Eloy I. Trujillo, DUI Lawyer - 51 Reviews - Criminal Defense Law - 1686 Bryant St, Mission, San Francisco, CA

Eloy I. Trujillo, DUI Lawyer - 51 Reviews - Criminal Defense Law - 1686 Bryant St, Mission, San Francisco, CA

eloy is the best!!! i had my arraignmentthe other day and i met with him that morning before court. he was incredibly thorough and explained everything so well and presented me with a far better outcome than what i was expecting. he got my case taken care of right after signing my plea and answered every question i could think of. i couldn't have asked for any better representation!


I won my case, thanks to Eloy and his firm! He is not "just" a DUI lawyer, Eloy represents sober bicyclists too. He is not only super smart, he is also a nice guy who is very easy to work with and counsels clients well. He has a keen sense of the system and how much is needed to address what kind of violation. I got a ticket for biking a red light when I'd stopped and waited for a green walk (Market and 12th, which bicyclists blow through routinely as the light schedule is badly off). I wanted to get into the injustice of it all; not necessary. After a couple of hearings, he and his team made it go away (even though the officer showed up). I am very grateful to Eloy for his strategy and his calm perspective.


This man right here, IS A GENIUS!!!!!!!! PURE GENIUS!!!!! WHY???? He got me a 1.14 BAC or double legal limit to a wet wreck-less. I had about 4 court days that I only went to once! He made one of the scariest moment of my life since I had never had a criminal case and made it more than bearable. I am SO THANKFUL FOR ELOY! This man is a GENIUS!!! Thank you Eloy!!!


Lets eliminate any doubt you have on Eloy Trujillo:Back in December, I found myself getting arrested and facing some serious charges. I decided to check yelp just like you and decided to contact Eloy after reading several reviews and discussing my details with Alyce. My case took months to get settled but ELOY GOT IT DONE! my charges were reduced to a fraction of what they originally were. Eloy and his assistant communicated with me very proficiently during the waiting process and were very quick to let me know when my status changed.As a reader, you might've found yourself in the same position I was in back in December; DUI's are nothing to take lightly and if you need the BEST of the best -that is Eloy and his firm.Once again I would like to thank Eloy for his services, it was worth every penny and more for his work and results!


If you are a rideshare driver like me, and you get a ticket, let me tell you something- save your gambling skills for a trip to Vegas-a courtroom is not the place to gamble. It's a serious place of business.If you haven't been to traffic court lately, it is a cramped room full of other violators who will watch you try to defend your ticket.  So if all you have is a very good excuse, but still committed the infraction (which come on, you probably did, right?), you are still going to get the unprotected consequences. Without an attorney, and in front of aaaaall those people, to get out of a ticket, you'd have to be innocent. I had let my ticket response time lapse, and technically- well, no, legally- it was too late to respond I was about to have to pay the ticket and get the point. Alyce called the courthouse for me, and I was allowed to request time to defend myself. That right there was worth the entire cost of my defense. I wouldn't recommend doing anything at the last minute, btw- it's not a magic act these people are performing over there. Call them the business day after you get your ticket. I had two tickets to defend. After the dust cleared, I have zero points on my record. Do I think court and the laws are a joke? Hell. No. I am grateful to Eloy and the judge, and I'm a safer driver now. I hope I don't get another ticket, but I know the first call I'm going to make if I do, it's going to be to Alyce. Eloy is a heavy hitter, and there is a reason for that: he's a DUI attorney. If you have a less serious ticket, it'd sorta be like Curry playing in a high school game. It's probably going to go your way, and it's DEFINITELY going to be better than if you went by yourself. Have reasonable expectations. It's the legal system.  Eloy isn't going to get you a presidential pardon for driving like a Nascar driver on city streets- give them something to work with. I'll tell you one last thing- having an attorney is fun. You don't have to think of some clever excuse (and they've heard them all) and sweat it out, you just watch a Stanford (yea, what?) educated attorney have your back. There isn't an excuse in the world that can match that.


Great lawyer and very reputable in the legal community.  Knowledgeable, talented and diligent, you can't go wrong by hiring this attorney.


I met Alyce one day last fall and kind of accidentally described a traffic incident of mine that was scheduled for court. Turns out I absolutely met the right person. She referred me to Eloy.Eloy and his office were extremely professional and handled everything for me from beginning to end; when I was frankly 'shocked' to get a 'case dismissed' email from his office. Working with Eloy and his office was really easy, and the outcome of my case was way way beyond what I could have hoped for.All I can say is, if you've made a mistake on the road like I did (or even if you're innocent)  or have something in court already, I am absolutely sure you shouldn't hesitate at all to contact Eloy. He's on my speed dial in the off chance anything else comes up.What a relief and fantastic start to my year. Thanks Eloy!


I recently worked with Eloy on a number of challenging traffic cases. He was a pleasure to work with. I appreciated the way that he communicated with me. In the end, things turned out great. You might call it a touchdown!


I don't know what Eloy does or how he does it, and I don't really care because the man works miracles.After having a clean record for years, suddenly I found myself facing 4 points on my license from separate instances. Wow, what a string of bad luck. I usually fight all speeding tickets myself. But what I've found is that the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" is just on paper. There are enough technicalities in the system that your DIY success rate can be about 50%, with significant time commitment and zero correlation to actual innocence or guilt. But with 4 points hanging over me, this wasn't the time for DIY experimentation with in the Hall of Injustice. No, this was the time to call in the pros.I called around and Eloy's office seemed to have the best competence/responsiveness ratio around. Alyce was fantastic in providing me with updates on my cases. And everything I had him work on was dismissed! That always helps!From now on, no more DIY. Instead of trying to navigate the kangaroo court system, having to come back multiple days while they do whatever they can to scare you and intimidate you into pleading guilty, treating you like a criminal in the process, I'd rather pay the money to a guy like Eloy than to the city and state.

1/14/2014 Updated review

After learning about my experience, Eloy reached out to me personally to discuss what they could do to make it better and to improve the experience of future clients.It was clear that they were very disappointed by my poor experience, and Eloy explained all the steps they had already taken and will take to ensure it doesn't happen to others in the future.

12/7/2013 Previous review No no no no no!The first time I talked over the phone, I was thinking this was great. The assistant… No no no no no!The first time I talked over the phone, I was thinking this was great. The assistant seemed to be fairly helpful and looked like the process was going to move fast. All I needed to do was send a check for retainer. Eloy Trujillo advertises that he is happy to give a free consultation by phone or email. When I requested one, I was told that he does not do consultations with this type of case until after paying the retainer, but she would find 5 minutes in his schedule later that day. A week passed, no call. I called back, and she said that I could not get a consultation. That should be a red flag for anyone seeking an attorney.After a couple weeks, I had another call, where we talked again, and I agreed that I would pay the retainer, but I would still like some type of retainer agreement or paperwork as proof of hiring his service (seems like something an attorney would understand as reasonable). The assistant first said that would not be possible until after paying, but when I insisted that I needed something on paper, she seemed hesitant but agreed that Mr. Trujillo would send a retainer after he returns from vacation (I never received one). All she asked was to mail the check and email the citation, which I did a week later. I got a reply from the assistant who apparently had no record or recollection of the second call in which I agreed to send the check and ignored all of the details we had discussed about my case. She instead said that the office is unable to help with the matter, and they did not have a written retainer agreement. Well, DUH. They refused to provide one, so how could I have a written retainer agreement? That's exactly why I asked for one because shady attorney's offices like this can go back on their word and claim never to have agreed to take the case. I immediately cancelled the delivery of my check before it got there.The other reviews seem to indicate that Eloy Trujillo is a good attorney. If that's true, then there is clearly something wrong with the office staff because this was incredibly unprofessional. Read more 12/17/2014

Best in town!! Case dismissed!! Extremely recommend!! Will definitely hire again next time hopefully I won't get any other tickets


I first met Eloy in the city when out with my wife and was surprised when he introduced himself as a DUI lawyer and politely handed me his business card. At the time, I simply filed it away as I'm pleased to say I keep my run-ins with the law to a minimum and have certainly never had a DUI or something similar that are Eloy's specialties. However, within the last 6 months or so, I unfortunately and quite randomly received a  few traffic tickets (including a red light camera ticket). Not only was Eloy able to get the tickets dismissed, but he did so extremely efficiently and quickly and for a very reasonable price.He is very prompt and professional. Very good at communicating the steps we would take and where we were in the process. And clearly very knowledgeable of his trade. I would highly recommend Eloy to anyone in a similar situation.


This, to be honest, was the first time I've ever resorted to using a lawyer to fight a traffic ticket; I'm glad I did.I don't really know anything about what the previous poster said about the staff, but the only experiences I've ever had with the staff have been positive. It would make sense to me that you would pay a retainer to anyone who dispenses, uses and argues with information to earn a living to ask for a retainer... I mean, otherwise that would be a dine-and-dash if you didn't like what you heard.In any case, the week the bay bridge reopened I got 2 CHP speeding tickets. (One of them was from an asshole with a bad 70's mustache on a motorcycle... Some of you might have seen him) I was taking a 21 credit course-load at CCSF and had NO time to spare, so I invested in Mr. Trujillo's services. Paid my retainer, had a couple of short phone conversations, (he explained everything I wanted to know,) and that was that. After that I just waited. I had one of them dismissed about 2 weeks ago and the second dismissed a couple days ago.To be honest even if Mr. Trujillo or his staff didn't display good personal skills, it wouldn't matter to me. They did what I paid them to do: Win my case. It took about 3-4 months, but it was worth the wait.


I was arrested in April for a serious DUI in Daly City. There were a lot of things that were not fair about how I was treated by the law enforcement agency. Fortunately I was able to have Eloy recommend by a friend here in San Francisco. I had actually already hired another lawyer but decided to go with Eloy after our first meeting where he explained in detail how my defense would work.  Eloy already knew what steps to take before even getting a copy of the police report and said he would appear in person at my DMV hearing. He later went to my DMV hearing 4 times in person and saved my license! Other lawyers said they would only handle the hearing by telephone. Eloy was very compassionate, attentive and cared about my San Mateo County DUI case. He was aggressive when necessary and was well respected in court by the DA, judge, court system and even the arresting officer. He filed a motion to challenge why I was arrested in the first place and was able to negotiate a lesser charge. One thing about Eloy is that he worked with a blood expert and private investigator (Lavell Spence who is a really nice guy) to lock in the truth about my case. Above all he really cares about your case and makes sure that you get a fair deal and that justice was served.


I've had a couple of Traffic citations and was very pleased with Mr. Trujillo's assistance. He got both of my cases dismissed thus saving me money and points on my DMV record! He is the BEST in the business and I definitely praise and recommend Mr. Trujillo's Services. Thanks a million Eloy!!!!!


Eloy is a true professional.  Couple years ago I made the stupid mistake of drinking and driving.  I looked through countless numbers of lawyers to help me with my case.  I decided to go with Eloy after reading his yelp reviews and meeting with him in person.  He gave me advice and suggestions on my situation before I even hired him.  Now I'm not going to tell you my exact Blood Alcohol level that night but let's just say that the court would have been justified in giving me a standard DUI.  Eloy went above and beyond filing appeals and asking for favors from experts, and he was able to get me a Wet Reckless.  This saved me over a $1000 in court fees, months of DUI traffic school, and years of probation.  Eloy walked me through this scary process and updated me every week.  Highly Recommended.


I got a speeding ticket and the officer told me I would have to go to driving school in order to avoid points on my license. Do you know how much driving school costs? On top of a ticket? Highway Patrol has quite the racket going.If you find yourself in the same predicament I was, do yourself a favor and call Eloy Trujillo. He did a great job of communicating the progress of my case every step of the way, and he got me out of the ticket!I couldn't be happier with Eloy, and I recommend him to everyone!


I contacted Eloy to help me to resolve a serious (read EXPENSIVE) traffic citation I got in the middle of nowhere. Based on my previous encounters with lawyers, I expected to shad a lot of dough in the process. After a quick review of the ticket and courtesy notice, Eloy has suggested me to contact the court with a few simple questions. When I contacted him back with answers, he pointed to a few court errors and provided me with inexpensive solution that did not require any of his involvement. Also, Eloy provided me with DMV contact info where I could (and did) confirm his solution to be valid.I am very grateful and really pleased with the result - $300 and 0 points!!Eloy's action has totally shuttered my disbelief in honest attorneys. I will always go back to this firm, should I need legal help.


Eloy got me off the mother of all tickets.I was ticketed for 1)speeding at 85mph in a 50mph zone 2) tailgating and 3) unsafe lane all at once and was looking at 3-4 points on my otherwise perfect driving record.Eloy worked his magic and took off all the points, without traffic school, or me ever showing up in court. I still had to pay a fine, but it was very reasonable considering the offense I was looking at. He took care of everything for me while keeping me updated on the progress. The money saved from me not having to go to court, and traffic school easily paid for the attoney fees. Hiring Eloy to take care of my ticket was the best decision I made all year.


Mr. Trujillo put me at ease during the process of fighting a speeding ticket in SF (which I received about a year ago). He did a great job keeping me inform as my representative. In the end, he successfully fought off my ticket without having me making a single trip to court or his office.I would highly recommend Mr. Trujillo!

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Eloy I. Trujillo, DUI Lawyer - 50 Reviews - Criminal Defense Law - 1686 Bryant St, Mission, San Francisco, CA

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