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I have been buying shoes at Howard's Shoes (Palo Alto & Walnut Creek) for about 6 years. My kid has wide feet and not many stores carry options in wide and Howard's usually has more in stock than the others. I've been very pleased :)A few months back I bought a pair of shoes at a competitor and within a month they looked horrible - the sole was falling apart and the top stiching etc was frayed. So, I returned to Howards and bought a new pair of shoes. Much to my dismay, within a week some stitching was loose. I packed up the shoes and returned to Howards immediately - and ready to wage my arguements! BUT I was immediately greeted with a smiling face who asked how they could help. I just said that I had a problem with a pair of shoes and said, 'well lets find you another pair'. He went to the back and returned with every shoe in my kids size. We discussed the options and before I knew it, the exchange was done. I didn't have to wage war and argue my point. Right away he helped solve my problem and set me up with a new pair was better quality. What a treat in a world that has seemed to loose sight of 'customer service'!I have also liked the fact that since my kid was little, they were able to help find shoes for MY kid (never tried to sell me a regular shoe when a wide is clearly needed) and they often suggested a shoe that was 1/2 a size larger (especially when kidlet was little) to allow room to grow since the kids outgrow the shoes before the shoes wear out.


We just picked up a cool pair of red Converse for my boy.   Service was very friendly despite the fact that my kid was dragged in here kicking and screaming "I don't want to buy new shoes!!!"   He's evidently on a Crocs kick lately, to my greatest chagrin.Anyway, the young woman that helped us was truly adorable and immediately got my kid all calm by offering him a sticker.    I still haven't managed to get him to wear the shoes, but Howard Shoes gets 4 star in my book for excellent service!


I went to this store when my son started walking, at age 12 months, to get his first pair of real shoes for outdoor wear.I requested shoes that were easy to walk in for a starting walker (as opposed to dress-up shoes, etc)The woman pointed me to a pair of sneakers.   I asked her the price and expressed shock that a shoe for this age could possibly cost $55 when he'll outgrow it in about 2 months.  I asked her for a less expensive pair to try on, and she came back with a pair that was $52.I would have walked out at that point, but I had my own mother with me and she bought them as a gift for us.Seriously? This is a kids shoe store (meaning ample variety and selection) and the cheapest option she had was $52 for a baby shoe? Really?


Great service! It is very hard to find children shoes store. The store owner are very helpful and patient. I like to support local business and this family small business has been yrs in Palo Altos and Menlo Park. They carry good selection. Last time I went in without my child the owner still be able to get me what I need and make my shopping experience very pleasant. I hope they will be around forever!~


I went to get my daughter fitted for her first pair of shoes, and since its so important to have properly fitted footwear. I felt a proper childrens shoe store should be our first stop. Not only was she fit so incredibly wrong (her shoes constantly fell off her feet when cruising, crawling, or even just sitting in place), but when I went to return them, the store has a "no returns policy" -- basically exchanges or store credit only. Why would I come back and spend money at a store that did such a horrible job the first time?  If anyone wants a store credit, let me know. I won't be back to spend it.


EXCELLENT store for children's shoes. The staff is very knowledgeable and not pushy like some other stores. I am so glad to have found this store! We used to buy our daughter's shoes at Nordstrom, next door, but after 2 horrible experiences of them telling us incorrect information we luckily found Howard's Shoes. I am now a loyal customer, because anyone who will sell you the best shoe because its good for YOU and not simply good for their paycheck is a company worth patronizing in my book. Also, they only have "good" shoes, so you know that they will be expensive, but it is worth it to know your child's growing feet are being taken care of I definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for children's shoes.


I went in today to get help finding proper shoes for my brand new walker. Jenny was the salesperson and she was extremely helpful and very sweet. I ended up with two pairs of shoes for my little boy. I already knew it would be expensive before going, so I wasn't shocked when the total was $106 for a pair of sneakers, a pair of crocs and 3 pairs of socks. Would I have liked them to be cheaper? ABSOLUTELY! However, I knew this wasn't going to be the case. I will definitely be back again when my son outgrows these shoes!


I have tried everywhere, and I do mean EVERYWHERE, to have my daughter fitted in shoes properly. It seems that only Mr. Howard is able to choose shoes for my daughter that will not leave marks and blisters all over her feet. We often shop around, then end up back at Howard's after giving up on Nordstrom's and the like. (An aside story, I once purchased at Nordstrom's, my daughter wore the shoes out. By the time we made it to Howard's, the shoes had left marks all over her little feet. Before even taking the shoes off, Mr. Howard said they weren't properly fitted and to take them back! We ended up with a very nice shoe from Howard's.)I know people have mentioned the price and that the surrounding stores are less expensive. Every shoe is at least $50, but they send out coupons for $10 off or buy one get one 50% off with regularity.The brands Howard's carries include PediPed, Crocs, Nike, Stride Rite, See Kai Run, Sketchers, Saucony, Salt Water, Uggs, etc. They also have a limited selection of dancewear, dance shoes, etc.


BAD return policy. Store credit only.


We took our twins here on Sunday for new shoes. We were actually headed for Nordstrom but found this place first and decided to stop in. The gentleman that assisted us was fantastic! He engaged and talked to our kids and was very knowledgable about the shoes. Thank you! We will be back!


We stopped in Howard's Shoes to have our two sons' feet measured and purchase new shoes. It is a small shop, but the salesperson was incredibly attentive and patient (we have a 4 year old and an 18 month old, so patience is clearly required).  He was knowledgeable about their shoes and worked with us to find the best fit.  The pricing was on par or less than Nordstrom and Zappos for the same shoes ($40 - $50).  The selection is small, so if you need a lot of choices, you might be better off going to Nordstrom. Personally, I appreciated a store that just had good, supportive shoes vs. the flashy ones that the children like, but that the sales people tell you are junk.


Having read other review on Yelp and Berkeley Parents Network for this store, I made the trek from North Berkeley only to be very disappointed. Their selection was very limited - only had 2 choices of non-sneaker shoes for my  year old daughter, and while three salespeople were there, none seemed interested in ending their personal discussions and offering us some service. We proceeded to go to Nordstrom where we found the service and selection we had hoped to find at Howard's. We will certainly not return. Too bad!


An excellent children's shoe store. Great customer service, they even did a price match for me when I found the shoe elsewhere at a cheaper price! I will definitely be back!


I've been going to Howard's Shoes for 10 years now.  Over the years, I've tried to buy shoes for my kids at other places to get a lower price - Target, Sports Basement, Macy's, Clarks, Zappos, Amazon, McCaulou's - you name it, I've tried it.  And have always scurried back to Howard's where I can be in and out in 15 minutes with shoes that both my kids and I love.  I'm very particular about shoes since bad feet and bad backs run in our family.  There was a time when my son kept stamping his feet and was constantly complaining about his legs hurting.  These weren't regular growing pains as it happened day and night continuously.  I finally brought him to Howard's where they determined that he was flat footed and needed a shoe with better arch support.  They also recommended insoles (which they sold to me at a discount when I mentioned Amazon had them cheaper).  Within a day in his new shoes and insoles, he stopped complaining about the pain and stopped stamping his feet.  All that took 15 minutes.  We're heading there again today after I return the ill fitting winter boots I bought online for my daughter.  I guess I never learn my lesson.  From now on, I'm going to Howard's first to save myself a headache.

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