Costco - Wholesale Stores - 1600 El Camino Real, South San Francisco, CA

Costco   - Wholesale Stores - 1600 El Camino Real, South San Francisco, CA

Great customer service inside the warehouse and the tire center is awesome. They are a very helpful staff.  Recommend it.


Dad requested to go to Costco during our trip to San Francisco. He needed a case of fruit to drop off to a friend that he was going to visit...My daughter needed a few basics since our SUV was STUFFED with boxes and luggage. I suggested we get all her bedding and towels when we arrived to save space on our drive. She was able to find a set of memory foam pillows for $9.99, a set of organic hand towels for $9.99, a twin velour blanket for $9.99 and a bath towel for $7.99 (she only wanted one).My mom also found a puffy vest for herself and dad, a fleece, and two really nicely dyed and beautiful print Aloha shirts for dad. They also had the MOST beautiful patterned beach towels I've ever seen for $7.99 but we just didn't have the room.When checking out, my mom saw my daughter with a pack of K-Bell ankle socks and asked if it was too greedy if she got a pack, too... I said sure, why not thinking I saved so much money because we were staying across the street from Macy's and I didn't have to get her anything there since we got all her goods from here ;)

Will add USF to our family ~ Will add USF to our family ~ 8/18/2016

Very busy, approximately twice the door count of other Costco's and generally rude customers and employees, perhaps because of the crowding and hectic nature of this location.Reina, a 40 or 50 year old Hispanic female in the returns section is the best example of what is wrong with this Costco. When I was making a return she yelled at me - berating me and frightening my minor daughter while saying "Costco can't make money with people returning things like this". Ms. Reina wins the worst employee award in my humble opinion. I shop mostly at other Costco locations now.Like the review says, Eek! Methinks not.


Remind me not to come here on the weekend again, as there cart traffic jams are atrocious and annoying. Aside from all the people, this place is pretty decent. Centrally located near Trader Joe's as well, for those non-bulk items you may need.Good selection of items, and mostly everything is in stock. It's set up similar to other Costco locations, so you have a good idea where to go to obtain the items you're looking for.Four stars for suckering me to this location because they have gas (note: there's almost always a wait, but hey, it's the cheapest costing gas in town). Also extra points for all the free tastings (although that tends to slow folks down even more too). Likes:-centrally located near BART, other shops (if you're like me and have to shop around a bit for all your grocery needs)-gas at this location-easy egress (but getting around inside can be a bit of a pain) Dislikes:-hoards of people on the weekend. Recommend going during off-times


This location is five minutes away from my house so it is very convenient for me. The only real downside of this location is the parking. I don't like the entrance, I guess, because of how many cars are always going in and out. Anyways, I realized the best time to probably go is like an hour before closing. Or park in the back lot because it's less crowded there. I feel like they have the most samples only on weekends. Weekends are usually filled with a lot of people so if you want to avoid people traffic then come on a weekday. Besides the traffic, this Costco is decent. It has everything I need and the food court has cheap food. What else can I ask for?


I normally just go to Costco to refill my ink for my printer. It took me about a month to pick up my ink because I really hate driving through SSF and DC, or anywhere else up North. Every trip to Costco has been very pleasant. A month ago when I dropped off my ink; I went to scope around to see if I needed anything knowing I wouldn't be back for awhile, for instance; my protein shakes and salon spas. LOL A Costco employee who was in the health section caught me as I walked by and saw that I had my pack of muscle milk ready to go introduced me to this healthy alternative powdered supplement full of nutrients and vitamins that helps a person stay fuller with a meal a long with all the vitamins a person needs on a daily basis hahaha. (I'm trying to remember the product). He pretty much sold me when he said he would give me a shaker if I bought the product when normally a customer has to buy 2 in order to receive a free shaker! He said I was a nice gal so why not. I usually don't stay consistent when it comes to powdered supplements but I did and I still am. He recognized me a month later when I came to pick up my ink! TBH I walked passed him not recognizing him but it was a sweet gesture. That same day I was in the optical department getting a refill of my clear contacts a long with some adjustments on 3 of my glasses.. (I have a shopping problem when it comes to glasses just as much as shoes). The man helping me was super helpful and so funny to talk to! He had a long day and was so out of it but in a humorous way.   The customer service here is awesome or maybe because I'm just an awesome customer. Who knows!


I love Costco but this location is super annoying. No one knows what the heck is going on and where anything is. Every time I ask where an item is, I get a, "I dunno." It's like the employees here never go throtugh any training. The parking lot is also really annoying. There is one entrance so it takes forever to park. Even on a weekday during the day, it's pretty crowded. The lot does have a recycling center but they are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Ask any Costco employee and they won't know this information. The recycling is really slow and you always have to wait in a long line. I really wish there were other Costcos around that I could go to instead.

A very long line to recycle. Almost seems like they don't want you to save the Earth. Took almost an hour to get through this. A very long line to recycle. Almost seems like they don't want you to save the Earth. Took almost an hour to get through this. 4/2/2016

Buying in bulk. Most people only need certain items in bulk, like paper towels, or your favorite brand of soap. When you are raised in certain households, you are raised by parents/guardians who seem to think they need EVERYTHING in bulk. My mother still has a stock of blank CDs. Does anyone remember using those?Anyways, Costco is just great. They not only offer an endless array of food and booze (Hello, bulk-priced Johnnie Walker), but the aisles are wide, and the shelves are organized and plentifully stocked. The staff is efficient. Not to mention, plenty of people come for food samples, so that turns into a meal, doesn't it? I can see why some people show up even if they didn't originally plan to buy anything.Plus, their return policy is unbelievable. I once witnessed a lady returning lettuce. You can return perishables??Nowadays I don't really need much in bulk. I mainly just come for necessities, discounted movie tickets, and the food court. You can order food court items from the checkout line.Like I've said before, thanks for feeding me and my family since before I could see over a shopping cart.

See all photos from Joy W. for Costco 5/30/2016

Be aware of what you eat!! Just found a Plastic Film Strip as I ripped apart my Blueberry Muffin after purchasing the 6-pack from #Costco #costcosouthsanfrancisco #disappointed #disgustedNot entirely sure if the baked goods are packaged in house yet isn't this in the basic food handler's guide ?!? Anyone who bought muffins this past weekend for the Holiday, be careful.

Ripped the bottom half and clearly see the plastic film. Ripped the bottom half and clearly see the plastic film. 1/30/2016

This Costco is great and has all the usual stuff as any other store.  Make sure you go in with a list or you can spend hours here and $100's of more dollars than anticipated!

Someone's buying a baby? Someone's buying a baby? Member prices Member prices Entrance Entrance See all photos from James H. for Costco 12/23/2015

I'm a Costco fan and I am just not crazy about this one.  It's a super busy location with a horrible parking lot layout.  There's only one way in and one way out which creates a huge amount of traffic.  There are cars that only want gas and then there are cars that only want to shop but you still have to go through the same one entrance.  When you leave, all of the lanes end up in the same one lane to leave which creates a traffic jam in the parking lot!  It gets dangerous with aggressive cars and people walking.  Once inside, the employees aren't super friendly at all.  You can tell they are just there collecting their paychecks.  They don't look happy and are somewhat rude.  Would I recommend this Costco?  Only if you're in the area and need to shop but next time, I will drive to the other one near the airport.


Brian (or Ryan) in the Bakery saved my day!  He fulfilled a very last-minute request for a cake and even got the writing done for us.  He really gave excellent customer service!Thank you!


It is amazing that within 5 miles there are two Costco stores in Daly City / South San Francisco area. Let me just say this.1. Getting to this one off of Hickey and El Camino is like one of the worst experiences.  Slow lights, too many cars, rude drivers, inexperienced drivers, mad rush and a certain "I don't care about you" attitude.2. Inside, this is a normal Costco as everything else.3. Lines to check our are normal. Busy, crowded, but moves fast.Overall, I always have a difficult time at this one. Last year, I actually cut off someone getting into the left turn lane. I was in the right, technically, but I did cut them off in a literal sense. I opened my window to wave an apology.  Then when we were side by side, I rolled down my window to apologize.The lady and her family were from the Middle East, flipped me off and started to yell at me.  We parked near each other and she started to cuss and flip me off again, after I again apologized. Unfortunately, the design of this Costco did not take into consideration the traffic and human ill will.  This place is a recipe for disaster.


This is for the photo department. Tony helped with my printer ink and he had a great attitude and joked with the line that formed. He was efficient and friendly.


Very inefficient Costco.We got here at 10am and there was a huge line and everyone was rushing in while one female employee was barking at everyone. She definitely didn't get her morning coffee...We came here to return something and the like was super long. There was only like 4 people returning the merchandise. Waited about 20 minutes.Looked around the store to get some essentials and tried samples.We navigated our way to check out and the line was super long and there were only 5 people on the register!Costco, it's not new to you that there's a lot people coming in on the weekends. Don't be afraid to hire more people and put more employees on the floor.

Super long lines Super long lines 8/12/2016

Always a good experience. Problems get resolved with a smile. Floor personnel help to locate items. Pharmacy personnel are extremely helpful.  This is the best example of customer service.


If I could live here I would.  This is the friendliest, nicest Costco, and the people here have been working here since I can remember.  I love going during the day (lunch hour!) and dashing out with things I need as well as little treasures that, well, I don't need.   I am and always will be a shopper!!Extra tip:  (and you can trust me on this one)  If you are in line, look for the guy in this picture.  He is without a doubt the fastest one.  Get in his line, even if it is the longest one, and you will be out of there in like 2 minutes.  He's so great at his job that I'm actually even a bit attracted to him, even though I could probably be his mother..

If you see this guy, get in his line. You will be out of there in like two minutes! And he's so nice! If you see this guy, get in his line. You will be out of there in like two minutes! And he's so nice! 9/29/2015

Costco is costco. What can you say? You can't argue the price of everything you get and well, it's costco!! LolI like to get the occasional hot dog, loaded with onions, relish and toppings but really, only come here for grocery needs and gas.  You definitely need to time your visit here perfectly or you'll be stuck with long long lines for gas (peak time of course would be after work, 6ish) and rude people who'll either bump you with their cart or leave their cart in the middle of the big aisle of Costco and still amazingly be able to block your path with the amazingly big aisle! Idk how people do it, they have a gift.I do get sad when they discontinue items that I've grown accustom to purchasing on my visits here but he, you live and move on.  So this Costco, like I said, gets very busy, a lot. I work across from the SF Costco, and their busy crowd is like SSF slow crowd. I may be exaggerating but it's like going to in and out daly city. This Costco gets packed while other's are so much easier. Too bad it's the closest to home. But as stated before, you just need to know one thing. Beware of blind customers and their carts, they will hit you and not apologize!

4/24/2016 Updated review

I was there on Friday after work and when I was checking out the woman did not ask me if I wanted a box for my stuff that I was buying. She just scanned it and then put it in the cart I had.  I was like looking at her like I am spending almost a hundred dollars and you don't ask me if I want a box?! I didn't feel like asking for it and I was tired as well as didn't want to bother after walking around for an hour in the warehouse.  I found a cookbook that was $30 originally and it was $18, so costco is worth a trip for books and movies on dvd.

6/2/2015 Previous review I like coming here when it is not a madhouse during the week! During the weekends it is hard to walk… I like coming here when it is not a madhouse during the week! During the weekends it is hard to walk around the center aisles and hoards of people exiting waiting for the people to check the receipt before you leave the warehouse. Some of the samples are really good, but it is hard to get to them because of the people camped out around the tables hard to reach the samples. One time a guy reached over me to get a sample and groped me. Another time this guy kept on hitting me with the cart behind me. Then this guy tries to cut in front of. The woman helped me move my cart so I could leave. Read more 3/31/2016

Costco is alway great.  great place to get gas and booze before heading to the airport.  massive localized and cheap hard liquor selection.  There is another costco just north of the car rental return that is awesome as well.  Food court is indoors and plentiful seating

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