It’s All Gravy - Food Trucks - South San Francisco, CA

It’s All Gravy   - Food Trucks - South San Francisco, CA

It's all gravy is a catchy name!I love their gravy (of course)!  The gravy is homely and reminds me of the classic comfort food that one would delve into when one requires a bit of comfort lovin'!Do the Loco Moco!  From that, I mean to take eating action on the Loco Moco!  Their patty has a distinct taste to it that very well compliments the gravy and rice with an egg topped on it!  It was soooooo yummy!  No counting calories for the rest of the day!I like their hashtags with the menu names! It's quite a character for a food truck and makes this truck standout.  Per say, #MeSooTofu, #Hen-e-see, #Porkalicious and #Shrimptastic.  It's eye-catching to skim the simple menu and fun. It got my attention. Their #Hen-e-see had sizable fried chicken chunks with gravy all over it, a side of pineapple bits and rice.  I was surprised on how well the pineapple that had sprinkled red seasoning on it, fared well with the fried chicken, gravy and rice!  It was a fan fare in my mouth because the combo was complimenting and unique. Gravy Fries are a must get!  The combo of fries, melted mozzarella cheese and all over gravy, leaves your mouth wanting more of it from the first bite!It's all gravy, indeed!  ...I'm all over their gravy!

Gravy fries Gravy fries #Hen-e-see #Hen-e-see #LocoMoco #LocoMoco See all photos from Tiffany D. for It's All Gravy 7/10/2016

Hey VEGANS...check this truck out, IMMEDIATELY! I stumbled upon this food truck yesterday at the Spark Social SF Food Truck Park when I was picking food up for my partner. As I was waiting for his meal at another food truck I wandered by this food truck and the guys working there saw me eyeing the menu. They asked if I had any questions and I thought, why not entertain this: Me: "Is your tofu dish vegan?"It's All Gravy: "It sure is!"Me: "For real?"It's All Gravy: "For sure!"Me (internally): "Heck Yeah!"OK fine, they won, so I ordered the food not expecting it to be PHENOMENAL. But it was just that, unique AND crazy phenomenal. The dish, called #misotofu, is made with miso and chipotle marinated deep fried tofu squares served with a truffle coconut gravy over rice and a side of spicy pineapples. The food was so good that I crushed it in one sitting (except all the rice). My non-vegan partner took a bite and was pretty blown away by the meal too. I can't wait until this place stops at Spark again, it's SOOOO GOOOOOOD!

Vegan miso tofu, so delicious! Vegan miso tofu, so delicious! Excellent tofu gravy (vegan)!!! Excellent tofu gravy (vegan)!!! 6/30/2016

I am not a fan of gravy by all means...but, this truck is a must try. Just the smell of the food once you get it is delicious. My colleagues and I always look up what food trucks are on the schedule nearby and this made it to our list. I would say definitely try the It's All Gravy Fries. I've heard the Hen-essee or however you spell it is good, too.


I never thought I'd be giving five stars to something smothered in gravy, much less lobster saffron gravy; usually those flavor profiles just ain't for me, but it all comes together beautifully in the SHRIMPtastic dish. Enjoyed the garlic basil jumbo prawns, steamed white rice (slightly sticky & moist just how an expert Filipino mom would cook it!) & the crunchy fried shallot topping! Hearty, worth the money ($9.75), & one of the more delicious items to be served out of a food truck!

Shrimptastic -- really good! Shrimptastic -- really good! 3/26/2016

It's not all gravy. It's all dry.Loco moco with a dry beef patty and undercooked dry rice.The rice was the kicker that almost knocked this down to 2 stars. So hard and dry, like it was leftover from yesterday or something.The patty had no flavor and was small. I honestly thought they put a McDonald's patty on that dry rice and placed a perfectly sunnyside up egg just to cover up everything.And what's with the 25 jalepeno slices?So weird. I'd rather go to Hawaiian drive in or some other chain that get this loco moco again.I'd be loco alright to come back again.

Dry rice noooooooo! Dry rice noooooooo! 3/31/2016

I decided to try this food truck when it stopped by in our office lot. As the name suggests the food is basically gravy over rice paired with some protein like chicken, beef, pork or shrimp all called by some fancy name. This is one of the more popular food trucks which generally results in a long line which moves fast due to their quick service.I've gotten the Hen-e-see ($9) which is rum marinated fried chicken on rice smothered with gravy and the LocoMoco ($9.50) which is a beef patty on rice smothered in gravy topped with a fried egg. The Hen-e-see was just terrific. Perfectly fried juicy chicken with a killer gravy on good quality rice. The LocoMo too was very good, but I felt that both the beef patty and fried egg were overcooked and not as juicy as they should be, but still the dish was very good.Price wise it was in lines with what you would pay at other trucks around here and quantity is enough for a light meal. Yeah, I'm a fan who will keep sampling more stuff off their menu as they continue to stop by.

Hen-e-see ($9) - Fried chicken with gravy over rice - Pretty Good!!! Hen-e-see ($9) - Fried chicken with gravy over rice - Pretty Good!!! LocoMoco ($9.50) - Pretty Good!!! LocoMoco ($9.50) - Pretty Good!!! 6/22/2016

I was intrigued by this truck when it came to the Moveable Feast event by my work so I decided to give it a try.  I've enjoyed poutine when I was visiting Canada before, so I just went for the "It's All Gravy" fries.  I paid $6 and got a huge helping of fries topped with mozzarella cheese, jalapenos, and smothered in brown gravy.  Obviously this wasn't the most healthy thing I could have eaten, but it sure was tasty!  There was plenty of cheese to make it nice and stringy, the gravy was tasty, and the serving size was worth $6.  I'd definitely do it again!

The "It's All Gravy fries". Such a huge portion of deliciousness! The "It's All Gravy fries". Such a huge portion of deliciousness! The menu... The menu... 5/18/2016

Not to sound dramatic but I can't even begin to describe to you how I feel about gravy.  I try not to rank my favorite foods because it is extremely confusing and makes me hungry but off the top of my head I'd say that gravy is probably #5 behind bacon, other meats (ya that's it's own separate category), cheese, and potatoes.  I consider gravy a beverage actually, because if boba tea can be classified as a beverage then so can gravy.  Don't want to waste anybody's time with my backstory about as to how I've missed this truck previously on multiple occasions due to others who always have literally THE worst timing, but when I brought my stuff back to the office people were actually really happy for me for finding my GRAVY DREAM.  It was amazing - thrilling almost!  It was so much gravy!!!! Maybe it was because I was crazy excited to find these guys after months of searching in vain, or because I am an indecisive person but everything sounded really good so I almost got three things but instead I got two - the loco moco and the gravy cheese fries.  This is the third place I have gotten loco moco in the bay area and it was my favorite.  The cheese fries were really good, I'd say #2 out of the local trucks.   My coworker got the pulled pork and I reaally liked it, but out of everything the loco moco was #1. Why #1?  The gravy on the moco had a lot of flavor, the egg was perfect, beef patty well-seasoned and easy to get with a fork but not toooo easy, and it smelled phenomenal too, really got all my senses going -  I don't know was was in it but I can't wait to get it in my belly again!


When I spotted It's All Gravy under the new business section on yelp, I kind of had a good feeling that this food truck would be awesome.  Just the name of it got my attention because I love gravy!For such a simple concept of throwing gravy on everything, It's All Gravy has a pretty extensive menu (  Just to name some highlights, there's curry gravy over fried chicken strips, pulled pork with gravy over noodles, loco moco with gravy, cheese and gravy over fries, shrimp with lobster gravy, and even good ol' mashed potatoes and gravy.  They definitely got their point across that their truck is all about comfort food.My first visit I definitely came hungry and ordered their #HEN-e-see and the It's All Gravy Fries.#HEN-e-see -- marinated fried chicken strips with curry gravy over riceSo it's basically like chicken karaage curry since they use thigh meat for their chicken strips.  If you know me, then you know I prefer thigh meat over breast meat because they stay moist and flavored even when overcooked.  Because of that, the strips were crispy and moist.  The rum really brought out the flavor of the thigh meat.  The curry gravy had the right amount of consistency and really enhanced the flavor of the chicken strips.  I also like how they it came with pickled veggies and pepper to add some acidity and heat to this heavy dish.  I'd definitely order this again.It's All Gravy Fries -- fries with brown gravy and mozzarella cheeseYes, I actually had room for this after finishing the #HEN-e-see.  I love poutine and this is a great interpretation of it.  Although I'd rather have cheese curds, they did put in a good amount of mozzarella cheese and they easily melted on top of the fries.  So good!!!My second visit I tried their #PORKalicious and their Mashed Potatoes & Gravy#PORKalicious -- Style Pulled Pork & Slaw with Brown Gravy and Wasabi NoodlesThis was serious comfort food at its finest.  It almost reminds me of the wasabi noodles from The House in SF.  The pulled pork was tender and had a good smoked flavor and when you mix everything with the brown gravy, it's all works in perfect harmony.  It's a delicious noodle dish!Mashed Potatoes & Gravy -- was really curious about this because it's so simple.  It uses the same brown gravy used for the Gravy Fries and #PORKalicious.  The potatoes were creamy and the thick brown gravy gave it the extra savory kick is needs.  Great side dish to pair with anything on their menu.And then with my most recent visit I decided to round out the rest of their menu and try the #LOCOMOCO and #SHRIMPtastic.#LOCOMOCO -- beef patty with brown gravy topped with fried eggI'm so happy that there's a truck in my area that serves Loco Moco.  And It's All Gravy does a really great job with it.  They give you a nice thick patty cooked perfectly that just breaks down easily with a fork.  No knife needed!  And the brown gravy and runny fried egg just makes this the ultimate comfort food.#SHRIMPtastic -- jumbo basil prawns with lobster gravy over riceWhile the prawn skewers in my pic look a little burned, they're actually cooked well and the lobster gravy gives them great flavor.  While I enjoyed the #SHRIMPtastic, it's their most expensive item and will probably be something I'll have just once in a while.Overall, I love the concept of It's All Gravy and I've become an instant fan!  And after trying out most of their menu, they're definitely one of my favorite food trucks out there, in my Top 5 even.  Their menu items are all delicious and I'm always looking forward to when they're back in town.

It's All Gravy Fries with Fried Egg. It's All Gravy Fries with Fried Egg. #HEN-e-see over noodles. YUM!! #HEN-e-see over noodles. YUM!! #SHRIMPtastic -- 6 jumbo basil prawns with lobster gravy over rice #SHRIMPtastic -- 6 jumbo basil prawns with lobster gravy over rice See all photos from Rodney H. for It's All Gravy 2/10/2016

Sampled their loco moco, lets just say I approve, tried to be healthy and asked if they offered brown rice, NOPE come on your meant to eat a loco moco with white rice hahaha.The patty is tender, you can taste the difference from your local L&L and other spots, which use premade patties, this place the patties are hand made, they fall apart on first pull between the meat and rice buried in gravy. The gravy is a dark brown, heavy and salty, there are thin sliced jalapeno's that give the gravy and extra kick which is a nice surprise when biting down on a full spoon full meat, rice, egg and that gravy. On a whole portion wise is just right I would ask for another patty but i'm pretty sure that would put me in a coma but hell it is not like you eat like this everyday!!!the egg sunny side fried is fried to a crispy on some edges, though the egg is small it evens out the gravy and meat flavor to tame the saltiness, I would order this dish again, look for their special with tater tots and pork with gravy oh man sounds hearty and heavy perfect dish for those practicing lent on fridays hahhahafood ***** not to shabby coming from a truck I would order the loco moco againprice $service ***** all smiles from this crewambiance **** take it to go or eat it outside while it is piping hot, you cant lose, as long as the tray you are eating it in is not sweating, plate is a solid fill you up and almost put you in a coma level.

Loco moco on point with white rice, fried sunny side egg and hella gravy Loco moco on point with white rice, fried sunny side egg and hella gravy 7/21/2016

Hubs and I shared a Loco Moco, Tatertots and Green tea creme brûlée. They were all on point!! Let's just say as soon as we started  there was not a lick of food left!!! Prices are reasonable. The guys inside were super nice! Can't wait to try the other items. Will update my review then


Got a Loco Moco ( for lunch since it seems to be the most recommended based on reviews here.It was pretty good. I liked the texture of the rice (almost glutenous). The burger paddy was thin and a bit crispy on the ends. The egg was gooey in the middle - the way eggs should be. The gravy had a kick in it but was slightly too salty for me. Overall I thought it was a solid loco moco and wouldn't mind eating it again some time.Some of my friends got the fried chicken strips and they thought it was too bland. There was almost no line to order but the food took a while to get out.

Loco Moco Loco Moco 2/4/2016

It's allllll gravyyyyy, babyyyyyyyy! The name of this place caught my attention, but what really made me go out to get it was one of their dishes-the #HEN-e-see. Very clever! I caught them at San jose's movable feast and was so excited! It's rum marinated chicken strips with curry gravy on top and your choice of rice of noodles. Simple idea that was greatly executed. The chicken is unbelievably crispy. Like REALLY REALLY crispy. Inside the chicken is really moist and tender. The flavors are so great and the gravy takes it to the next level. They give it to you with pickled vegetables and jalapenos to add some heat. We also had the gravy fries, home made fries with brown gravy and mozzarella. They were also very delicious, almost like a poutine-ish type of thing. However if you want to be adventurous, try their other menu options instead of playing safe with just fries.

HEN-e-see + it's all gravy fries HEN-e-see + it's all gravy fries #HEN-e-see #HEN-e-see See all photos from Maleah M. for It's All Gravy 6/15/2016

im not a big gravy fan but their menu caught my eye. their loco moco was delicious. the gravy was thick and very flavorful and the beef patty was very tasty. the patty was soft and didnt taste like a warmed up frozen patty. the hen-e-see was breaded chicken that has been marinated in rum and has a curry gravy. it was my first time having curry gravy and i actually enjoyed it. it was the right amount of curry and just the right amount of gravy.

loco moco loco moco hen-e-see hen-e-see 8/15/2016

Amazing loco moco! Is that saracha on the pineapple! So good! It's Monday night and Off the Grid in Belmont was on my radar. Looked over all the choices and decided on gravy! Really tasty. Good spiciest. Pineapple on the side. Yum!

Off the grid in Belmont Off the grid in Belmont Best loco moco I've had in awhile Best loco moco I've had in awhile 7/29/2016

The truck came through for soak-up duty after a fun, open-bar wedding and reception, and they did not disappoint. A few of us pooled our vouchers (from the wedding) to get the Loco Moco, Henn-e-see, and this tator-tot dish that was on-point. The tots were my favorite, and may have been a special dish (off-menu), but looking through the photos, it may be Grave Tots with Pulled Pork. Anyway, this truck is def. a repeater. Thanks to Lane and Jenny for the hookup!


I was away from home (Hawaii) for almost two weeks and had some major cravings for some local food.  Luckily, at my buddy's wedding he had booked these guys to roll in for some late night post-dancing munchies. Totally hit the spot! Definitely check them out when you find yourself in South San Francisco


Time Visited: 1:00pmTime in Line: 0 minutesHow Long I Waited for Food: 10-15 minutesSeated: Food TruckTraffic: Moderate (Private Event @ MidPen Housing - Foster City)Spent: $18.80 with TIPWHAT I ORDERED:Rum Marinated Fried Chicken with Curry Gravy over RiceLoco Moco with Fried Egg over Rice[To Be Continued]

LOCO MOCO. Yum. Nicely seasoned. LOCO MOCO. Yum. Nicely seasoned. Rum Marinated Fried Chicken and Curry Gravy. Bomb!!! The chicken is so CRISPY and CRUNCHY, JUICY on the inside. Rum Marinated Fried Chicken and Curry Gravy. Bomb!!! The chicken is so CRISPY and CRUNCHY, JUICY on the inside. 4/22/2016

I've had food from this truck multiple times. You can't go wrong ordering anything! The must try is definitely the loco moco, but if beef is not your thing then order the Hen-e-see; it's essentially friend chicken strips with curry gravy. Yummm. Once in awhile they'll have gravy tots, if they do it's a must!!

Gravy tots with pulled pork!!! Gravy tots with pulled pork!!! 9/18/2015

I haven't gone to a food truck in almost 2 years. It's not because I am a snob but because I want to know what is in my food and how it gets prepared. I have gone from eating non-stop, drinking diet sodas like there's no tomorrow, eating fast food, and the likes to completely turning it around. I am not in the "know" w/ the latest and newest food trucks or food trends like before. After conversing w/ one of my best friends in god knows how long, we decided to try this truck because it is new and she said that I would enjoy it because I love comfort foods. That statement is so true but the new Tram now is a bitch, sort of. I can't eat before 11AM and I cannot eat past 6PM. I eat as clean as possible HOWEVER, I haven't seen her in years, it was like we were destined to try this truck. What I love is that when I called the phone number listed on Yelp, someone answered right away. The other food trucks either don't answer or don't return messages. I just wanted to ask if they take Visa/MC. A nice gentleman answered and confirmed they will be at Palo Alto Networks in Santa Clara and that they do accept cards. Score! I don't know their route but I was glad they were not too far from where we work. I have been friends w/ her for about 6 years. We work less than 3 miles from each other but because we both have kids and everything else in between, we have not seen each other in a year or two. We don't talk regularly either. That's friendship. Lots of indifferences but a friend will be there for you through your hardest, dumbest, saddest, and happiest times. I'm lucky. She ordered the Pork and I ordered the Loco Moco. All orders comes w/ either noodles or rice. My friend ordered hers w/ noodles and my loco moco was served over rice. That is a must. The food did not take long and service was personable and genuine. The prices are reasonable, almost cheap compared to the other food trucks I used to follow around like I was a groupie. I cannot speak for Jennifer but my dish was off the hook; rice was fluffy, gravy was thick and savory, the beef patty was juicy, and the egg had yolk porn.. I just couldn't take a picture of it because I was trying to catch up w/ my friend after hella years and trying to scarf the food down as fast as possible because it was delicious. Try them out. I will try the shrimp next time!

Pork w/ Noodles. Pork w/ Noodles. Loco Moco. Loco Moco. See all photos from Tram N. for It's All Gravy
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