Cedar Hill Kitchen + Smokehouse - Barbeque - 3242 Scott St, Marina/Cow Hollow, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Cedar Hill Kitchen + Smokehouse   - Barbeque - 3242 Scott St, Marina/Cow Hollow, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews

I came here with friends on May 25th.My husband and I got the Memphis and Decatur sandwiches. The sandwiches come with sides, and we got the Brussels sprouts and sweet potato fries. The sides were both really good, and there is a good selection of sauces that you can pour on everything. I'm normally not a Brussels sprouts person, but this made me change my mind. If you order a sandwich, you probably want to drench it in sauce, or it seems a bit dry, but that's the point of having the huge assortment.I ordered the Arnold Palmer, and in retrospect, I'd have passed. The mason jar it came in was dirty all around the edge. It may be that it was just stored too close to the grill, but I did end up wiping the whole thing off before drinking it. If I could give it 3.5 stars, I would.A friend got the boudin balls and said he actually liked them a little better than the ones he'd had in New Orleans, so I took that to be a good sign.Beware eating outside. It's San Francisco, so you seriously have to hold onto your food or the wind will eat it.


I fail sometimes, I know.Vicky L.:  Hey, what are you doing for dinner?  Sara P., (Vicky L.'s BF), Friend, and I are going to Cedar Hill in the Marina. Me:  Sounds good!  I've been craving some pork ribs or brisket lately too.Vicky L.:  Awesome...see you then!My Stomach:  Mmmm....ribs.Waitress:  And what can I get for you?Me:  Can I get the Holly Hill Sandwich?My Stomach:  I hate you...Ahhh...but what a good sandwich it was!  Filled with Pulled Pork, Creamy Coleslaw, and a South Carolina Mustard Sauce, it was one of the best BBQ-based sandwiches I've had in a while (yelp.com/biz_photos/ceda…).  The meat was both plentiful and flavorful, the coleslaw gave it some crunch/texture, and the bread was light and airy.  What I liked most though was the mustard sauce - more unqiue than BBQ sauce, and it added some kick to the meat.  Their potato salad (my choice of side) was pretty solid too, but it was second fiddle on the plate.As much as I liked my sandwich though, I was lukewarm on the appetizers.  The FRIED OKRA (which reminded me of jalapeno poppers without the cheese) was fine (yelp.com/biz_photos/ceda…), but the CRISPY SMOKED PORK BOUDIN BALLS weren't what I had expected (yelp.com/biz_photos/ceda…).  Although I hadn't tried boudin before, I knew it was a type of sausage, so I figured it'd be kinda meaty.  Instead, the boudin balls were soft and creamy, seemingly from the meat and batter mixing together.  Not awful, but I wouldn't get it again.  The two sides that did stand out were the Cornbread and the Mac N Cheese other people ordered.  I only tried bites of each, but both were really good.Sadly, despite the fact I was entirely content with my food, I still had some regrets about what I had.  Mainly because I saw Vicky L.'s ginormous plate of delicious looking rib tips.  Seriously, I WILL try their BBQ next time.  Really.  Because if I don't, my stomach will hate me forever...

Crispy Smoked Pork Boudin Balls Crispy Smoked Pork Boudin Balls Fried Okra Fried Okra Holly Hill Sandwich with Potato Salad Holly Hill Sandwich with Potato Salad 8/6/2013

Summary: cute, casual BBQ spot in the Marina with beers on tap, huge TVs to catch the game, and friendly relaxed service; pricey per usual, since it's meat and it's smoked. {3.5 stars is just right... we had a Bloomspot deal, woot!}1) Four different barbeque sauces: choose your fave... and then take it to the next level with some mixing and dipping. Whoo hoo!2) Beer on tap and really refreshing sweet tea3) A large TV in the main dining area and another one at the bar4) Quick, friendly service5) The food ain't bad... but it wasn't the star :POn a warm summer evening, husband and I enjoyed a nice run from his office along the Embarcadero and all the way to the Marina. And we ended it with some smoked meat and beer (for him) / sweet tea (for me). SUMMER NIGHTS! Chilling at the bar and chatting with the cashier/bartender/server whenever he had a chance to catch a breath between helping customers, we enjoyed our food slowly and consoled ourselves with cornbread when we watched the Bulls slowly implode. :( The beans and brussels sprouts were our favorite sides, and the sweet tea fried chicken, ribs and brisket weren't bad. For the marina, we were happy with our meal and its price, but it wasn't anything like... say... Phil's in San Diego. Fun to try and perfect what we were looking for that night, but not planning to go back unless we're in the neighborhood already and craving that sweet tea and some decent bbq.


I admit, I had low expectations seeing as this place was in the Marina - not exactly a district you'd associate with great barbeque. Well, Cedar Hill sure showed me.Cedar Hill is barbeque "refined" - it's less fatty and greasy than you'd find at Memphis Minnies. It's flavorful nonetheless, but those who grew up eating Southern food might yearn for a more greasy spoon approach to barbeque. But for me, it was just right.We tried:- Beef brisket: like some of the other reviewers have stated, this needed a bit of sauce. They keep four different kinds on the table.- Shrimp po boy was flavorful. I LOVE the bread they use here.- Fried okra and sweet potato fries were perfectly crisp and oh-so-addictive!- Buttermilk pie: It tastes as indulging as it sounds.Overall, I would definitely come back. I like the fact that you order and pay at the counter because it prevents me from having to wait for the check. Parking sucks in the Marina, but what else is new? It's worth checking out :)

Shrimp po boy w/ sweet potato fries Shrimp po boy w/ sweet potato fries Fried okra! Fried okra! Beef brisket & two sides (Cole slaw & potato salad) Beef brisket & two sides (Cole slaw & potato salad) 3/18/2013

Whiskey bent Texan here ^At $17 a pound for just ok brisket (very thin bark and pink smoke rings) I found this place to be a weee bit over priced for the quality. Either they are cooking it too fast,  need to use a better wood mix or didn't realize bong smoke doesn't work.Somebody forward this to the chef,bbq.about.com/cs/cooking…The sauces taste pretty original like they make 'em in house, Good Job! However their Texas Red gets me scratching my head and singing "Are You Sure Texas Done It This Away?"  youtube.com/watch?v=vbkR…No problemo for this East Texas boy though, 1 quick improvisation, mix some of the KC and Texas sauce together and I got a tangy sweet smother that'll make em' say mmm.Good luck I'm sure you'll do alright there are plenty of not so picky BBQ eaters that would love this place.**EDIT: On second thought they do got Shiner on Tap so that'll get you to 3 stars in my book.


I do love me a good BBQ brisket. But like prime rib, it's something I only eat a few times a year. It's not the leanest of meats. In fact, the fat is what contributes to the taste.The other night, I was in the mood food for some brisket. So I stumbled in to Cedar Hill Kitchen + Smokehouse  in the Marina. It turns out they have some of the best BBQ brisket in town. Cooked to perfection. Each slice was juicy and tender (no fork needed here). The Texas Brisket comes in either half pound or full pound portions. It's served on butcher paper with pickles and white bread. The meat comes with your choice of tangy BBQ sauces.If you feel like throwing your diet out the window, I would recommend ordering the creamy mac & cheese and brussels sprouts on the side.The place was surprisingly quiet for a Friday night. Or, maybe most customers take their food to go? In any case, I hope the word spreads about how good this place is. It's a great addition to the neighborhood.


I deplaned. BART/MUNI'd my way to the Marina. Put my bags down. And skidded out for lunch with my friend Grant, who'd just returned from Hawaii the night before. We were both starving. We started off with drinks while we cracked open a few of the peanuts on the table. They're gratis. Peanut allergic folk beware. I got the Arnold Palmer first (too dehydrated from the IAD-SFO flight to drink wine just yet). It comes mixed, i.e. no distinguishable layers. Oh well. White beer for fancy Grants LOL. The restaurant had just tweeted about their fried okra. Order up! The okra was piping hot. The breading was light and fried just right. And the dipping sauce was out of this world. I ventured onto the cajun shrimp + grits ($16). You can see from my photo that this dish is full of plump shrimp, andouille sausage, piquillo peppers, scallions, and Logan Turnpike Mills stoneground grits (large grind). IMHO, it was too many scallions on this dish but I am sort of picky and made my way around them. And I ordered a white wine. It's on tap here and $8 per glass. The Memphis (Pulled pork sandwich) comes un-sauced. But that's how they do that down there. Not to worry. There are four sauces on each table: sweet, hot, vinegar, mustard. Make your own saucy madness. Or just eat it naked. It is that good and tender.I had the refrigerator cake for dessert. This was the lone pock mark on what was otherwise a flawless face. It was dry. It looked really good. With the chocolate drizzling down and the salted caramel ice cream and cake. But the cake itself was like I said dry and almost hard. Oh well. The buttermilk pie looked great, though. Overall, I can live with a little dry cake if the rest of the meal, the cajun shrimp, the pulled pork, the okra, the beverages, is as flavorful and filling as it was. They are what made me a fan. Oh, and I became the Duchess of Cedar Hill Kitchen while I was there. I've been unseated since then because it is in SAN FRANCISCO. Otherwise, I would be holding that title DOWN!

The food truck stopped by to restock! The food truck stopped by to restock! Shrimp and grits with andouille. Spicy. Peppery. $16 Shrimp and grits with andouille. Spicy. Peppery. $16 Texas sheet cake with salted caramel ice cream and salted caramel. Mmmm. Texas sheet cake with salted caramel ice cream and salted caramel. Mmmm. See all photos from Kelly G. for Cedar Hill Kitchen + Smokehouse 4/25/2013

Went on  Friday night after work. Perfect time, nice and empty --2 guys at the bar with a plate of ribs and another of brisket.We ordered 2 plates - the fired chicken and the ribs, you get two sides with each, so our four sides included beans w/burnt ends, mac & cheese, brussels sprouts (yes spelling is correct on BrusselS, use that fact as a money making bet next Thanksgiving dinner!) and coleslaw. The sprouts and the mac and cheese were awarded "best in show" but the portions were on the small side. Cornbread came with the ribs but and it was thin, cold and very unremarkable. What this place needs to bring it to 4 stars is GREAT buttermilk biscuits (served warm of course).  Chicken crust and the butchery on the breast were great, but I could taste no "sweat tea" brine. If you want good fried chicken, go to the Front Porch. It was alright, but there are other BBQ places to try in SF and if this is the best one, I'm gonna have to leave the city by the bay and move to North Carolina!!


My experience is purely from Off the Grid. I had tried on item and that was the corn on the cob with maple, bacon, chiplote butter. They served with the leaves in place. It's a beautiful presentation. The corn was very tasty. Perfectly grilled and sweet. The only minus is the price tag $3. I think I'll try to make the flavors at home. Good inspiration.

Tent vendor Tent vendor Maple, bacon, chipotle butter on corn Maple, bacon, chipotle butter on corn 5/19/2012

I had lunch here with a friend.The ambiance is clean and modern.  It is relatively small.Even though it was 1 pm on a Friday, the restaurant was only have full.We were quickly greeted and seated.  Actually, throughout the meal, the service was very good.Our orders were taken promptly.  The food was brought out in a timely manner.As for the food itself, it was rather average.  It was good enough.  But I would not go out of my way for it.My pulled pork sandwich was good but not great.  I did really like the bun.  I thought there was too much coleslaw in comparison to the pulled pork.  The pulled pork itself did not have a deep smokey flavor.tinyurl.com/cjhoeo8The macaroni and cheese was good but nothing to write home about.We shared a small order of baby back ribs.  These had the right bite. They were tender while lightly sticking to the bone as they should.  However, they were a little dry.tinyurl.com/cwvd3m5There is a full compliment of sauces to choose from.  This is a nice touch.  The ones I tried were tasty.Overall, if you live or work in the neighborhood, it is worth a visit.  However, if you are on a journey for amazing BBQ, it is not.  The ambiance is nice and clean.  The service is excellent.  The food is straight up the middle average BBQ.

Baby Back Ribs - Cedar Hills BBQ - San Francisco Baby Back Ribs - Cedar Hills BBQ - San Francisco The Holly Hill Pulled Pork Sandwich - Cedar Hills BBQ - San Francisco The Holly Hill Pulled Pork Sandwich - Cedar Hills BBQ - San Francisco Crispy smoked pork boudin balls - Cedar Hills BBQ - San Francisco Crispy smoked pork boudin balls - Cedar Hills BBQ - San Francisco 9/28/2012

Better than I expected! I had been disappointed that spare ribs, rather than baby back, were offered, but they were actually one of my favorite things. They are tremendously meaty and cooked well. In general, I prefer a restaurant to add great sauce to each item, but alternatively, it is fun to go with this method of just mixing & matching the sauces you want. I thought the sweet tea fried chicken was a little odd (due to the slight sweetness), but the frying was well done. The sides were not particularly good - I guess my favorite were the beans with their big chunks of meat , and the mac and cheese, and sweet potato fries, were ok. The green beans were lackluster and greasy.  And (punchline) the sides are small. The real surprises were the crispy smoked pork boudin balls (I wouldn't have thought to get these but they were great - crispy on the outside and nicely textured on the inside), and the ***buttermilk pie***!!! I have not had this before but it was AMAZING and you should get it. Not too sweet, not too tart, just perfect.


I was so surprised that a BBQ place had opened up, and in the Marina!  I came here with a friend on a weekend evening and we split the biscuits (2 per order), 1/2lb of beef brisket, 1/2lb of chopped pork, sweet potato fries and mac n' cheese.  An order of meat comes with pickles and two slices of white bread made from from the bakery down the street.   I ordered a Cheerwine (cherry-ish soda), as I hadn't had one since visiting NC, but they were all out so I went with their root beer.  All their sodas are made with cane sugar, not HFCS.The biscuits were very flaky and tender - delicious!  The brisket was moist and smoky, but was a bit too fatty for my taste.  The pork also had good flavor, but was pretty dry.  The BBQ sauces weren't able to save this dish for me, unfortunately.  the sweet potato fries are crisp on the outside and tender on the inside and very well seasoned.  The mac n' cheese was pretty good.  Not overly cheesy or gooey and the noodles were perfectly cooked.  I loved the pickles.Four sauces are available at each table, made in the style typically found in KC, Texas, NC (vinegar based), SC (mustard based), places where I've been lucky enough to partake of some darned good BBQ.  My favorites were the KC and SC sauces, coincidentally two places where I've had some of the best BBQ ever!  There were a few bottles of a habenero-based sauce at the bar, if that's your thing.Service was friendly and efficient - with our needs met and satisfied.  I saw the smoker and saw all the wood stacked up in the back.  Nice.  Oddly enough, I felt like I could come in here dressed very casually or dressed ready to hit the hot spots and still feel comfortable (I was way overdressed for a typical BBQ joint).  Families with young kids, couples, small groups, single diners - all were present during my visit.   Prices are reasonable for this area but the portions of meat seemed small.  Perhaps my points of comparison are the BBQ places I've tried in the South where a small portion is equivalent to an extra large everywhere else.I would come back to try their shrimp n' grits and their fried chicken (my friend loves it here) but will take a pass on the beef and pork.   The sides are worthy of your time and your calories.


Brunch ReviewI picked Cedar Hill for brunch not because it's known as a BBQ joint but more so because the entrees looked appetizing. What stole my heart immediately was the smokehouse breakfast: 2 eggs, choice of bacon or sausage, housemade biscuit w/seasonal jam, and jalapeno cheese grits. I can tell you I wasn't disappointed.The plate looked like it could have used a tiny bit more food but I wasn't hungry after we finished. I would probably go back again and try out their dinner items.


Date & Time:  Thursday November 3, 2011 @ 5:30pmDining Companion:  The HusbandScene:  Marina Guys & Girls in Plush Sweaters & Hunter Boots Music:  CountryVibe:  ChillDecor:  Neighborhood Spot w/ Cute Take-Out Counter, Bench Seating & Tables for Two and Small GroupsService:  Warm, Southern HospitalityImbibe:  Sweet TeaDevour:  Fried Okra, Quarter Pound of Smoked Pork, Half Pound of Smoked Brisket, Baby Back Ribs, Quarter Fried Chicken, Side of Mashers & ButterMilk Pie for DessertTotal:  $49.71

See all photos from Genevieve Y. for Cedar Hill Kitchen + Smokehouse 12/4/2011

Having seen a number of restaurants go in and out of this location over the past few years, I really hope Cedar Hill stays around for a while.  While I don't live in the area, I find myself in the Marina on occasion, and the folks at Cedar Hill bring something new and delicious to the neighborhood.  Right off the bat, I liked that the entire staff is friendly - welcoming you in with a smile and helpful knowledge about the menu items.  We came in for an early dinner during "lunch" hours, the only difference I noticed being that you order at the counter instead of with a waitress.  We tried the Fried Oyster Salad, BBQ Ribs, Fried Chicken, Pit Beans, Mac n Cheese, and the Buttermilk Pie.  We also sampled all four of the sauces they have on each table (see picture).  I have a pretty weak tolerance for spice, and all four were mild to me.  I did really like the mustard one, it was totally different than anything I'd had before.  As to the food, everything was really good!  With the exception of the Mac, I would order everything again.  The chicken was fried perfectly, without drying out the meat inside.  The ribs fell off the bone (as they should) and had a nice sweetness to them that wasn't overpowering.  I really liked the beans too!Bonus points for only selling soda that is sweetened with cane sugars - no high fructose corn syrup in here!  I loved the Louisiana Root Beer I tried.A good sign was that while we were eating, two different people came in to order takeout, saying that they had been in the day before and wanted more.  They both got the brisket...making a mental note to order that next time!Only downside: we left smelling like smoke.

Four types of sauces at every table (plus a roll of paper towels that came in handy!). Four types of sauces at every table (plus a roll of paper towels that came in handy!). 2/28/2012

3.5 stars. I mean, it's good.. but even within SF, I've had better. The KC spare ribs? I don't taste much of the rub, and the meat wasn't as tender as I would expect from good, slowly smoked bbq. The beans with the burnt tips were a bit salty. In fact, I only remember the taste of salt, and none of the bbq taste. The brisket was pretty good.. BUT, considering I've had the melt-in-your-mouth brisket from a place on the other side of town (Cathead's BBQ), Cedar Hill's brisket just paled in comparison.However there were two things I had that were really good.. and neither were BBQ: the fried chicken and the buttermilk pie. The fried chicken is marinated in hot sauce for a day, then in brine for a day, and then fried with a sweet tea batter. Yum! You can really taste the sweetness of the batter, which compliments the saltiness of the rest of the chicken, well. And the buttermilk pie? *drool*. I want another slice!


Came for the food, not for the scenery because who really shows up in the Marina looking to find interesting people? I mean, if you are all about sliced wonder bread, the Marina is all you. Food:Ribs- pretty damn good. Needed lots of BBQ sauce but overall not bad. Brisket- Lots of fat and gristle but the pieces that were edible were not too badSweet Potato Fries- Best item we triedPit Beans- beans were not fully cooked, it had good flavor, but not an item I would order again. If the food was BOMB, I'd come back, but dealing with parking in that area, loads and loads of annoying wanna-be-hipsters and outrageous prices, not a great combo. I was in the area, so we checked it out. Not gonna happen again though and I don't think you should waste your time or money.


Not sure why it's so hard to find traditional BBQ joints around NorCal. I guess Californian's dont natively love the smokey carne. I sure as hell do and when there is something with good potential, I seek it out. This maybe one of the fanciest looking BBQ joints Ive seen. They do a decent job of portraying old time memorabilia, but the fact is the place is really nice for the style of food. Brisket, pulled pork and fried chicken followed a serving of fried oysters. Food is solid across the board, with the brisket being a bit on the dry side. However the three sauces they have are quite tasty and can be used to mask and said dryness. I missed the ribs and dessert so Ill have to hit that up if Im in the area again


It's really more like 2.5 but I have a hard time doing that given that everyone was so wonderful and the meat was so good.I'm from southern Missouri. I know my barbecue. I LOVE that this place does the multiple sauces from different regions. The fact that they include the alabama white sauce is pretty spectacular, too.The meat was all fantastic. Very well cooked. The service was fabulous. Everybody was amazing. That's why the next part is so difficult for me:1. The collared greens are NOT collared greens. It seems like they are trying to do a California take on collared greens. They were blanched and still fairly crisp. The additions to the greens themselves were very nice, but the greens just weren't cooked right. I would take a bite, and not be able to chew it. There's a reason collared greens are cooked to softness - that's the only way they work. I literally had to use a fork and knife to cut them and eat them. 2. The sides were super small. Even for a San Francisco restaurant. The problem with this for me is that barbecue is pretty cheap food and sides are usually fairly generous. These were very small portions.3. They don't know how to do cornbread. There are many options for how to prepare cornbread. They did not use any of those options. 4. The price was outrageous. For a platter of meat with two sides and a "taste" of another meat, I paid about $25. If there was no other barbecue in the city, maybe you could command that price from me, but there are definitely other good options. It's sad because I LOVE the people and the meat and sauces are so good. Just not worth the tradeoffs for me. It's just all a little too San Francisco for me. I LOVE my city. But when I'm eating Barbecue, I don't want to see the essence of San Francisco (blanched greens and far too high prices) in my food. I might try it again and just avoid the super southern sides that they don't seem to do well.


Went on a Friday night around 7:00pm, and it was packed.  Ended up having to sit at the bar, which was fine.  We had good service with a friendly personable waitress.Unfortunately they were out of several items on the menu (ie biscuits, ribs, etc).  My wife got the Decatur sandwich (supposedly smoked chicken). But when it arrived, it was dark meat chicken on a roll, not shredded or even grilled.  It looked pretty unappealing, and tasted so-so.  Had a lot of fat on it.  I ended up getting brisket, which was pretty lean, but it was so-so.  The sauces they had on the table were good, but nothing spectacular.  We ended up getting a few sides, including Brussel Sprouts (good), Mac & Cheese (so-so), and sweet potato fries (good).When we got home that night, we realized that our clothes reeked of smoke. So don't wear anything to the restaurant that you don't want to immediately wash in order to get the smoke smell out.

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