Ike’s Place - Sandwiches - Westwood - Los Angeles, CA - Menu

Ike’s Place   - Sandwiches - Westwood - Los Angeles, CA - Menu

Sandwiches are delicious. I LOVE the Adam richman with pickles and banana peppers. They didn't have avocado today which is sad but the service here makes up for that. Must get on the Dutch crunch bread. No matter your sandwich, get that bread. During happy hour, with each sandwich of $7.99 or more you get a free bag of chips and canned soda which is flipping phenomenal. And you get a lollipop for "dessert." Parking on the street or in the garages but I got great parking right in front at a meter and since there was no crowd or line, I was in and out. I believe the hype, my mom believes the hype. We had this for the first time in Berkeley 2 days ago and were already getting it again. Service here is wonderful and there's patio seating outside so you can enjoy your meal fresh there.To the awesome cashier that helped me out: as good as the onion chips were, the dill ones win me over. Those were hella good and it wasn't strong


This review is based on my experience today because I've had no problems all the other times I've been to Ike's.We came in around 12:30pm today, ordered a Lincecum and Sally Ride. There were 4 individuals waiting to order after us and maybe 2-3 individuals waiting for their order. We waited 10 mins and noticed that people who ordered after us were getting their orders and got confused since we ordered before them. 3-4 people came in to pick up their orders at separate times and they all got their orders before us. My bf noticed that our sandwiches were sitting on the counter, all ready to be packed into a paper bag and handed over to us. The guy who took our order (Kevin C?) was packing sandwiches and handing them to people and ignored our sandwiches and us.  Even when I walked over to the counter in attempt to ask for my sandwiches, he ignored me and walked away. I had to ask another worker to get our sandwiches and this was maybe almost after a 20 min wait. Idk what Kevin C.'s problem is but something I did notice was that we were the only Asians at Ike's, everyone else was White (except the people making sandwiches). If this had to do with race, you hired the wrong person @Ike.

order slip to go along with a bad experience order slip to go along with a bad experience L - Jim Rome, R - Sally Ride L - Jim Rome, R - Sally Ride 9/5/2016

Amazing - you have to go !!!Best meal in a long time The staff are great.Best thing to get is he spiffy tiffy !


Wow....I'm so glad they have an LA location. When I was in SF, I missed out on my opportunity to go to Ike's so I was delighted to see one in LA. There is limited patio seating but nothing inside the place; it can get pretty tight in there since it's more of a to-go place. I got an order off of the "secret" menu and decided to go with the 40 year old virgin sandwich on the dutch crunch bread and it was DELICIOUS. Oh my godness..the sandwich was MASSIVE. Each bite was savory. The bread was lightly toasted and the amount of ingredients inside the sandwich was plentiful. At first, you don't think of such an odd combo of ingredients turning out so well but it does. Chicken fried steak, mozzarella sticks, marinara and ranch...mhmmmmmm. For the price that you pay, you definitely get your money's worth.I can't wait to go back.Don't forget to check in on Yelp when you go....free bag of chips!

40 year old Virgin on Dutch crunch bread 40 year old Virgin on Dutch crunch bread 8/29/2016

This place is a step up from Subway. That being said, it's not as cheap as Subway with sandwiches costing around $10. The quality is still a lot better than Subway though, so you definitely get your money's worth. It's not the best sandwich place ever, but it's pretty good. The people who work there are pretty nice and friendly, which is a plus. When you walk in you're greeted with a whole wall of all these different sandwiches. I'll probably come back some time to try the other flavors. Once you select which sandwich you want, you can customize it (i.e., type of bread, etc.). Last time I went I got the Green Lantern (Steak, pepperjack cheese, green chilies, and Godfather Sauce) with lettuce and tomatoes on a Dutch Crunch roll. The sandwich is pretty filling, so don't worry about being hungry after. Keep in mind that during the weekdays, they have a Happy Hour deal from 2 - 6 PM. You get a bag of chips and your choice of a can of soda/bottled water free with a purchase of a sandwich. It's a pretty good deal, so if you're craving a sandwich be sure to stop by them. Overall, I'd recommend this place to a friend.

Yael University Yael University Yael University Yael University 8/21/2016

Too much. Too much 'dirty sauce' (mayo-based standard on all sandwiches-- despite request for 'Easy'). Too many choices, which is actually a nice thing. Too spendy: $29.00 for two sandwiches, one tasty Limeade, tax and voluntary tip of 15%, plus .50 charge for using a card. Ahem.The staff is friendly and patient and helpful. And, after slogging through some very wet sandwiches (the Matt Cain and the Ménage a Trois), I brought the last half of 'Matt' to their attention. To their credit, they happily remade (sans any mayo sauce) it and it was a lot better. A lot easier to also taste the meats and cheese. Yes, the Dutch bread is very good and recommended for the sandwiches. The Menage sandwich was wet, too, but I just went with it. If this was Easy, I'd need a boat to work through it Regular. Honestly, my gripe about the heaviness of the sauce was that I could not taste much of the ingredients. Ok, maybe that's the point - to have a big mosh-mosh of flavors on the bread. (And also, on this sandwich, it comes with two different cheeses...)The Voodoo Chips are good (free w/ check-in), fun to see a non-Lays brand. I would try it again because of the variety, and the cool staff -- but maybe the hype is just too much. I was more bloated than blown away.


I used to live where the original Ike's on Castro in San Francisco opened. I was an avid fan and printed their online menu and posted it to my refrigerator. I can't remember now but there were over 100 sandwiches on that list and I crossed out 30 of them in my time living near Ike's in San Francisco. I got to a point where I got very sick of them and it took years before I felt like going again...which brings me to this Ike's.All in all, it's not as good as the original. The special sauce tastes slightly different, the breads aren't as fresh, and the sandwich options aren't as creative. Perhaps I'm biased, or simply sick of Ike sandwiches, but this place isn't as good as I remember it. They still give you the suckers which is a nice touch but overall, it's missing the original magic of Ike's. I'd still say it's worth going for a bite, I just won't be going very often. Maybe when I get back to San Francisco, especially since there are a couple locations there now.


Seriously don't understand what the hype is....Our sandwiches were super poorly built...lettuce and sauce everywhere within the wrapped up sandwich. Mine was super dry, pretty much flavor less, the other one was pretty much just drowned in BBQ sauce.Got dutch crunch bread, except the crunch was missing. In fact, the crust of the bread was so pale, as if it was more afraid of the dry shredded chicken inside than I was.A bay area local but I have actually never tried Ike's SF location. But this LA location is one I shall pass.Over priced mediocre food.Meh is exactly right.


Mm so I remembered liking Ike's (wasn't blown away by it) when I used to live in SF so I thought I give it another try when I walked by this place during lunch today.Very slooooooooooow service..no sense of urgency whatsoever. The cashier girl was nice but the ladies making the sandwiches were painful to watch. My coworker and I had to wait about 20 min for our sandwiches.I got the Bruin (one of their veggie sandwich options) with onion rings (they only put these inside the sandwich) bc I was feeling extra fatty today. The dutch crunch bread was not toasted enough so made the sandwich a bit soggy but I was so hungry I killed it regardless. My opinion of this place remains the same..and it's a simple mehhh. And sorry way too expensive..my sandwich and a lemonade came out to $14!


So glad this place now has an LA location!!It's pretty hard to impress me with sandwiches but this place blows my mind everytime!It's located in Westwood right next to UCLA on a small corner with street parkingThe day I came they were out of halal chicken which I was kind of bummed about but instead just replaced the meat with fried chicken and it was still DELICIOUS!!!We ordered:SPIFFY TIFFY- my favorite!!!!- avocados, lettuce, tomato - on Dutch bread- they have some sauce in the sandwich that makes it THE BEST EVER - I cannot emphasize how much I love this sandwich I would definitely recommend this if it's your first time here- it's a guarantees 10 out of 10NACHO GIRL- kind of has the same things as the spiffy tiffy but with salmon- pretty good not as good as the spiffy tiffy though - on wheat bread (we wanted to feel a little healthier)- I think there's a different sauce in this sandwich but it's still delicious I really wish this place was closer to me but I'll still make the trip over here because I just think their sandwiches are some of the best I've had!This place definitely lives up to the hype and is something everyone should try!

Left: Spiffy Tiffy with Fried Chicken Right: Nacho Girl (Salmon) Left: Spiffy Tiffy with Fried Chicken Right: Nacho Girl (Salmon) 4/20/2016

One of my favorite sandwich shops finally comes to LA (well a year ago now.. haha)I was lucky enough to grab an Ike's sandwich on a business trip a few years back and loved the dutch crunch bread and the Spiffy Tiffy. So of course i made the trek in Westwood to grab one. I strolled in yesterday at 430 and was delighted to see i was the only customer (There were always huge lines in sf). I was nicely greeted by the cashier and of course ordered the Spiffy Tiffy on dutch crunch. I was also delighted to here that between 2pm to 6pm chips and canned sodas were free.. major plus! Too bad the sandwich price was $11.11... but i guess ill blame inflation and the economy for that haha.After ordering, my sandwich was promptly made and there were like 7 or 8 crew members running around/talking to each other.. a bit overkill since i was the only customer haha... after 5 minutes my sandwich was ready and i grabbed a table outside. The sandwich itself was great! just as i remember with flavorful pesto, large pieces of mushrooms, a nice amount of gooey provolone and pepperjack, tender chicken and of course... that crunch you love in dutch crunch bread. The sandwich was huge and could easily feed 2 for lunch or just 1 really hungry person haha. Just heaven to eat the sandwich and a prime westwood intersection. The chips were nothing special nor the soda but you really come here for the sandwiches hahaLooking forward to coming here and trying other sandwiches soon!

Spiffy tiffy on dutch crunch Spiffy tiffy on dutch crunch 7/31/2016

Spiffy Tiffy (on Dutch crunch of course) was the TRUTH. Tasted like a delicious chicken pesto pasta dish, but in amazing sandwich form. The mushrooms added are an excellent touch. The Adam Richman - in this battle of Man vs Food, man won because this sandwich was superb. Fried chicken with honey and avocado on Dutch. I'm a sucker for sweets so this was right up my alley. That restrained addition of honey to the sandwich was something different. If you like honey with your fried chicken (a la Honey Kettle or Bruxie), you should like this!


This could have been a higher rating but service is very slooooow. My friend and I were the only people in the store, save for one other person ahead of us... it took 20 minutes to make our sandwiches! I'm generally lenient on the time it takes to make my food because I want quality I can taste, but that long for SANDWICHES when there's barely anyone in line?? No thanks. I recommend you calling in and picking up your order.But don't let slow service stop you from coming in! These really are great sandwiches. I ordered the Jaymee Sirewich on the Dutch Crunch Bread. It was amazing! The texture of the bread was great; not the tear-the-roof-of-your-mouth crunchy but it was crunchy enough to give contrast to the doughiness inside filled with fried chicken, pepper jack cheese, ranch, and BBQ sauce. Brb crying tears of joy.All sandwiches fall between $8-13. Reasonably priced sandwiches for high quality taste? That's a winner in my book. I still wouldn't come here if I was pressed for time though.

Kenny Washington Kenny Washington Jaymee Sirewich Jaymee Sirewich 9/28/2016

I have been lied to both times I've been here. My rating goes purely to pricing: sandwiches are average (decent for Westwood, which in itself is awful for sandwiches). But I give the one star because both times I have gone now, my sandwich ends up being 3-4 dollars more than what the menu says. First time I went in, they said come back between 2-6 pm for happy hour, 25 percent off sandwiches for students. So I come back between 2-6, and not only is there no discount, but I ask to substitute an item of lesser value with an item included on the sandwich and they say it's okay, and they end up double charging. Both times, a basic turkey sandwich, a small sandwich, has cost me 13-14 bucks. For a small sandwich! If I had actually gotten the items I wanted on it, it would cost me 15-20 bucks.


Dutch crunch bread is quite literally, their bread and butter. You can't leave Ike's without trying its toasty crisped goodness.With an overwhelmingly large menu with infinite combinations, you still have the option to build your own sandwich. Each combo is packed with juicy ingredients, to name a few of the frequently occurring: pesto, provolone, pepper jack, avocado, Godfather sauce, halal chicken, garlic aioli, dressing. I got the Nacho Girl with wild salmon and provolone, not to be confused with Nacho Girlfriend which is apparently a completely different sandwich so thankfully the cashier clarified this for us before ordering. I tried a bite of my bf's Spiffy Tiffy, and found the pesto to be too earthy and I didn't care for the lumps of avocado (the slices were so thick!) Both sandwiches were on the "room temp" side, which I didn't entirely mind but some people might not like how it's not hot. Regardless, I enjoyed the salmon in my sandwich, but my favorite part was the bread! Not sure what they do to it, but the top's got a crouton-chip toasted taste, and the bread below it is still supple and delicious.Don't forget to check in on Yelp for your free bag of chips. I tried the dill-cajun gator chips because the name sounded unique, and fyi it tastes like salt/vinegar chips but spicy! Overall I liked Ike's place for the bread; frankly the sandwiches are a bit too hearty for me on a regular basis, so be sure to come with an appetite or save the other half of your sandwich!


Came here to grab sandwiches with my boyfriend. There was a small line at 1:45, so I can see there being a pretty long line depending on the time. Huge menu! It was a little hard to choose but I ended up getting the Jim Rome (avocado, cheddar, red pesto, and turkey) and my boyfriend got the Green Lantern (Godfather sauce, green chilies, pepper jack, and steak). The recommended bread is the Dutch crunch and all sandwiches come with dirty sauce (garlic aioli kind of smeary orange goodness), tomatoes, and lettuce.The sandwiches are around $10 average and let me tell you: worth every cent. Super flavorful and a little messy but glorious, sandwichy delight. So, so good.I will definitely be coming back to try other items on the menu. Really recommend the Jim Rome though--the pesto and avocado added a lot to the sandwich :)

Jim Rome Jim Rome Jim Rome Jim Rome 2/28/2016

Ike's is a big big deal in the Bay Area.In Los Angeles, well, they're getting there. I was pretty surprised when Ike's was said to be opening in Westwood. And yet, I hadn't had a chance to come until way more than a year later.Firstly, when you step into Ike's, you're taken aback by the number of sandwich options you have. It's simply ridiculous how many varieties there are; maybe if you don't wanna be put on the spot, you can research the different sandwiches online.What always always always happens, essentially, is that I choose a sandwich of a favorite athlete of mine. Like, I'm PRETTY sure I've never been to an Ike's without falling into this little trend. Buster Posey, Madison Bumgarner (although I'm slightly surprised they have some of these Bay Area athletes at this location)...This time, I just had to do it. I got the Linsanity, named after Jeremy Lin (I was sold when they had a picture of him actually buying a sandwich).At $9.99, the Linsanity is on the higher end of sandwiches; it has avocado, Godfather sauce, havarti cheese, turkey, and voodoo heat chips. Ultimately, I thought it was alright; the Godfather sauce was a little too overpowering and the avocado wasn't able to shine; instead, it just provided for a more creamy consistency. Thank goodness for the chips, though, since they kind of added the texture I was looking for: a little crunch with my munch.Basically, the sandwich is pretty big, and I only ended up eating like half. The next day, when I heated the sandwich leftovers, I found myself enjoying it a lot more for some reason--maybe it was the melted cheese?The outside seating area is nice; Westwood is a generally fun locale. However, there are no umbrellas or anything, so be forewarned that you may be subject to the sun's ultralight beams (Kanye, anyone?).Ultimately, Ike's always seems slightly expensive for a sandwich to me, but getting two meals out of it really kind of makes that more of a null point. Plus, I just feel like I haven't hit my FAVORITE sandwich yet, so I hesitate to give Ike's a lower rating. I genuinely think it's a fun experience every time, and thus I'm really happy we have one here.BTW, the drawing of Ike still creeps me out. But that's okay.

Linsanity!!!! Linsanity!!!! 6/22/2016

Ike's, where have you been all my life?! First thing I noticed walking in was the size of the menu.. and even crazier, how the vegan/vegetarian menu was 1/2 of it! Amazing! The kind girl at the counter recommend me to try the Vegan Captain Kirk Sandwich out of the many vegan options on the menu. (Soy "Chicken", V Cheese, avocado, sweet orange glaze, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and this bomb bread.. I forget the name but it's their most popular one.. get it!!!) Probably one of the BEST vegan sandwiches I've had yet. The sandwich was packed with delicious flavors and left me very satisfied. The soy meat had great texture and flavor as well as the v cheese. The bread was probably one of the main reasons why I loved the sandwich so much, it had the perfect crisp yet was soft and had it's own flavor that went great with the contents of the sandwich. My boyfriend even said he liked my vegan sandwich more than his normal one which also seemed delicious!We also came during happy hour and we got a free bag of chips and a drink, which is a great deal for the price. Can't wait to come back to try more!

The Vegan Captain Kirk :) The Vegan Captain Kirk :) 1/12/2016

Everyone raves about Ike's in SF.  Of all the times I've visited SF, I still have yet to eat there.  However, I was visiting my alma mater in Westwood so I was able to buy a sandwich at Ike's Place in Westwood.  I ordered the Green Lantern with steak, roasted peppers, pepper jack, lettuce, and tomatoes on Dutch Crunch aka Tiger bread.  They make sandwiches to order and they toast the bread too!  You get a free bag of chips with Yelp check-in and a free caramel apple lollipop with each order.  They take credit cards which is a plus since most of their sandwiches are $8+.  They have seating on their patio if you're inclined to dine there.  Most people grab a sandwich to go.  My sandwich was delicious.  I do see why everyone raves about Dutch Crunch though.  Its soft and crispy exterior lends itself well to sandwiches.  Its signature crackle is from the rice paste that is painted on top before the bread is baked.  If you're in the mood for a sandwich, head over to Ike's to satisfy your cravings.

Green Lantern on Dutch crunch Green Lantern on Dutch crunch 2/11/2016

We finally tried this place for lunch. I was craving bbq, so I went with the John Wooden sandwich. Although the sandwich was very tasty, it didn't taste very much like bbq. I definitely enjoyed it, but it didn't satisfy the craving for that good ol' fashioned bbq sauce. One of my friends had the Green Lantern and the other had the Jim Rome. The Green Lantern was a hit, the Jim Rome was a bunk. The sandwiches are very big and will definitely fill you up. The bread is very yummy as well. Not bad for a $10 sandwich! :)

Interesting names! lol. :) Interesting names! lol. :)
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