Foodland - Grocery - 4850 Kapolei Pkwy, Kapolei, HI

Foodland   - Grocery - 4850 Kapolei Pkwy, Kapolei, HI

After leaving Kapolei Hale I had took a walk to Kapolei Foodland.  The supermarket is located in a small shopping center that is three or four blocks south of the Kapolei Transit Center.Walking into Kapolei Foodland I noticed the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on the right side of the entrance.  Towards the left side of the entrance was one of those Coinstar machines.  Continuing on towards the left side I noticed a counter where the tobacco products can be purchased.  There is a ASB ATM located in the supermarket too.I walked down the aisle and noticed all the different items.  I stopped at the seafood section and picked up couple containers of poke.  Half pound ahi oyster sauce poke and half pound of the shrimp kim chee poke.  I walked down towards another area that had bags of poi in a basket stand.  I grabbed a small bag of poi.I continued to explore the supermarket and noticed that in the meat department there was a case that had premade kebabs as well as bacon wrapped pork tenderloin.  Mighty interesting.Besides the seafood and meat department I also seen the deli section as well as the bakery items.  Kapolei Foodland also has a pharmacy on the premises.After I grabbed my items I went towards one of the open cashier lines.  The cashier was very friendly.  Overall I had a positive experience at this Foodland.  Shelves were fully stocked.  Floors were clean.  I noticed some other Waianae Coast residents shopped here as well.106/200

Kim chee bar Kim chee bar Self serve nuts Self serve nuts Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin and kebabs Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin and kebabs See all photos from Jeana P. for Foodland 9/11/2016

I got a tip from some locals that this Foodland location was the place to go for poke. They have a legit selection. Over the course of our visit, we ordered a total of 7 pounds from here. Hands down, the secret spicy poke was the best. I also really enjoyed the fresh raw crab poke. The sauce was spicy and complemented the sweet crab meat. I wouldn't say this place has the best poke ever, but it hit the spot. While you're there, check out the Meli Kalima pineapples grown exclusively at Frankie's Nursery. You'll recognize them as the pineapples with the tops cut off, they're patented! Meli Kalima translates as "honey cream". These pineapples are low in acidity with a sweet creamy flavor. They're stupid expensive but pretty good. $16 for a small pineapple! It was worth a try since you can't get them on the mainland.


Besides the really crappy, tight, parking, I love coming to Foodland! I come for grocery shopping sometimes but if not, its for poke. Haha Lately Ive been getting 2 choice bc they have the deal where its only $9 instead of $11 or something. All i know that its cheaper hehe. I usually get california spicy ahi and/or oyster ahi poke. Suuper delicious! They also ask if you like toppings, such as onion, fish eggs, etc and if you like furikake on the rice!!! Yummmm!!***Always bring your Maikai card for deals and savings!!! :) Everything is prettt easy to find and theres workers that are available to help. Cashiers and bag boys/girls are friendly and offer to helo with bags! They use paper bags but it helps to bring your own sometimes!Oh they get Redbox machine inside too. And theres restaurants nearby, too! Takumi, Daiichi, Dominos, Hawaii Pot, etc etc


This is one of the largest chain supermarkets on the island, and was plenty good for our purposes.  We felt right at home.For us tourist types, everything we needed for sustenance was right here: * Fresh fruits and veggies, Hawaiian style of course; * Everybody sells poke.  This is yet another source.* Ethnic hot foods set up on a table, sold by the container size at reasonable prices; * But most importantly, we found limited varieties of exotic Ted's Bakery pies and cakes here.  Saved me an additional trip to the North Shore, although for me, that would not necessarily have been a bad thing.  Mr. B, on the other hand, is an instant gratification kind of guy.  This served him well.


This Foodland is super cute.  The perfect location on Kapolei Parkway which is on my way home from work.  There is a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf inside, but they move pretty slow.  Because this Foodland is on the smaller size, I've noticed that they don't carry as many varieties of products.  I couldn't even find Smirnoff Ice here to buy for my sister's 21st birthday!  Their seafood counter is great and everyone is always friendly, I just don't feel that there is that much selection in what they have to offer.  Great location, lots of eateries nearby, but not my grocery store of choice.

10/9/2015 Updated review

I really like Foodland. This location is in a  nice spot that offers up some local restaurants in the same parking lot. This is one of my go to places for poke. I love the avocado ahi poke. Also the crab pokes are delicious. The Foodland stores also offer a Kim Chee bar. Yummy! I keep wanting to try all of the Kim Chee's and have to remind myself that my timmy might not be able to handle all of the spicy Kim Chee's.A fair selection of beers can be found here. Poke and beer= good combiniation. Foodland even offers up a decent selection of craft beers. I even found one brewed from my Hometown in Wisconsin. Who knew that I would find it here at Foodland.The parking can be a bit tight during peak times at this location. Watch out for door dings. I have gotten several here in this parking lot.If you have the Foodlabd card savings can be had. And you can use your reward points for Hawaiian miles or specials in food items. I like saving my rewards coupons for a turkey at Thanksgiving.

What!? Siracha Popcorn and Beer?!?! What!? Siracha Popcorn and Beer?!?! See all photos from Linda D. for Foodland 10/15/2012 Previous review Yay! Excited to have another grocery store option to choose from in the Kapolei area. Cannot wait… Yay! Excited to have another grocery store option to choose from in the Kapolei area. Cannot wait til they open...will update my review soon. Read more 7/22/2015

I really like this particular Foodland location.  The parking lot is easily accessible and I've always been able to get a stall right in the front.The staff is very friendly.  They always thank you using your last name, which is a rare find at most grocery stores these days.The poke here is the best!  If you get there by 730am, you get the best pick!  It is always made well.  Don't forget if you want to sample, they will gladly let you try it before purchasing.  Watch for their Makai'i specials too.  If you don't have a Makai'i card, sign up, it's free!  Best of all, you get free rewards and discounts! :)Don't forget the plastic bag ban, so bring your reusable bags to put your groceries in.

Better to get a salad here then fast food spots. $5.99 Chef Spinach Salad. Better to get a salad here then fast food spots. $5.99 Chef Spinach Salad. They have the best poke selection. Come early in the mornings for the best pick! They have the best poke selection. Come early in the mornings for the best pick! 11/27/2015

If their location in Pupukea, epitomizes the old school corner grocery store,this location would be the main stream modern day one.Was it disconcerting to see how much it looked more like a Lucky's than the Foodland I'm accustomed to seeing?  Sorta.But it was all good when I saw the crazy wide selection of poke they sold.And I swear I must of gotten a quarter pound of each much to the chagrin to the guy serving it and the line of people that formed behind me.Now, are there better poke place on the Island?  Probably.  Most likely.  Yeah, there are who we kidding?But their's ain't half bad and a super convenient spot to get it when you're also doing your groceries.Why isn't there a Foodland in SF?


Randomly ended up at this Foodland after visiting White Plains for the first time and finding myself with a craving for Poke! This location is huge, clean, and the staff is super friendly. I ordered a spicy ahi tuna bowl only to realize at the register that the guy behind the counter put some baby eggs on top! Having had a traumatic experience with fish eggs as a child, I couldn't stomach the idea of eating the poke anymore. I politely informed the young lady at the register (I believe her name was Vanessa) that I didn't want to purchase the poke anymore, and why. She was very understanding, and to my surprise, offered to have a coworker run back and get me a fresh bowl without the eggs.I was really impressed by how Vanessa handled the situation. Note: It turned out that the guy behind the counter just scraped the eggs off the top as I ended up finding quite a few that he missed, but that's okay. I am genuinely grateful for Vanessa's effort!


Location:Foodland is located in a small shopping center across from the new rental community called Kapolei Lofts and near the Mehana community.Parking:Parking sucks! The parking lot is small and the parking spaces are tiny. The parking lot is always packed since it's a busy location. Merchandise:It's a grocery store so there's everything you would expect at a grocery store. They have a few specialty things here such as the Kim Chee bar, olive bar, self serve almond butter and peanut butter.Prices:Expensive Hawaii prices which is typical but try to buy on sell and get a Maikai card. Coffee Bean:There is a coffee bean and tea leaf inside of Foodland. Overall, we frequent this Foodland because of its convenient location but we hate the parking!


Every since this foodland opened in Kapolei, it's pretty much the only grocery store I go to. They usually have everything i'm looking for. They keep every shelf stocked.The workers are usually really friendly and willing to help with any questions I have or if I need any type of assistance.There produce selection is good. Poke is always filled and so good. And the store is kept clean. The only downfall is the amount of parking sucks but I usually don't have a problem finding one.


My go to spot when I need just about any groceries. Convenient location, friendly staff and prices are good. The poke is actually really Fresh and tasty. Good wine selection for those wine-Os... They even have a coffee bean so you can get your fix.

My fave! #ciroc My fave! #ciroc 2/19/2015

This Foodland is awesome! At times, my family find ourselves driving pass Nanakuli Sack N Save to Foodland Kapolei. We love the kimchi bar and seafood selections! Only bum part about this store is trying to find parking! If you're lucky you'll get a spot in front of the store, but it not then you'll definitely get some exercise! Store hours are good and the check out lines are quick!

Gotta love it when there's Mild, Hot and SUPER HOT Kimchi!! Gotta love it when there's Mild, Hot and SUPER HOT Kimchi!! 7/15/2016

Clean, bright, and not a busy location! Fresh veggies and fruit always, which is a big thing for me when grocery shopping


July 17, 2016 6:57PMI EXPECT TO BE CONTACTED BY A MANAGER.My uncle and I arrived at the seafood department, excited to get poke bowls. Although we live in Ewa Beach, I make a point to come to this Foodland location because my last experience at the Ewa Beach Foodland wasn't the greatest.Upon arrival, my uncle and I were the first to show up. Immediately after, a group of 3 people fell behind us. It took my uncle & I a SHORT while to decide what we wanted: I definitely knew I wanted the spicy ahi, but there was FRESH spicy ahi and regular spicy ahi. For those that don't know, if there are two options for the spicy ahi, one of them being fresh, that means the other is not fresh. Because there was only a small amount of fresh spicy ahi remaining, my uncle decided to opt for the oyster sauce poke. Once we decided, we immediately told one of the two men behind the counter. To my surprise, Dante told me, "They (pointing at the people that fell BEHIND us) took the last of it." They didn't even remove it yet! But because the other guy behind the counter decided to help the people that came AFTER us, who chose the remaining fresh spicy ahi as well, THEY DECIDED TO GIVE IT TO THEM!


Good staff! From cashier to fish dept. Well stocked. Can't really write so much other than make sure you have your Makai card for extra savings. They do take coupon which is cool. Saved me a buck or two.

See all photos from Kat T. for Foodland 6/30/2016

Hands down the best and most fresh poke place on the island.  Two pound special for $10.99 per pound!  Spicy ahi by far most popular.  Kimchi bar wasn't bad either.  Maika'i card for Hawaiian mileage or 5 cent self bag a plus.


Aside from Whole Foods, this is my favorite place to shop for groceries. Not all Foodland stores are the same and this location proves it. They sell the freshest organic chicken and they have various cuts of it. I usually get the 2-pack of chicken breasts for my puppy. I know, I know... I'm one of THOSE dog owners. But, I eat them, too. It's vacuum-sealed in thin green trays... You can't miss them! They sell out very quickly, which reassures me that they bring them in often.I'm a poke snob, so I don't buy poke here. I don't like raw fish that has been previously frozen, so that's that.Although I don't buy wine here often, I must say they have a pretty vast wine selection. If for some reason I was in some sort of bind and needed to pick up wine for someone, I'd say I have a pretty good chance of getting quality wine. Their prices are obviously a bit higher than wholesale, but that's to be expected... After all, they need to make a profit. Also, their beer selection is better than Safeway, in my humble opinion. I knocked off a star because I have to be overly cautious about picking certain produce and salad dressings. I've often found that their cherry tomatoes and grapes are moldy in their containers and the "made in Italy" type of sauces/salad dressings (that are more expensive and don't get bought as often) are usually way past their expiration dates. Someone needs to be on top of quality control.And lastly, the employees here are consistent. They are very helpful and pleasant. I haven't had a bad experience with anyone here at the Kapolei location.


Tried a few superettes for some poke bowls, but this one beats them all! Love this location specifically because they don't use measuring cups to portion it, they just give you a huge scoop of whatever they can fit on the serving spoon and plop it over the hot rice! My faves are the California poke and kimchi tako (octopus) poke! My boyfriend and I love poke so much we had it every day we were in Hawaii. Mm, I can feel my stomach growling already!

We are poke obsessed! We are poke obsessed! 6/24/2016

So happy we found this place! Hands down way better than the local Safeway. Freshness and quality were on point. Thanks. Goodbye.

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