Fischers Fritz - Seafood - Charlottenstr. 49, Mitte, Berlin, Germany - Restaurant Reviews

Fischers Fritz   - Seafood - Charlottenstr. 49, Mitte, Berlin, Germany - Restaurant Reviews

Two star Michelin restaurant.Impeccable service (although we did make one waiter laugh).Delicious, beautifully prepared food.I had the lobster with coriander.  (US folks, this is the herb cilantro, not the seed that we usually associate with "coriander".)  Personally, I feel that the best way to eat lobster is with melted butter.  I was willing to take a chance with this preparation and found it to be divine.  The lobster was perfectly tender, and the herb butter a delicate compliment.I forget what else we had because the lobster was so good.And I loved this wine:  Sauvignon Blanc II, Von Winning 2014.


I had a wonderful experience here. Prepare for a professional and formal atmosphere, although I did see someone casually dining with a hoodie and jeans. We visited for lunch at 12:30pm on a Sunday for my 21st birthday and the restaurant was relatively empty until about 1:30-2pm, so our online reservation was probably unnecessary. My boyfriend and I each ordered a three-course meal (47€ each) and everything was perfect! I was a big fan of the free fillers in between the courses; the assortment of bread they provide in the very beginning was delicious, but as you're most likely not visiting a two star Michelin for bread, you should be careful not to fill yourself up in the beginning. I think for a restaurant like Fischers Fritz, you pay not only for the great food, but the dining experience as well. I left completely satisfied after a two-hour lunch and I'm happy I visited this restaurant while I was in Berlin!

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As everyone has already said, the real secret to dining here while still holding onto some of your money is to come for lunch. I had a lovely experience here. They have a great online reservation system with an easy interface so I highly recommend that.I ordered a 2 course meal for 35 euros. The main cost driver here is definitely drinks... I ordered water (stupid, should have just gotten tap water) which was 10 euros which is completely absurd, and a riesling by the glass (11 euros). The riesling was good for sure, but 11 euros for a few sips? uhhh no. Not a fan. For the meal itself, I ordered the onsen egg because I've never had one before and the skate wing. Both were excellent and I was more than pleased. My favorite part of the meal was definitely the amuse bouche though--always fun for me. When I went, it was an asparagus puree with king prawn mmmm delicious. The onsen egg was great--I didn't know what it was which is why I ordered it. It turned out to basically be a soft boiled egg that was fried on the outside. I don't even want to imagine how difficult that probably is to cook. It was on top of a potato puree with various mushrooms mixed in and then complemented with a nice lobster bisque. Great starter.My main course was the skate wing which I've always never had before and I'm definitely a fan after this meal. Perfectly cooked and really well-seasoned, I was really pleased with it.The service is precisely what you would expect from your standard double MIchelin. They were there when they needed to be and not there when they didn't need to. They were knowledgable about the food, and just polite and friendly. I am quite the fan.Definitely a little torn on the rating here. For sure 5-star food but the drinks tab is really ridiculous, and I wasn't mind blown by anything here. When I go to a double or triple Michelin, I'm really looking to have my mind-blown. Everything is great here, but nothing is spectacular or anything. tldr; if you want to experience a double michelin for a cheaper price, come at lunch for a very reasonably priced lunch menu; avoid getting water though unless you want to dump 10 euros for it!

Skate wing fish Skate wing fish Onsen egg Onsen egg 9/4/2015

A beautiful restaraunt and beautiful meal. Service was everything you'd expect form a two michelin star restaraunt. I really enjoyed this dining experience.I came through a business set menu so not your normal experience here but still lovely meal selections.


I'm going to start by letting you all in on a secret:COME FOR LUNCH!The lunch menu (Tageskarte) is incredibly reasonably-priced (günstig).  2 courses for 35 Euros, 3 courses for 47 Euros.  Wine by the glass is very reasonable, and as I learned to my surprise, champagne by the glass is not.The FOOD: Ausgezeichnet! (it's a great German word that means excellent).~~Course 1: Green mango with grilled Lisette mackerel balm-yoghurt.  (there translations can be slightly awkward).  Let me just say that who knew how amazing the lowly mackerel could taste.  Perfect mix of acid and flavor.~~Course 2: Iceland salmon trout (Lachsforelle...I'm not sure on this translation) girolles and green pea emulsion.  The green pea emulsion was spooned over the dish tableside.  I've never had this fish, but I'm ready to go to Iceland to fish for it was that good.  ~~Course 3: Pudding of passion fruit and star anise, warm foam of macadamia nuts and iced cardamom cacao.  Simply worth a trip to Berlin for this.  I knew I'd love the passion fruit, but who knew how amazing the last two components could be.In addition, we got a bonus experimental panna cotta between the 2 courses, the amuse bouche at the start, and an obscene amount of mignardises at the end.SERVICE: Absolutely impeccable.  They were there when you wanted them and not there when you didn't.  Friendly, but not too casual.  They've been trained.  If you have a question about the food, they can answer it or find out.  Of course at the 2 Michelin star level, it's a bit ridiculous...most places just fold your napkin and put it back when you use the they bring you a whole new napkin.AMBIANCE: Very pleasant.  Classy without being fussy.  I enjoyed that I could eat here without worrying too much about dressing up.  Maybe at dinner, I would be a bit dressier, but I came straight from the Pergamon in jeans and a button up and felt totally comfortable.OVERALL, this was one of my best eating experiences ever...and at a very reasonable price.  So follow my tip and give this a try at lunch.


The food, service , venue, and all other elementsof dinning set this place to be a great worth for 40 something euro during lunch menu!


A really great restaurant, everything was perfect. The staff is extremely friendly and very competent on questions on the food and any wine pairing etc. The decor of the restaurant is classic but not feeling outdated. A very nice dining room. The service was excellent. The waiter was extremely attentive and was always there without being annoying. The food, being the most important thing, was amazing. As starter we had a carpaccio of halibut which was delicate. The main corse was manta ray also excellent. The dessert, a creme caramel, was a perfect ending to a great meal. Another important for us is the bread that comes with the food, this also deserves some special mention. The bread basket is full of a lot of varieties and is really good. We certainly will go back there. Prices are fair for the quality.


The best meal in all Berlin.


Went to this beautiful fine dining restaurant. The service was outstanding and I really enjoyed the little treats we revived as an extra bonus. The reason the rating is only 4 stars is that my expectations were high and even if all of the dishes was really tasty none of them delivered a taste sensation. That said it IS a great restaurant and worth a visit, please note that the review regards the lunch menu.


A truly fantastic dining experience! If you decide for some reason not to go for lunch, the secret to dinner is not ordering from the prie fix menus. My companion had already gone to dinner earlier in the week, and had made the mistake of ordering their three-course menu. This caused her to miss out on some of the restaurant's real highlights.Of course, the multiple amuse bouches and breads were adventurous and delicious. However, several items off the menu were even better! --Course 1: Stock of young peas thickenend with chervil butterwhite asparagus and roasted crayfishesThis dish was the highlight of the night, with the frog legs not even coming close. The young peas were very light and delicate, beautifully complementing the white asparagus and crayfish.--Course 2:Roasted Island codfish Dôme of cabbage stuffed with green asparagus, artichoke and Roscoff onionssweet wine emulsified with salted Breton butter.This was truly a step up from the cod I had at Facil for lunch. Fischer's Fritz is renowned for their seafood, and this dish certainly did not disappoint. My companion agreed that it was on a level above her saddle of limousin lamb.--Course 3:Crème brûléeYou can never go wrong with the classics, and this is the best one I've had outside of Paris. The caramelized sugar forms a delicate layer over the cream that perfectly balances with the vanilla bean pieces scattered throughout the whole dish. A fantastic way to end the evening!The service was impeccable as expected, with a server always waiting to help you get seated and put on your fresh napkin. And of course the ambiance was wonderful as you would expect from a multi-starred Michelin establishment with all the elements from the beautiful decor to the live piano music.Overall it was truly one of my best dining experiences in Europe to date, and I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to treat themselves to a truly memorable meal.


Gourmet Food  with old fashioned service. It is Fischer's Fritz! There is nothing to complain about!We had a five course meal with vegetables, fish and lamb. It was very well cooked.The wine was chosen by vinservant and was a perfect fit.Price level - high.


Two-star Michelin? If based on my Michelin experiences at other restaurants, Fischers Fritz would only receive 2 out of 5 stars. The service was excellent, don't get me wrong. Not saying the food wasn't good, but it was definitely nothing out of the ordinary and definitely not worth the price. Our table ordered the Fischers Fritz tasting menu and the best thing we had was actually the complimentary starters. Other than that, the entree (fish), the first course (foie gras) was nothing that you cannot have at any other fine dining. Don't get me wrong, the food was decent but not Michelin starred quality in my opinion. The bill ended up being approximately $230/person with a bottle of $130 wine. Unfortunately, my party left this dinner disappointed.

3/17/2012 Updated review

i wish i could do a 4.5 rating...i stayed at the regents hotel this trip so i can go to fischers fritz more easily...had two lunches at this place last week, again...after roughly a couple of years..great service...delicious food...beautifully presented...a bit over-priced for berlin and for a two michelin star restaurant (i'm a bit spoiled by great chicago restaurants which are more reasonably priced)...having said that, i will absolutely go back next time i'm in berlin.the fish for two in the fancy cast is a gorgeous to watch and time will try their breakfast..the cappuccino was nothing to write home fact mine was pretty lukewarm...great service...pleasant people...not stuffy....thanks....mehran (of chicago)...

9/22/2010 Previous review on a recent trip to berlin, i went to fischers fritz. normally i avoid eating at the hotels but this… on a recent trip to berlin, i went to fischers fritz. normally i avoid eating at the hotels but this was regent hotel, in a very good area, and the restaurant was highly acclaimed. so, i obliged.a bit too formal my taste, and too business people oriented. i tend to hang around people who pay for their own meals rather than using someone else's money to act gourmand.i had some nice street pants and a cashmere sweater...i was a bit worried they may not let me in. but i got in just fine.the restaurant was beautiful. i had a great seat. in fact my reservation was so early that for a while i was the only customer at the restaurant.i took  a picture. the sommelier rudely asked me not to take pictures (outside america i have seen people say this and i do respect it but this dude was rude) i had to snap at him. something i normally do not do. once i showed them who was in charge, i talked to the hostess and they let me be. so i took a few more pictures until more people showed up. out of respect to them i stopped once the restaurant got more lively.the presentation of each meal was beautiful.the food was delicious.i can not say the price / value was fair but let us blame that on weak dollar.michelin is actually a bit inconsistent. this is a 2 star restaurant and a few days prior i had meal at another 2 star michelin in munich which should have been a one star in comparison to fischers fritz.i recommend both the restaurant and the hotel. Read more 2/21/2013

A bit torn here as the food definitely deserves 5 stars and the lunchtime menu is great value. The drinks prices (particularly the wine/champagne by the glass) are very steep though. All in all if you like fish it's well worth checking out and best go for tap water (otherwise 10€!) and a nice bottle of wine to keep control of the drinks bill.


Last meal (dinner) in Berlin and had a great experience.  I had the terrine of foie gras (awesome) and the dover sole (amazing).  It's a bit expensive but well worth it.


we went for christmas dinner 3 years ago. they gave a gift bag for coming & still have the post-it notes along with the pen. we had a 7 course meal with wine pairing that lasted over 3 hours. i was stuffed around the 5th course. chef fritz came out multiple times to serve us. his meals were sublime. the staff was excellent. i would be happy to go back again if i get the chance.


I've been to fischers fritz several times and would always go back. Excellent food, knowledgeable sommeliers and superb service, an example being that on my first visit, I wandered in wearing jeans, track shoes and without a reservation as I had spontaneously decided that I wanted some gourmet food, like right now. The staff not even for a second made me feel uncomfortable about my very casual attire despite it being dinner time. I have always experienced the staff as very friendly and extremely professional, if perhaps with varying degrees of experience as they are quite a young bunch. This went to the extent that, during one visit, my shoulders were getting uncomfortably cold from the air conditioning and after seating me elsewhere (which did not help much) they went looking for, and found, a scarf for me. The food is superb and you can get a three course lunch menu for EUR45, which is not bad for a two-star restaurant. If you go for dinner be prepared to pay much more but do go there if you can, you won't regret it. I once had the (6 course) prestige menu with corresponding wines and walked out feeling as though I had spent the evening in a spa after four hours of great food, good wine and superb service. Just thinking about it makes me want to book a flight to Berlin :)


4.5 be prepared for a very formal meal.  good with excellent presentation but not sure if 2 michelin worthy.


If one likes fish, not seafood, but good fresh fish cooked supremely well and served without the pompous French tendency to smother everything in a buttery cream sauce, then this is THE place to go. The atmosphere is old-school and charming in a 1930's sort of style upgraded tastefully with some 21st-century fittings. And it works well and feels really comfortable and elegant without the pushiness of some exclusive places. The staff are courteous and efficient, and they even smile at you (politely, of course). If one is perplexed about what wine to choose for the gilthead, then the chef can also be called upon to make a suggestion! Really. I understand that this place has received its second Michelin star late last year and it has not been around that long so that second star says a lot already. Apart from, say, Akelare or Martin Berasategui in San Sebastian, I cannot think of a better fish restaurant in Europe, and certainly not in Germany, although perhaps the Schwarzwalder Stube might come a close second. And amazingly, it is actually not that expensive!

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