Elite Fireplace Service - Fireplace Services - Livermore, CA

Elite Fireplace Service  - Fireplace Services - Livermore, CA

My outdoor fireplace was acting funny with fire and starter coming on and off.  I saw Elite Fireplace's 5-star reviews on Yelp and I called and left a message.  Anthony returned my call pretty promptly.  I described the situation to Anthony and it was clear to him that the fireplace just needs clean up inside and out.  He provided a quote and we scheduled the appointment for following week.  Before Anthony showed up for the appointment, he called me prior and let me know he'll arrive soon.  Anthony is very professional and courteous.  The fireplace is 10 years old and has seen its better days.  Anthony did a thorough job and put the fireplace back to its original glory.  I haven't seen the fireplace work so well and looking so good for many years.  Excellent job, Anthony !  I got more indoor fireplaces that need maintenance service.  Who am I going to call ?  Elite Fireplace, of course :-)


Misrepresnted.  NOT a retail store.  A residence ONLY that does fireplace repairs.


If you are looking for help on fireplace service and repair, look no other place but call ELITE FIREPLACE.  Highly recommend for the quality of workmanship.  Reasonable price.. actually I felt I had a such a bargain for fixing my fireplace which was not functioning correctly.  Anthony was just simply awesome.  Owner of his own business and a great family man!  I have worked with many different contractors and other individuals but his name will be on the very top.  I am going to recommend him to all my friends and family and co workers as I highly recommend to other Yelpers!


Wow! So impressed with the service Anthony provided! We recently moved and could not figure out how to use the pellet stove in the house. Turns out it was part user error and large part the original 30+ year old stove. Anthony took the time to explain to us how to properly use the stove and what to buy and not buy for the best flame, all after completing a full service and cleaning. He also went over some suggestions for maintenance and replacing some old parts so the stove runs like new again. I am so SO happy we called Elite, I really couldn't be more impressed with the ease of scheduling and the service that was provided. Anthony obviously has a ton of experience with pellet stoves.

Strong flame after Anthony cleaned out the air intake amongst other things!! So happy!! Strong flame after Anthony cleaned out the air intake amongst other things!! So happy!! 2/7/2016

I highly recommend Anthony and his business.  Anthony was on time to the scheduled appointment.  He brought in a large blanket and laid it in the fireplace area to protect my flooring.  He found out the part needed replaced was no longer available due to discontinuance.  He offered to order the necessary parts to assemble the kit in order to repair my fireplace.  The only thing that wasn't perfect was that he forgot about it until I phoned to find out what happened.  I was told they had just got all the parts in.  They were up front about the oversight which I appreciated.  Anthony came out the following week and repaired my fireplace.  He even cleaned my fireplace glass.  He was a professional.


Great customer service, this guy really knows his stuff and is punctual with his appointments. Highly recommended.


I highly recommend EF. I'm very pleased with Anthony's technical and customer service, which is hard to come by these days as most fireplace service vendors I've encountered in the TriValley seem to focus on the quick dollar and completely disregard the value and power of a satisfied customer. My professional career resides in the hi tech services industry so understand that being successful is directly related to how you focus on customer experience and satisfaction. Anthony is no exception to this and deserves high praise for his services and willingness to go above and beyond.


Found Elite by searching Yelp and everything that has been written is true. He is very professional, knowledgable and friendly.After moving into our home 7 years ago our gas fireplace had never worked properly. It was something we kept putting off getting fixed.The price quoted was great and no additional charges were added.We would definitely recommend Anthony and Elite.


We had to wait a couple of weeks for our appointment, but it was well worth it!! Anthony was prompt and efficient! He explained what was going on with our fireplace and what needed to be done to take care of our issues. He cleaned and serviced the entire unit, replaced the defective component and had it running better than when it was new! We will be scheduling a service appointment this summer for our other fireplace!! Great customer service from their office also!!


Anthony was not only professional, reasonable and a nice guy.... but he came out the Sunday before Christmas to make sure our holidays would we warm and cozy!  There is nobody else you need to call.  He is prompt, calls and confirms appointments and explains everything he's doing and gives you options.  Elite Fireplace is terrific!


Anthony is a highly skilled individual who knows a ton about fireplaces. We called him to clean and check up on our two gas fireplaces. He clearly is an expert and took the time to answer all my questions. A gentlemen throughout and a pleasure to deal with.


Anthony was incredibly professional and kept his work area clean throughout the entire process. We called Elite Fireplace due to our gas insert pilot light going out last year. Since it decided to go out during the middle of winter, it has been a challenge finding repair folks to come out. Finally, after several months, we made arrangements for Anthony to come out. He diagnosed the issue and will be preparing a bid for the repair. Unfortunately, it will cost us a bit of money to replace the thermopile but Anthony assured us that we're pretty much getting a fairly new system once he replaces an old and outdated thermopile. Kudos all around for an excellent service visit.


We would not consider using anyone but Anthony to work on our pellet stove.  Elite Fireplace, Anthony -- Awesome!


Last year before Easter, I decided to repair and replace some parts to my wonderful DCS outdoor gas grill.  I wanted my grill functioning better.  I looked up and found a website with repairs parts and videos.  It all looked logical, but I was not confident in my repair capabilities.  So, I called the BBQ store in Walnut Creek and they highly recommended Anthony from Elite Fireplace.Anthony inspected my BBQ and provided a detailed estimate. His estimate included purchasing all the parts.  It was very reasonable and included more items that I was not even aware of.  So glad I went with a professional .  Anthony endorses another brand of BBQ grill , but was very knowledgeable of the DCS brand.  He repaired my grill and it works like new !! His customer service is great.I highly recommend Anthony , he is a pleasure to have at your property.


I would definitely use Elite Fireplace again! They are very friendly , professional and make sure the job is done right. Thank you Elite Fireplace!


Elite Fireplace Service and Repair provides outstanding service. Getting a next day appointment might be difficult during the winter season, but the level of quality, honest service this company provides makes it worth the wait. The technician (owner), Anthony, was punctual and quickly diagnosed the problems. He spent about an hour and a half diagnosing and repairing two gas fireplaces, and he charged me a very fair amount for his service. I wasn't even looking for a great deal; I just wanted a contractor who I could trust in my house and who would not gouge me. I got what I was looking for, along with a great deal, from Elite Fireplace. I definitely recommend this guy.


Can't say enough about how fabulous Anthony was. He clearly knows way more about fireplaces than any human should!!! One of our gas fireplaces was burning really low- you could barely see the flames at all. We called Anthony to come out and he knew right away what was wrong. SPIDERS! Oh my god. Apparently a while back a spider decided to make a web inside the fireplace and then died. The web et al clogged up the fireplace sufficiently that the burning was really low. Super gross. Anthony opened it all up, cleaned the spider web from the main burner feed line, and fixed it. But if that wasn't enough, he also cleaned the glass, flame rectification sensory, and added new embers, just to be extra awesome. Only $150 for all that work- and my fireplace is not an easy one to disassemble! It's one of those more modern insert kinds that has all the important bits hidden behind metal and glass. He is friendly, BBB accredited, honest, and efficient. I wouldn't trust my fireplace to anyone else, ever. Anthony is the best.


Great job, Anthony!  Thorough and professional.Thank you.


Anthony was great!  Very professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy.   He is very detail oriented, which is great.  He fixed our fireplace in less then a hour and it's been working perfectly ever since.  Will definitely recommend him to friends and family.


HONOR AND INTEGRITYOur pellet stove started making a God Awful howling noise last year. I removed the pellets and and tried to clean it but to no avail. Realizing this might be a task outside my expertise.  I liked the idea that Elite Fireplace was a small family run business. Anthony came to our house and listened to my description of the problem and all my concerns. That's when he gave me a quote and told me what was all involved in repairing it. Sounds like an average review,  right? Well this is why Anthony and Elite Fireplace get five stars. He told me that our pellet stove "was the OLDEST pellet stove he has seen in a while. They don't make the control board for this unit anymore, and it's extremely hard to find compatible parts." BUT he didn't try to convince me that it was time to retire our pellet stove, instead he gave me pointers on how to prolong the life of "Ol Bessie."

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