Diablo Chimney Sweeps - 23 Reviews - Chimney Sweeps - Martinez, CA

Diablo Chimney Sweeps - 23 Reviews - Chimney Sweeps - Martinez, CA

Let me set the scene.........my wife and I bought a beautiful Valor L1 fireplace to replace a cheap inefficient fireplace insert. We had absolutely horrible experiences with trying to find a reputable contractor to install and finish the whole project. Take a look at the pictures....not a big space, but a space that had to be thought through from start to end. Every one of the contractors seemed inexperienced and bid the job off the chart. To keep costs down, I did the demolition in 2 hrs - one contractor wanted to charge me $6K for it. I also hired an architect to produce conceptual drawings with sufficient details for the contractors to bid the job correctly. Needless to say, we struck out multiple times and my wife was going to haul me to divorce court if the project didn't get started. I don't blame her as she stared at a giant hole in the wall for a year!Out of desperation, my wife got a referral to Robert Winters. We contacted Robert and and he stopped over to take a look. After talking about the project and what we needed done, we began to really calm down and trust him. We put a plan together and an a estimated cost. He was extremely busy during this time, so he could not do the project on a consecutive basis; however, that was fine with us. It saved me a trip to divorce court (c:=Robert is highly experienced with fireplaces, ventilation, building code, etc. He does not cut corners and does things right. We really enjoyed working with him and his team. They always clean up, show up on time, are open minded and not judgmental of homeowners that don't know any better. He helps guide you through the decision making process, and we really took a liking to how he handled things. He was able to follow our architects design concept, and he roughed in the complex infrastructure to allow for a very nice finished look. It was a puzzle that many contractors would of screwed up; however, he did it!!!He actually came over to oversee the fireplace installation from the company we purchase the Valor L1 from. Thank god for Robert.....he made sure the install was done right. All I can say is, I plan to hire Robert again....even if he tells me "no thanks" or tells me he doesn't do fireplaces anymore. I will not let say no to us. That is how much we like working with him.Robert is also small businessman with a lot of integrity. Do not screw him around, because he does not deserve it. He is just a gem of a real person, adds value in everything he does, and gets the job done.

Pic-4 | Tile just installed. Once the grout dried, it was seamless. Pic-4 | Tile just installed. Once the grout dried, it was seamless. Pic-3 | Making progress to finish! Pic-3 | Making progress to finish! Pic-2 | Valor L1 and Media Center box roughed in. Pic-2 | Valor L1 and Media Center box roughed in. See all photos from Jack M. for Diablo Chimney Sweeps 10/21/2015

Rex came out back in July to conduct a chimney inspection on a house we were potentially buying. It was a last minute decision to have the inspection done and Diablo Chimney fit me into their schedule with only 24 hours notice! Rex was punctual and explained everything thoroughly. He came back out this week to do the repair work for us after the sale of the house went through. Again...punctual, thorough and very good to work with. All pricing was consistent with the original quotes for repairs back in July. And throughout the whole process I felt that they were mostly concerned with the safety of my family, not just making a buck. Diablo Chimney will continue to be my go-to for all things chimney-related!


We purchased a new home 2 months ago and were unsure of the condition of the fireplace. After a quick read through the Yelp reviews we decided to have Diablo Chimney Sweep come out and take a look. And I'm glad we did! Rex arrived a few minutes earlier than our appointment time and was great as soon as he stepped through the door! He was so knowledgable, quick and clean! Well worth the $, I would highly recommend Diablo Chimney Sweep!


Yes, I would recommend them. Affordable. Punctual. Tidy. Informative. Polite. Licensed. I was happy from the time I finished my phone call to ask questions and make an appointment, to the time Robert and his assistant walked out my front door with check in hand.  Our chimney got a great cleaning and inspection. I decided to opt for the new chimney cap Robert recommended, because he explained/showed me very clearly how the previous one was ill-fitting and possibly dangerous. Robert also gave me a ton of useful info about lighting our first fire for the winter (just bought the old place in 2013), and for avoiding smokiness and back draft, etc. I plan to call them again next time chimney needs a cleanin'.


Wow, I am totally impressed by the quality of work and professionalism of Diablo chimney.  We recently had a chimney fire and needed to get it checked out and cleaned.  It turns out that the repair needed was more than just an inspection and cleaning.  We had to add an liner as well.  Robert made us very much aware of all the costs and the best solution.  We later had Diablo Chimney return for the repair which took almost the whole day.  Marcus assisted him and was also very professional as well.  We trusted them so much that we left the house to Diablo Chimney to do their work while we went an played for the day. I would recommend them to anyone that uses a wood stove. We will be calling them for future cleanings and maintance.


Robert & his assistant, Jake, showed up on time as promised, did a beautiful job cleaning and servicing my fireplace insert, cheerfully answered all my questions, spent extra time fixing the surrounding framework (which was getting loose), cleaned up behind themselves, and educated me without judgment on what I need to do in the future to stay out of trouble. I am so happy to find such a true professional; he doesn't oversell you & has a great sense of personal integrity. When you call Diablo Chimney you know you get Robert--not whoever's on duty that day-- Predictable good service that's the gold standard. Can't beat that!


I had a great experience with Diablo Chimney Sweeps. They came on time to our appointment, were very clean and resolved our issue with no problem. Glad I found them!!


Great job to the two workers that came out. They showed up on time, were polite, got the job done quickly and gave advice on how to save money on items for my two fireplaces.  They left my home clean and I would use this company again. Five stars!


I'm glad I called these guys. They were prompt, friendly, and cleaned up behind themselves. They pulled the insert out and did a thorough job.


I use my woodstove quite a bit throughout the winter months and my chimney was in need of being swept and inspected.  Based on a recommendation from River City Stove in Martinez, I contacted Diablo Chimney Sweeps.  I made an appointment for service and they actually arrived early, performed the service quickly and efficiently, and there was no mess or soot left behind.  They found and addressed two issues with my chimney cap and were in and out in less than an hour.How great is it to find a company that is on time, clean and polite, and completes the job very quickly and efficiently?  I am struggling with ridiculous AT&T to even make contact with someone from their customer service team so I can simply ask when they will offer the Pac-12 Network.  AT&T could take a customer service lesson from Diablo Chimney Sweeps.Simply great service that I highly recommend!


These guys were great!  I first used them for a chimney sweep and inspection after buying a house from the 1950's.  It was revealed to me what kind of work needed to be performed to get the fireplace in perfect working order.  They not only quoted me the cost for repairs, but took the time to explain each itemized task in a way that made sense.Naturally, I called them up when I was ready to have the work done.  They were in and out in a single day, did quality work at a quick pace, and threw in some extra detail work at no additional cost.  In fact they honored the original quote down to the dollar.I'm looking forward to working with them in the future and would recommend they're work to anyone.


I have had my chimney cleaned before but these guys took the extra time and did an absolutely wonderful job! Super knowledgeable! I would recommend them to anyone! ty guys for doing what ya do so well!


Had a great experience with diablo chimney.  THey scheduled the appointment quickly, arrived on time and were very thorough and clean with my inspection and clean.  Our ignitor on our gas fireplace will probably stop working soon and they gave us some options for replacing it when it did stop working.  I will definitely recommend them to anyone needing chimney services.


Diablo Chimney Sweeps was recommended to be by a friend who swears by them. I had them come out to the house for a chimney sweep and inspection. I also wanted to get a professional's opinion about installing a wood burning stove or possibly a gas insert. Robert called me 30 minutes before our scheduled appointment just to let me know he was on his way. He arrived just on time and the heads up was greatly appreciated. Allow me to preface this next part by saying I am extremely selective of who I let in my hime and around my wife and kids. Robert showed up and was clean, well spoken and component. He did an excellent job on the chimney sweep and was VERY CLEAN!!!!!! The cleaning ladies had been to the house the day before and he didn't even kick up any dust, which my wife really appreciated. I spoke with him about a fireplace insert, both gas and wood. He told me he would be happy to install one although, because my house was so small, he didn't recommend it because the heat would be too much. My excitement over getting a new stove was obvious and he could have easily up sold me on a new unit, which he didn't. He pointed out a few repairs I needed and explained, in laymen's terms, what they were. The quote for the work was extremely reasonable. I called him back tonight to schedule the work. I'll update my review when the work is complete.


Great service, very friendly, knowledgeable and timely .


They cleaned my chimney and the house was very dusty afer they left.  In addition, they tried to hard sell me on changes that I needed.


Couldn't get my fireplace to light up for 2 years...finally called Diablo Chimney.  They were able to service within a week.  Robert and his assistant, Anthony, were great.  On-time, professional, neat, and got the job done!  Explained the way the fireplace worked (for a single lady).  At the moment, I am enjoying the beautiful fire with my three puppies.  Can't believe I waited so long and called a very reputable company.  I live in Peacock Creek in Clayton.  I highly suggest Diablo Chimney!


I have had the pleasure of using Robert & Rex from Diablo Chimney for many years in several different houses. They re-built a hearth once and even searched for the no longer made right size bricks to complete the job. Robert created a very real looking gas fireplace setup for me once and people never knew it was a gas log.But today I called on  them to clean out my incredibly blocked dryer filter duct and wow, that was a lot of lint that Rex pulled out! Rex explained everything and was pleasant as always. I will continue to refer all my friends to Diablo Chimney. Now I ask you, maybe you got your chimney cleaned this year, but when was the last time you cleaned out your dryer duct??


We've employed Diablo Chimney Sweep on two occasions this year.  Both visits were timely, professional, polite and effective.  Robert & Rex go about their work in a very efficient manner.  They set up to protect the household from ash and soot, and just as efficiently remove tarps and debris.  They have cleaned both our chimney and stove pipes.  They also have undertaken repairs on our wood stove.  We could not be more satisfied.


Glad we called Diablo Chimney! Rex and Corey were 30 minutes early, but I'd rather have them early than late. Rex was very knowledgeable. I requested that they clean the chimney from inside the house instead of inside the house AND from the roof as our roof is made of tile. He said they are experienced with maneuvering around on tile roofing, but we thought it best to just play it safe and clean from inside.  Cloth tarps were placed on the hardwood floor inside so there wasn't any dust/ash that I needed to clean up later.After our chimney was cleaned, Rex gave me some great advice regarding what I could do to burn better fires and keep smoke out of the living room. He gave me a decent quote on brick work that needs to be done in our firebox (cracked bricks need to be replaced at some point) and even gave me a recommendation for a good firewood place that I hadn't yet found online. The price was excellent and I have zero complaints with the work that was done.

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