Elite Event: Yelp Gets A Dose At The Daily - Local Flavor - 210 Elizabeth St, Nolita, New York, NY

Elite Event: Yelp Gets A Dose At The Daily   - Local Flavor - 210 Elizabeth St, Nolita, New York, NY

Stiffler?Of all the paradoxical situations...Between the graceful staff, punch not consisting largely of grain alcohol, and the lack of anyone fornicating with pies, this was about as far from Stiffler territory as an event could be. But make an appearance he did. Perhaps he heard about the Buzzfeed reporter and wanted his share of the lime light. Then again, he was probably just walking his dog. Sorry, Buzzfeed.Random celebrity sightings aside, this event was already cool. Plush seating, thinner crowd, self service and housemade drinks made sure that the carefully curated vibe of the Daily remained no place for libertines. The drink called Columbia summed it up well, assuming it was a reference to that fictional monarchial city in the sky. Keep the intimate events coming, Rug.


Decor: 4.5/5-a laid back and slightly classy feel to the bar-a bit smaller than I expected but that makes it more intimatService: 5/5-very attentive service, was asked multiple times if I wanted another drinkDrinks/Food: 4.5/5-The chips were salty yet addictive-Love that they offer FeverTree Ginger Beer here. Win!Shout Outs: Steven L, Ryan F, Kenny C, Allene T. Lori L, Ruggy J, Jane K, Dorie L, Phil H, Amal D.


Another terrific Ruggy find! The Daily is almost like an Un-Speakeasy Speakeasy.Very laid back and chill atmosphere. Terrific cocktail type bar with dark leather couches and a classy decor. Small but intimate setting with an attentive staff. Killer drinks made here with all the bitters and drink mixes you will find in the trendier mixology scene nowadays. Perfect spot to engage a small group of Yelpers over a few expertly made cocktails. Upon entering we were greeted with a punch bowl full of rum call a Horse & Carriage. At the bar we were treated to a rum highball called the Anejo Highball, and also my favorite of the night - the Columbia which is a rye based drink which was most excellent. I had plenty of these and would come back just for this drink again! No real food was served but they did have a terrific assortment of bar snacks, nuts, and flavored popcorn for everyone that were pretty addicting. Along the wall sized menu boards along the back they do feature some food items along with their cocktail list. Only a few beers, but they are crafty style. Also, any cocktail based bar that has a Sazerac advertised is ok by me!       Thanks again to Ruggy, Yelp, and the owners/staff at the Daily for introducing us to a neat little spot to come and enjoy a properly made cocktail for either pre-gaming or a post-bar nightcap. Perfect choice for a Monday night get together, not too crowded, and with a relaxed vibe. Nice mix of new and veteran Yelpers. Definitely a hidden little gem that I need to remember.

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This was a perfect space and perfect blend of Elites to cap off a normally dreadful Monday!  After a greeting from Jane and an asterisk on my nametag, it was off to the punch bowl for my first 'dose.'I enjoyed the punch while making my way to the back and talking with some new and familiar faces.  We all simmered over their other two specialty cocktails; the Columbia (rye, cynar, maraschino) and Anejo Highball (rum, curacao, lime, ginger beer).  The Columbia was definitely the more sophisticated of the bunch, but I kept going back to the highball for that ginger kick!Snacks were light, but tasty - candied / salted nuts and homemade caramel popcorn lined the length of the bar.  A different flavor at each bowl, I embarked on a mini scavenger hunt and tried all of them out.  As the event was winding down, I ordered up two pork buns and found them just as pillowy soft and delicious as the duck buns at sister restaurant/lounge Madame Geneva!As Lori noted, bartenders were very friendly and professional, and servers were taking laps around, cleaning up and ensuring everyone had a tasty libation in hand.  Shoutout to the usuals: Jordan S, Ron C, Rony M, Lori L, Leslie D, Phil H, Amal D, Paul H, Kenny C, a new face: Anand, and first-time-to-Manhattan-Elite-Event: Becky and Mitch :)Thanks to Jane, Ruggy, and management and staffers at the Daily for a cozy Monday evening!  #allyourporkbunsarebelongtome


Cozy and intimate gathering of Elites.Although I did kind of filled up on crackers at home before I came, I thought there would be sampling of food for this venue, but it was only chips and nuts.  They chips tastes fresh and a bit greasy but with the mix of alcohol, it tasted out of this world of course and of course when I'm hungry, any food that goes through me is pretty much good in my book..  I wish there was some samplings of their burgers though.  The menu was teasing me..When I first ordered the highball, the bartender mixed a bunch of ingredients together and it tasted really great, but it was missing a little something.  After I left the bar area, the bartender hunted me down to admit that he forgot one key ingredient.  So I follow him back to the bar area and he add the part that makes the drink really fun... alcohol!!  I wasn't offended or insulted in anyway, but I was glad he got the balls to admit his wrong doing and we had a great laugh about it.  Good bartenders are those who are honest and truthful.  Order the highball, it was crisp, clear and goes down like soda.  The drink on the rocks was strong and classy. I felt like quite a gentleman.Good company is always great thing.


Oy.  This event was three weeks ago and I'm just getting to my review... it was a rough night for me and I haven't been able to face that fact until now! The Daily is in a great location in NoLita, accessible from several train lines.  It is a small venue, and would be a perfect cozy date spot to start (or end?) your night.  The staff is attractive, friendly, and knowledgeable.We walked in to a punch bowl (full of flowers!) and some chips for nibbles.  There were a few specialty cocktails for us, and I fell in love with the Columbia, the rye whiskey drink of the bunch.  I obviously had one too many, and stumbled out a couple of hours later, only to run into Seann William Scott walking his dog on the street.And because I know you're all wondering, I was the groupie.  I'm not proud, but it happened.  Sigh.


Five stars alone for the Columbia... which is comprised of Whistle Pig Rye, cynar and maraschino for those of you who wanted to know.The scene at The Daily was intimate, cozy and full of good spirits (both the people kind and the alcohol-based kind). Bartenders were knowledgeable and passionate about their craft which is always a requirement for me when it comes to these smaller mixology based bars. The variety of bitters lined up along the bar was evidence enough that these people are serious about their work. Bottom line: come for the drinks, stay for the ambiance.Thank you Ruggy, Yelp and those at The Daily for providing the groundwork for a relaxed evening full of expertly crafted cocktails and cordial conversation.Biggest perk of the night: Meeting Sean William Scott literally RIGHT outside the event and watching a certain Elite Yelper go total groupie on his hot ass and shamelessly ask if he wanted her number... I need more moments like that in my life.

I like this I like this Awe Awe Columbia (Whistle Pig Rye, cynar, maraschino) Columbia (Whistle Pig Rye, cynar, maraschino) See all photos from Leslie D. for Elite Event: Yelp Gets A Dose At The Daily 4/24/2013

My first Manhattan elite event was a blast. Most events suggest that you fill up before you come, so you're not hungry. After a string of recent events where I ate before hand but was stuffed with food upon entering, I figured why bother eating before hand, I'm sure there will be something to eat there. I wish I had eaten before hand. I'm not complaining, rather I'm pointing out my stupidity because I was on an empty stomach and drinking some amazing drinks. Amazing drinks which were depleted into my bottomless empty stomach. I've learned that all punch at all Yelp events will sneak up on you. It's a fact. It's as if someone spiked the already alcoholic punch. Wait, that did happen. The two main cocktails were variations of two of my favorites. First the Columbia, Whistle Rye Pig, Cynar and Maraschino served in a low ball glass with ice. This is a variation of an old fashioned, my favorite. Strong, stiff and delightful. The bartenders (mixologists, whatever they're called these days) were on point. The Anjeo was rum, curacao, ginger beer and lime. This is a variation of a dark and stormy. Refreshing, tasty and with a slight kick. I sipped away while meeting other yelpers and chatting it up with ones I've already partied with. I even spoke to a reporter from Buzzfeed who was doing research on Yelp. She asked me for some on the record statements. I remember her giving me some positive headnods as if I was changing her negative tune on Yelp. (How dare she have one!) However this is coming from the perspective of a drunk man, who I'm sure was slurring his words and ended the interview by saying "Please don't make me sound like an idiot." That's always a great way to end an interview. I think that's how Frost/Nixon ended. I kept my composure due to years of heavy drinking raising my tolerance but all bets were off after the event. I assure you though I was up 6:30 the next day for work because that's I do. I can sleep when I die. Which at this rate could come earlier in life but seriously once you get to 75, what is the point? I guess though if I'm still Yelp elite I'd still strive to live. Grandkids....psssh. Thank you to all of the wonderful staff members at the Daily. The Yelp staff on attendance for all their help and Ruggy for setting up a great event, which he decided to invite me. That AOL email came in handy. (Yes I have one, don't judge me)


Didn't stay too long, but the drinks and the fried chips (taro, kale, beets?) were delicious!  Homemade caramel popcorn was tasty as well.The bartenders and servers are both attentive and hospitable - great service overall.Atmosphere was cozy and chill.Their menu changes daily... hence The Daily! ;)Thanks Yelp folks for a great night out :)


"I HATE MONDAYS..."It's your typical dreadful Monday and you just want the day to be over so you can trek home. Yelp saves the day by doing a Monday Elite Event. This just sets the mood for the rest of the week. All boozed up and prepped for whats ahead. The Daily is kinda hidden (which is a good thing) from everyone. If your'e looking for a cool place to sit down, relax and enjoy a drink. This is where you should go. Once inside you'll see that it's really chill and welcoming. Food wasn't a main focus this time around, but the delicious cocktails were. I was drinking Columbias for the rest of the night which consisted of Whistle Pig Rye, Cynar and Maraschino. It packed a punch which my Monday desperately needed.It was good to see a couple of new faces and catching up with my fellow Elites. I hope everyone got a pick me up that night. Did anyone taste that awesome popcorn?Thanks to the staff of The Daily and Ruggy J for hosting a great event!


Ooo punch!  And holy cow was it punchy!  Not knowing what I was getting into as it was my first YEE in Manhattan for a very long time I was very surprised the guestlist was so short as Manhattan events are generally very crowded.  Whats more surprising is that I got in.  I believe the best part for me in the evening was actually chatting with other members and listening in on stuff about Yelp as many of us were being interviewed by Buzzfeed.  The readers, the writers, the newbies, the seasoned - all with fresh perspectives.The Daily seems like a real nice place to bring a date who wants to get their drink - a lot of interesting cocktails prepared by expert mixologists.  Loved their house made "Terra" chips.


I met Sean William Scott right outside of this event. Thank you Leslie D. for talking me into staying just a little bit longer. He shook my hand and said my name! Swoon!! Do I really need any other reason for this rating?! Oh, and no I wasn't the shameless groupie, but damn I wanted to be. That boy is fine!The Daily is such a cute little space and the perfect side spot if waiting for your table over a Public. The space is intimate and cozy. The staff are friendly and the drinks look inventive. Didn't really drink last night so I can't really elaborate on them. I was too busy munching on the yummy almonds. It was a nice, chill scene and the perfect way to end a Monday. It's always nice to see and catch up with my fellow Elites.Thank you to the staff of the Daily for having us and to Ruggy and the rest of the team for hooking us up with another great event!


This was my first event at a Yelp Elite Only event (have been to others with a guest in tow), and it was a blast! At first I'm a bit of a wall-flower and got a glass of the fruity punch that I thought was almost KO strong (get it, KO, punch, ahaha I kill myself). I soon sidled up to the bar and enjoyed awesome convos with fellow Yelpers that I hadn't met before, even getting to the point of commiserating about living in VA with a new friend :) The staff at the Daily were sweet and super attentive; they constantly asked if I wanted my glass refilled or if I needed anything else. I didn't try any of the free nibbles that they had, but the caramel popcorn that they had at the bar was phenomenal - salty, sweet, and very crunchy. For the rest of the evening after the punch I had the ginger beer concoction, their version of a dark and stormy. It was marvelous, and made me crave for spring to hurry the hell up and get to NYC. Will definitely be back on a Sunday night, which is when the bartender said that it's the least happening (read: dead). Love the vibe, but I'd also like to hear my companions speak as well. Wonderful event, thanks for introducing me to the Daily officially Ruggy :)


This was the perfect place to have a Yelp Elite Only event. The Daily was upscale, cozy (couches), intimate, and not too loud -- proven formula for meeting new people and interesting conversations.I was thoroughly impressed by the service of The Daily staff. Immediately after checking in with Jane, I was greeted by a server who introduced the punch and some items on their menu. Throughout the night, they patiently checked if we needed more drinks or if they could take our glasses, without being pushy or invasive.The punch was strong, but delicious. I really wanted to take one of the flowers floating in it haha. The Anejo Highball was my favorite with the ginger beer, and the Columbia was what I call "a man's drink," something Don Draper would like. I didn't have a lot of the fancy snacks besides a few pieces of kale and toasted almonds, but man, SO SAD I missed the caramel popcorn haha.The Buzzfeed reporter there also definitely kept us on our toes, interviewing us about our own experiences with Yelp and our thoughts on the filter. It was definitely interesting to hear why people started to use Yelp and their rating criteria.Thanks to Ruggy & Jane for planning another wonderful event (& including me on the guestlist) and the Daily staff for being so accommodating!Also, I didn't meet Sean William Scott - I sadly had to IMDB him. But I was petting his adorable dog who happened to be leashed to this famous man that YE girls were excited about. Haha!


4.5 over all Decor/Atmosphere: 4.5/5- cozy, nice amount of comfy couch style seats- great atmosphere with like minded foodiesService: 5/5- some of the best service I've experienced- no grumpy faces- staff continually circled the floor collecting empty cups and asking everyone if they were enjoying, and if they would like another beverage in a non intrusive mannerFood/Drinks: 5/5Anejo Highball: Rum, Caracao, Gingerbeer, Lime- if you're a fan of ginger beer, this is a must,, just enough alcohol, and you can really taste the kick of the ginger, I believe they were using Fever-treeColumbia: Rye, Cynar, Maraschino- if you like your whiskey on the rocks but without the harsh kick. Very very easy to sip drink. The finish of the maraschino is nice as Ryan F. mentioned to meSnacks were very tasty- chip bowl - vegetable chips were delicious, well seasoned, the kale was my favorite .- they had a selection of candied nuts and popcorn, also good. And of course the swag, I picked up an awesome pair of gloves, which I ended up gifting to Yelper Diana C bc she was unable to rsvp on time. One can also never have enough chapstick, especially if you're like me and constantly misplace them.- Id definitely like to come back to try their burgers and fried chicken.   Thanks again for an awesome event!! Ruggy, Jane, you guys rock.


This place was really cool atmosphere wise but not sure I was that impressed with the drinks...  Enjoyed myself but probably don't need to go back.  Hard to say since it was a private event so maybe it's different on a regular night?  Met some nice Yelpers though!  And the banana chips were tasty.


I love the fact that it wasn't overly packed. I enjoyed drinking my alcoholic punch out of a teacup, because it makes me look less like an alcoholic. The nuts and popcorn at the bar were pretty good. Thanks Ruggy!


I've been to the The Daily a few times and always loved the space. It was such a treat to try a few different cocktails and each one was uniquely lovely. My favorite was the Columbia - rye with maraschino, and I also really enjoyed the punch. The staff at the Daily were really attentive and welcoming and kept up beautifully with our crowd. I also have developed a new obsession - taro chips - which they make onsite at the Daily. YUM! Thanks to Ruggy, team yelp,and the great staff for such a fun evening!

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