Fifth - Parking - 833 Mission St, SoMa, San Francisco, CA

Fifth  - Parking - 833 Mission St, SoMa, San Francisco, CA

Had a good experience parking here. Here are some of the pros:- Ample parking space- Looks clean - Close to Powell Station- Comparatively cheap for the safety this garage offers.I parked here for 9 hours on a Sunday and paid $27.


Over $4,000 in items stolen from my vehicle here last Saturday 7/23/16. I was parked on the 6th floor. Apparently no levels have cameras except the bottom level and they're mainly to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic. There is a security guard on duty biking from floor to floor, however, I'm not sure why the management company wouldn't also or instead invest in some cameras. It would be a one-time cost for initial set up rather than a recurring salary for a security staff that, in my opinion, didn't do enough to keep my stuff safe.I would recommend you NOT park here. If you do, be sure to have renters or homeowners insurance just in case.


A parking garage is a parking garage. There's nothing luxurious about it. I park here every time I drive downtown. It's easily accessible, has lower rates than the competition, and its 24/7. Obviously, if you leave valuables in clear sight, your car in prone to be broken into. So don't and you'll love this garage as much as I do. Rates after 6 are generally a lot cheaper ($2/hour). Also make sure you don't park too close to someone elses car or it might get hit when they open their doors.


Watch out people their clock is off. I entered the garage at 6:03pm with my (car clock and my iPhone time )and I only stayed for 30 minutes (just had to do quick return) and it was still 3.50 so I asked the guy isn't it 1.50 starting 6pm? He says ticket time says 5:59pm lol Bottom line your time is off about 4-5 minutes!


To anyone that has been to the city you know that finding parking is the second nightmare besides crossing the bridge and the traffic. Finding this place was a blessing. I was already late to a meeting and ended up missing the meeting all together. Now whats worse than that is that I had been holding it the whole time I was driving around. So did a few turns and ended up here. To be honest I was in such a hurry to park and get out of the car that I didnt bother to look at the rate for parking. Just got my ticket and parked. It wasnt super packed which I appreciated even more. So long story short I walked down the street ended up finding the mall and walked around in there walk back and was pleasantly surprise to find out that it was only $1.5 to park. Probably the least amount of money I have ever spent in the city. Any ways Good place to park

Time for this girl to go home Time for this girl to go home 2/28/2016

Another of one of my favorite parking structures in SF. Not overly expensive and at a great location. This one has multiple floors and is really close to the Meteron movie theater. I wouldn't say it's the best parking structures, but it's far from one of the worst in SF. There have been times where I had a hard time trying to find my way in, but after a few times coming here, it becomes as easy as eating a slice of cake. Can't go wrong with cake right? Again, great location, and the structure is of decent quality. Thumbs up overall.


Check Tay T's price picture out.  This is a large seven-level parking lot that is close to the Westfield shopping center.  As one of the Westfield staff stated, this is probably one of the cheapest parking lots around.The lot hasn't upgraded to the individual parking sensors yet so you have no idea where the empty spots are. Spots are small so leave the Suburban home.  We found several places where sloppy parkers and large vehicles took over two spaces.  But though, with cramped spaces management can get more revenue and pass the savings on to the customers.All in all, a place we will remember.


Not being a native to SF I wasn't really a pro looking for street parking. But seeing as I was only in town for a few drinks and to hangout with a friend, the parking garage was fine. The spaces are on the more narrow side, but space is limited in the city and well, screw huge cars that people don't need anyway ;) The payment kiosks work without a hitch, there are different ones for cash only and cards. Prices for a few hours at peak Saturday hours came to under $5. Not bad.


It's a parking garage.  Not much to say.  Like ALL of downtown San Francisco don't leave ANYTHING of value in your car!  Since it's next to all kinds of malls and shopping downtown it's expensive, but cheaper than parking at the hotels, roll with it.  I'm parking there tomorrow.  I'll be back!


This is a decent garage to park at.  The rates are reasonable for the area and its 24/7 access as of 7/25/2016.  Plenty of spaces with enough distance to where your car is safe from door dings unless people are completely inconsiderate.  Depending on when you park will determine the hourly rate.


Parked here to pick up an online order from Bloomingdales. It was a quick easy in and out. Parked for about 15 minutes and it cost only $1.50 on a Friday night around 7PM. It seemed pretty safe and clean.


Cheap parking, close to all, easy to pay, but TINY spots!!! If you are anal about your car...take up 2 spots!!!


5 stars for being right across the street from Bloomingdales and Westfield mall. 4 stares for being a large parking structure and you will always find a parking spot. 3 stars for possible car breaking and people parking terribly.2 stars for terrible customer service from the cashiers and others by the gates and overpriced parking (but then again it's the city). 1 star for the place being dirty and the hallways, staircases and elevators smelling like pee and look like people get high in them. This review averages to a 3 star review. Like I stated this place is great because it is right across the mall which makes for easy access to the mail and overpriced parking rates - but it's the city. You will always find a parking spot since it is large and has a total of several floors which makes for finding an easy parking spot. 2 major downgrades are the cashiers are very nice and the hallways smell awful and you feel like you are walking through a biohazard. To give or take, not a bad place just gotta put up with the cons.


Just fine


If I decide not to be a public commuter into the city from the east bay, I typically drive on in and park at the 5th & Mission parking garage. Always a spot to park, though it may take a while to find one you fit in if you have a larger vehicle. Pricing is reasonable and the location is great considering the amount of places to eat and sights to see around the area. Not to mention I feel that this is one of the safest lots to park in within the city. The trick is to enter on Minna ST so you avoid the traffic and pedestrians on the Mission side.


Do not park here.  The parking lot is not safe .   My car got broken into and valuables stolen.  I was only there for 2 hrs!  I parked in the 5th floor. The security team was not helpful.The place is also not sanitary.  There is litter all over the place.  The stairwells smells of urine.  The garage is not well lit.  Please reconsider your parking options.


Ive parked here a number of times over the past ten years or so. Ive had a number of issues w/my experiences here and tonight was the straw that broke this camel's back. I am just gonna list things that have happened here. It would be a novel if i went into the detail it deserves...Good Experiences:* COULD NOT find my car one evening. I mean, it was absolutely not anywhere to be found. I went to where i always park and was not there. On top of this, id busted two toes on my right foot and had already walked miles that day even though I should not have. FFW to me about to lose it, a security guard drove by and asked if i needed help. I took his offer to drive me around and we eventually found my car...(con't below)Bad Experiences:* After the ONE and only positive experience w/staff here, my car was mysteriously parked on the roof level. Why was this concerning?? Well, that level was closed when I parked my car that afternoon. Looking back, i think the security guard was killing time when i was picked up. I told him i was 100% sure that id parked on the 3rd floor. We started looking in the basement and slowly made our way to the 4th floor when he received a radio call. All i heard was another voice on the other end saying "hey man, we are all good..." And then something else about dinner waiting in the office. We skipped the 5th/6th floors and voila, there was my car. Upon entry, my 'hide a key' was on the roof. The seat was moved. Someone changed the radio station. There was almost no gas left. And the kicker...they forgot their soda from Chic-Fil-A (which was still cold and had plenty of ice. Impossible bc i have never been to CFA and parked my car 7x hours earlier. Obviously someone saw me the day before when parked and grabbed my 'hide a key'. They must have driven about 45 mins away to the closest CFA for dinner.  IN MY CAR. * Tonight's issue...i was leaving. Per usual the far right exit facing the alley was busted. The late 20s, blonde-ish, short hair, overweight, VERY angry Caucasian guy SCREAMED at me as i slowed down. There was a good 100ft in front of me and i was doing 5 mph, tops. I stopped about 15x ft away and he just mean mugged me for no reason. Then, after making me just sit there for no reason, finally waived me thru. He continued to stand near the middle of the center lane all the while waving me thru. I idled toward the mid gate with a good 3x ft btwn us only to have him scream "WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO RUN EVERYONE WHO WORKS HERE OVER?!?!?!"  Of course, i laughed bc it was such misguided anger and he looked like an idiot. This set him off and he continued to scream something...i dunno...i was laughing...and gave him the bird. I saw his face turn bright red w/anger on my way out. Dude, if you read this...its not my fault you work in a parking lot. Its not my fault you are mad at the world. Get over yourself and don't stand mid lane if you are waving people frwd. Common sense bruh. Btw...i went to college with your bosses boss. Im not a snitch, buuuut im very tempted send this review her way. You need help if you get THAT angry over something so ridiculous. * NUMEROUS scratches from cars swiping mine (spaces here a waaay too small), dents from the car next to mine opening doors nearby are entirely too common here. * The time i had to wait an hour bc the guy who'd just shot someone (and killed them) was apparently hiding in the garage. The garage was on "lockdown" and nobody could enter or exit. After missing my meeting bc of this, the police made an announcement that the suspect got away. I was charged full price for the time i had to wait. I was PISSED about the situation (not so much the $$$), and called the garage every day for a week. I never received any follow up. * The payment machines are horrible. Ive lost countless cash on these. The staff can't do anything about it so that $20 bill you just pulled fresh from the ATM is a goner. Can think of 4x separate times this happened. Thankfully not all were $20s!* The time I somehow lost my ticket exiting the garage after i paid. I see that fee is $34.50. The person who "helped me" said it was only payable in cash, and the fee was $60. Oh, and they "don't provide receipts for lost ticket payments". Hope that $25.50 you scammed me out of went to something worthwhile. * My biggest gripe about this garage...its the ONLY option in that area. You HAVE to park there, and the garage knows it. They know they can treat you horribly and get away with it. It says something about a business when your security is agro, your janitor is the most praised employee on yelp, you cannot install a working payment system and the break ins are so obviously an inside job, it's laughable. ITS A F'N PARKING LOT!!!! HOW HARD IS IT TO GET THINGS RIGHT?!?!?!Someone needs to get this place in order. It needs help from the top to the bottom. I'm on the fence about sending these issues to my city hall contact. Homelessness is MUCH more important!


I have been parking my car at the parking garage for the past ten years plus and have never really had any problems..other than the prices seem steep at times..but it seems safe--never have had an issue and Feel safe parking my car here over an extended period of time.  I just wish parking was not so expensive in SF.


I used to do monthly parking here. First Strike: My car was broken into.  Second Strike: I canceled my monthly plan back in April 2015, returned the card key, and I am STILL getting charges. Every month I have had to take to disputing the charges with my bank because "there is nothing we can do". Do not park here. Location may be great but it is a shady business.


Pricing is ok. And it's not in the heart of Union Square. If you are going to Metreon or Bloomingdales then it's perfect. Otherwise I'd park at the Sutter Stockton Garage. Pro-tip: park in the basement so you just need to walk up/down 1 flight of stairs (assuming it's not full).

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