House of Bites - Pizza - Miramar - San Diego, CA - Menu

House of Bites   - Pizza - Miramar - San Diego, CA - Menu

Husband and I were in the area getting our car serviced.  We were really hungry and decided to eat nearby.  Opened up trusty yelp on the phone and found house of bites just a few minutes away.  My husband tries to stay away from carb heavy Italian cuisine so he was reluctant to go.  That is until he saw that they had Mediterranean food as well! Yay for hummus!  I, on the other hand, can devour entire loafs of garlic bread hehe!  We ordered buffalo wings, beef ravioli, and beef kebab plate.The salad that came with the meal was amazing.  I never usually order any type of Greek salad.  We both liked this very much.  The wings were crispy and juicy.The wait for our entrees took a little longer than expected.  I chose a mushroom sauce for my ravioli and it was a tomato sauce with a generous amounts of mushrooms in it.  I love mushrooms! Yum.Service was great and if we are ever in the area we will be back! Support local!


I ordered delivery food from this place because it had free delivery. I had relatively low expectations and I ended up being slightly surprised. I ordered the spaghetti with mushrooms. It came with a salad and garlic bread. The salad had good toppings and fresh lettuce. The garlic bread was good, but the seeds on it were a little odd. It is a great value for the amount of food. The spaghetti sauce and mushrooms were pretty good. However, the noodles were water logged and flavorless. I really wish the noodles were better. My boyfriend ordered the sausage and pepper sandwich and an order of onion rings. Both were relatively terrible. I do not recommend them. The sandwich had an off putting taste and the onion rings were mushy. Overall, this place is acceptable for delivery food. It also helps that everything is rather cheap. I think I'll probably give it another try. Hopefully, the other pasta dishes have more edible noodles.

Spaghetti with mushrooms, a salad, garlic bread, onion rings, and a sausage and pepper sandwich. Spaghetti with mushrooms, a salad, garlic bread, onion rings, and a sausage and pepper sandwich. Comment from Hector C. of House of Bites Business Owner 10/27/2016 Hello, thank you for the comments and review. I would like to say that we are without power as the… Hello, thank you for the comments and review. I would like to say that we are without power as the power company has the area off as they work on some issues and that we are only do what we can to to make our customers happy. So please do try us again when SDGE hasn't made everything harder for all the businesses in the area to operate. Thank you and we look forward to serving you when we are at 100% capabilities. Read more 10/13/2016

So pizza, subs, mediterranean.  Good for those who can't make up their minds or for larger parties who want different things.  Had the mediterranean, it was OK.   Portion size is good.  Prices are ok.   Taste is just merely meh.   Jack of all trades, master of none.


House of Bites is located in Miramar area of San Diego.  According to their website, they offer a wide variety of items from pizza to sandwiches to Middle Eastern kabobs and hummus.  I was introduced here by my manager at work.  Upon inspection of the menu, I ordered a Beef Schwarma plate and salad (with house greek dressing).  The food was overall pretty good with few minor nitpicky things.  The pita wasn't warm and the rice was a little tough (at the time of the visit).  The beef schwarma and salad (with house greek dressing), however, was delicious!

Beef Schwarma Plate with Rice and Salad (House Greek Dressing) Beef Schwarma Plate with Rice and Salad (House Greek Dressing) 9/24/2016

The House of Bites is really casual, nothing fancy. Sometimes, that's all you want! Good food and no extra BS. We came in on a Friday night and it seems like this family restaurant is a popular place for take out. But, if you decide to sit down no worries; the servers are very friendly and super accommodating to special orders/substitutes.The prices are great, especially since the food is freshly made to order. It's worth the extra wait.I enjoyed my Greek salad with chicken and marinara on the side. It has some awesome Mediterranean flavor to it.My husband ordered the chicken plate(it had a different name and I forgot it) the pita was warm and fresh, the hummus was tasty but a bit oily.

My nephew approves of the House of Bites. My nephew approves of the House of Bites. All Greek food is good food. All Greek food is good food. See all photos from Julia J. for House of Bites 9/27/2016

I'll make this one short.  The food is okay if they make your food the way you ordered it.  That doesn't seem to happen all that often.The employees are rude.  Why would you treat a paying customer like garbage and make snide comments?  There is no need for that.Do not buy a deal for this place on any sites, they get pissed off when you use it.  If you don't spend a lot more than the deal they will tell you that the point is for you to come in and spend a lot more than the deal and try to make you order more.  This place has potential but with rude staff I will not be back.

Gyro Sandwich, ordered with no lettuce and tomato and I got both Gyro Sandwich, ordered with no lettuce and tomato and I got both Comment from Hector C. of House of Bites Business Owner 9/27/2016 I'm sorry that you feel that the staff was rude however I can assure you that they or I wasn't. I… I'm sorry that you feel that the staff was rude however I can assure you that they or I wasn't. I also know that you weren't present when I explained this to your husband and said we will accept the coupon and apologized for the misunderstanding. If explaining that the deal you bought is designed to be used in house and it's not for take out or delivery is considered rude then I guess we were in the wrong and apologize however the reason the deal is a deal is to have you come in and order more than the coupon as this is the only way the restaurant can recoup the money it loses by selling you a $20 coupon for $10. It's also clearly stated on the coupon. Never have we gotten a complaint on customer service since it was purchased and yes we have made mistakes on orders but every restaurant has a bad day and we try our best to not have them but then we wouldn't be human. Again, sorry if we didn't live up to your expectations. Also any issues could've been called in and spoken to any member of management to try and satisfy this issue. Have a great day. Read more 10/11/2016

This place is honestly one of the most ridiculous pizza joints I've ever been to. The taste, quality, and price make it the best choice when you're doing a brewery marathon in the area. They also offer many incentives for returning. There's a 15% off Yelp check in, you can earn points with 5-star, AND they have a $25 off $50 purchase on To top it off, they have an even more delicious 28" pizza for you to share with a small army. It tastes better because it's more. Trust me on this one. House of Bitehs, please never change because we love you. Things to order- The Giant Pizza- Wings (super hot and garlic parm)- Chicken Shawarma Plate- Another Giant Pizza

Bitehs Bitehs 7/31/2016

I ordered togo and I work maybe 5 minutes awayThe lasagna with salad and garlic bread is cheaper if you order during luncb before 3pm.The lasagna was waaaaaaaaaaaay too oily. It was an inch thick of oil in its togo container and after eating a few bites I felt literally sick. Ahhhhhh D:The garlic bread has sesame seeds and just has butter garlic on it and it was just extremely salty and bad on my taste buds.I was so sad because I really wanted to love this place and the pizza looks good but eh.. next time i'll pass

Lasagna Togo Lasagna Togo 10/8/2016

I was a little hesitant to try this place, because Mediterranean food with Italian food, how can one place do them both well, this place really did. We had the Garlic Parmesan wing, Beef Shawerma plate and the Philly Pizza. I would definitely would recommend this place.ProsRoomyExcellent customer service-Larry very friendly and gave us great suggestions when asked.Plenty of parkingDrinks always fullThe food is very flavorful, fresh, and great portion size.ConsA bit to hot inside(not sure if ac was down, but felt like it.)

Philly Steak Pizza Philly Steak Pizza Garlic Parmesan good. Garlic Parmesan good. See all photos from Sherrie J. for House of Bites 10/2/2016 Updated review

Their baklava is sooooo good and their lemon pepper wings are too. The tiramisu was good too. I liked the dessert more than the normal food hahaEdit: I ordered again and was very disappointed with their wings. Before it was juicy and perfect but this time it was soooooo over salty I couldn't bare eating it and I ordered a large onion ring but it was so small..

5/6/2016 Previous review Their baklava is sooooo good and their lemon pepper wings are too. The tiramisu was good too. I… Their baklava is sooooo good and their lemon pepper wings are too. The tiramisu was good too. I liked the dessert more than the normal food haha Read more See all photos from Onyx L. for House of Bites 5/17/2016

Come hungry! They definitely fill you up here, and you absolutely get your money's worth. We found this restaurant on Yelp, and were enticed by the menu to stop in. We were greeted by (who I think was) one of the owners. She welcomed us, asked is we'd been before, then gave us a brief rundown of the menu. We took one of the menus to a nearby table while we perused our options (no sense clogging up the order line). Everything looked very good, and the place smelled heavenly. Once we made our decisions, we went back to the counter to place our order. I went with the primavera fettuccine, and my husband got the spaghetti with meatballs. Both dishes came with salads to start, and we got a fountain drink to share (bonus points to the same lady for humoring me by giving us part lemonade, part Sprite to drink!)So this is why I'm removing a star: the wait for food was pretty bad. They had a good delivery and to-go business going that day, but while the food kept going out, it took forever for it to get to our table. Once the food arrived, we were both very impressed. The salad came out first, and I was surprised by how large it was. It also had this really interesting (tasty!) dressing that made me want to lick the plate clean. I'm not sure what it was, it wasn't a typical vinaigrette, but it was yummy. The pasta dishes (which, yes, were very long in coming) were similarly impressive. My Alfredo dish was massive, and it seemed to be layer upon layer upon layer of cheesy goodness. There were noodles in there - somewhere - and there were a few broccoli and I think carrot pieces, but the overwhelming piece of that dish was the cheese and cream sauce. Definitely not something to order if you're not a fan of dairy. I couldn't eat the whole thing. I felt like I'd been eating all my life, but the pile of pasta never diminished. I made the tiniest of holes in the pile before tapping out, and getting a box to go. My husband, meanwhile, very valiantly finished his entire meal, all the while commenting on how delicious it was, and how full he felt. Didn't stop him from eating, though. The service was really good, which I appreciated. They did come out a few times to tell us that the food was coming, but it didn't make a difference in the wait time. They also apologized for the wait, which I appreciated most. We will come back, for the food, the service and the value, but also because you can get two meals out of one dish!

Spaghetti with meatballs Spaghetti with meatballs Fettuccine primavera Fettuccine primavera Salad with the yummy dressing Salad with the yummy dressing 7/18/2016

Used a gift certificate for this place.  I recommend it if you're getting an excess of food, especially for at least a small group.  Even without it, you'll be very satisfied.Portions are very filling.  Average price for many of their items are about $10.  I say that is very well worth it.  And since what they offer has a bit of variety, they're more likely to have what you're craving.  Last I ordered, we got a pasta dish, beef shawarma platter, and a Philly cheesesteak with fries.  None of it disappointed.Staff is very grateful for the business of customers.Since we took our food to go, I don't remember how the place looked, but from what I do remember, it seemed like a nice place to hang out.  Definitely a place I could bring friends.My first impression of this place was obviously a good one.  Awaiting at least another visit so I could assess more details for a more accurate review.


The BRN crew (Bad Restaurant Night) found this one on Yelp. Our sort is 'good for groups' '$' and we added 'outdoor seating' since the evening was warm (71 degrees). There are 6 to 10 in the BRN crew and we were eight strong on this Saturday evening. Our first restaurant was Chinatown in Encinitas. That was five years ago and it was memorable only in how mediocre everything was (except the fortune cookies). However, one hold over from that night was a penchant for restaurants that serve two cuisines. Chinatown specialized in Italian and Chinese. House of Bites advertised Italian and Mediterranean.  The reviews for House of Bites on Yelp were mixed, but generally focused on the delivery orders being mixed up. The food got good reviews, so with the lure of two types of food on the menu, we headed off to Miramar.The best BRN restaurants are located in strip malls where the rent is cheaper. House of Bites was no exception. It's located in the same mall as the 24-hour Roberto's. There were three tables out front. We pushed them together to seat the eight of us. Actually, the owner (Hector, I believe from reading through the reviews, though for some reason we didn't introduce ourselves at any point) got the seating together for us. The inside of the restaurant was on the warm side (as mentioned in another review), so the outdoor option was a real plus.We peppered 'Hector' with questions about the menu while waiting for the other half of our party to arrive and started off with an order of 18 wings (half BBQ/half lemon pepper). We asked about the difference between Schwarma and Tekka (it's the marinade and how it's cut/served).  We asked what he thought was best. We ordered two lasagnas (a big hit), the beef schwarma, the chicken tekka, a hummus platter, and the philly cheese steak. Instead of serving the individual orders and forcing us to split them up, we were served family style, with the salads combined onto plate, etc. This made it much easier to serve.  And, the meal came out as one would expect. The wings came first. Just as we were finishing the wings, we got the salad and hummus. So often in restaurants like this, everything comes out once or comes out in some disjointed fashion, or before you are ready.  At every point in the meal, the service was remarkably professional. Personally, my favorites were the Chicken Tekka, the lasagna, and the salad, but all the entrees drew positive comments from the BRN'ers. The bread was great, too.  We even tried a chocolate cake at the end that was tasty and tastefully presented. All in all, we were there for nearly 2 hours. It was a very pleasant experience. We even got to know the drivers a bit. After tax, our bill was less than $11 a person. It was a phenomenal meal (putting it in the context that we were dining 30 yards from Miramar and three doors down from a cigar bar - which was not an issue despite how close we were to the smoke pouring out of the front door). This is a restaurant that deserves the public's support. We all came away finding it hard to believe that House of Bites would get bad reviews. Surely, there is something on the that you will love.


Food was amazing! Came from OC and was looking for good halal food. The pizza and the pasta were very good. Would def recommend to friends and family!


This location have opened and closed with prob 3 different restaurant and this is the newest one in the last two years. How are they still in business? I don't know. This place is horrendous, I ordered chicken wings, it came out like they boiled it. Plain, no flavor and left bunch of hairs on them. It order one of their kabob plate and it was the worst I have ever tasted. This place never have customers either. I hope they close soon and somebody will come for the better

Comment from Hector C. of House of Bites Business Owner 10/24/2016 I'm sorry you feel that the food wasn't up to your expectations however our food is good and if it… I'm sorry you feel that the food wasn't up to your expectations however our food is good and if it was so bad the previous two times why did you order from us again. And the chicken comes to us fresh from US Foods and I can assure you that they are not only free of hair but they are also very good fried to order and NOT BOILED!!! The kabob meat is Black Angus certified beef and is seasoned well. We do things to the highest of quality and try to exceed our customers expectations and we continue to do so and hope that we are around for a long time to come. You should never wish bad things on small business, especially ones that work with the community to make it better! Have a great day J q! Read more 9/22/2016

First time here as a spur of the moment decision. Ordered a personal pepperoni and olive. With a Pelligrino drink, the total was not even more $10. The pizza was pretty big for a personal pizza. In addition, the dough was delicious, sauce is good, the bottom of the pizza had just the right crisp to it. What sells me on this place was the service. There was a delay in my pizza and I had coworkers waiting for me. They refunded my money and the owner personally handed me my pizza and apologized. Good food... even better service. That's hard to find.


We didn't feel like cooking tonight and decided to order delivery through Yelp Eat24. It was reasonably priced at just over $40 with tax and tip and delivered in about 45 minutes. We ordered a variety of stuff like the Beef Tekka Plate, 1/3# Angus Burger with Onion Rings, and app sampler with Chicken Nuggets, Mozzarella Sticks, and Fries. Sadly everything was lack luster. For the Beef Plate the meat was dry and probably over marinated and ironically, the rice over spiced, having more flavor than the beef. The sides were better than the rest.The burger was definitely one of those frozen patties you get in a multipack in the frozen section of your market or Costco. Chewy, a couple bites of gristle and lacking flavor. Unfortunately that really let down the bun and fresh produce which was good. The onion rings were most likely frozen, bland, and nothing special. That leads us to the same for the app sampler. More bland, frozen stuff you can get at your local market or Costco. I'm very surprised at such high reviews. Maybe the pasta and pizza is what everyone raves about? Those are two things we didn't try. What we had was certainly nothing special.


Hectors attitude is fairly rude even if he tries to say it isnt in his response to my wifes review. The deal says dine in and my wife generally buys two deals at a time. The first time we used a deal there I called before hand and his brother was like oh yea come on in and use it. So you would think since they were cool with it the first time they would be cool with it the second time.The second time I came in Hector you were like this deal is for dine in with kind of a mean attitude. I dont care if you thought you were rude, you were rude. You gave me attitude bro over something that you accepted the first time because your brother said it was cool but had a problem the second time. You even made a comment about me being 2 dollars short on the deal because of the tax but when i was looking to order something else like a side of fries you just said you would take care of it like you didnt want to deal with me anymore. Heres the kicker, even if we had dined in we still would have spent the same amount.The food is ok. The pizza sauce needs a little work. The hero is good. The customer service for me at least needs work. They are probably great with everyone else but personally i wont be back.


Not sure why the review is 4.5 stars. House of Bites is a traditional sandwich place.For a top-notch sandwich place, such as Rubicon Deli or Carnitas Snack Shack in my opinion, I would be expecting some more than just fresh ingredients (bread, meat, plus veggies). A bomb ass sandwich needs innovative and creative recipes, including some mysterious mouthwatering sauce because that is very important!So back to House of BitesGOOD: fresh ingredientsBAD: lacks creativity, tranditional so won't surprise youBaklava is pretty good by the way

Baklava Baklava 10/23/2016

It took over  One hour and half  to get my delivery  order I placed on line, No apologies or anything, food was mediocre.

Comment from Hector C. of House of Bites Business Owner 10/24/2016 I'm sorry that your food took longer than expected. There can be a delay with the online sites at… I'm sorry that your food took longer than expected. There can be a delay with the online sites at times with high volumes of faxes coming in. Hopefully you'll give us another chance to make it right. Please call into the restaurant to get an immediate response and more exact time frame to receive your food. Ask for the owner to allow us to do you right by us. Thank you and have a blessed day. Read more
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