Jennifer Suffin, IBCLC - 45 Reviews - Home Health Care - Noe Valley, San Francisco, CA

Jennifer Suffin, IBCLC - 45 Reviews - Home Health Care - Noe Valley, San Francisco, CA

If you are searching for a lactation consultant, you can stop your search now - you've found the one!  Jenn is amazing and can help you as you navigate this [often difficult] journey of nursing your little one.  I had major supply and latching issues with my first which led me to supplement, and eventually switch to formula.  I vowed to get help right away if I was struggling again when I had my second, and within the first week I was once again having latch issues.  I called Jenn and was able to get an appointment, in my home, within a day or two of first contact.  As soon as I met her, I knew I was in good hands: she is warm and friendly and put me at ease right away.  Above all, she is incredibly knowledgeable and was able to help me with my latch almost immediately.  She gave me tons of great information about different positions (I finally learned how to nurse laying down, which is a blessing for those late night feedings), as well as fixing latch issues I had. Not only did she fix our issues, she gave me the confidence I needed to keep with it through that first painful week.  Since I've seen her, nursing my daughter has only gotten easier and I'm thrilled to say I haven't suffered from any further latching or supply issues.My only regret is that I didn't know about Jenn for my first child because I know she could have helped me then.  I'm so grateful that I found her and recommend her to anyone who'd like the support and information she can provide.  Thank you, Jenn!  You're the best!


I'm so grateful to have found Jenn! I scheduled a consultation with her when my son was 3 weeks old and the pain I was experiencing from breastfeeding was excruciating. It was so bad that I was about to give up nursing altogether. Upon our meeting, I immediately felt comfortable with Jenn due to her gentle demeanor and her confidence that whatever the issue was we would get it figured out together. After a thorough review, I was amazed that just a few tweaks to the way I positioned & latched the baby made all the difference. Jenn provided me with notes and a care plan that was in my inbox before I even left the appointment. Her follow-up and checking in on progress was much appreciated and a great avenue to get any additional questions answered. My son is now 2 months old and we definitely owe our breastfeeding (pain-free!)success to Jenn. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!


Jennifer is really great! I had a lot of problems with breastfeeding my newborn and she helped me through it! Now I can do any time anywhere without any pains at all. Thank you Jennifer!


First of all Jenn is a very good person.  Coming from a different country and background we were little hesitant in meeting a LC. But Jenn was very warm, patient and non judgmental.  Through a couple of sessions we were able to completely stop supplementing  our baby without causing any weight loss.  She worked closely with us and suggested  very specific solutions to our unique problems. Jenn is very thorough  in her evaluations and follow up. She also responded very fast to our queries.


Jenn is amazing! I first called her last summer when my son was 3 days old and we were having issues with breastfeeding. He was starving, I was feeling like a failure, and we were both frustrated and exhausted. In a panic, I turned to Yelp and found Jenn, who ended up being an absolute godsend. Sensing my desperation, she had me head down to DayOne Baby that day where she was able to evaluate what was going on, help us get on track, and provide me with the support and encouragement I needed to forge ahead.After that, we had Jenn come for a couple of home visits when other issues cropped up. She was always right on time, super organized, and arrived with a warm smile and great sense of humor. I have to admit, I was originally a little hesitant about the idea of having an LC come to my house and feared a potentially awkward experience, but with Jenn it was anything but. She is super easy-going and has such a calming presence. I felt like she was just another friend stopping by for a visit (except this friend came armed with a baby scale and loads of baby and boob-related knowledge!). Also, since leaving the house became a ridiculous task during those first few weeks, the fact that much-needed support came to me, in the comfort of my own home, was amazing.Jenn was thorough with her evaluations, left us with a clear, detailed plan and was diligent in following up afterwards to make sure we were doing ok. I also found it extremely helpful that she was available for a phone call or e-mail if I needed additional help. She was a constant source of support, encouragement and reassurance (of which I needed A LOT).I could go on and on, but I'll sum it up like this: Jenn is a total pro with a phenomenal bedside manner. She's equally as wonderful with babies as she is with new mamas. She truly found her calling when she became an LC; you can tell she genuinely cares about her clients and enjoys helping new parents through what can sometimes be an overwhelming and scary (albeit wonderful and precious!) time. I wholeheartedly recommend Jenn to anyone looking for breastfeeding support. We absolutely adore her!


THE BEST. I had difficulty nursing immediately after delivery, as do many new mothers. My pediatrician recommended I call Jen to help. Jen made herself available the very next day and coached me through the first month of nursing. She came to my home and spent time with my family and taught me how to get comfortable, find the right positioning and how to overcome nursing obstacles of which I had many. Even when I was ready to give it up, she gently encouraged me to keep going assuring me it would get easier and it did. Now that my daughter is six months, nursing is the easiest thing in the world and I love it. It's hard to imagine I would have ever said that in the beginning but with Jen's help, I found my way. She is not only extremely knowledgable, she has become a dear friend.


Jenn was punctual, non-judgmental, and extremely thorough with her recommendations and follow-up communication. She helped me take the right steps towards increasing my milk supply. We went from supplementing 20+oz a day to 15oz while keeping baby's weight and output up within the two weeks we worked with Jenn. Her detailed tailored plan makes me confident I can keep up the progress even after our consultation.


I called Jennifer after finding her on Yelp for advice on a stubborn plugged duct. I happened to leave her a VM right in the middle of the holidays (12/29) not expecting she'd actually get back to me until the new year, but she called me back within 2 hours! She was so sympathetic to my situation, provided a lot of great advice and suggestions, and was super positive, despite never having met or talked to me before. I was so thankful to get some reassurance and sound advice from an experienced lactation consultant, I had to share my experience! You could tell by her suggestions (not only thorough but diverse) that she's worked with several mommies and helped supported them through a myriad of different challenges. She's absolutely wonderful!


Dealing with being a new parent is never easy (understatement of the year) and when I wanted peace of mind about my overproduction issues Jennifer was there to help me. She was able to see me the week I contacted her and spent over an hour with me making sure she had a good understanding of what was going on. I left our appointment feeling relaxed, confident and supported which was amazing. She was diligent in her follow ups and encouraged me to reach out if something were to come up in the future. If you are looking for lactation support Jennifer is the person to call!

6/30/2015 Updated review

Jenn came through to save the day again!  After a year of successful breastfeeding with Jenn's help, I was thrown a curve ball with painful swollen hard plugged ducts as my 14 month year old started the weaning process. I was scared and in a lot of pain when suddenly my baby couldn't drain my breasts because of painful, swollen blockages.  Massage and pumping wasn't working for me and I feared it would develop into mastitis as 48 hours had passed and I developed the start of flu symptoms.I reached out to Jenn in a panic and she immediately got back to me offering me advice I hadn't found elsewhere.  Her original, creative and EFFECTIVE solutions finally released the plugged ducts and gave me reassurance and peace of mind during the process. She's incredibly knowledgable, responsive, generous, and always helpful.I recommend her to everyone I know who is newly breastfeeding or experiencing problems at any point in their time breastfeeding.

6/14/2014 Previous review Here's the exact email I sent to Jenn to thank her for her visit.  I only met her once and I adore… Here's the exact email I sent to Jenn to thank her for her visit.  I only met her once and I adore her and she helped me greatly.  She's amazing!Hi Jenn! Your visit transformed my life!  Thanks for checking in! I know that sounds like a big statement but now I don't have anxiety about feedings, poop color, right/left, one breast/two, positioning, writing everything down, her weight, biliruben, burping, holding upright for a certain period of time, side lying/falling asleep together - NOTHING.  It's a huge relief as all the aforementioned was consuming me and worrying me.  I've really enjoyed the last 48 hours and am a bit more fun to be around for my husband.  Now I'm going to work on trusting my instincts and trusting my baby more.  Thanks for empowering me.The tip you gave me to lie down while feeding and having her work against gravity has helped the coughing/choking and I don't get the back/neck/shoulder tension to the degree I was. I still have to feed sitting up once in a while like when visitors are around or we're out of the house, otherwise I would lie down all the time!  You have a great energy and your visit was very meaningful to me.  Much gratitude,JaniePS.  Maria Iorillo, my beloved midwife, sent Jenn to see us postpartum and covered the cost of the visit.  Maria and Jenn - only the best! Read more 7/14/2014

I found Jenn through word of mouth, and feel so lucky to have found her :) She helped us resolve our latching and milk transfer issues.  If you're looking for a LC you are probably wondering how the process works and looking for things that set this LC apart from others.  After having fruitless experiences with the hospital LC's, it was such a relief to work with Jenn.   Here's the process we went through:She came for an in-home visit about a week after my daughter was born.  A few weeks later I also saw her at DayOne Baby for a follow-up which was also a great option, but her availability for in-home visits is huge, because at one week post-c-section I was still in no mental or physical state to leave the house.  If you're worried about having a stranger come to your house, don't be- she is the best.  She is very warm, calm, authentic and professional and will put your stress-ball self immediately at ease.   First, she listened to our story and took detailed notes.  She observed a feeding session and made recommendations on latching and positioning.  She also weighed my baby before and after a feed to see how much she was getting.  At the end of the visit she wrote out a detailed care plan, reviewed it with me and emailed it.   The plan reiterated the feeding, pumping and weighing strategies we had discussed.  This is great because as a new mom my memory was shot and I was relieved to be able to consult the document each day.  One thing I've learned about this breastfeeding business is that being sleep deprived and stressed out about whether your baby is starving can really mess up one's memory and decision making abilities.  You really do need an unbiased expert to step in and say, here's what's going on and here's the plan.Throughout the two-week consultation period, Jenn emailed regularly to follow up.  This is also important because when things get crazy and the little one is not necessarily adhering to the Plan, it was great to have Jenn check in and get us back on track.  Knowing that she would follow up also ensured that I kept careful notes and really thought about how it was going so that I could report back.  Jenn was great about answering my rambling early-morning-formulated questions and coming up with ideas.  She is totally non-judgmental and not wedded to any one strategy or principle- her main concern is finding solutions that work for you and your family.  If you don't need to supplement with pumped milk or formula, great! But if you do, she will help you figure out a good plan on how to do it and how to taper it off.I really appreciated all of these traits because from what I've heard not all LC's are like this. For example, my own experience with the hospital LC was unfortunate- after a few short, belated whirlwind visits, which were mostly comprised of long-winded philosophical speeches, I was left confused, panicked and clueless about what to do next.  Total contrast with Jenn- she is highly organized, knowledgeable, and flexible.  Highly recommended!!


I'm writing this review as my daughter turns 1.  She was born 4 weeks early and while healthy, she was tiny. When we got home from the hospital, we had Jenn come over to help with breastfeeding and all the questions a new mom has. How do I hold her, how does she latch, how to keep her awake, how often to feed her, balancing nursing,  pumping, sleeping, how to freeze milk, etc. You name it, I asked Jenn. She was patient, kind, and helped me tremendously with the home visit. But she was also available after coming to my home over email, generously offering her infinite wisdom. She also provided an itemized invoice so I could submit the claim to my insurance company. I can without a doubt recommend Jenn to anyone needing lactation consultation services.


I am a first time mom and our daughter was born a month early. If I could "do it over again", I would have spent more time learning about feeding, latching, milk production, etc. Baby feeding and weight gain - especially with all the potential wrenches in the equation you cannot anticipate - is very overwhelming. Having Jennifer as a counselor and guide especially during our first week home was invaluable. While there is a lot of great info out there on kellymom and other sites, we found it impossible to figure out what's "normal" or what was the best thing to do for our baby / situation. Having her in our home, observing us and getting to know us and provide feedback based on her experience and all the moms/babies she's seen was very helpful and reassuring. In addition to the home visits, she was very responsive by email and provided info/handouts on specific questions / challenges we had. Would definitely work with her again if we have future issues.


I just had my first baby and I was completely taken aback by how challenging nursing was and how little prepared I was. To make matters more stressful, my little one had jaundice putting a lot of pressure on the experience (she had to nurse and do so well or she would likely have to be re-admitted to the hospital). Thankfully, two of my closest friends recommended the same lactation consultant without reservation, Jenn. Hiring her was the best thing I could possibly have done. I could not be more grateful for her expertise and calming, knowledgeable presence in what was a really difficult time for me. Her help really changed my whole approach both practically and energetically to my nursing experience. And after the initial consultation Jenn stays available by email and is both prompt and always super helpful. I've already passed on her name multiple times over. Don't wait. Call her now!!!


I made an appointment for a lactation consultation at Day One.  I met with Jenn and immediately felt comfortable.  Her demeanor is very calming, yet assertive in the fact that she knows what she's talking about.  I was not having major bf'ing issues, but wanted/needed confirmation I was doing things right and my son was eating enough.  She put me at ease and told me everything I was doing RIGHT and then gave me some "tips and tricks" to try to make things easier.  Not only was she available during the appointment, she makes herself available by phone, text and email checking in and responding to any questions you may have post appointment.  Of course I had a bunch of questions after the fact, so this was extremely helpful and generous!  I would absolutely recommend Jenn to anyone having breastfeeding issues, no matter how big or small you think they are!


My wife and I just had our first baby and Jen was instrumental in giving is the proper guidance and care we needed in order to successfully breastfeed our daughter. She has a very warm and professional demeanor which made us feel very comfortable as well as confidence we were in good hands. Her accessibility was fantastic and we never felt like help or advise was more than a phone call away. Jen is also very understanding and we never felt awkward or that we could not ask her anything. If you want a true professional with a wining personality Jen is the one to call!!!


I met Jennifer through Day One after shedding a few too many tears over breastfeeding. After 6 weeks of engorgement and mastitis, I finally made an appointment. Jennifer was kind and super down to earth. She took the time to hear about my struggles and questions, then to watch my baby latch and eat. Ultimately she was able to give me a few tips to avoid engorgement and blocked ducts and recommended lecithin and all purpose nipple ointment. Aside from the practical recommendations, the encouragement she offered was priceless. She also made herself available for questions via email or phone for at least two weeks after the appointment. This was invaluable as new questions and concerns kept coming up during the first 2-3 months of breastfeeding. I was really ready to give up on breastfeeding, but knowing that I had Jennifer as a resource was so encouraging and I'm proud to say that I've made it 6 months now! Thank you so much Jennifer!


I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to know Jenn (thanks Yelp!). She truly is a wonderful person and is genuinely interested in helping people out. She even guided me over emails when she had no obligation to do so. Her encouragement meant so much to me and she played a big role in helping me meet some of my goals. Her knowledge coupled with her caring personality make her a terrific individual to work with. I highly recommend her!!


I just wanted to echo all of the comments below on how wonderful Jenn was to work with.  Jenn is the kind of person who is doing what she was meant to do - she is incredibly kind, informative, and such a positive ray of light to add into the not-so-intuitive world of breastfeeding.  She was amazing with me, my husband, and our baby.  I couldn't have gotten through breastfeeding without her!  I highly recommend seeing her as soon as you get home from the hospital.


After having my son, Jennifer provided me with wealth of information and support that helped me more confidently begin my journey into mother hood. Challenges including breast-feeding mothers have can be great, and having Jen as a resource has invaluable. She has advised me on everything from the basics of pumping, to how to work through challenges of developing mastitis, to how to rebuild my milk production after my sons sleep habits changed.  And as the other "Yelp" reviewers have mentioned, Jen's presence being so will help you make it through what can be an otherwise most uncomfortable experience. Thank you Jen for all of your help!

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