salt to the injury!


They delayed my connecting flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong which made me miss my international flight from Hong Kong to Boston. The airline personnel was nowhere near apologetic. My luggage was also misplaced and can't get hold of the airline luggage line. Unprofessional!


Absolutely phenomenal experience in first.  The crew was extremely attentive without overbearing, every request was quickly executed with grace.  Some of the food was poorly prepared by the ground staff at SFO but the overall comfort and service more than made up for it.The hand written card and box of chocolates were a great touch to an already amazing flight and really made us glad to have flown Cathay.I have had good experiences on coach as well, they are better than most north american airliners.

Hand written note from crew Hand written note from crew card from crew card from crew stir fry beef stir fry beef See all photos from Homan L. for Cathay Pacific 6/9/2015

I am a loyal customer who flew with Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong in 2012, 2014, 2015, and possibly more that I cannot recall during my childhood. This year I noticed many huge upgrades including a new touchable TV that looked like a mini iPad! One thing that I'm VERY pleased with is that I've NEVER experienced any delays from HK to SFO or SFO to HK. Thank you for being so persistent, Cathay!!However, in Feb 2013, my grandparent's flight got rescheduled to the following day due to the weather. They made it up by providing my grandparents with a five-star hotel next to the airport and also exceptional customer service!I always look forward to their lunch and dinner meals. For dinner, I ordered salmon with fruits, cheesecake, and Haggen Daz Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream. It kind of tasted like higher end microwavable meals, but I still enjoyed it!I was very excited when I saw a variety of snacks laying in the kitchen-gummy bear candies, lays chips, Asian cup noodles, and even my favorite chocolate!! (Sorry I never really looked at the brand, but it's bomb)I did not enjoy the wine, but no biggie, they also had orange juice, soda and others to choose from!They have a lot of tiny restrooms!!After around five hours, my seat got really uncomfortable and I couldn't sleep during the entire 14-hour flight.So I was disappointed that they haven't installed wifi on their planes yet like Eva airlines. I hope when I return in 2016, they'll have that ready for us! (This will obviously increase a higher volume of customers!)They caught me when I tried using the First Class restrooms :(


I sent this to Cathay's complaint department in January 2016 and STILL have not received a response from Cathay. Is this customer service? Ticket 160235014296465. I missed CX882 because of a weather delay. Rebooked to Vancouver. Cathay staff told me my luggage was coming with. It didn't. Got stuck for  more than 1 hour at Vancouver customs  on the US side because my luggage was missing and Vancouver Cathay staff didn't know the procedure that the luggage had to be documented lost by Cathay and where it was. It actually still in Hong Kong. Nearly missed my connection. This policy has been in place for more than 1 month. While Pat was very nice, it was appalling to me that Cathay was unaware of this new procedure. I was exhausted, stressed, and barely made my flight. My luggage arrived 1 day later with two broken items inside and a broken strap. I fly Cathay because I have Emerald status and Cathay is a premier airlines. This situation was just appalling, unprofessional, and unconscionable. I don't understand how this happened with Cathay.


We are going to Thailand for our honeymoon in March and have booked with Cathay.  I truly hope our in flight experience is better than the experience I just had with their customer service.  My husband booked our tickets online.  After discussing the long flight I contacted them to find out about upgrade options and was told by the agent that she could offer us a set with more "leg room" for $139 which didn't sound bad.  I then asked about the rate to upgrade to the next cabin and then was told that she could not help me with that and instead I would need to contact who we booked the tickets through.  I said ok and then asked that when we check in for our flight if we can choose upgrade options at that time and she said "no" so as to be clear I asked "so when we are at the airport with the agent, I cannot pay to upgrade my seat?" and she very rudely said "no!"  I travel for work on a monthly basis and have NEVER heard of an airline that was not willing to let passengers UPGRADE!  Again, hope the in flight experience is better because as of right now I AM NOT IMPRESSED and wish I could book with another airline!


Cathay's business class was excellent, lots of space and privacy. The bed can easily be adjusted and lays down flat, it was surprisingly wide, and comfortable. They allowed passengers to watch the take off and landing from the monitors which was really exciting! Service was great and attendants were very friendly.


I know some haters out there are always trying to bring down the Cantonese side of China, claiming that we aren't the "real" deal because we don't speak Mandarin and all that.  But we got two things that own our Northern brothers and sisters: better food, and Cathay Pacific.And when you fly Cathay Pacific, you get a mix of both!As part of the Hong Kong brand, it's no surprise that this global city has to keep up its reputation with an amazing carrier.  I was ecstatic to be able to fly Cathay (Economy) during my Winter holidays from NRT - HKG, connecting through to Manila.  If you want a comfortable and great experience flying over the Pacific to the East, then this is a great option for you all to consider.  Allow me to break it down.Luggage:Like most major airlines, you are allowed two check-in luggage, along with a personal carry on and one smaller item (ie purse, fanny pack, etc.)  Each check-in luggage can weigh 44lbs max, so with two check-in allowance, that's a whole lot of Chinese souvenirs you can bring back to the States for your family and friends.Accommodations:Flying economy was a joy in itself!  On long haul flights, you will be provided with a blanket, pillow, and in-flight sandals.  Not bad!  The amount of leg space I had was perfectly fine.  There was definitely at least a few inches of free space between my legs and the seat in front of me.In-Flight Entertainment:Thank goodness they allowed us to use our own headphones!  Don't you hate it when airlines make you use their ridiculously low-bass, lack of sound cancelling headphones?  Yeah... thumbs down for those.  Nevertheless, Cathay delivered in a variety of entertainment options, and had some of my personal favorite Hong Kong action flicks available.  Hell yeah!However, I gotta admit that it was a bit frustrating when my aircraft had the controls attached to the seat itself.  Hopefully you get lucky and your aircraft will have it be removable.Service:I loved the red outfits that they wore on board!  Everyone on board Cathay was so sweet, and if you pay a little extra for your ticket, the crew manager will personally come over to greet you and thank you for your patronage.  (Not that I did... but it was nice to see that gesture!)  The amount of sexy British English that was coming from the pilot and the attendants was overly wonderful too.Food:Definitely a nice blend of Cantonese and Western cuisine for the hungry air passengers.  I loved Cathay's food!  On my way to HKG, I was served a BBQ Pork noodle dish, and on the way back- a rice entree that wasn't half bad.  Honestly my favorite part was that they gave us Haagen-Daz for dessert!  Absolute win on my part... and of course beer.  Keep em coming please.Even if you have a layover in HKG, you won't be bored.  There are so many great restaurants there, and the airport itself is gorgeous, and much better than any American airports I've flown to.  Be sure to bring your own plug adapters though.  They only have British plugs, so bring that converter to ensure you make use of the free wi-fi.Cathay also saved my butt when I missed my budget airline flight from HKG to MNL.  Even on the short haul flight, they still gave us a meal and the same amount of service as you'd expect from any flight.Love Hong Kong, and love Cathay Pacific.  No other Chinese airline can compare to this, so I would absolutely love to fly them again in the future... and maybe more so if they weren't tied to the terrible American Airlines on oneworld.  Oh well.  Pick and choose. :)

HKG - NRT... soba on the side, with a chicken rice entree. Ice cream on the side! HKG - NRT... soba on the side, with a chicken rice entree. Ice cream on the side! Lunch of Chicken Adobo from HKG - MNL Lunch of Chicken Adobo from HKG - MNL See all photos from Andy N. for Cathay Pacific
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