Chipotle Mexican Grill - Fast Food - 1523 Sloat Blvd, Merced Manor, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Chipotle Mexican Grill   - Fast Food - 1523 Sloat Blvd, Merced Manor, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews

I was very impressed when I visited Chipotle yesterday @ 2:14pm.  When I entered, there were 2 ladies in front of me, and 3 employees.  It wasn't busy so one was running the food bar.  As I was waiting, 4 more people walked in.  He immediately started working on the bowl for the lady in front of me and started working on my bowl as well.  He was quick, sharp and very customer friendly. He knows how to multi-task. Then another employee stepped in and he was very sharp and friendly as well.  I also observed how clean the store was and noticed the shorter blue-eyed guy cleaning tables.  They were on top of this store. I didn't get their names but the receipt listed the host as David. I enjoyed watching them work.  Thanks Chipotle for stepping up the game on this store.  #chipotle #happy #ilovechipotle #brandloyal #proud


I have come here multiple times and it's basically just like any other Chipotle...always hits the spot. I also order Postmates and this Chipotle delivers to my house. Last time I ordered Postmates, Chipotle forgot my chips and guacamole and a couple ingredients in my burrito bowl. I called them and they apologized and said I could come in and get it....I ordered Postmates because I specifically couldn't come and get it....Anyways, they said next time I come in, they will comp my meal.I ordered Postmates from them again hoping it would be better this time. I called right after I ordered and spoke to Troy, who I asked to add in 2 sides of salsa and he said no problem! When I received my order, the salsas were not in the bag. It's pretty disappointing because I even spoke to someone who confirmed they would include the sides. I guess I learned if you want your order right, you have to go make sure it's being done right.

5/31/2016 Updated review

**Because I got one free.YES, it was free for Teacher Appreciation Day. I ordered two of the exact same super chicken burritos. It was pretty much the same since the last time I was there in 2011. Chicken is dry and again, thrown together. I don't speak Spanish but I asked for some toppings in Spanish, of which I just ended up pointing to.  Again, I took them home and it was dry so I added my own salsa to the burrito.  As far as the stars go, it's * for the food** for the service***** for the free burrito.  I don't know if there will be another Teacher Appreciation Day for next year and I'll probably head to another location like at Stonestown. Again, this is not a positive review and I normally wouldn't go there but what can I say for a 2 for 1 deal?

10/8/2011 Previous review OMG! What a disaster!  This Chipotle needs some assistance in running the place. First of all, who… OMG! What a disaster!  This Chipotle needs some assistance in running the place. First of all, who ever puts seasoned white rice in a burrito? What happened to the Spanish rice? The burrito is literally thrown together and not wrapped tightly at all. Chips extra? You gotta be kidding. A friend ordered the soft tacos and that was a real mess. A long line for a Saturday night and used the two for one coupon. There were two people making the food and one cashier. One guy was cooking up the chicken. And what looked like the manager (not in uniform and checking something on the cash register) was at the front then disappeared to the back.  The staff all looked like they were just learning how to put food together . . . sort of sad since the second food preparer tossed two large orders in the garbage can because he goofed.  Such a waste and not good PR tossing this in front of a bunch of customers. Sad.Now the food. I've never quite seen a burrito come in such as a loosely wrapped mess. Everything was cold. The steak was cubed skirt steak and if it was grilled, it lacked taste. In fact it seems that everything lacked taste. It immediately fell apart when unwrapped.  Good thing I took this home. Needed to get out the plates and utensils for this mess. No chips? I'm not down on Chipotle in general, but this place needs some help from corporate to help manage and make food that is not a mess. Also, where's the chips?  Extra you say?  You guys are giving the plaza a bad rap. There are a lot of good burrito places around on Taraval and West Portal that are close by.  But as for this place: YOU NEVER GET A SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION.  Sorry for the negative review. Read more 5/19/2016

I normally don't like to write negative reviews unless it something that needs attention ASAP..  I eat a lot at Chipotle and I have some quite sometime,  even with all the negative publicity they are getting.  I don't even know where to begin on writing this review so I will list the main points.  Food -  Food was okay,  the tortilla was stale and tasted very old,  the steak was dry and a little less than warn,  not yet cold but close.  Service -  both employees behind the counter were very unprofessional and seemed like they didn't care about being there. I felt like I was bothering them by ordering a burrito,  after I sat down and ate my food they spoke to each other very loudly and had very foul mouthed conversations (other people in the store at this time). Cleanliness -  horrible,  corn and rice on the tables and floor.  I had to get napkins and clean my own area to sit.  I didn't even get a red food basket with my burrito so I had to use napkins to act as my food mat.  The employees were not busy at all,  they just goofed around while tables were dirty,  one person just took his food and left  because he couldn't find sitting, and there was maybe 5 people max inside. I am not going back here again until I start seeing some legit 5 star reviews about new management and how they changed for the better.


This place sucks balls. The girls working there are not good workers. Didn't seem to notice me while I waited for service. When I ordered still no eye contact and just shoved my food along so I can pay for it. Food was cold! The meat, the tortilla was cold. What bad service and bad food. Never again! It seems like they are just there to mingle with each then actually work and care about the food or customers. Try the Rice Bowl in Luckys. They have better service.


1:45 p.m. Got a call from the corporate office saying thanks for letting them know and that they will discuss customer service and courtesy with the staff.1:15 p.m. Such rude service from the cashier. No "please" or "thank you." Yikes. This is when you're supposed to be upping your game, Chipotle!


I love Chipotle. But I agree with all the other people who say this location sucks! I frequent this one because it's the closest one to my place. I've noticed a couple times that their food isn't the freshest but just ignored it. But after last night, I'd much rather drive over to Stonestown's chipotle. We got here at 9:15pm and almost thought it was closed. All the chairs were stacked up by the wall and the mop equipment was out and ready for use. No smiles, no thank yous.. Just a bunch of kids cleaning up and listening to loud music. Who knows how long some of their food has been sitting there. I can't imagine them lifting a finger to replace an item. The employees clearly do not give a shit about anything but clocking out right at 10pm. This is a complete insult for people who rush over to places before closing and to people who have done their share of fast-food customer service. To those current employees: Get a new job, kids! Somewhere that you think your selfishness and unprofessionalism would be appreciated.


I love chipotle and am a loyal customer.  Even when they had the media scare about their chain...I religiously still went to get a bowl at least once a week.  Usually...4 stars in my book!  However, this location tonight got me pretty upset.  Walked in at 9:35...they were cleaning up...I almost didn't go in because they looked like they were closed.  Walked in and had two people in front of me.  I waited and Ordered a chicken burrito and a beef bowl.  As we went down their cafeteria style topping additions...we get to the end and the guy manning the salsa, corn, lettuce, etc. tells me he has no more corn.  Then out of nowhere another worker comes up with corn.  The first guy then asks where you find that?  Second guy the back.  Then first guy goes we have no lettuce...I looked at him and asked him..."no lettuce?"  He says no...I say "bye!!".  Thats just be BS...they just lazy and don't want to get more lettuce (just like the corn) cuz they wanted to get out of there as they we're already starting to close shop at 9:35pm.I would think after all this media scare and they then giving away free burritos, chips and salsa to get the trust back from customers...that they would accommodate items on their "normal" menu (lettuce and corn)...I was wrong.


Such a small chipotle! Also they ran out of lettuce when we were there! Man... Luckily we were redeeming a free bowl coupon so we weren't losing out too much..


Was in the area and decided to get chipotle for the go. Upon entering it didn't look like the cleanest chipotle I've been to. There was only two employees working the line. It didn't seem like they had a routine down like all the other chipotles have down.  The meat sections were dirty and just the whole thing didn't look clean. I ordered a chicken burrito with white rice. They were running low on rice and I was asked if I'd like to do half white and half brown, I mean I guess since there isn't anymore white rice. Then we get to the chicken and they were out on that. We had to wait for more chicken. The guy who was making my burrito was very friendly, when getting ready to pay he said the meal was on the house because we had to wait. Which was very nice. Getting into the burrito the tortilla was hard, and the chicken seemed like it wasn't cooked all the way. I appreciated the free meal, but I wasn't able to eat it due to the hard tortilla and raw meat. Meh.

Icky Icky 7/10/2015

Do not go here. The promotions are not honored here. As a lake shore plaza regular I am disappointed in this particular chipotle. I have high standards for chipotle and this location, today at least did not meet my expectations. # letdownanddisappointed.

Look at this thing....would you eat this?? Look at this thing....would you eat this?? 2/9/2016

Mediocre burrito for $10. Not coming back.Smaller portions and upped prices. Better to go to any other fast food restaurant nearby. Meat and tortilla are both dry even after I doused it in salsa. Wouldn't recommend to anyone and am never coming back.


The people who have given this location bad reviews are selfish, high maintenance, entitled dicks. I read one review where someone was talking about how they rushed here to make it just before closing and they gave them one star because they weren't greeted with smiles. [email protected] you, coming right at closing douche bag! You are a s*#% person. I have good allergies and they were super informed about their product and accommodating. They communicated the precautions they were taking the whole way. Does that sound like "lazy kids"? No. If you expect white glove treatment from fast food employees, you are a moron. They are probably better at their job than you are at yours. I gave them 4 stars because it's chipotle otherwise they would get 5.


Needed quick late lunch. This Lakeshore Plaza location is less crowded than Daly City but I still do not like the food at Chipotle. Bowl, burrito, taco or salad does not taste close to Mexican food. Better taste in Mission district, but in a hurry.


Kudos to Chiptolefor showing otherchain placeshow to properly integrate integritywhen serving food to the masses.I'm really impressed and pleasantly surprisedthat a chain can be so committed to1) going local (for the most part),2) rejecting GMO's3) preparing food daily4) and using humanely raised meats.But they're still still a chain,so for better or worse arebound to a level of uniformity that although promises consistencysmacks againstartistry and creativity.That being said,I still have to applaud their effortand creative take onMexican food.I usually go for either the veggie bowl or veggie burritowith brown rice, black beans,and fajita veggies.Both are really good and really filling.And their guacamole is also surprisingly good.


Just had an incredibly rude experience with the manager, Max, slammed the phone down on me forgetting that I am a customer, well was a customer!  What is happening to this company?  When you are struggling with a healthy scare, the least you can do is treat your customers well...I guess closing all locations and talking to the staff did not pay off.  Check your manager first please.


Came in here after a particularly rough day. I was scattered and no doubt seemed out of sorts (prolly a pretty annoying customer). Even though it was nearing close, the night crew was quick and courteous. Alex rang me up and was especially kind and chill. I don't head out to Chipotle often, but I'll for sure head back to this one in the next week. The burrito was pretty tasty, too.


I come to this location because it's not busy like the one in Daly City or Stones Town.  Parking is not hard to find.Staff are friendly and attentive.  It's fast food so one would expect to order their food and have it right away.  I always take my order to go.  It's chipotle nothing really special about it.   When I want something somewhat healthy, this is my to go to.  I normally order the bowl with brown rice, pinto, chicken, pico, hot sauce, corn and extra lettuce.  No sour cream or guac.  Plus you can ask for tortilla on the side.  If I want authentic Mexican food I'd go to taquerias in the mission


This particular Chipotle charges extra for more side items such as beans, rice, etc. All other Chipotles I've been to never charged extra for those things, just for meat and guac.Pretentious manager told me all Chipotles can charge extra for more than one serving of anything, but she couldn't explain why other Chipotles don't.Longtime chipotle eater disappointed in this location, it has absolutely terrible customer service compared to other chipotles


Ugh!!!! I'm so annoyed!! I just got back to work to discover that my bowl was somehow switched with someone else's!!! There was only one other person in front of me!! How the f?! I'm so hungry and now I have to eat someone else's crappy bowl that I don't want. The cash register lady was already annoyed with how the like staff was not marking the containers. But wtf. How did I not see it either!

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