Dollar Tree - Discount Store - 555 El Camino Real, South San Francisco, CA

Dollar Tree   - Discount Store - 555 El Camino Real, South San Francisco, CA

This is definitely one of the biggest Dollar Trees compared to the one in Belmont for instance with stuff all over the floor, narrow aisles, & just making it feel like everyone is shopping on top of each other.  Not here; plenty of well spaced aisles, well organized, & friendly service.  We loved the candy & cookie aisle as they carry Piersen's Salted Nut Rolls (similar to Pay Days but with a slight edge,) almond pinwheel cookies, & ginger snaps.  We parused the whole store & would definitely come back for cleaning supplies, personal care, & other items.  The staff is very friendly including the checkers who are very effi9cient.  So, for some items at low prices in a clean well organized atmosphere with friendly efficient service, Dollar Tree fcannot be beat,.  Keep up the good work guys.


I like this dollar tree over the other dollar trees specifically for one reason... Their food selection is pretty good! Yeah it might be a little suspicious but I always check expiration dates and everything like that. Their decorations for Christmas are always good here I specifically like their wrapping paper and they also have gift boxes for only $1. I don't complain about that! Ohhhh and balloons, they're always stocked up! But one con.... Big con....They're always understaffed and sometimes take a while when you need help with balloons and register check out.


Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am obsessed with Dollar Tree. It started last year with my great Christmas tree ornament haul in Pacifica. I was really impressed with the quality of ornaments I found pre-December that rivaled similar styles that were more expensive at Michaels. That year I saved so much money on Christmas Tree ornaments and gift wrap that I was able to buy each of my 2 daughters an extra Christmas gift. Then I went to Dollar Tree again for a party haul. I bought plates, utensils, napkins, cups, tablecloth and streamers in the color of the party theme. I also found sterno cans to keep food at the buffet warm. I found all kinds of aluminum pans in various sizes for the buffet. Lastly, I found assorted plastic serving dishes and utensils. The next trip was specifically for a beauty haul to find things for donation. I found a lot of mass market drugstore brands for $1 that I would have to aggressively coupon to get to $1 at the drugstore. A lot of the brands carried here are also cruelty free like Milani, LA Colors, Wet N Wild, and ELF. Couple said $1 item with a coupon and you are in deep savings zone. Recently I befriended a great group of ladies who have beauty and lifestyle blogs, Instagram, YouTube channels, etc. They keep me abreast of the best finds for the month at Dollar Tree. I found so many great personal care and beauty items to try, love, share, donate. I love their gift bags, tissue paper and 2/$1 greeting cards. I bought a box of 20 Christmas cards here for $1. There are also great non-beauty seasonal items that I will specifically drive from here to Sacramento to visit every Dollar Tree to find. Of course I wind up finding other things I need or want ...which is fine. Now I go to buy the yummy lightly scented candles, picture frames, and to find things for the kitchen like seasonal dish cloths and oven mitts, mugs and whatever. I also buy tape for presents, packing tape and bubble envelopes for shipping love and care packages to my family overseas. I buy movie theater style candy for $1 a box because know. Despite a list based on items from the email from Dollar Tree letting me know what's new in store and my network of friends who are hardcore Dollar Tree shoppers, I never know what I treasures I will find here - which is really a big part of the excitement for me. It's like a scavenger hunt for adults! To get the most out of your Dollar Tree experience: 1. Know that all Dollar Tree stores are not created equally. Visit more than one and you will see the distinct differences. 2. If you see something you want - BUY IT! Not every store will carry it or have it in stock. 3. Dollar Tree has many items that are only available for that month and those often run out. 4. Dollar Tree accepts a limit of TWO printed Internet coupons per day so you better bring your binder of newspaper or peelie coupons if you plan to use more. 5. Super Savers - go to to join this club. You will get the heads up on the upcoming items that you want to keep an eye out for. 6. This is my second year receiving the heads up on the 10% on your entire purchase of $10 or more customer appreciation day. Lastly - share your great finds with others. For the past few years luxury department stores and Dollar Tree have experienced spikes in customer growth. This means a lot of people would love to learn about Dollar Tree and what can be found there! I also find it helpful to have people share what they do not like at Dollar Tree. I do not think because something only costs a dollar it's poor quality. No, I am a saavy shopper who knows what things are worth based on the quality. Listen - I am not ashamed to admit I love love LOVE to save money where I can because I use that money saved on well thought out, planned splurges! Smart people manage their money well. Remember that. It is a talent and a gift to be able to stretch a dollar. Be proud you can do that. I love Dollar Tree and it is my hope you find something to love about it too!

This adorable, large Vintage Christmas gift bag was only $1. I love that! This adorable, large Vintage Christmas gift bag was only $1. I love that! 2 heart ornaments for $1 2 heart ornaments for $1 These balls are big These balls are big See all photos from Jennifer C P. for Dollar Tree 2/16/2015

Claustrophobic.Ribbons streaming down from 150 Valentine's balloons stuck in your hair, your eyelashes and your lipgloss- insane.Boxes of children's Valentine's empty and/or otherwise badly manhandled, cashiers swamped and merchandise you need and might be looking for? Better take your Xanax..  I should've gone to a mom 'n' pop dollar store before driving to the suburbs to the chain Dollar Tree.I'll say one positive thing: The $1 balloons I bought from The Dollar Tree for Valentine's Day for my lil boy? Still inflated and floating 3 days' later.This is more than I can say for balloons from Safeway or elsewhere that cost 4X the price. All in all, shop outside of holidays at Dollar Tree for deals on everyday stuff- or otherwise avoid.


This Dollar Tree is not a favorite. I want to say 80% of the time I have to wait in a super long line. I do like this one because the size of the store is decent. Decent enough that they will have a lot of items. I can usually find what I need here. I definitely enjoy getting kitchen supplies and food when I need it. I just wish more employees were working so that they can ring up their customers much quicker. I'm really sorry but some of them are super slow too.


I hate to say it but I love $1 stores.  You can typically run across so many strange little items and the price allows anybody to go hog wild.Along the Peninsula a $1 store means Dollar Tree and I've found the one in South San Francisco to be the biggest and best stocked of the bunch.


I love this store!  Great service and nice employees!  Can't wait to go back and shop and feel not ripped off for the bare necessities in life.


I remember my first time at Dollar Tree.. I was buying wrapping paper and asked my friend how much was this going to be. NEWS FLASH! Everything in Dollar Tree is a dollar! They do not go over $1. They may go under, but never over. Amazing.They have their own parking lot so parking isn't really much of an issue and there's always spots out on the street, too.Service here is really whatever. The workers don't really go out of their way to help you and the check out people don't really try to make small talk either. It's really more of a just find your things and pay then leave kind of place.I guess what I like about them is that they have a bunch of different items all for $1. Things that I would probably price at more than $1 is just a $1 here and it's awesome because you can buy a lot of things without really putting much of a dent in your wallet.


This Dollar Tree is HUGE!  You can easily spend over an hour browsing around looking at everything.  It had a lot of stuff that I don't see at smaller Dollar Trees which was cool. The only big downside is that the lines are long and move slow as molasses which is just ridiculous.  There was no greeting or thank you from the checker either.  She was moving soooooo slow checking, didn't bag my items, and kept taking drinks of her soda.  The soda drinking contributed to the slow service.  Here's how her soda drinking went: waited for her to slowly unscrew the lid, slowly take a sip, slowly look around, slowly screw the lid back on, slowly put the soda down, slowly proceed to continue slowly checking my items.If not for the slow service I'd have given this store 4 stars.


If there were a dollar tree mecca, this would probably be it. They have an awesome expanded selection of anything you would find at your standard dollar tree. The part I like is the freezer section. Occasionally I will stop here before work, and the freezer section has some decent offerings, my favorites being the ribwich, ice cream sandwiches, and italian lemonade.Sometimes I will also find great beer glasses as well.


What I liked about this store is that it was nice and clean! You really can't hate a dollar store to much can you? You know what you're getting when you walk in. Everything is a dollar! I did like seeing brand name items on the shelves. That was nice to see. I like just walking around and seeing all the stuff that's there. I just find it amazing that's all the stuff is pretty much $1!


This Dollar Tree store is the best one I have been too in the Bay Area.  The staff is friendly and the items are all laid out on the floor pretty well organized.  Looking for certain items is way easier in this store and they usually have what I need.  I usually get plastic forks, spoons, paper plates and napkins.  For a $1, can't beat that at all.  My mom gets their bread and sometimes I can't help myself but grab the Cup O'Noodles.  I especially like coming here during the Holiday season for cheap but great looking decorations for work.


This location isn't where I would normally shop at.  They have a decent frozen food section if you buy selectively.  The Fast Bites BBQ Rib Sandwich USD 1 is a hit with my taste buds, cheaper than a MCD riblet sandwich when they offer it and tastes just as good.  Fast Bites fish and cheese sandwich USD 1 wasn't bad, fingerling potatoes USD 1 is another hit, hash browns 6 patties USD 1, Apple Blossom frozen pastry USD 1 was good as well, 6 eggs USD 1, lobster egg roll USD 1.  I looked at their drain cleaner, my preference is L.A. Totally Awesome drain opener 64 oz USD 1, on the day of my visit, this location stocked I think it's called Mr. Plumber in a smaller size, read the label.  Their first ingredient is water.  Their product label says 33% more, yeah more water.This location does stock items I haven't seen at the location I normally shop at:  Chinese potstickers USD 1.


Good store and location sometimes parking is hard lines are long but overall its a good store find lots of good deals in this store keep up the good work


I'm giving it 5 stars because it is in fact a 5 star dollar store. It is not a 5 star STORE...but in the world of dollars this one is top notch. It has everything you could imagine wanting. It has rows of real dishes and cups, it has isles of food (even brands you'd know), it has tons of wrapping paper, lots of toys, and tons of stuff for the kitchen. Tons of decoration for the seasonal holidays. And it's all a dollar, I really couldn't believe it some of the stuff here seems to be of decent quality. I'm fully impressed with this dollar store. It does however lack hardware items. very small section for that.


I LOVEEEEEEEE Dollar Tree.. I'm so Asian... anything cheap has got me!This location particularly is awesome.. it's really big and is well stocked with tons of items...I believe this was one of the first ones I've ever been too... the downside of this location is that it gets really busy.... so I'd suggest coming during their down time... maybe like 2-4PM on a weekday


Worst experience ever! Never will I come back to this place. Don't get me wrong the selection is huge but the staff is extremely incompetent. The checker (Jackie) was texting on her phone and made me take my stuff out of my basket. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. Any store I go to they do that themselves especially with such minimal stuff come on really!! sorry If I could rate this place 0 stars I would. Worst customer service I have yet to experience in my 26 years  of life. Wanted to get out of tgere as quick as possible!!


Much better than other 99 cent or dollar stores.  It's really clean in here and not filled with creepy and smelly people.  They've got some good name brand stuff and a lot of really useful stuff for just a buck.  I wish I found this place earlier! I wonder how the food is... but I can't imagine what kind of food you will get for $1. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to survive.  It's a tough world out there and nobody is gonna hold your hand all your life.  That being said, I came here to get a chip clip, and came out a happy customer.  They also have really good gift bags (happy birthday ones etc,) that you can get here.  I'll probably come back for one of those the next time I gotta crash a kids clown party or something.  Oh, the parking lot is plenty big too. +1 point for that.


I don't usually go to dollar stores very often and there's a reason... I would come out with a bunch of stuff I don't even really need and I'm sure all those $1 items would add up to one hefty bill!This time, I went with my friend to pick up some pirate-themed items for a Yelp elite event we were going to later that day. Of course, even with a friend and a goal in mind, I ended up coming out with a couple extra items. It took us awhile to find the pirate stuff since the party section was spread out all over the place, but when we found it, they had some good stuff! I also picked up a baking pan (that worked surprisingly well when I used it that night!) and a grater. My total for four items was just under $5 (after tax). I love that everything is literally $1 or less (sometimes you run into those fake $1 stores where only a handful of things really are less than $1). Of course, for just a buck, you can't expect name brands -- although they do have some name brands -- or the best quality, but they have some pretty good stuff in this place!I'll definitely be back if I need to pick up some random cheap stuff!


So I'm usually not a fan of dollar stores because everything is always disorganized and it feels like I'm shopping at a flea market. It almost makes me feel kinda dirty for going in. However, this Dollar Tree (in South City) is the exception! I came here to shop for some items for a friend's baby shower that I was throwing and FELL IN LOVE! Everything here is so clean and organized and they have a ton of stuff in stock. Love love love!I keep telling my boyfriend that I want to take him here and he thinks that I'm crazy. "I've been to a dollar store before," he says. But oh...he hasn't been to this one! I'll probably avoid all other dollar stores because they just don't feel the same...but I know that I'll be back to this one!

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