ClackFit - Gyms - 50 S Autumn St, Downtown, San Jose, CA

ClackFit   - Gyms - 50 S Autumn St, Downtown, San Jose, CA

I originally bought my membership via Groupon for a great price and then after that month decided I had to be a part of this community! Believe the hype because it's 100% true. ClackFit (CF) has not only changed my outlook on fitness, but also how I encompass challenges in my life. Yusuf and the trainers (shout out to Angie!!) deeply care about their clients well-being and personal growth. Prior to CF I was incredibly intimidated to lift and go to gyms as I used to work in a University gym and knew how snotty and judgemental some of the customers were. CF completely threw me 180 and only radiates positive vibes and affirmations to help me reach my goals. There is never the mentality of "you're weak", but rather "you can do it, and let me help you!" As an almost mid-twenty something needing a kick in the butt, CF was the perfect solution- let me break it down for you:TLDR; This is the best decision you'll ever make towards your fitness. If you're looking for low-key individuals that are serious about health and helping you reach your goals, look no further than CF.  Yusuf: "The Gym Leader" First off, Yusuf is great about communicating and making sure he gives you the one-on-one experience. He is truthful about nutrition and is never condescending if you have a question. He doesn't force you to buy crazy powders, bars, nor extra stuff that is unnecessary. Contrary to another review, Yusuf has NEVER given me the impression he is "all about the money" and is actually very generous in his time and customer service towards clients. He is very accommodating and is the type of guy who takes time out of his busy schedule to chat with you. While he is often seen in and out of the gym busy managing everything, he watches over each and every client that is in a trainer session to make sure that their form is correct and never hesitates to jump in. Trainers:I usually attend the 7pm or 8pm class and absolutely love the trainer, Angie! She is so sweet and motivating and has never once made me feel uncomfortable in my lifting abilities. She has slowly worked me up to lift heavy AND PROPERLY which is something I never could get from a big corporation gym. I'm sure the other time slot trainers are just as great!Workouts: It is very customized depending on your goals and the "block" in that time of the month. I never get bored (and I have a short fitness attention span!) and always feel so energetic and accomplished after every workout. You don't feel defeated, but you definitely feel challenged and STRONG! The Gym Goers:Probably the most chillest, down to earth people you'll ever meet. Everyone here has the same goal in getting fit and Yusuf ensures that arrogant meatheads and gym rats don't pollute the great environment. Facility:Don't be fooled by the simplistic appearance of the gym! The workouts are tough and make use of body weight, dumbbells, free weights, and more! It's a no frills facility that ensures you focus on working out and not on music nor TVs. Parking: This place can get popular so parking is sometimes (but seldom) difficult to find. The 8pm class usually always has a free parking space(s) open for me right in front of the building. If you are a 6pm or 7pm class goer, you may need to park on the street.


You can stop looking...this is the right gym for those of you researching for a new place to workout.  I hate going to a regular gym - ridiculous machines and poser people. Clackfit has no stupid machines and very authentic people. I wear an oversized t-shirt and baggy jogging pants - it is all about the workout, not how I look. This is the warmest and most supportive group of people that I have ever worked out with (special props to the 6 a.m. crew!).  Now, let me tell you about the trainers. Yusuf is the owner and he invests time in each individual person - how many gym owners do that?  From customizing workouts for injuries or fitness levels to realistic nutritional information to touching base to see how he can help when you lose your motivation. This is one very special human being and it is an honor to train with him.  But don't let everyone's gushing fool you - this man will push you and will not let you get away with anything less than your best. Then there is Casey, the bad ass - think sweet and funny Jillian Michaels. She is not playing with her workouts - you will get results.I have worked out with many, many trainers and gone to many, many gyms. This is a very special place and in a category far above the rest. No matter where you are - 150lbs to lose, injury recovery, age slowing you down - you will feel comfortable and find what you need at Clackfit. The support and motivation you will receive will surely help you meet your fitness goals!


I Clack, you Clack, everyone just needs to Clack! Seriously, this place is more than a spot to just satisfy your daily exercise needs, it is truly a unique and personalized all around fitness experience. I stumbled upon this spot while I was checking my local neighborhood around for some fitness classes and of course I contacted them immediately to sign up for my 1st free trial class. After that initial class and a Groupon trial, I was immediately hooked to this spot. The selling points for me were the awesome coaches such as Angie, Amani, and of course, Yusuf Clack himself. Their practical approach to fitness and nutrition definitely resonated with what I was seeking to take my fitness journey to the next level.Upon entering the training area, you are kindly greeted and shown the facility. This no-frills set-up is perfect for those who are seriously there to hit your block hard and without distractions (such as tvs or music). The workout block time schedules are quite accommodating to those of us who work full-time. The fitness routines vary on a daily basis and focus on a full body workout experience. I never leave dissatisfied  and am always soaked in sweat. Overall, if you are looking to get stronger, leaner and healthier  then definitely join me at Clackfit!

Up to date schedule shows 8pm class and Friday noon class Up to date schedule shows 8pm class and Friday noon class 12/21/2015

First of all, read the other reviews.  Let's just say, the hype is real!I'll admit, I have a pretty short attention span when it comes to sticking to a fitness regimen.  Enter Classpass - the non-committal fitness sampler's dream.  I found Clackfit through CP and enjoyed Yusuf's approach and philosophy so much that I promptly signed up for an unlimited monthly plan (and convinced my BF to do the same).  What does an unlimited monthly plan *usually* mean for a person like me?  Ka-ching for gym owners!  I would probably attend 1-2 classes per week and can go for weeks at a time without attending.  With Clackfit, I realized that we could come 3, 4, even 5 times a week.  The workouts leave you invigorated, sometimes sore, but never drained.Some history: My BF and I kept going to Crossfit (we each had attended two different boxes before coming here) before realizing that our personalities (we know we're supposed to "scale," but in the moment, we think nothing of going balls to the wall during a WOD) and injury-prone selves were not suited to that type of workout.We attended XFit together for about half a year.  We had fun, but we also had pain.  Old injuries resurfaced, new injuries developed.  We constantly found ourselves going at those WODS and being unable to attend the next couple of days, sometimes for the next week.So what's the point of a gym membership that you only use once a week? Exactly.I think the XFit model is great for *some* people.  However, the danger comes when people see it as a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness.  From our personal experience, people who have injuries, who can't regulate their enthusiasm, or who are extremely strong but have some functional weaknesses, Xfit = increased potential for injury.That's why we choose to attend Clackfit.  This form of training just works for us.  The classes are well-organized, the 5-week training blocks allow for steady progress and periodization, and the Clack community is respectful and welcoming.  Because of this, we are more consistent, we make gains (my first unassisted pull-ups everrrr), we have no injuries, and we just.feel.better.The biggest selling point: Yusuf really cares.  He pays attention to EVERYONE in class.  He gets to know who you are (in the gym and out).  He will tell you to drop weight, or go higher.  He will check on injuries.  He will reinforce good form.  He is fully present during the entire class - he is not goofing off, dancing, checking Facebook, or chatting away incessantly.  He WILL NOT hesitate to educate you about the importance of good form vs heavier weights.  He's also a repository of pragmatic nutrition/fitness/well-being insight.  He's kind of a guru, just not the sparkly kind who shouts affirmations of "Let your spirit shine through!" while you're doing overhead presses.  That's a good thing.  TLDR: If you need super loud music, overstimulation, a bunch of people blowing smoke up your a$$ (or shunning your non-cliquey self), skip this.  If you want a sustainable, effective routine with an attentive coach in a welcoming environment, check out Clackfit!


I've heard great things about ClackFit but the reason for the 1 star is because of unprofessionalism. I have been to other gyms before and it has always been the same. The fitness industry is very unprofessional and ClackFit isn't different from the fitness industry. Yusuf did not answer my emails and was very unprofessional when he did reply via email. It really bothers me how the reviews says he is kind, caring, and supportive but via email, he seems like a horrible person who only cares about money and making business. (Which I totally understand because that is the only way to make your business survive!)  Anyways, this is just my personal experience emailing with Yusuf. I have never been the workouts and I don't plan to because of my email experience with Yusuf.

Comment from Yusuf C. of ClackFit Business Owner 7/12/2016 Update: we were able to identify "Cecilia" and of course won't reveal her true identity here. She… Update: we were able to identify "Cecilia" and of course won't reveal her true identity here. She had applied for a job with us (was not an interested client as implied above) and we decided she wasn't a fit. I thanked her for applying and informed her we were going another direction. She followed up but I did not feel any good would come of getting into the reasons with her, it would only draw out the rejection. So her follow ups were left without reply. It's possible she did not understand the intent behind my phrase "we've decided to go another direction." If that is the case I am sorry to leave you hanging. That possibility occurred to me only now. Either way, can we move this review to "Yelp for Job Applicants" ?----------------------------initial comment below before we identified the user-------------Hi Cecilia,After researching the issue it looks like you and I have never communicated. There are a number of fishy things about your review actually. I suggest you post screen shots of the email exchange you're referring to or rescind your accusation. We've also reported your account to Yelp. Read more 3/30/2016

Yusuf Clack is an amazing trainer. He is highly skilled and a great motivator. His gym is for dedicated people who are are looking for a dedicated trainer. His gym is clean and professional. Make sure you sign up!!


The reason I found Clackfit was because I was gym hopping on Groupon to figure out where I fit in. I love mixing up my workouts, except I've been inconsistent with my program and nutrition. The reason I stayed at this gym after my Groupon ran out was because I read a blog post written by Yusuf about feeling sexy and beautiful on the inside while your outside catches up. If you're afraid to lift weights, Clackfit will change your mind and you'll begin to love strength training and conditioning.I've never gone to a gym that encouraged working on the inside as well as the outside. The 5 week blocks are intense and adapted to your fitness level. Yusuf encourages you to come to the gym even if you're too sore, simply to build the fitness habit. He adapts the workout so you get some benefit without killing you.You won't find music, cardio machines or attitude, just a bunch of people working out like beasts. It's you against the iron. Everyone I've met has been down to earth, encouraging and focused. You will get better and you will get hooked! This gym is great because when the coach/trainer is helping someone else and another member notices you with the wrong form, they help you. It's more than a gym, it's a community.


I first learned about Clackfit through Groupon because I got the $50 coupon that gives you unlimited classes for a whole month. But, I barely used the coupon and only went about five times that whole month and then it expired.A couple months later, I decided that I wanted to get serious about my fitness and that I would join Clackfit again. It's been four months now since I have been consistently going and my body has transformed SO much already( I actually have muscle in my arms now).The workouts are short but intense and you definitely leave the gym feeling accomplished. I am addicted to Clackfit and the results that I get from putting in hard work.But, aside from the results, I love the atmosphere there. I feel like I am part of a fitness club where I can voice any concerns or questions about my fitness journey .The trainers and other members are all nice and everybody goes there with one goal: TO GET STRONG. Joining Clackfit was one of the best decisions I've ever made and I hate to think about how I'd miss this gym if I had to move out of town haha.. seriously I think about that. Honestly, if you are the type of person who works out and then stops and you're just on and off ( that was me) you should seriously consider trying Clackfit. You'll learn to stay committed and you'll be able to achieve those fitness goals you've always had.#IloveClackfit #fitgirls #squataholic #goals

My progress of 2-3 months. My progress of 2-3 months. 3/18/2016

I don't know why it's taken me so long to post a ClackFit review (not much a Yelp poster).  I joined ClackFit about a year ago after doing a Groupon trial and I'm so glad I did.  I was looking for personal trainers.  I tried one independent gym (which will remain nameless) but their class schedules were inconvenient (why make it inconvenient for the normal working person?) - either very early in the morning (not a morning workout person) or at 4pm or 5pm (again, why when most people don't get off work until 5?).  And was given a long list of foods I should and shouldn't eat.  Ooookay.  I also looked into individual services but their pricing, although I'm sure reasonable and of market value, when I did the math of 3 - 4 days a week x 1 month = too much $$ for my budget.  I found ClackFit on Groupon, gave it a try and have been happy since.The class times are great if you're a morning workout person or an after-work person, like me. (And recently added 8pm for those who want to go later.)  They even had a noon time class.  I have never been a gym membership/24 Hour Fitness/Gold's Gym type person - I get easily distracted people watching and need a program where there are class times rather than just doing it on my own.Yusuf is knowledgeable, understanding, informative and has a great sense of humor.  He won't overload the lay-person with fitness and nutrition information unless you like to dig in deep on that stuff.  His feedback and advice are based around your lifestyle and what works best for you.  Yusuf is just an all-around great dude!All the members I work out with are good people and we all have a good time together.  It's a fabulous environment!  Although I sometimes would rather go home after work and take a nap, I never regret working out instead.  Most of my past has never included exercising or working out and have, in the last year, seen some significant, positive changes in my body.  I've come to realize:  The best motivation is results!!!


Clackfit is easily the best gym I've been to. Very focused on form (instead of lifting as heavy as humanly possible) in order to avoid injury. Everyone is really friendly and approachable (trainers and members); feels like a family. Trainers want you to succeed and push you to challenge yourself. Parking can be a little tricky if the class is crowded, but there is some street parking as well. Only problem for me was the limited number of classes, especially on the weekends, but if you're a morning person, Clackfit's schedule would work perfectly for you.


I've decided to change my lifestyle a little while ago. I quit smoking (2 packs a day) and decided to love a healthier life. I started eating too much so decided to find a good gym in my area. I came across Clackfit online and read the good reviews and decided to try it out. I came in and Yusuf was very friendly and kind. I had a great workout and since then I've been going on a regular basis and I enjoy it so much. I look forward to going to the gym everyday. Yusuf is great and also the other gym members help each other out all the time. Great environment, great equipment, great staff and great results. Highly recommended!


I just moved here from Texas October 1st. I joined Clackfit a month later. Yusuf is all about the people here. He knows everyone's names and knows their levels. I didn't come for 2 weeks as I was having a really hard time after moving here. He reached out and asked of everything was ok. He was willing to work with me ONLY if I showed up and got back into the workouts. He doesn't want to take someone's money that isn't going to show. His workouts are great and he genuinely cares about his clients. I highly recommend this place. I have been a trainer in a former life and I have been to a lot of gym including big box gyms, Crossfit gyms, boxing gyms and small gyms. This one is a home.


Clackfit? It's more like Crackfit because that's just how addicting coming to this gym is :-) Unlike other group classes -- Yusuf actually takes the time to know you, your goals, and your limits. His gym isn't intimidating regardless of which walk of life you come from. And the whole "community vibe" everyone keeps talking about? It's real. My favorite part is how he doesn't rush you out after class gets out because I will ALWAYS have a question and Yusuf will always give a detailed response That being said, he isn't easy but I promise you won't regret your decision of being a part of the clackfit community


ClackFit is just plain amazing! Yusuf has built an amazing environment where I believe everyone feels included. The community is just full of positive energy. In the 5 weeks since I joined, he has taken the time to get to know me, my interests and my goals. He has helped me exercise around my shoulder problems and soccer injuries without making me feel limited at all. He is very knowledgeable, patient, and always takes the time to listen to my endless questions/concerns about form, weight, and nutrition. In only 5 weeks, I am already seeing results in my body composition that I was not able to get on my own. I highly recommend ClackFit to anyone looking for a kick-ass work out plan with an amazing and highly motivational trainer.


Clackfit is strength training and whole body conditioning done right. I've been going for a year now and am so much stronger and happier with my workouts.Yusuf is an amazing coach/trainer/fitness ninja. His depth & breadth of fitness knowledge is impressive! His approach is practical, unintimidating, attainable and confidence-building. He knows all of his clients and their specific situations as well. I have been dealing with weak wrists and forearms for years after a bad bout of tendonitis. Resulting from this, I had to use a wrist brace when using a computer to prevent soreness and inflammation. Yusuf keeps this in mind (along with other people's ailments or injuries) and modifies exercises to accommodate and strengthen my wrists. My wrists are so much stronger and I no longer need to wear a wrist brace when I use a computer.I HIGHLY recommend Clackfit to all fitness levels!


I've always been a solo workout person, but after months of hearing about ClackFit (CF) and having trouble staying on a steady workout regime on my own figured I would give it a shot.For those who are used to paying $10-25 a month for unlimited access to a warehouse of cardio machines CF will come as a bit of a shock to you, but I've become a firm believer of it's business model. Yusuf, captain of the CF ship, makes you feel at home from the moment you first arrive. He literally sprints across the room to shake your hand, introduce himself, and express genuine interest in you and your fitness goals. The last time I signed up for a gym the only thing a staff member talked to me about was how much I was willing to pay, how long I was willing to sign a contract for, and threw out some random (and incorrect) weight loss tips.The gym is in an old mechanic workshop, consists of multiple shelves of kettle bells, row after row of power racks, and a host of dumbbells, barbells, and weights. No cardio machines or cable systems here, just good old fashioned down to business fitness/resistance training. If you closed your eyes and played Hearts on Fire you could easily imagine yourself training in the mountains getting ready to go one on one with Drago (if you don't get the reference, please stop what your're doing, track down Rocky IV, and enjoy).So besides a down to business spot with a friendly trainer, what do you get?  You get personal attention at every step. Yusuf even offers to meet with attendees outside of workout sessions to discuss nutrition and fitness lifestyle goals. CF is setup in sort of a modified class setting. There are set hour-long blocks that you can come and Yusuf or his awesome co-trainer Casey will be there to watch over you. This isn't a traditional class where everyone is expected to do the same thing, at the same time, with the same intensity, etc. While you workout in a group, you still are working out as an individual, you are just following the prescribed workout schedule. While working out Yusuf or Casey walk around and keep tabs on everyone to make sure your form is tight, you aren't hurting yourself, you are really pushing yourself, and will make conversation in a genuine effort to build a stronger community.I know this is turning into a bit of a rant, but basically if you are serious about resistance based workouts that are NOT cross-fit (this isn't about sloppy form lifting to infinity, it's about traditional weight lifting systems, lots of supersets, with solid form), want personal trainer type attention with someone who knows his stuff, and want a bit of a community feel to your gym workouts, this is the spot!


I have been going to Clackfit for a little over a month. Although I am in decent shape, it wasn't until I started Clackfit that I noticed an improvement in  posture and strength.  I have always had problems with my shoulder because I've always been at a desk job so I've always been hunched. It wasn't until being with Clackfit that I started noticing a huge difference. I would recommend coming here for all types of individuals. Trainers are diligent and make sure that form is correct. If you have never worked out before, Yusuf will teach you the moves. The people at the gym are friendly and extremely encouraging. This is not just a gym, but a community.


I have a confession to make, I've been meaning to write this review for quite sometime and have been putting it off.  It seems that every time I found myself living a ClackFit success story I kept thinking it would wrap up and I would have a chance to write about it in it's entirety.  The problem?  It seems that just as I'd have one success story drawing to a close another would start and I'd put off giving Yusuf his fair shake, after a year and a half I say "Enough!"ClackFit has been not just everything I have needed, but everything I could have wanted from the world of exercise and good living.  The gym and it's community are second to none and while you feel like part of a large group, it's still a large family where you get to be the individual person you need to be in order to find success.Training at ClackFit has made me healthier, stronger and given me an edge in Hockey, Fitness and even getting in good enough shape to serve as a National Ski Patroller.Of all the things you could spend you time, money and effort on, there is no question ClackFit is one of the very finest.


Great atmosphere, Yusuf is super knowledgeable and always watching you no matter how many people are in the room. I'd recommend clackfit to people of any level of Fitness who are looking for a shock to their system outside their normal routine workout.


Love Clackfit!! Welcoming environment and Yusuf is the best trainer. Even in the group classes there is all the one-on-one fitness training you could ask for. Of all the gyms, classes and bootcamps I've tried, nothing compares to this system.

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