Fondue Cowboy - Fondue - 1052 Folsom St, SoMa, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

Fondue Cowboy   - Fondue - 1052 Folsom St, SoMa, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

More people need to know about the HH here 530-630 dailyHonestly, I would never have entered except for some reason there was traffic at 6pm on a Saturday in Folsom so we pulled over and parked. Salvation! A happy hour sign. We ordered 2 glasses of wine (half off) and a charcuterie plate that came with melon which was a nice change from the random pickled veggies we usually get! We didn't do it, but the couple near us shared a chocolate fondue dessert and it was cute. Two mules for sister Sara playing on the TVs, for what that's worth.


This is definitely a good place for fondue. Prices are high and portions are small. We got the Traditional and the Desperado. The offerings for things to dip were delicious! They had a tasty crispy bread and pickles!The portion size is ridiculously small. I thought it was a practical joke. They were serious. Overall, good meal but wouldn't do it again.


Awesome place. Very very nice staff, terrific fondue. Small and intimate, would be a great date place. I was so pleased with the food and fun kitchy atmosphere. Had the beet salad (which I shared). Really fresh greens and wonderful vinegrette dressing. The others had the mixed green with pear. It was terrific! 5 of us shared two of the fondues. Traditional and the western cheddar. We added the meat plate and meat balls. Everything was fresh and very tasty. We also shared the Dark chocolate desert fondue and milk chocolate. We really enjoyed all of it!PS. Wine based cocktails were yummy especially the Monitor!


Great place to have a meal with friends. The atmosphere is really fun and who doesn't like fondue! Okay so the food in itself was probably more of a 4. But, the service was a 5! The waiter was awesome! He was so friendly and helped us decide which types of fondue we should get. We got two types of cheese fondue and 2 types of chocolate fondue for dessert. I've been to melting pot and each and every time I have been there, I always leave hungry. Not here, they're pretty generous with their fondues and their sides to dip. Cheese fondues: traditional and desperado (I think) both tasted similar, so I can't remember which one I liked better. At times, I felt like I could taste a weird cheap wine flavor, but maybe it was just me. Chocolate fondues: happy trails and high noon. High noon was a white chocolate based fondue while the other was a dark chocolate with cayenne. I think we all liked the dark chocolate one the best. We also started off with 2 salads, a beet salad and mixed greens. Both delicious and fresh.

Dessert! Dessert! See all photos from Nancy A. for Fondue Cowboy 6/23/2016

Not bad if you're really craving fondue. I appreciate that the servings aren't huge - one "Serves 2" fondue pot really is pretty small and appropriate for two.RESERVATIONSMade for 7pm on a Friday for four, and expanded to six of us the day before. It's a small spot, and it was full for dinner, but there didn't seem to be a wait.SERVICEWe didn't love our server. As a group of six, it was important to us how many meatballs were in the Homemade Meatballs side. She said twelve - which is perfect! Two each. After we got the meatballs, we realized we were one short. We half jokingly brought it up to her, saying there were only 11 in our dish. No smile, barely any acknowledgement - she just asked, "So do you want another order of the meatballs?" My friend joked "Only if there are 12," at which our table laughed. Again, no smile from the server, just "So do you want another order?" Man, so cold! I understand that picking over one single meatball is not a big deal, but she could've had a bit of a sense of humor, or acknowledged her misinformation to our group.COST$197.06 before tip, split six ways. We got a couple drinks, 3 fondue pots, and 3 sides. SIDESSpicy Sausage was the best - juicy, and legit spicy. The meatballs were a bit dry. The sliced meat were a nice extra option to wrap around the bread or potatoes and dip in to your cheese. SAVORY FONDUEWe got the Rawhide (Gorgonzola), Desperado (Goat Cheese), and Outlaw (Cheddar). The Gorgonzola was the most flavorful, Cheddar the most bland. All were melted to a nice balance of thickness without being watery. I.e., not a huge threat of dripping.

Dinner for six. Fri 2016-05-06 Dinner for six. Fri 2016-05-06 Rawhide (Gorgonzola) w/ the standard foods for dipping - 3.5 stars. This was the most flavorful cheese we tried. Fri dinner 2016-05-06 Rawhide (Gorgonzola) w/ the standard foods for dipping - 3.5 stars. This was the most flavorful cheese we tried. Fri dinner 2016-05-06 Dinner menu. Fri 2016-05-06 Dinner menu. Fri 2016-05-06 5/27/2016

5.23.16 This place is fantastic! Super cute cowboy theme. The napkins here are handkerchiefs. Adorbs, no? We made a reservation through Yelp for a table that can accommodate 7. We were celebrating a coworkers birthday. We were greeted by the nicest fellow and got seated right away. I didn't catch the guy's name, but he was really nice to our party. E.g. Making sure we understood the menu, explaining to us the different options, letting us know it was happy hour, etc. They have wine on tap! $5 per glass during happy hour. Awesome deal! We ordered 4 different cheeses. Outlaw-my favorite!!! Cheddar beer jalapeño. Rawhide-tie for second favorite. Traditional-tie for second favorite. Gruyere. Goes really well with the fruits! Quick draw-Manchego one.The cheeses come with a platter of potatoes (reaaaalllyyyy delicious), crostini, bread cubes, olives, baby picked (reaaalllyy yummy), grapes and green apples! It's actually quite a bit! We also order the spicy sausage and a plate of charcuterie. Spicy sausages were deeeeelissshhh. At the end we got the milk chocolate with walnuts. That came with chocolate bread, marshmallows, and mixed fruits. I really want to try the dark chocolate with pepper if I come back! TL; DR-get the outlaw! Add spicy sausage. Happy hour is a steal!

There's good lighting by the cowboy wall! (; There's good lighting by the cowboy wall! (; Menu. Menu. Blood orange soda not sugary!! Excellent. Blood orange soda not sugary!! Excellent. See all photos from Dianna C. for Fondue Cowboy 9/20/2016

Pros:good selection of different types of fondueamazing sides for dipping - the potatoes, olives and crispy bread were my favorite!ambience - cozy place, great for a date nightCons:limited options outside of fondue, especially for vegetarianspricey compared to the quantity of food givenI had a pleasant meal but I would only go back if I was really craving fondue


Where should we eat? Criteria: I wanted to go to SF; hubby wanted hipster; teen girl wanted fondue. Ta da! Fondue Cowboy!Our experience began with making the the last minute, of course. Called on Saturday at 5:30pm to see if they could take 3....teen girl was on Yelp saying there was an 8pm available and hubby was saying there was an 8:15. I just wanted to call. The woman on the phone couldn't have been nicer and was looking at their system and seeing there was some kind of hold or inquiry of these times and then I yelled out the two knuckleheads to close Yelp and then asked her to refresh her system and she did.... she gave us the 8:00 but also let me know there was a good chance we could come earlier and would text us if something became available. I hung up and 10 minutes later got a text that we could come at 7:30. Yay!We arrived 30 minutes early, because traffic was non-existent on this holiday weekend, and yet our table was ready and waiting for us! We had a lovely table at the end. I enjoyed the bench seating on the wall with all the pillows, since I had been gardening all day and my back hurt.We ordered sangria, beer, wine and ginger ale. The sangria was delicious - just the right amount of fruit pieces so you could eat a few, but not feel like they were trying to give you more fruit than alcohol. We ordered two fondues - Traditional (Gruyere, Emmenthaler, White Wine, Roasted Garlic, Fresh Ground Nutmeg) and Desperado (Goat Cheese, Emmenthaler, White Wine, Roasted Garlic, Olives). The Desperado was our clear favorite....nice flavors and the addition of the tiny chunks of olives was good. The Traditional could have used a bit more flavor....perhaps amp up the garlic? Or add champagne. Champagne makes everything better. I like the accoutrements that come with the's everything we use at home. Bread, apples, cornichons, potatoes (these were by far the best dipping item), broccoli (although I do like it slightly steamed, rather than raw, as these were), and grapes.We were pretty hungry and the two fondues were just right for the three of us. If it were just two of us and we had ordered one fondue, I think I wouldn't have been satisfied. Obviously this is a personal quantity preference - you decide for yourself.Great atmosphere, super friendly service, and good food....I'd definitely come back!


My first time trying fondue -- I was so excited because it has always been something I wanted to try!  We ordered two cheese plates and two meat plates (we were a party of 3).  Our waitress had recommended two cheese plates, but honestly we would have been fine with one.  For our two cheeses we got the Traditional and the Desperado.  They were both good, but I definitely liked the Desperado.  Again, I have to emphasize, we had way too much cheese -- 1 order of cheese would have been perfect for a group of 3.  We got the meatballs and the cured meat plate -- and they were both delicious.  The meatballs look small but those things are dense (which is a good thing).  Our waitress had advised us that we would veggies too, but she did not mention the bread and potatoes we would get too.  So again, we probably had more food than we needed.  Wish we had known that...Overall though, I liked it a lot and would definitely return.  The decor was pretty neat, and the food was good.  Only downside is the location if you don't have a car and you use public transit (like me).

Wine Wine Cured meats, meatballs, traditional cheese, desperado cheese and veggies Cured meats, meatballs, traditional cheese, desperado cheese and veggies 6/29/2016

Fondue Cowboy is a cute, small fondue spot in SOMA! Beware, it's a very small restaurant so I would recommend reservations even on weekdays just to be safe! They only have beer and wine, but they play that to their advantage by making wine cocktails. I had their wine mojito and it was surprisingly very good!To eat, we ordered the stage coach to share between the two of us. The pot of cheese fondue comes with some veggie dippers, bread, and potatoes. You can add on an extra meat plate for a more filling meal if you want. Fondue is always a fun meal and I did enjoy the cheese as well as the dippers that came with it. Towards the end, the cheese started to get a little strong for my liking but overall, if you like mushrooms, I would recommend the stage coach!Unfortunately we did not have enough space for the dessert fondue but we will be back for that! All of them sounded absolutely delicious (my only problem with them was they were slightly expensive especially if you're not too hungry at the end of your meal). I wish they had half chocolate fondues if you're just looking to get a taste instead of a large, hearty dessert! For portion sizes, I would say that 1 cheese fondue is enough for two people if you're not too hungry. If you're hungry, I would definitely recommend ordering a meat plate or getting a dessert fondue as well!


Fondue Cowboy serves savory (cheese) and sweet (chocolate) fondues in a dim but cozy Western-themed environment. The cheese fondues are vegetarian and come with a plate of fresh vegetables and fruit and a plate of potatoes and bread. This portion may be just enough to satisfy two hungry adults, but I suggest supplementing with a plate of meat too.We shared the Outlaw Cheddar fondue, which is aged cheddar melted cooked with beer, roasted tomatoes, garlic, jalapeños, and cilantro. The texture was very gooey and creamy, and it was overall delicious with a mild kick from the jalapeños.Our vegetable and fruit plate included olives, pickles, broccoli, red grapes, and apples, all of which were very fresh, crisp, and paired nicely with the cheese fondue. Since we wanted some additional protein, we ordered a plate of spicy Louisiana hot links, which were very salty and oily, but good.The fondue experience was fun, but I was a little disappointed with the portion size, which seemed a little too small. Overall, Fondue Cowboy provides a great fondue experience in a fun atmosphere, despite being hidden away in the sketchy SOMA district. The restaurant is quite small, so reservations are recommended for large groups.

The Outlaw cheddar fondue with included bread, potatoes, olives, pickles, broccoli, grapes, apples, and +$11 spicy sausage The Outlaw cheddar fondue with included bread, potatoes, olives, pickles, broccoli, grapes, apples, and +$11 spicy sausage The Mule The Mule 1/17/2016

Perfect date spot. This is a great spot for a small group of friends, or a first date. Intimate, but with the activity of dipping food, it's fun and whimsical.We came here on a rainy night and it was steady crowd. The service was attentive and fast. They only have beer and wine, but also have cocktails made from that. So definitely something for everyone.We did cheese and chocolate fondue, and it was definitely enough for 2 but could easily feed 3-4 if just coming for snacks. Note. They don't do the grilled meat place anymore, but the meatballs are good, just a little spicy for me!Would definitely come back.

Cheese with a side of meatballs. Cheese with a side of meatballs. 2/12/2016

*Great experience, nice location, simple but delicious menu, knowledgable staff*Made a reservation on yelp, although there were plenty of tables on a Wednesday.  None the less, the staff new me by name and followed up on the reservation.  Really felt like home.Open kitchen, visible to patrons.  Extremely clean and well kept.  Ordered:Goat cheese fondue (with Apple juice instead of white wine)Rich but delicious.  Served with: pickles, apples, grapes, brocolli, 2 kinds of bread, olivesHalf milk/Half semisweet chocolate dessert fondue with madalines, chocolate cake, kiwi, strawberries and maybe some other things...Highly recommend, I'll be coming back.


Hmm... I think I'm just not a huge cheese/fondue person so my review might be the black sheep here. Everything was solid, but a bit too pricy for me. Between the 5 of us, we ordered 3 fondue sets. We all agreed the Outlaw was the best! It has a nice kick to it and it's flavorful! The portions were pretty generous... definitely heaven for carb lovers out there!Our server was great although a bit awkward. Haha. But nonetheless, he made great wine and food recommendations!


It's an American style French/ Swiss place. Place is dimly lit, ambiance is rustic modern. Has a nice bar. They've got an excellent selection of cheeses. This place would be great for groups. You get to dip into sweet & savory fondue.  For the savory type of Fondue we tried the Rawhide (Italian Dolce Gorgonzola, Emmenthaler, White Wine, Bacon, Roasted Garlic) & the Desperado (Goat Cheese, Emmenthaler, White Wine, Roasted Garlic, Olive) and for the sweets we had the Buck-A-Roo(Milk Chocolate with Walnuts) & the High Noon (White Chocolate with Balsamic Strawberry Puree) We were a party of 4 and we were dipping into our fondues till our hearts delight. I keep coming back to this place coz its sooooo good. Quite pricey though, each order costs about $25-$28 dollars. They say if you come during happy hour you get cocktails and a fondue plate for about $20++. Haven't been to Happy hour but next time will round up the group earlier. They also serve meat plates and salads.


Fondue was good but very small portions compared to the amount of stuff they give you to dip in. I really wanted to enjoy the night with my three girlfriends but man, the service was horrible. We were misled by the guy and kept thinking one of their sparkling wines was on happy hour. We kept asking about happy hour drinks and kept ordering the same wine and only at the end of the happy hour the waiter goes "Just so you know, the Sparkling rose is not on happy hour". I wish he had stopped me at the second glass, which I ordered right before 6.30pm. And my girls followed me and ordered the same...Not only that, but they basically kicked us out after 2 hours! Seriously. The experience was overall poor and we will not go back.


This place was great! Service was friendly and attentive, they have happy hour and the portions were perfect. I went with my boyfriend and we shared one fondue (stage coach, super yummy) plus a cured meat plate. It looks like a snack but believe me it fills you up! All the sides that come with the fondue are a great addition to the cheese. We were too stuffed for dessert but will definitely be going back!

Stage coach and cures meat plate Stage coach and cures meat plate 1/8/2016

I've never really been a fan of cheese fondue, but this place was ok. In comparison to other well known fondue places, I would pick this over the melting pot. It's a lot cheaper and you mostly get the same expirience. We tried 3 fondues; traditional, our law and quick draw. In terms of flavor and taste, my favorite was the Quick Draw. I am a fan of manchego cheese so I may have a bit of a bias.  We also got a meat plate, meatballs and a couple of dessert fondues, bother the chocolate and white chocolate. I would put more comments but there's nothing really special with the meal other than the portion is good to share with 3-4 people. When it comes to dessert, I usually like white chocolate, but the real chocolate fondue is the winner on this one.


This place is cool. It's a nice spot to meet up with friends or take a date. I came on a Sunday afternoon and my trip just happened to coincide with their weekend happy hour, which has good + affordable drinks but the food is still a little pricey. The cured meat selection seemed like it was pulled out of Trader Joes. Given how small the cheese pot is, you're basically paying mostly for things to dip in it.Still, Fondue Cowboy is definitely different from a lot of places in SF. The cowboy theme is fun and makes for good conversation; maybe check it out for a first date or gathering with a big group of friends.


Best Fondue place in San Francisco by far! Great atmosphere , wine and other drinks. The food is phenomenal! Must go!

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