Elmwood Village Medical Clinic - Urgent Care - 3000 Colby St, Elmwood, Berkeley, CA

Elmwood Village Medical Clinic   - Urgent Care - 3000 Colby St, Elmwood, Berkeley, CA

I couldn't find any physicians to see while I was in Berkeley for an internship.  I needed someone immediately, and thankfully, Dr. Stern was able to see me the very same day that I called. I can tell that he really cares about his patients.  He always listened to me, even when I disagreed, and treated me with the upmost of respect. I think that it says a lot about a physician, or anyone for that matter, who truly seeks to understand and offer empathy rather than become defensive or filled with judgment. He's a five-star human being, hence, the five-star review.With that said, his secretary told me that my primary insurance is accepted.  Since it turns out that it wasn't, neither my primary nor secondary insurance went through.  I've spent hours on the phone going between my insurance company and the billing office.  Thankfully, a specialist at my insurance company asked her boss to bill all visits as in-network since I was misinformed.


I've been really happy with both Dr Stern and his staff. It's tough to find a good GP! It's also nice that other specialists are in the building. Last time I visited I was able to be immediately referred to the specialist.


I've been going to Tom Stern since 2010, having moved to the bay area from Australia. My experiences with Tom have been nothing short of outstanding. He is a doctor that listens and has a lot of experience under his belt. He also has a wonderful 'bedside manner'.I had been living in japan for a couple of years, with an undiagnosed but extremely annoying health issue (turned out to be migraines, but multiple tokyo doctors couldn't work it out), which Tom diagnosed in our first meeting and helped me a lot with information, understanding and treatment plans. And he was spot on with all of this; my long lasting issue is under control straight away and more importantly, I don't have anxiety about that issue anymore.Tom is also an experienced traveler and alpine hiker, which was a plus for me as if you are an outdoors adventurer he really understands your alpine emergency pharmaceuticals, altitude sickness risks, etc. As far as sports related injuries go, Dr Stern is also excellent in my experience.Additionally, I was referred to a neurologist by him for my migraines, and this guy turned out to also be one of those amazingly helpful doctors (this guy hassled my insurers personally when they didn't want to let me have some medication under coverage) and helped a lot with my issue.Also, if you have stress, anxiety, etc., I suspect Tom will really be the guy for you.Sadly, my company has changed over to aetna, and at this time Dr Stern's office doesn't work with them, so I may have to think about a new primary care physician.... which I'm frankly gutted by. This doctor gave me faith that the medical system can in fact be awesome!


Been a patient of Tom Stern since 1980. He's an excellent physician, generous with his time, and willing to explain in detail whatever he might diagnose or recommend. He's also a humanitarian that has led and or participated in many third-world health initiatives. A fine choice for your G.P., you couldn't find better.


Dr. Stern is a great doctor.  I've been seeing him for years and he's always had the compassion and professionalism that I'd want in a primary care physician.  When traveling abroad, I've gone to him before departing to get the necessary medications; not only has he often traveled to my destination, but in one case he knew the royal family!Thanks for keeping me healthy for years!


Dr. Stern is an amazing doctor that really takes the time to get to know both the patient and their problems. I have gone to his office about 4 times and each time I have felt like my issue was handled both efficiently and thoroughly. When he referred me to an endocrinologist I thought he was just going to give me the doctor's number but instead he personally walked me up to the office on the second floor! I can't imagine any other doctor doing something like that! Overall, this is a great office and Dr. Stern is an even better doctor!


We have never even met Dr. Stern! So why I'm I giving him five stars? Because, I think it shows how great he is by the people he has surrounded himself with. His PA (Vivian Park) is amazing. She is patient, kind, thorough and knowledgeable. Add to this that the first person you always get on the phone and when you enter the office is Kevin. I cannot say enough about him. By our second phone call, he remembered me and my mom by name. He is always pleasant, follows up on all requests and always makes you feel like you are the only patient he has to deal with all day. This group is really special and a rare gem in the busy world of healthcare. A sincere thank you for all that your group does for me and my mom.Lori Harlan


Just started with Dr. Stern and couldn't be happier. Attentive, informative, patient and careful. I'm very happy with my new choice for PCP. He's a great doctor!


Dr. Stern has been my Doctor for over thirty years.  That should say something.


Horrible experience. I almost lost faith in medicine with this quack. I went in with chest pains and trouble breathing. They sloppily ran some tests and did some blood work. When I came in for the follow up, they didn't get the results from the lab. I had to remind them that I even had the tests done. When the results finally were faxed over, he scanned them then gave me one of his relaxation cds and told me to breathe into a bag,(I guess that's his claim to fame,) and he told me I had anxiety and to not come back to his office with this problem. WHAT?? So, then I start thinking maybe, I am crazy. That was until I found a real doctor in Dallas.I have high blood pressure, asthma induced by allergies, and an umbilical hernia causing acid reflux. No wonder I had anxiety, I was dying. My immunoglobulin E count was 1200 when it should be 100. My blood pressure was around 150 over 95, and after an allergy test, they found me to be severely allergic to 23 of the 30 things I was tested for. These are numbers that ANY doctor with a degree in medicine should be able to detect. Now I am on an inhaler, high blood pressure medication, allergy medicine, and guess what? It's a miracle. I am feeling better.Now that's just the medicine part. Tom's assistant is a lazy slob that barely answers the phone and definitely will not deal with you in regards to billing questions. He tested my heart with these electrodes, and didn't even shave my chest. Several of the connectors weren't even on my body. And I would give bigfoot a run for his money in a hairy chest contest. Stay far away from this man and anyone associated with him. He is not a doctor.


Dr. Stern is a terrific doctor.   He is well versed in latest studies and relays those as evidence in his diagnosis.  I have  been visiting Dr. Stern for over a year now as my primary care physician. He is honest and trustworthy when prescribing medical advice. He is a credit to his profession.He is always able to see me on a relatively short notice. Visits to his office are always easy and I never have to wait longer than 5 minutes.  His office is prompt and responsive to all of my requests.I highly recommend visiting Dr. Stern if seeking a professional, honest, experienced and wonderfully knowledgeable doctor.


Fantastic customer service and attention to detail! I called to see if they had flu vaccine in stock. Even though it was nearly lunchtime, they told me to come right over. Then, as soon as I got there, they were diligent enough to check my blood pressure and temperature, my heart rate and lungs, and drug allergy info. I got my flu shot, and their cheerful assistant had me entered in the system by the end of my visit, so all i had to do was fill in my contact information on a simple form, retrieve my new ObamaCare insurance card, and I was done! I had found a parking space right by the door with 40 minutes left on the meter, so I didn't even have to pay for parking. How they arranged that,I have no idea, but I now believe that Dr. Stern and his staff can do ANYTHING! Great experience, seriously, everyone I encountered in this office was kind, smart, and professional, especially the nurse practitioner who gave me the shot. She was super efficient but thorough enough to check vitals and get a brief history first. Five stars, highly recommended!


Dr. Stern is incredibly kind, compassionate, and empathetic. He actually listens to you (imagine that!), sees you as a whole person rather than just a set of symptoms, and takes the time to really understand what's going on with you and try to figure out how he can help.  Seriously, the man deserves a medal (or 10). His front office staff are incredible as well - kind, patient, thorough. I can't recommend these folks highly enough.


Doctor Stern is my favorite doc I've ever had. I've had nothing but quality experiences at his office and I always leave feeling like I understand what's happening in my body. He's drawn me pictures to show how a certain medicine will work, he gave me excellent care when I had broken ribs and he's incredibly personable. I highly recommend him, especially if you are an athlete. He gets how to relate to athletes and their bodies and I appreciate that. 5 stars all the way! Kevin at the front desk also gets a shout out. He's always delightful :)


Doctor Stern is marvelous. He treats both me And my husband. You'll never feel like "just a number" with him. He takes patients' concerns seriously: he *listens*. His reactions are never rash, but thoughtful and considered. I couldn't recommend him more highly.


Dr Stern and his partners are among the best I've seen.  I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a highly competent, caring and straight forward doctor.


Dr. Stern is the only reason I don't change my insurance to Kaiser. I really feel he is one of the best doctors I have seen. He takes his time, he actually listens, and actually seems to care. I also like the set up of his office. It is small so there isn't much of a wait time and there isn't a bunch of doctors and other staff members running around running behind schedule. His N.P. Vivian is also friendly and helpful and the front office staff is helpful. I had some issue with a prescription and they were helpful and quick to respond in addressing it. I have been to this office a few times now and haven't had a bad experience. I referred the ex-husband to this office as well and he is also pleased.


Dr. Stern is exactly what you think of when you think of the prototypical excellent family doctor.  He is extremely competent, of course, but more than that, he's a caring and careful listener who sees the importance of the patient in the doctor-patient partnership. He also goes the extra mile.  He has called referral docs while I was sitting in his office, illustrated the mechanism of action of medication, and made time to squeeze me in when I was leaving town.  He's genuinely delightful too and has vast experience to draw on - not just as an extremely competent doctor, but also as an author, swimming champion (in multiple events), and humanitarian.  And to top it off, he is the Prince of Sulu and North Borneo, Chairman of One World Institute, and Chairman of Titan Gold Mining Corporation.  But despite his colorful experiences, he is unassuming and patient - never full of himself or rushing to snap judgements.  He spends whatever time you need - I have even met with him for an hour to try to untangle some very confusing threads.  I switched to Dr. Stern on the recommendation of a friend following some very unfortunate interactions with another doctor and I continue to thank her to this day for introducing me to the doctor who will be my "Gold Standard" from here onward.


As for the results of bringing my 93 year old father-in-law to see Dr. Stern for the first time he would like to award Dr. Stern the distinction of being, "The most professional,patient, and truly involved medical practitioner I have encountered".


Dr. Stern is incredibly knowledgeable and has an excellent bedside manner.  He listens carefully, asks appropriate questions, explains treatments and tests thoroughly, and genuinely cares about his patients.  He was referring me to an orthopedic surgeon whose office was in the same building, and he actually got up and walked me to the other doctor's office and asked the staff to schedule an appointment for me.  His office staff are also very friendly, and very helpful.

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