Gaku Yakitori - Japanese - 5152 Moorpark Ave, West San Jose, San Jose, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Gaku Yakitori   - Japanese - 5152 Moorpark Ave, West San Jose, San Jose, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Decent Yakitori place. I went all Yakitori places in South Bay Area but it's decent.4 of us went there in Saturday night. We made a reservation at 7, called at 6.We ordered-Yaki onigiri: crispy rice balls. You should ask for soy source.-ochazuke: tea w rice. Not recommended-Zaru soba: good! Cold noodle-a lot of chicken skewers-Teba: chicken wings deep fry. Taste goodWe were really full and paid $22 after tax and tip per person.


This is classic yakitori served in a relaxed but refined setting.  They offer a variety of traditional dishes with a great selection of grilled meats and vegetables.Everything I tried was as expected, very delicious, and satisfying.  The drinks are also quality.I especially like the jaga-bata, grilled shiitake, yaku onigiri, and their udon.I wish it was closer to where I live.  I would go here much more frequently if it were.


Garlic potatoes are good, cooked well.Gizzard sucks, too chewy, not tasty.Calamari is worst I had, too chewy, it felt raw.Hotpots are nice but it should be fancier and with rice for $15.Green tea creme bruela is a little sweet but good, still too tiny for $5.5Overall different but bad experience, paid $75 for weird chewy food without getting anywhere near full.


WARNING WARNING!-Don't come here if you are starving-Don't come here if you are in a rush-Don't come here if you are on a budget I wish I have read the review before coming here, but my friend asked me to eat dinner here last minute and I usually do intensive research on Yelp before I go eat anywhere but wasn't able to do it this time. The waitress was nice in explaining what things are, 3 of us ordered what we thought was a lot of food but don't be fooled IT IS VERY SMALL. The only pro I have of this place is that the food actually tasted really good or maybe I was just starving. Now let's go to the cons...-food comes out SOOOOO SLOW and on top of it they only bring one skewer at a time. Like OMG stop teasing us! One skewer of pork belly for 3 of us, one tongue for 3 of us, etc, and they don't come the same time, they come like 20 minutes apart! Imagine sharing one skewer for 3 people and we are all starving... Just imagine that for a moment. I felt like i was in a woods where food is scarce and not enough food to meet our needs LOL-food did not even come out hot! It was luke warm I mean cmon if you are taking 20 mins to cook or grill it it should at least come out hot and fresh! -after being teased over and over, we ordered the squid hoping it would be a big size like what the picture showed, but that shit takes even more than 20 minutes to make, and it was like A SMALL SIZE TOO!! OMG disappointment after disappointment lol we were laughing our ass off when we saw the squid cuz the whole time we were telling each other "it's okay guys the squid will be the life saver, it will be big and we will be full from it" no no no no-total bill after agonizing wait and itty bitty appetizer food we just had and feeling hungry still (7 out 10 hungry) it was $90 we looked at each other and laughed our ass off again HAHAHA no we are not cheap but I guess this is what fine quality dining suppose to be lol anyway we went to Gyukaku (yes we were THAT hungry still) after that, way more satisfying with meat coming to our table within 5 mins and ordering a lot meat for only $50 total PS: they only accept one card per table, I'm surprised this place is not CASH ONLY lol

Squid Squid Mushroom Mushroom Oroshi beef Oroshi beef See all photos from Debbie D. for Gaku Yakitori 5/30/2016 Updated review

Made a reservation 30 minutes prior to arrival and managed to secure a table for 2 hours and was seated upon arrival.Started the meal off with the side salad which was excellent, lightly blended in with some sesame oil.Moved on to the silky pork asparagus skewers along with garlic kobe style beef skewers and they were also both excellent! The meat was very tender, flavorful, and had a wonderful smokey taste to them!Despite being out of the oxtail that evening, the beef tataki beef carpaccio was perfect! Meat was thinly sliced and perfectly flavored!The soft shelled shrimps were perfectly fried, light, and salted. $12 for half dozen of delicious shrimp!The jidori tasuta Japanese fried chicken was superb! Huge chunks of very fresh, and flavorful chicken with a side of Japanese mayonnaise!The Abeyaki miso udon was very strong in miso flavoring and was mediocre. The poached egg was deliciousFinished the meal off with the green tea creme brulee which was also excellent!Service was excellent throughout the meal by the attentive waitstaff.$45/head after tax and gratuity for dinner.

Oxtail - $18 Oxtail - $18 Green Tea Creme Brulee - $5.5 Green Tea Creme Brulee - $5.5 See all photos from Derek S. for Gaku Yakitori 2/24/2015 Previous review Made a reservation for dinner a few days prior with Aaron and managed to be seated upon arrival.… Made a reservation for dinner a few days prior with Aaron and managed to be seated upon arrival. Gaku is Sumiya's sister restaurant. Garlic Pork Belly- Very fresh and well seasoned, although a tad salty.Salad- Very fresh lettuce with a light sesame oil dressing...delightful! :)Spicy Fried Chicken Wings- Very fresh chicken wings and the wings were very spicy! :)Chip with Chicken- Unique presentation with a huge chip. Fresh and tasty.Soft Shell Shrimp- Similar to Soft Shell Crab but with shrimp, very light and well prepared.Pork Kakuni- Light and fresh. Well prepared and pork belly wasn't over-cooked.Miso Soup- Made to order and came out zesty hot towards the end of the meal. Decent.Garlic Kobe Beef- Seemed liked American Kobe Beef...very fresh and well prepared.Green Tea Creme Brulee- Not too sweet and very smooth...must try for dessert! :)Unfortunately, the widely raved about Beef Tataki Carpaccio was sold out the night we visited.Service was excellent throughout the meal. Meal was on the saltier side...I think the dishes are meant to be washed down with beer?!?~$44/head after tax and tip for dinner. Read more Miso Soup - $3 Miso Soup - $3 Pork Kakuni - $8.5 Pork Kakuni - $8.5 Chip with Chicken - $6.5 Chip with Chicken - $6.5 See all photos from Derek S. for Gaku Yakitori 3/21/2011 Previous review Came by the other night for dinner and unlike Sumiya, Gaku doesn't have combination dinners. In… Came by the other night for dinner and unlike Sumiya, Gaku doesn't have combination dinners. In fact, their menu seems much smaller.Overall, the menu is similar in terms of skewers but the salt skewers contained too much salt...perhaps because we ordered too many salt skewers...The interior was freshly remodeled, perhaps due to being rebuilt/remodeled after the fire at the original Sumiya?Service throughout the meal was friendly, though more refills on tea would have been nice to ease off the salt! ;)The chicken thigh skewer was fresh and juicy while the beef tongue skewer was a little tough. Read more Mackerel Mackerel Pork Pork Chicken Balls Chicken Balls See all photos from Derek S. for Gaku Yakitori 3/7/2016

OMG. looks like I've found my newest favorite Japanese yakitori restaurant! (next to Sumika in Los Altos. that's still ichiban in my heart.) there is a definite skill in handling the spit n grill when doing Yakitori. I admire the chefs who do this on the regular. it's not easy getting the perfect sear n juiciness out of the meats, especially when wafts of smoke comes at your face constantly. also, they all speak Japanese so it's a good bet u will get solid Yakitori food. Gaku Yakitori is located on Moorpark Avenue in San Jose. I would say it's actually closer to Cupertino cuz it's where Bollinger ends n Moorpark starts. the restaurant is in a small plaza where there's a Burger King, CVS, n a large pet hospital. there's plenty of parking in the private lot. the service we received at Gaku was really great. we were greeted as we walked in n was asked if we had a reservation, which we didn't have. that was ok, he said we could still sit at the bar area which I wanted to do anyways. so for customers who want to b seated at a table, it's better to make early reservations. the tables were pretty much all full that night n it looked like there were parties waiting outside the door when we left. throughout our dinner, an employee always checked in on us to c how our dinner was, filled out water glasses, n also asked if we wanted another beer. (ice cold beer goes sooo good with Yakitori!)the atmosphere is pretty chill in this dim n cozy space. I saw families with their young kids eating at tables so its ok for children I guess, although I consider this kind of place better for a night drinking n chatting with good friends. (the noise level gets up there.) can't wait to go back to try the other things on the menu!we ordered a bunch of skewers from the order sheet, 2 of each kind plus an order of Oxtail Hotpot. Must get : Chicken Thigh w/ garlic : lots of garlic!                  Chicken Wings w/ salt : juicy!                  Oxtail Hotpot. 4 pieces of big oxtail bones n soup is just spicy enough. love the large pieces of firm tofu n seaweed also. perfect to share between 2 ppl. thought it looked very Korean tofu, but still was tasty. similar to spicy Korean tofu soup with some oxtail thrown it. : )

oxtail Hotpot. $15 oxtail Hotpot. $15 chicken wings w/ salt. $3 chicken wings w/ salt. $3 chicken thigh w/ garlic. $4 chicken thigh w/ garlic. $4 See all photos from Julie W. for Gaku Yakitori 3/16/2016

Found this place through other we decided to try it and we came really early (before they open). We were the 3rd in line for no reservation so i knew that we'll be fine. I told our server right away that it's our first time and he explained and gave us some recommendation food to try. So we ordered the following with the seasoning:*Chicken Thigh - Garlic - okay not my favorite though*Chicken Gizzard - Salt & Garlic - first time to try and it's not bad...*Chicken Skin - Sauce & Garlic - definitely the sauce is much better*Kobe Beef - Sauce, Salt, Oroshi, & Garlic - Definitely the Oroshi & the sauce are my favorites*Pork Belly - Spicy Miso & Garlic - ohhhh the Spicy miso is a must try*Seared Scallops - Salt - okay*Softshell Shrimp Karaage - yummy!*Grilled whole Squid - This is the best squid we ever had especially the special Japanese mayonnaise....sooooo good....We ordered this 2x as it was so amazingly delicious!*Grilled Scallop with Uni - it's okay for me nothing special...this is $18*Kakuni Hotpot - we also wanted to try this and we didn't's deilcious!There's only 2 of us but we left very very full and my husband was shocked when he got the bill (lol) it's not cheap but with the quality of food, we say it's worth it. Definitely will come back for more and this time, we know what we want and try other things...maybe beef tongue or chicken heart....NAHHHH....i'll pass. ;-P

See all photos from CJ B. for Gaku Yakitori 1/21/2016

It was a Saturday and we were craving some Yakitori. I have had this place bookmarked for a while, but always forget to book rezzies. We got there 15 minutes before they opened and made sure we were the first ones in line. If you do not have rezzies, then there is pretty much only 6 spots at the bar that they have for walk-ins. If you are not in those first 6 seats then...your wait will probably be 1.5 - 2 hours. JUST CALL AND MAKE A RESERVATION!!!It took us 2 hours to finish our entire meal because we only ordered skewers....and.....we ordered A LOT!!! hahahMy faves:   - Soft shell shrimp karage: my bf loved it so much, he got a second order just for himself   - Tongue: sooooo good that i had two just for myself   - Hearts: not the best i have had, but i still enjoyed it   - Knee Cartilage: nomz   - Chicken skin (negi sauce): this one is a must get....get it....get it!!!I would definitely come back, but just once in a while because it's not cheap :)

Mushrooms Mushrooms Green tea creme brulee Green tea creme brulee Chicken Chicken See all photos from Jennifer T. for Gaku Yakitori 2/22/2016

This is one of my top favorite yakitori restaurants in the Bay Area. The food quality and service is outstanding. My recommendations: - Chicken chip with tartar (A must try)- Grilled onigiri with salmon and ikura - Garlic kabli!! - Grilled chicken wings - Grilled beef tongue with green onions  (if you like tongue) - jidori ontama (poached egg over rice) Skip: - Chicken hearts - Sauced kalbi- Grated daikon on kabli - Spicy fried wings (a little greasy and I'm still unsure why the wings are so tiny)I love that their menu changes. More reasons for me to come back and try the new dishes.

Chicken wing- garlic Chicken wing- garlic Grilled chicken wing? The skin was perfection Grilled chicken wing? The skin was perfection See all photos from Judy V. for Gaku Yakitori 3/16/2016

Hrm.  Came here cause I never tried yakitori before!  Attempted to go to Sumiya for a quick bite before movies but it was busy and all available seating was reserved. So we went somewhere else. When I came here to eat,  we were offered the bar.  I asked if we could wait for a table but was denied.  Said they had the tables reserved already.  I guess if you come here it's best to book and reserve in advance. Once seated,  menus were dropped with a pencil and order card with no explanation.  A little confusing for our first time. We came here initially wanting happy hour items that we saw on yelp,  but when we asked they said they didn't have happy hour.  I guess the review and pictures on yelp were from over a year ago and it's no longer offered. Was a bit bummed.  Ended up ordering one of a few items to try. Skewers-chicken thigh with sauce-meatballs with sauce-wings with garlic-kalbi with oroshi-kalbi with garlic-pork belly with spicy miso-pork belly with garlicAppetizer-spicy edamame All the skewers generally came with about 3 pieces, except for the chicken wing which came with two wings.  All had a really nice smoky grilled taste with whatever flavor you chose for the skewer. The spicy edamame really hit the spot for me since I wanted something salty and spicy. Don't come here to have dinner and expect to come out full unless you really want to shell out a lot of money. We came hungry and left feeling okay for a little over $40 after tax and tip for 2. Everything we ate was delicious and came out gradually. I think this type of place would be great for snacking on grilled meats and such along with drinking to pass the time of the food coming out. If the occasion came up,  I'll come back to do that~

Our bill. Our bill. The skewered wings The skewered wings Pork belly!! Garlic on the left, sauce on the right. Very yummy~ Pork belly!! Garlic on the left, sauce on the right. Very yummy~ See all photos from Tina N. for Gaku Yakitori 6/6/2016

I would give this place higher rating if the food came out faster but man each dish takes about 20 minutes to prepare - which is kinda ridiculous. If we are solely rating this on the skewers alone then I would give it a 4 stars- however since food takes nearly 20-30 minutes to arrive and the server served us the meat cold( I don't blame him the restaurant was packed so he had to serve other tables first) but I like my meat to be sizzling hot. Also the pricing is quite expensive . My advice is to order food in advance and know what you want before deciding to order.


Delicious with awesome presentation and pretty good service. Super busy on a Friday night so was expecting it to be a little slower on the service end. The food dis NOT disappoint! The duck prosciutto salad was off the chain, the skewers were perfectly prepared, and had a darned smooth shochu. Will be back agin with my other half next time!

All them deserts! All them deserts! Duck prosciutto salad and sausages Duck prosciutto salad and sausages Our Shochu Our Shochu See all photos from Meredith C. for Gaku Yakitori 12/6/2015

The food was very very good. However, the 2 star off was because: 1. The wait time between dishes are waaaay too long. Which makes sense because they only had one griller and one helper.  Also the grill was not a big one.  So dishes were being made slowly.  But we did see other people who sat down after us got their dishes before we got ours.  2. For the price we paid, the experience was not worth it.I will only come back if I'm not very hungry next time.

yuzu honey cheesecake yuzu honey cheesecake Sausages Sausages Grilled tomatoes Grilled tomatoes See all photos from Danni Shinya L. for Gaku Yakitori 1/18/2016

Damn. What can I say about this place? For starters, definitely make reservations before coming. The restaurant is small and the food is so good, if you don't you're going to be standing in line for quite some time watching people stuff their faces. And if you decide to not heed my warning, then I hope you think of me saying "I told you so" while you stand outside in line since there's not enough of a wait area in side.Anyways, Boyfriend and I decided to finally come here this weekend for our 2 year anniversary.  Made a reservation the week before and right when we arrived at our reservation time, we were promptly seated.Must haves: Grilled squid (no sauce, it's already flavorful enough), spicy oxtail soup (holy crap it's good. side of rice is $3 extra though), garlic chicken thigh, and green tea creme brûlée (that's right, GREEN TEA creme brûlée. blew my mind)Also ordered: Fried rice ball (yes, it's just rice but its sides are nicely fried with a bit of soy sauce coating), garlic chicken breast, kobe beef, kalbi, beef tongue (not at all like lengua from mexican joints but still good), black sesame ice cream (super rich) and Sapporo black (5%)Total came out to $96 which I was really surprised because I thought for sure it would be $100+. $4 is not much of a difference but still. The meal was under 3 digits.I think the only thing I can say that was somewhat lacking was in the service department. We had a waitress that didn't seem to be as friendly or outgoing as the others. Everyone else seemed so warm and "hi, welcome! how are you this evening *smile*". Maybe she was having a bad day, who knows. Nothing terrible to dock off a star but I feel is worth mentioning.Will still come back again. Especially for dat green tea creme brûlée and spicy oxtail soup, mmmmm...

Sesame ice cream (SO rich) and green tea creme brûlée (best thing ever) Sesame ice cream (SO rich) and green tea creme brûlée (best thing ever) Beef tongue. Good but I'd pass next time Beef tongue. Good but I'd pass next time Kalbi and Kobe beef? I think? BF ordered these. The one not covered in sauce was his favorite. Kalbi and Kobe beef? I think? BF ordered these. The one not covered in sauce was his favorite. See all photos from Tina T. for Gaku Yakitori 5/3/2016

I have been wanting to try Gaku Yakitori, but I have not had the chance to try it until tonight. I heard this place is always crowded and I needed to make reservation in order to eat here. Today after work, I called to see if I can get a table for 2, and lucky, me they said they have a table ready for me at 6:30.I came in and immediately ordered the grilled whole squid since I knew it will take a long time to be prepared. We then started to ordered the yakitori and the grilled rice ball. The first 4 orders of our skewers came out about 5 minutes apart and then the waiting begins. I started to notice 4 orders of our skewers didn't come out along with the rice ball but the table next to us already received theirs. When we asked the waiter, she said it's coming. After 10 minutes of staring at each other without any food, I decided to order the fried tofu from the kitchen so that we have something to eat and not have to stare at each other chewing on the bamboo sticks. I also asked about my squid and they said the kitchen is a little behind. Since I really wanted to try the squid, I patiently waited.The tofu came out after 15 minutes followed by the rest of the skewers. But WHERE IS MY SQUID??? We decided to eat the skewers and the tofu and if we finish the food and the squid is not out then we would cancel the order. Exactly after 2 hours of patiently waiting for the squid, we decided to cancel our order. The waiter said that the squid is now on the grill and that he can box it up for us to take home once it's done. When asked how much longer, he said it's almost ready. We decided to just wait since we waited for 2 long hours already. We waited another 8 minutes and the squid finally came out...wohooo.I wish Yelp has ratings for the food separately from the service because the food was very good but the wait was horrible.

2 hours for this...urghhh 2 hours for this...urghhh 9/2/2016

This place is great. We've been coming here for about a year now and we've never been disappointed. The cold soba and cold tofu are great. Our go to meats are chicken cartilage, chicken wings, pork belly, and beef skewers. I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone that's in the area.

Oxtail Hotpot. It's pretty tasty. Oxtail Hotpot. It's pretty tasty. 4/27/2016

Maggie G. took me here for my first yakitori experience and it was great!Came right at 6pm when they opened so we didn't have to wait. Although since we did not have reservations, we had to be finished by 7:30pm.. Which I found a little odd because I thought restaurants always had a few tables set aside for walk-ins on a first come first serve basis. Oh well.All the skewers we ordered were soooo good. Very well seasoned and packed with flavor. Don't remember exactly everything but the two I enjoyed most was the chicken cartilage and chicken gizzard both with garlic. Both had a nice crunch to it and sent my taste buds on a trip! Can't wait to come back and try the rest of the menu!


I LOVED (MUST GET ITEMS):- The kobe beef skewer (super tender)- Ika geso fried calamari (crispy and savory) $9.50- Scallop skewers (great buttery texture)- Yalu onigiris with salmon (savory and crunchy exterior) $5.00I LIKED:- Spicy chicken wings $7.50- Mushroom skewers... grilled nice and dry so the flavor really comes out- Duck prosciutto salad $10.50- Green tea creme brulee for dessert... a great strong matcha flavor $5.50I WOULD SKIP:- Miso udon $9.50... this was excessively salty and tasted like the noodles were drowning in soy sauce- Beef tongue skewers... for me, I'm just not a huge fan of beef tongue and I would definitely opt for another kobe beef skewer insteadI think you need to come to this restaurant realizing and expecting to pay about $40-50 per person, in order to really experience the nice variety of tasty small dishes here and to have a satisfying meal that doesn't leave you hungry.

Kobe beef skewers... Amazingly tender Kobe beef skewers... Amazingly tender Three Yalu onigiris salmon ($5) x2 and ume ($4.50) Three Yalu onigiris salmon ($5) x2 and ume ($4.50) Beef tongue skewers Beef tongue skewers See all photos from Ryan C. for Gaku Yakitori 9/3/2016

This is a pretty small restaurant, but the food is really good. The servers are very nice. Is a place for two or three people.

Delicious gaku udon, the only thing that is not good is too small. Delicious gaku udon, the only thing that is not good is too small. 10/7/2016

I've been to this place so many times and not once has it disappointed me. It's one of those places where you can close your eyes and randomly pick anything on the menu and it'll be deliciously amazing. I've tried most of the dishes on their menu, but there are some I'd order every single visit. Those include: chicken hearts, grilled scallops, anything involving uni, duck prosciutto salad, shiitake mushroom, soft shell shrimp, poached egg and green onions over rice, and beer or sake. Also, don't forget to take a look over their ever changing specials menu... it's always pretty awesome. This place quite expensive, however it's totally worth it in my opinion.

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