Invision Optometry - 124 Reviews - Optometrists - 1907 Fillmore Street, Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA

Invision Optometry - 124 Reviews - Optometrists - 1907 Fillmore Street, Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA

If you want too-cool-for-school, I-belong-in-a-Parisian-cafe glasses, this is the place. I'm a devoted fan of Face a Face and have several pairs of FaF that I bought here. I just came in today to get another pair -- ended up getting two pairs because, well, when you love something, you love it. 'Nuff said.Ines is the glasses whisperer -- she pulled maybe a dozen frames, and I ended up taking the very first one she pulled and another from a brand I'd never heard of but also love! Strikingly different frames, but both really fun and funky in their own way. If funky's not your style, they do have boring-looking, black and tortoise-shell frames too, but, dude, do yourself a favor and live a little.If you're a glasses nerd like me and want to stay the hell away from Luxottica frames, this is the place to go. You won't be disappointed!


You know how sometimes you'll see someone with the coolest eyeglass frames and you want to ask them where they got them from but you're just too embarrassed to ask?  This is one of those places where you can find those funky, offbeat, stylish, statement making frames that just perfectly *fit* your face.  How do I know this?  Because after wearing my frames just once, I had three random strangers stop me and tell me how cool my frames are.  Stranger #1 was in the ladies room and commented while I was minding my own business washing my hands (like a proper lady should).  She looks up and says, "oooh--ehhmm--geee, your glasses are sooooo cool."  Ahem.  "Why thank you, I say."  Stranger #2 was happily drunk (but still coherent) at a bar in SF, and danced his way over to me.  He smiles and while he took his time getting his words out, he yells into my ear, "Girl, your glasses are fly."  Boom.   You guys get the point.  I can't take all the credit for these frames.  I owe much of this to both Liz and Sean who helped me pick out these babies.  Let's call them your personal eyeglass frame stylists.  They didn't care that I walked in near closing time.  They didn't care that my indecisive self wanted to take my time trying on endless pairs of frames.  (Oh wait, did you have this in another color?)Because Liz and Sean are the professional eyeglass wardrobe stylists they are, they made me feel like they had all the time in the world for me.  And in the end, I walked out knowing that I made a most stylish addition to my mini frame collection.


Invision and Dr. Lee have been my destination for thorough and high quality eye exams since 2009. Not only are they excellent with eye care, they also have a talented team to assist with your eyeglass selection and frames that are unique in SF.  I receive many compliments on my frames from Invision!

7/13/2016 Updated review

After coming here several years, the 5 star rating still stands. As my eyesight gets worse, their professionalism, friendliness and adherence to quality gets better!

4/22/2015 Previous review This is the only place I'll go to have my eyes examined or buy glasses. Drs. Lee are both fantastic… This is the only place I'll go to have my eyes examined or buy glasses. Drs. Lee are both fantastic and the rest of the staff there couldn't be nicer. Everyone there has a gift for picking out the perfect frames and I've never been disappointed with a visit or any purchase made there. They're professional, friendly, charming and everything you'd want when it comes to your eyes. Read more 9/3/2016

My wife and I worked with the manager Lisa Delevati who could not have been better.  She found my wife a perfect pair of glasses for her face and she special ordered me a pair I had been tracking for a while. She even worked with me on how I paid for it. She really understands customer service. I could not be happier with my experience.


I've been a patient and customer of Invision Optometry for more than nine years and have had consistently excellent, thoughtful care and service.  I've been to other eye doctors and optometrists in the Bay Area but since discovering Invision, I've had no interest or reason stray!The retail space is spacious, well-lit, and filled with a wide array of stylish frames both trendy and classic. Frame buyer Lisa has an exceptional sense of fit-for-face in shape and style.  No need to bring a friend - she'll tell you what flatters and what doesn't (but she'll wait for you to see it yourself before pointing it out ;-).  Last frames I bought, she selected a handful for me to try and I sensed had found her favorite. Yet she carried on showing me everything I wanted so that I felt comfortable with my choice - no rushing, just lots of great advice and perspective. Dr. Clifford Lee may be the best mix of medical knowledge and warm, friendly demeanor of any doctor I've ever had. He's taught me that eye care is one part science and one part art, like treating so many health challenges. He uses the latest equipment to do his exams, diagnose the facts, and determine the best correction.  But, he explained, you can't always optimize everything simultaneously and that's where the art comes in.  He's patiently and clearly explained the tradeoffs and even sent me out of the office with sample lenses to experiment for a short time before deciding on which were best suited to my needs. Before I moved to the Bay Area I went to an ophthalmologist and I was happy learn that Dr. Lee, an optometrist, does all the same tests.The staff at the desk, anchored by Liz, is always helpful, friendly, and efficient.  They're great in helping with insurance billing, all ordering, and scheduling appointments.


Excellent all around from start to finish. So thorough, thoughtful, friendly and fun! Love their service, style and attention to details!


Dr. Cliff Lee is very thorough and even asked me about my general health.  He  uses very clean techniques.  He is super smart, personable, and funny!  He takes time out to explain why he is choosing a certain prescription strength and gives me the pros and cons of different contact lens type (daily vs. monthly).  Metered parking on Fillmore St. is easy.  The office is close to Walgreens.It took a whole month for them to squeeze me in as a new patient.  They gave me free contact lens to tie me over during the gap month.  Since I signed a release form, his staff had time to request and receive notes from my last optometrist.  Dr. Cliff Lee actually read through the past eye history.  I really appreciate his friendly, easy going personality!


I went in to have a pair of glasses repaired after they became loose (I think because I fell asleep with them on...). The lady on the phone told me to come in right away. She was very nice when I got there and greeted me right away. She took my glasses upstairs and a few minutes later, they were good as new. Very professional, courteous, and accommodating. Thank you for a good experience!


This review is for Liza.  I went into the store today with a broken nose guard on my favorite pair of sunglasses.  Liza searched and then searched some more until she found the right one.  Wow, it's so calming to run into an employee who cares about their customers in that manner.  I needed that, especially after a long day today.


Got my new reading glasses here.  I really appreciated Beth - she was very patient and accommodating.  And she was honest, you need someone to tell you why a pair doesn't look good.  They let me order a different color from a catalogue and didn't force me to actually buy it.   There was a couple of week wait to get my glasses but perhaps that can't be avoided.  Everything else was really great. Thanks!


I never write Yelp reviews, but the folks at Invision are absolutely lovely! My eye exam was extremely thorough, moreso than any eye doctor I have had in the past. When I reported I was unsure of my blood pressure (I'm 22, okay?), Dr. Edna Lee took the time to test and note it just to be safe. Everyone I spoke with was enthusiastic and ready to help with any issues or concerns and I felt genuinely cared for.


Been going to Dr. Lee and enjoying their staff for over 8 years son loves them and so do I.  They enjoy their jobs, its so contagious to be around their energy, and everyone asks my son and I where we got our glasses....great selection.


I've been going to Invision since 2003.  That says a lot about how happy I've been with the service there.  I always get treated professionally with a bit of fun thrown in.  Both doctors Cliff and Edna Lee are charming, extremely knowledgeable, patient and thorough.  All the front office staff members are friendly and helpful with no pressure.  I can't recommend this place enough.


Dr. Cliff Lee is very professional, and very thorough. He is friendly and warm and will explain about the eye and what he is doing and what he is testing for etc...I would highly recommend. Dr Edna Lee is also very thorough and friendly and really you are in good hands with either doctor.My family and I all get our eyes checked here. We have been coming here for over a decade and are all very happy with the quality of the care and the friendliness and professionalism of the staff. I always feel welcomed. The staff are all so helpful, whether it's helping you find the perfect frames, or checking on insurance coverage etc....They are just so nice.They do have a very nice selection of frames , not cheap but nice.


I recently snapped the bridge on my slightly more than a year old pair of frames while routine lens cleaning. Initially concerned about cost and ability to replace them, I called Invision and received incredibly prompt and helpful service from both Sean (over the phone) and Beth (in store). The whole ordeal was a bit frantic: I was getting married in just more than a week and lacked an extra pair of frames. My lenses also have a strong prism, so I really shouldnt be able to see. Invision was able to replace my original frames in about a week, and even gave me info on a place to get a temporary fix (that didn't work, but Invision staff took care of that too!)Needless to say, I appreciated Beth's "mom" moment about the extra frames and will definitely be back in for that second set.


I've been going to Invision Optometry for over a decade now. Both the doctors and the staff are excellent; knowledgeable and friendly.I highly recommend this neighborhood business!


Watched the staff step up and help someone that came in off the street, non patient, that had a pair of sunglasses that had been purchased elsewhere.  She asked if there was anything they could do to help with the fit of the off the shelf sun glasses.  They didn't even question why, but continued with making the glasses fit, and when she offered to pay for the 10 mins of time, they said to just come back when she needed a eye exam.  Who wouldn't want to come to a store with that kind of service.  Way to go


My dark glasses had lost the small screw that connected the lenses to the ear piece .  I stopped in to Invision to see if they could fix them for a fee.  They happily fixed them for me and cleaned them for zero cost.  A shout out to a great neighborhood business!


As a newcomer to glasses, I was a bit anxious about taking the plunge on my first pair of designer frames. But Lisa at Invision Optometry made it incredibly easy. She helped me pick out about half a dozen choices that ranged from merely cool to ultra-hip, I settled on a favorite, and then we sat down and worked out a great deal on the price -- my new glasses came out to barely more than I paid for my first decidedly un-hip foray into eyewear, despite their designer pedigree and Invision's upscale Fillmore location. And I love them! (I got the Zero-G Titaniums -- they are so lightweight, I often forget I'm wearing them!) Anyway, huge thanks to Lisa for her expert guidance!

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