Designer Furniture - 25 Reviews - Furniture Stores - 647 El Camino Real, South San Francisco, CA

Designer Furniture - 25 Reviews - Furniture Stores - 647 El Camino Real, South San Francisco, CA

David is awesome! He is the owner, and usually the person you deal with when circling the store for the perfect new piece of furniture. My mom had purchased and chose a drawer to be sent to our home in a few weeks, but wanted to get my thumbs up before it was delivered. David had told her that if it wasn't what I was looking for, he would allow us to choose another one, despite making a deposit and scheduling a drop off and installation. So we went in, and my mom showed me the chosen dresser. It was a keeper!  On our way out, we spotted this cute little dining room set and David asked if we were interested. We were able to bargain with him since we decided on getting the dining room set and the dresser. Free delivery, set up, and installation! (They wont, however, take your old furniture with them. Fair enough!) Thanks David and Designer Furniture! I will be back!


Me and my husband love this place!  Upon purchasing our home 16 years ago, we've bought every single piece of furniture from here (bedrooms, kitchen, living room).  They're very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable and all of the pieces we've purchased have held up beautifully over the years.  I highly recommend!


I found an entertainment center at a designer store but I wasn't sure of the size so I went home to measure. I happened upon Designer Furniture before making the purchase and they got me the same piece at a better price and delivered within a week when the designer said it would take at least two. David was great to work with and the delivery team was extremely pleasant and professional. I'm very happy with the whole experience and will go to them first next time. I highly recommend Designer Furniture!


If I could give this place zero stars, I would. my wife and I had purchased a sectional from the place and were excited that we found exactly what we were looking for.  The salesman David told us that the sectional was there best selling piece of furniture, so that pretty much confirmed our decision. We were told that the couch would be delivered within two because it had to be order which we understood.  After two weeks we had not heard from David so we called him up to see what was going on. he told us that the sectional was on backorder and that it would take another week. Ok fine whatever just get us the sectional. All in all with Davids' lies and over promises, we finally received that sectional a month after ordering.  Five months into having the sectional, the couch part of the sectional broke so we called David to process a warranty.  As usual he over promises and under delivers. Here we are two months later waiting for our couch to be replaced and again getting the run around from David. I really dont understand why this guy still has a business. He does not know the meaning of customer service and he does not stand by his product. if we dont here from David within a week about our replacement sectional, we will be forced to take legal action.PLEASE AVOID THIS PLACE, DAVID IS A PRO AT OVER PROMISE UNDER DELIVER.


The delivery was not on-time, when delivered, knocked my front door light, the sectional was scratched trying to move it into the house. I was told the couch was wrapped but it wasn't. I also ordered 4 bar stools, which one is missing an handle. I called David and went in for a visit telling him about the scratch on the sectional couch and the handle for a few months ago. Just called him and he said he FORGOT and will call me the next day, which he didn't. He told me that he will schedule someone to fix the scratch and order the handle but its been so long. So....i have to call him back to see if he forgot again. Really bad follow up as one the reviewer has mention.

4/8/2014 Updated review

So after phone tagging with the diamond mattress warranty department! Someone finally came to the house after 2 weeks! This old male that inspect the even said I feel sorry about your son that he can feel all the spring in this bed and its brand new! I said i know. And he said ill make sure that company hears about it. So after another 2 weeks i haven't gotten any calls! So of course i need to call this fuckers again! Left them messages 3 days in a row/ email them and no response! Whats new! So finally today they answered! Horay! And guess what that old fart said that the bed was perfect! That there is nothing wrong with it!!! Are u fucking serious!!! After making me feel sorry for my son!!! This is the report you give!!! I believe in karma!!! You will het it soon!!! Hate hate hate this company!! Services!!! I hope your company go bankrupt!!!

3/20/2014 Previous review I would not give this place any stars!!! We bought all our mattress here 12 years ago and we haven't… I would not give this place any stars!!! We bought all our mattress here 12 years ago and we haven't had problems so i thought why not buy my son a twin mattress here!! A day after buying it my son complained that he can feel the spring so i told him maybe his just nit used to it bla bla bla. Anyways after few days of complained i went and check it and OMG!!! I can feel all the fucking spring!!! So i called the place and Ofcourse they said they dont do return or exchange. They gave me a warranty number to call so then i called and they wanted me to fill up all this paper works and then someone will come and expect the bed!!! OMG!!! So much hassle for a fucking 135 twin bed!!!! I will never go and recommend this place again!!! Pls listen to me!!! DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE!!!! Save your time!!! Read more 3/11/2014

I ordered a couch and dining room table. We came in and ordered around the hoildays not busy at all and we needed to do a monthly pay and they were bery understanding and nice! A husband and wife team that never seemed to be bothered for not paying in full. We got our table and all had to do set it up maybe 10 mins.. And then we got our couch last month they took out old couch and were nice about it. Their deliever people had a hard time taking lur couch but understable cause we have a limited space and were cool with it. My couch and table look good in our place! Thank you.


We were referred to this store by our Property Manager and she assured us that David would take good care of us and hook us up with a good deal. Well, he took care of us alright and gave us a good deal on an ottoman! All was good until 2 weeks passed by and we still hadn't received our furniture. So, we called on a Friday and found out they were closed. So, we tried again on Monday and this time we were able to talk to David. Found out our ottoman came in and they can deliver on Tuesday or Wednesday. We opted for Tuesday between 5-7pm since we wanted it in already.... After we got off the phone with him, I was wondering if they would've called us if we didn't call them. I was wondering how long my ottoman had been sitting there?!!! Yesterday was Tuesday - Delivery Day so I got a call from Karen (David's wife) at 5pm confirming delivery. All went well.... 3 stars is for the lack of follow up on their part. I'll continue to check out their stuff and possibly purchase something if I see something I like.


A good sign from this place was the phone was answered when I called to see if they were open. David is the man I dealt with. Showroom was about the same as the mom/Pop furniture places. Went to Ikea, bedroom express, Jennifer Convertibles, Macy's, Sears, JCP and Furniture Gallery. Better quality was at Furniture Gallery and here. Of course the big name stores, but with a higher price! David is a nice honest guy and has room to bargain a bit. Shoot he even threw in free delivery since we live in the same city!! Can't beat that, especially since other places charge $25-150 for delivery!!  Took a look around and found 2 sectionals, microfiber sofa set and a leather set I liked immediately. Had to make a decision because I was tired of looking and I  knew what I wanted at this point. David quoted a good price, but a little bargaining I got a really SWEET bonded leather sofa and chair for $680 in RED!!! Only bad thing was the chair was out of stock for 2 weeks. Not a problem because the move-in date was about that. All-in-all great experience. Hoping delivery goes just as smooth!!


We just bought a sofa here today. I would say their stuff are pretty cheap compare to other furniture stores that I've been to. I would strongly recommend this store for it's not only cheap they also have a lot of designs that you can choose from. Lastly, Karen and David are great! They're very helpful and knowledgable .


Walked in with my husband and two kids. We're looking to buy a new Dining Set. Looked around for a good 15 minutes,  with in the 15 minutes someone just said hello and that's it, they left us alone. Low behold and older Caucasian lady walks in and with in 2 minutes she's greeted and offered to look at a catalog.  I know between my husband and I we look young but we have very good careers and make great money together. Sorry Designer Furniture, if you don't want our business. That's your loss!


The customer service here is great.   I bought my furniture set for my apartment and was happy with the delivery.   When Karen said we will get the furniture at a specified date, it really was delivered and amazingly just 2 days after I ordered them.   She gave a great discount that my family ordered their furniture from them now.


Horrible customer service. Bought a piece of furniture a couple weeks ago. Furniture is poor quality and after a sale the owners just don't care about you. Work on customer service. Treat your customers with respect!


I love Designer Furniture! My new home would not be the same without Karen & David (the owners). A good friend recommended their business to me for my sectional couch and i found exactly what i was looking for the minute i stepped inside their store. Not only did i buy a new couch, but they gave me an excellent deal for an ottoman and countertop dining table with a lazy susan. Their prices are very affordable, but i even got a greater deal for paying with cash instead of a debit/credit card! Next time i need new furniture, i'm definitely going to go back to Designer Furniture. Thanks again for all your help and great service!

5/11/2009 Updated review

I came back to Designer Furniture and purchased a 7-piece dining set and a storage ottoman.  Karen assisted me with my purchase.  She was patient, knowledgeable, and very easy to speak with.    My sis also purchased a bedroom set which she was able to completely customize.  Karen also assisted her with this purchase.  Because of our purchases, we were able to get a VERY good deal.  If you're looking for furniture, this place is definitely worth stopping by.I'll provide a final update when I receive my furniture.

4/10/2009 Previous review A good friend suggested that I stop by Designer Furniture to take a look at the furniture they sell.… A good friend suggested that I stop by Designer Furniture to take a look at the furniture they sell.  I've passed by this store many times while picking up a tapioca drink at Eggettes and never cared for it until now.  They have a nice selection of furniture and the salesman was very nice and not at all pushy.  YAY!  My fiance and I browsed the entire floor uninterupted which I appreciate, because there's nothing more annoying than being pushed to buy things you're not sure or informed about.  A dining set caught my eye and was priced very nicely!  I'll have to shop around more to see what else is out there but if nothing beats the dining set at DF, I'm definitely returning to purchase it.  I'll follow-up later. Read more 4/1/2012

The service is great and they are very knowledgeable about their lines...the only thing that I was disappointed was that they over promised the time of delivery.  I went in on February 15th and was looking for a condo size sofa.  Couldn't find what I wanted so I ordered a beautiful chair for my bed room.  They told me it would take 2 weeks.  After 2 weeks I did receive a phone call and was told it would be at the end of the month.  Well today is April 1st and it is finally here.  I will be taking delivery this week.  I read other comments and will see if they can give me adjustment for the wait.


I have been going to this furniture place for the last 10 yrs.  I have recommended this place to numerous friends and family members.  The place got great selection and very friendly.  I just picked up a floor sample full size bed frame for my girl and got a great deal.


Our property manager referred us to this place and just like the other reviewer we were assured we'd be taken care of. We went over and met David who seemed to be really professional. While he is a nice person he does not have good followthru. We first ordered a dining set that took an additional 2 weeks to arrive from the day he told us and then on delivery day they delivery crew were three hours late! We went on to order a few days later a sectional couch (the one in the photos attached) that we were in love with. We went back and forth with frequent visits to the store and calls to David to see the status. David said the shippers havent been reachable and having been returning his calls and the distributer has oversold on that couch so thats why things are behind. He said product just has been randomly arriving with no warning. In the end, after two months of no couch we decided to get our money back. David claimed he didnt have cash on him so for us to come back the next day. We then received a call later that day that David heard back from the shippers miraculously and they can have the couch delivered by tomorrow. As amazing as that was that the fairy couch gods were now available to make a miracle happen for us after having waited for that long we still wanted our money back because I had already done research and had found the same couch in Berkeley. I called the other place and they said they had it in stock and gave us a much better price!  David gave us our money with a slight attitude when we told him we'd found it elsewhere. Not worth the time. I dont believe anyone should be forced to be that patient to wait an eternity for product to arrive. NEVER AGAIN!


Love this store.  Doesn't look like much from the outside, and the showroom is small-ish and crowded, but if you know what you're looking for, they can order pretty much anything at a good price.  I have bought several sofas, an entertainment center, and dining set from them, and have no complaints.  My parents ordered a bed from them, and they delivered and installed in S.F. for pretty cheap.  Not sure whom they use nowadays, but when I bought my furniture several years ago, they had a cute but ancient man deliver and install - he may have been old but knew his stuff.  Karen and David (owners?) are great if you need help finding a piece from their catalogs.  Prices are very competitive (I checked them vs. other vendors on the internet).


Stay away from this place.  We bought a bed frame that faded from its color a month after we bought it.  The owner promised to replace it over a year ago and we are still waiting for a replacement after multiple calls and promises that it would be delievered to my home I have given up.  Thought I would write this review to help other avoid our mistake of buying from this place.

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