European Wax Center - Waxing - 518 Westlake Ctr, Daly City, CA

European Wax Center   - Waxing - 518 Westlake Ctr, Daly City, CA

Most painless place I've found. Shayla and Lana are the BEST! So 5 stars for them!  However, I just went to someone else there and it was HORRIBLY painful. I felt like the wax was burning me and I've been getting these waxes done for years. Technic and person makes a huge difference.


Have been coming here for 4 years. Very disappointed with the new waxers lately. The girls aren't able to rip the wax off completely, it ends up breaking into pieces- very painful and unpleasant experiences. They also leave you red, irritated and with pieces of wax stuck to your skin.Some of the girls are rude.Never coming back.


I've never had a problem here. My brows look good every time.Sarah is both quick and effective. Recommend.


5 stars for Amanda. She made my first Brazilian wax a great experience. She has great customer service and she's very friendly! Every time I go to her I always feel comfortable because she makes the time go by really fast and then next thing you know, I'm done! I can't really knock the girls at the front desk cause they're always new receptionists, but to the girl who answered my call today only giving a courtesy call saying I'm running late, and this B told me that I should come in and reschedule for a later time. I told her that I recall that there is a 10 min window, but she said 9. Well whatever I made it on time.


I came here two years ago and had a great experience. This time was not so great. From the first phone call to book my appointment, to paying for my wax, the service was lacking. When I first walked in, at least one of the receptionists smiled, but neither greeted me and the first words from the other receptionists mouth were, "do you have an appointment?". I was right on time so I didn't have to wait long, but again, no greeting. Just called my name. Didn't offer hers. She told me what room I would be in, and that's it. I was getting a brazilian and I have to say I've never felt more uncomfortable and awkward while getting a wax before. She never looked me in the eye and barely spoke to me. I was trying to make small talk to distract myself from the pain, but soon gave up on that because it was clear she wasn't going to reciprocate. She finished the wax, didn't bother to "clean up" with tweezers then applied their "ingrown hair serum" to the front, but not the back of the area and told me I was done. I never got to see the finished wax while I was on the table and now I know why. When I got home and got in the shower, not only were there a bunch of stragglers that could have (and should have for the amount I paid) been cleaned up, there were still a bunch of chunks of wax stuck to my skin!By the way, when I paid for the service, I knew I had a credit from one of my girlfriends using my name as a referral. I walked up to the counter, was told the price of my wax and was asked if I'd like to leave a tip. The credit wasn't even mentioned by the receptionist. I had to ask about it myself. "Oh, yes, you do have a five dollar credit on the account. Would you like to use it now?" Damn right, I want to use it, I'm not coming back here again (is what I thought to myself). Oh, and I still didn't know the name of the girl that worked on me, I had to ask the receptionist.I run a small business myself. I do a heck of a lot more than answer phones, schedule appointments and take cash and I still make it a point to smile, call my customers by name and make sure they are happy and accommodated. There's no excuse for the service I had this evening.Overall, two stars for being able to get me in on short notice. Gotta step up your customer service game though, ladies. Big time.


I believe Lori was the name of the wax specialist I got. As soon as I met her, she didn't seem happy to see that I was getting a brazilian wax since it was soon to closing...BUT ITS YOUR JOB GIRL! Anyway, very rushed and no small talk whatsoever. Sometimes I get nervous with pain but she just kept going and didn't give me time to breathe for a couple seconds. She didn't even clean me up at the end and told me I was all done without showing me the final result. I had to walk out of the store with wax all over my lady parts!!I've been at EWC's in LA (where I'm from) but when I was paying, the receptionist actually gave me a 50% discount for being a first timer at their store. That was nice. Other than that, this store needs to teach their waxers that its quality over quantity! Especially with the price they're charging.


Rahlana , is hands down the best waxer ever ! Super fast , friendly , and professional. Best brazillan I have ever had. Front desk is friendly and helpful


I come here a lot, and each time I have had awesome wax specialists, so if you're a first timer and looking to get a wax, come in and you'll be in good hands. If you're looking for a recommendation for a specific specialist, I really like Jenny, but she's typically booked. Today, I went in for a Brazilian and I had Sarah, and she was really awesome. Very nice and attentive, she makes the process go smooth and feel less awkward and invasive than what it is. It was probably the most painless wax experience I've had, which is a super big plus in my book! It's not the cheapest place, but it's clean, professional, and convenient. And really, if you're going to get waxed, quality is important.


The service is ok- too bad the girls at the front seem to be ever changing. Been going here for quite some time now. Seemed better back then then how it is now but since location is pretty convenient, I choose to still be a client. The main reason why I gave it a 2 star rating is because each and every time I come in, without fail, I am informed about the packages they are offering for their waxing services. And each and every time I have declined to accept. It's starting to really be a nuisance for me. They should keep notes on who are and are not interested.


Long waits even with appointments. Quality of service is inconsistent even with the same waxers. Services are rushed. Go to a different location instead.


Two people definitely have earned my highest recommendation. Ralannah & Hyat. Waxing isn't the most pleasant experience, but these two ladies have always welcomed me and made my experience as easy as possible. They make me feel more like a friend than a client and it's really important to feel comfortable with your wax person. I've been to other places to get my waxing services done and they were NO WHERE near as nice or accommodating as these two have been. I've been coming here for almost a year and I absolutely have nothing bad to say about EWC. I started coming here working with Ralannah who initially made me want to continue coming to EWC for the experience and great friendly vibe. She encouraged me to purchase their body wash & serum and why they were necessary for my waxing experience. She was right.  Their products definitely do help my skin feel smooth and glow! I admit, I did leave EWC to go somewhere else closer to my job, but that was a complete disaster. I returned and worked with Hyat who confirmed why I will never cheat on them again. She also showed me the body polish which is literally, the best body scrub ever. So when the ladies recommend something to you, it's because they KNOW what they're talking about. Only place I'll go to get my waxing done! Thank you ladies!


I have to say by far the best expirience ever!! this is my second time coming here and i love it! "Ralannah" is amazing she is very nice and friendly and her waxing skills are amazing! She makes you feel very comfortable and besides making it pain free she is a super fast waxer! Definetely the best ever!


Fast, quality wax. The European Wax Center may not be the cheapest option you have, but it guarantees a good clean service at your convenience. The center was small, clean, and classy. I appreciate the staff following up with my reservations just to confirm the details. I didn't know EWC was known for their speed waxing either, so it was very different compared to the services I've had previously at other salons.1. They use warm hard wax in large patches. This makes the service quicker, and less painful for the client. Most salons do little strips which may be less painful in the process, but prolongs the chance for your skin to breathe.2. Most people would comment on their lack of interpersonal skills, but it's only because they are timed. 15 minutes for a Brazilian wax, and to have the tweezing, pre and post care. I salute them. The only feedback I have is that if they had any questions about allergies, it could have been done before the wax. Also, they could have asked if there was anything they wanted done specifically. But overall, yeah, I'd come back.


I scheduled a wax appointment at the perfect time as I'm going on vacation the next day and it fit perfectly with my work schedule. I selected no waxer preference. I got a confirmation call a day prior and was really excited for my appointment. Then I got a call the morning of my appointment saying that my appointment had been cancelled because my waxer left the company. I said I didn't have a preference so any waxer is fine. The receptionist said that they are completely booked and will not be able to accommodate me. I would seriously think that if you were going to drop somebody's appointment, you would give them a free brow wax or something of the sort to ease the tension. But they didn't give me anything, And now I'm upset because I can't get waxed before my vacation. Bad customer service... Will not be booking with EWC Westlake again.


The ladies are all so sweet here! Very accommodating and they don't make the process awkward at all. I rarely get the same girl when I come in because of schedules but every waxed I've seen has done a fast and thorough job. This is def my go to spot for me Monthly Brazilians!


So this was my first time getting waxed in my entire life and I have to admit I was super nervous. I didn't know what to expect other than pain and uncomfortable awkwardness. But I am actually happy with my results and the lady that waxed me. Shayla was very helpful and informative in the process. She made me feel comfortable and was as gentle as a waxer can be. I'll definitely be coming back to her since she was so awesome and made my first time as smooth as possible (pun intended). Since it was my first time with them, I got 50% off!! always a plus! :) I recommend this place and shayla! Oh, and she was fast but very efficient!

my friend after her waxing my friend after her waxing 6/30/2016

Love this place, always get my Brazilians there. Jenny is awesome & knows what she's doing. I just discovered Sarah and she is the shit, loved her so much, very painless and she's funny! Thanks girls at European Wax :)


I've been coming to this location for the past year and I've had to try every other waxer but finally decided that Monique is my go to. She takes care of you and has great sense on reshaping when you're at the point of having enough eyebrow hair to reshape. She makes sure that you actually have eyebrows and doesn't thin out the lining. The receptionists rotate but generally they are very quick unless there are a lot of calls and appointments to juggle. 4 stars for overall because in the past year they have had to raise their prices twice. But their packages are a bundle of savings.


Lately this location has been hit or miss. In the past I felt that I received great service here with attentive people who were careful and not rushing. The past couple of visits though have been super rushed carelessness and resulted in slight bleeding. Very small amount, but not something that should happen at all. I may have to go to different locations from now on. Hopefully things go back to how they used to be in this location, but for now I'm wary of this place and will go to Gellert instead.


I've been getting Brazilian's for 4 years now. I have been to many different kinds of places including 5 different European wax centers. I have had good and bad experiences. I came to this location because I was in the city visiting my boyfriend. If I ever come to this location again I will not be asking for the same wax specialist. I have some suggested she needs to work on; waiting until the wax hardens. It doesn't feel good when your constantly being tugged at. It left me with bigger irritating bumps then normal. make sure the wax is a good temperature before applying. Clean up your client. I had bits of wax all over the area she waxed. It was not pleasant to pull it off myself. Quality over quantity!!! Take your time and make sure you take good care of your clients

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