Curry Up Now - Indian - 225 Bush St, Financial District, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Curry Up Now   - Indian - 225 Bush St, Financial District, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Gim'me some TL;DR- Walk up to the food truck, order, pay, BAM- they hand you the food. The entire interaction takes about 20 seconds. In and out, fo sho. How yer experience?- We went at 1pm on a weekday, and there was no line. I ordered the chicken tikka masala burrito, and my friend ordered the deconstructed samosa. The have the food pre-packed and ready to go, so things are quick. I can appreciate operational efficiencies. How da food taste? - We both enjoyed the food, though now I am in that post Indian food state. Zzzzz. Ethnic food meets burrito- the trend continues. Where da truck at? - The truck is located near the Target on Bush Street. Where to sit and eat? - Go to the nearby One Samsone courtyard. Public space with excellent lighting and lots of tables.


This is my first review but second time to the Curry Up Now food truck.It's ok but honestly I remembered why I hadn't been back for a long time.There are questions and concerns....I'm not Indian (so what do I know) but when I order Chicken Tikka Masala I think of chicken in a creamy sauce. Not here. It's tasty chicken but not creamy at all.There is no flavor to the rice or it's very subtle so when you take a bite that is mainly rice it's like biting into steamed rice wrapped in a tortilla. A little bit boring...*in my best Paco di Bango voice* (BTW if you know who paco di bango is and heard his voice when you read it- we should probably be friends)Lastly stewed chicken, garbanzo beans and rice all have similar "mushy-like" quality...why not throw a different texture in there. I suggest a cucumber spear and maybe cilantro.That being said I ate the whole thing in about 10 min and my nose is running due to spiciness.


Solid lunch spot. Has the chicken tikka masala burrito. Ordered and got my food all in less than twenty seconds! $9 and change for a good sized burrito for lunch. Looked small but it was dense and filling. The chicken was tender. Good large chunks of meat. The spices were flavorful and left a nice kick after the ritto was gone. Food trucks' presence can be hit or miss but I'm glad the hours on Yelp were accurate today!


The burrito was quite flimsy. The desi hot option for the burrito was indeed extremely spicy. I was disappointed that the burrito contained a lot of rice but not much meat

Chicken tikka masala burrito Chicken tikka masala burrito 5/29/2016

Tried this at Treasure Island Flea. The naan sandwich was pretty good, but Kathi rolls were bad. It was soggy and flavorless. Portions were small too. We probably didn't order the right items, I will give it a try next time. (The burritos looks good)Food: 1/5Price:2/5Favorites:* Naughty naan wwith chicken tikka masala ($10) Other orders:* Kathi rolls with beef ($8) - mughlai parantha (pan fried egg washed flat bread), sliced onions & chutney

Naughty naan wwith chicken tikka masala ($10) Naughty naan wwith chicken tikka masala ($10) Kathi rolls with beef ($8) Kathi rolls with beef ($8) Curry Up Now @ Treasure Island Flea Curry Up Now @ Treasure Island Flea 6/2/2016

I love the flavor! I've been meaning to try Curry Up Now for a long while. I have even passed by their restaurant at one point, but the people I was with didn't want Indian food! I love Indian curries and spices. I was lucky enough to try this food truck while attending an all day conference in SoMa! While we were in line they handed out their samosas. I'm so glad I got to try that. That alone probably would've filled me up and I would've been perfectly happy. I actually couldn't eat it all because I ordered the paneer tikka masala. I loved the garbanzo beans and the rice. The paneer was flavorful and the sauces were a good amount of spicy!I definitely want to visit their restaurant and try other items on their menu! They were super quick and efficient which I appreciated. I'm not sure what the wait times would be like on a normal day since this was a catered event!

Paneer & a samosa! Paneer & a samosa! 5/4/2016

If you know what a samosa is, than expect your tastebuds to never return to a typical samosa after you try Curry Up Now's "Deconstructed Samosa." This $8 treat (+$1 to make it a rice bowl) is claimed an inside-out phenomenon! And I can vouch for this flavor blasting bowl of goodness.What you're receive: Chana masala (a spicy Indian chickpea dish that I absolutely love and am still trying to perfect at home--send me all your favorite recipes!), pico de gallo with chutneys dressed with mini samosas that include your choice of protein: beef, chicken, paneer or vegan option. It's spicy, well balanced on the flavor, and will keep your eating until there's none left. The portion is large, this is definitely one meals worth of food or a great dish to split among several people.

Deconstructed somosa bowl. Looks can be deceiving, this was delicious! Deconstructed somosa bowl. Looks can be deceiving, this was delicious! 7/9/2016

Made it out to this elusive Indian street food truck to try one of their their star dishes - a deconstructed chicken samosa chaat. Honestly nothing deconstructed about it. It was just samosa topped with curry, chutneys, spiced onions and cilantro. They also added small mini samosa toppings for crunch may be. Not my favorite. It tasted real good but not something I plan to queue up for. Will be back to try kathi rolls though.

Deconstructed samosa Deconstructed samosa 7/18/2016

High notes are: CTM, sexy fries and goat sweat.The first time I encountered curry up now was at Outside lands 2015. It's hard to judge food when you're intoxicated and you've been walking for hours; at that point everything tastes good.So this time I was more clear headed. I'm so glad too because I bought three things just to try the variety in their menu.The CTM (chicken tikka masala) burrito was juicy and dripping with curry. I was expecting a lack of chicken and mostly potatoes but to my surprise there several pieces of cluck cluck.The sexy fries are called sexy fries because of the "o" face you make while eating them. I recommend getting them over lamb if they have it available.Speaking of baahhhhhhdass food. The goat sweat (Monday special only), was an interesting blend of bone in goat meat and traditional Indian spices. Not too sure what else was in there, maybe potatoes.They also offer traditional mango lassee but I was too full to order.All in all I will back here again, as this is the most popular food truck in the food truck lunch circle on 2nd and Folsom.


Paneer Tikka Masala Bowl  - pretty good! I recommend itDestructed Samosa with Paneer - pretty good! I recommend it

Paneer Tikka Masala Bowl Paneer Tikka Masala Bowl 8/3/2016

They've already done the pun for me. One of those things where I feel like I have abandoned all hope of tradition and disparate national cuisines and identities. Obviously my Sushiritto review is just waiting to be written. That being said, gosh darn I love this. Just put sauce in a wrapper. You kind of just slurp up the curry from the naan-y/tortilla container that you can also eat. Which looks slightly better than licking the plate at the buffet. Pro tip: Anything more than Medium spicy might cause you to lose sensation in your face and eventually hit the Tums. Don't get too cocky just because the name has a pun in it.


Tried and true - this is one of the first food trucks I started coming to regularly. I love that I can count on them being on Bush on most days of the week. Yes, there will be a line, but this is DTSF (it comes with the territory). The last he's usually move pretty quickly and I'm on my way. It's an interesting take on Indian food. The chicken tikka masala burrito, and the sexy fries are awesome examples of how they have reinvented foods with with an Indian twist. Everything I've gotten here has been good (I think I've had most of the menu items) however, it's the deconstructed samosa that keeps me coming back. Great portion size with mini samosas Chana masala in a bowl. Its awesome and definitely hits the spot when you want something quick with really great flavor with a bit of a kick. A number of Indian food trucks have popped up recently, but curry up now has created something unique. I usually go between the chicken and the paneer deconstructed samosa. Make sure to get one with a mango lassi and go eat it on one of the rooftop gardens around FiDi. You're welcome.

Deconstructed samosa with paneer & a mango lassi. Deconstructed samosa with paneer & a mango lassi. 9/8/2015

Curry fix in the FiDi!  The spices lack strong flavor or umph.  It was good, nonetheless.  Got the Tikal masala chicken and it hits the spot. Decent lunch spot!

Tikka masala chicken Tikka masala chicken 3/31/2016

I tried Curry Up at the StrEAT Food Park.  The menu sounded pretty exciting and innovative, but the food was missing that Indian umph, that special burst of flavor.  I found all of the entree elements to be far too sweet, from the chana to the chutney to the chicken tikka.  There was no spiciness, either in terms of spices for flavor or hot pepper spice.  It did the trick, but missed the mark for that Indian zest.  The food wasn't bland, but certainly not spiced as I would've expected.  What was excellent, however, was the mango lassi.  The flavor was perfect--just the right amount of mango, the perfect sweetness, and the perfect size for the price.  For me, this item is a definite must try.What concerns me is that I asked if the inside out samosa had wheat because the menu made no mention of actual samosas or samosa wrappers, and I am very much gluten intolerant.  When I asked, the lady said no, but at the table, before taking a bite, I found the dish to be full of mini samosas, and a large one.  Those are definitely made of flour.  When I went back up with my dish and asked about it, she still said no flour.  Then, I showed her a mini samosa on the spoon to be sure I had the right dish.  She says yes, right dish, no wheat, just flour.  Everyone makes mistakes, but that could've been a very costly one.  I would've been sick for weeks, at minimum.  Some people would be willing to sue over that, had they eaten it, so hopefully she knows now.  Upon asking, She let me exchange my dish, but she wasn't too enthused.  Sorry, but no fad diet here.  I really can't eat the stuff, as much as is love to.


The deconstructed samosa is to die for!! I definitely didn't need to add paneer and chicken to it - I'm sure it would have been more than enough food by itself but perhaps it's because I also got a mango lassi (which was also excellent). Either way,  solid choice and two thumbs up!! Also, arrive at 11.30am to be the first in line!!

Deconstructed samosa + mango lassi Deconstructed samosa + mango lassi 7/3/2016

The famous chicken tikka burrito is full of flavor and SO satisfying! If you're hesitant like I was ... just try it. Please.I actually had my order from Curry Up Now delivered to my work by Uber Eats, so all that I can really comment about is the quality of the food but, that being said, it's GOOD! As a lover of both Indian and Mexican food, I was a bit skeptical about seeing these two worlds collide, but they are seriously compatible. The burrito was bursting with the perfect amount of flavor, which was wonderfully complex, and provided the wonderful comfort of hearty Indian food all in the convenience of a whole wheat tortilla. Genius. I just need to remove one star, unfortunately, because admittedly my stomach did not feel too great after eating it :( However, it still tasted really awesome and is a dish that I think any Indian food lover should try at least once!


I dropped by here after always seeing this food truck outside of the Target today. It usually has a huge line, but I came right when they opened and ordered my food. I got their special of the day which was Butter Chicken Burrito. It took about 5 minutes and I got my food and brought it back to work. On a side note the lady was very nice and welcoming who took my order. I enjoyed the burrito quite a bit! It has some nice spices to it! I was not expecting it to be so flavorful (might be a tad spicy for people who don't like spicy) and I scarfed it up quickly. The burrito is packed and it felt like a small baby when I held it back into work. Overall, solid spot albeit a bit pricey, but it's kind of expected for food truck spots. Definitely recommend the Butter Chicken, but the Masala is definitely going to be the next one I jump on!

Inside of the burrito! Inside of the burrito! Butter Chicken Burrito Butter Chicken Burrito 3/2/2016

Always a line.For me this is a fundamental San Francisco experience. A huge burrito with my favorite Indian dish on the inside, Chicken Tikka Masala. If you do go with the CTM burrito, which I highly recommend you do, you're lunch will be ready before you sign for your card.I come here often and when I no longer work in the area I'll really miss this great lunch option.


The naan is the most attention-seeking, dressed up, warm/tingly on your tongue piece of flatbread I have ever met. There are some pickled peppers they use in their Cauliflower that is certainly not for the faint of heart. But very satisfying and not too salty.

Sexy Fries with chicken and cheese Sexy Fries with chicken and cheese 8/21/2016

Ate here last friday night at "Off The Grid" Fort Mason. I'd been craving Indian food all week and was excited to see the Curry Up Now truck. I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala with Naan. Within hours I felt sick and was up all night feeling ill. DON'T EAT HERE! Seriously folks, this place gave me food poisoning.

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