La Christa’s Cafe - Soul Food - 2511 Telegraph Ave - Oakland, CA - Menu

La Christa’s Cafe   - Soul Food - 2511 Telegraph Ave - Oakland, CA - Menu

Woot woot for my first Yelp review!! Eeeyyyy!!!Okay, but for real...This is my third time visiting La'Christa's after my introduction on my very first First Friday. A coworker of mine raved about the place and, by looks of her plate after she had finished her seafood fettuccine, I was convinced that I needed to try.It's, honestly and unfortunately, easy to miss because the location because it's overshadowed by the surrounding stores and the signing isn't extremely prominent, but if you look closely, I swear you'll see heaven.The staff is hella kind, funny, and down to earth and you can TELL the chefs put their whole hearts into their cooking. I lived in Louisiana for almost 9 years and this place reminds me so much of sitting at the dining room table with my grandmother.Anybody who's had any poor experience, I urge you to give this place another shot and for the lovers keep loving this place. They've now got a new loyal customer for as long as they keep doing what they're doing.OH!! Y'all FRIDAYS is SEAFOOD FETTUCINNE!!! I went twice today and ordered three orders just to stock up and share.

Seafood Fettuccine 07/15/16 Seafood Fettuccine 07/15/16 9/21/2016

Such great fried catfish! Perfectly battered and seasoned. Real nice people and great food, this is my new favorite place!!


I love that shrimp po-boy!


went in to get a catfish po' boy for lunch and when i got to work to eat it, they gave me the wrong order, a chicken sandwich. :( it was hella good though so i cant complain too much lol


Are you looking to enjoy some nice home style southern food? Well look no further! I have a place for you! La'Christa's Café is the place and the food is totally legit!This restaurant just opened up 9 months ago and let me just admit... it's definitely what Oakland needed, some good ol home cooked southern food! What more can you ask for?A friend and I were looking for something to eat in the area after being disappointed from a reservation that we had made. My friend looked on Yelp which sent us right to this little hidden gem.We walked in and were greeted by a nice young boy who looked to be no older than 15 years old (The son in the family).After a couple of minutes at looking on the menu I decided I wanted to do the menu of the day: Cajun Shrimp Tacos (3), a side of Mac & Cheese and rice and gravy.Everything came out to be hot and fresh! My tacos tasted so dang good and let's just say that they were NOT stingy with the shrimp! Every bite I took I had shrimp in my mouth! Yummy!The mac & Cheese was made to perfection. It was so cheesy but yet so tasteful!I couldn't help but notice how well organized their menu was. For each day that they have it's a special menu. They have a lunch and Dinner menu. Lunch starts at 11:30A.M till all day and there lunch starts once they open but ends at 9P.M.There dinner menu comes with cornbread yummy! My friend stated that it was totally delicious but don't be fooled by the look because it does look like a pancake. Seating when you walk in seems very limited but what's nice is that next door that have a big opened area with tons of seating and a TV. They also do caterings as well here and when they have parties or events they usually use the big room.I will definitely be back to try out more things on the menu as well as possibly renting the room out for a special event!

Back room for catering events Back room for catering events Cajun shrimp tacos Cajun shrimp tacos See all photos from Porsche C. for La Christa's Cafe 8/31/2016

The place is not kind of small, but it was designed like that. The customer service was wonderful, and the food was great. I order the red snapper Friday night special. I enjoyed the snapper along with my 3 sides and it was under $16. Will repeat very soon and explore more of their menu.


La Christa's Cafe has been open 8 months and i never noticed it.storefront blends into background. nothing draws attention to their prescene.operating hours aren't posted. (on yelp, yes) on their frontage. closed mondays.eats: grilled catfish po' boy(9, not 8,5) as listed on menu. there's a notice that prices has increased due to oakland minimum wage......-hoagie bun with tomatos, lettuce, sauce, semi-tasty-lots of fries, not the frozen kind, homemade potato shavings, grilled probablyinteresting, addictive taste*got a side of mac & cheese (1.5) special price when ordering a po' boyvery tasty, sweet when hot. eat it cold, wasn't so tasty.!!po' boy average, fries, mac & cheese fab.eveining menu is every nightlunch menu-burgers and po' boys?not all sides available all the time.. take outs:-decor sterile save for b & w pics of african american athletics during  historical events-seating in front room just a few tablesback room has more.-no oyster po' boy here, fried chicken recommended by friednly cashier.


La Christa's is a great place to get take out soul food.  I was in the mood for some decadent food after a high energy workout at Truve and am so glad I picked this place to indulge my craving.  The wing fling was perfection.  Big fried chicken wings perfectly cooked.  I had a side of fried cabbage that was incredible. So flavorful.  The fries were also soooo tasty.  It was like I died and went to heaven. Clean, comfortable and no nonsense. I love their sign that demands appropriate attire.  I can imagine moving to 5 stars after more visits.  Highly recommend for take out if you are in the mood for yummy soul food and wearing stretchy pants.

Menu cover Menu cover Menu Menu Wing flings with fries and side of cabbage. Delicious!!! Try it Wing flings with fries and side of cabbage. Delicious!!! Try it 7/29/2016

This shit here is the TRUTH. Garlic noodlesand prawns GOOD AS HELL. Make sure you try this spot


Really good food at a really good price. I'm from Louisiana so I know the flavor, and the atmosphere is Black owned business friendly.


My husband stumbled upon La Christa's. I ordered the Gumbo over rice with chicken sausages and 3 fried prawns on the side. The food was excellent. Even though the Gumbo a little more salty than I'd like, it was still SO good. Will be going back. And.... it's not far from home.


If you're looking for good soulfood that's fresh not frozen then look no further. This is the real deal


This place was hella good!!! I lost faith in soul food restaurants in Oakland, food is expensive but they serve crap.  This place was different because I finished my meal and I didn't feel robbed or played.  The fried chicken was crispy in some spots and soft like KFC's orginal recipe  (the best of both worlds) it was the best leg I have ever had from a soul food restaurant!  The prawns were huge and perfectly cooked, not overcooked and they were the bomb.  The sides were real and made with love, not to salty for the faint at heart but with a dash of salt perfect for me.....This place was so good I'm going again tomorrow!!!

Real mac and cheese.... Real mac and cheese.... 20.52 for a prawn dinner with 3 sides and a $2 piece of chicken.... 20.52 for a prawn dinner with 3 sides and a $2 piece of chicken.... 10/17/2015

I first noticed La Christa's Cafe during First Friday's. It was as delicious the second time as the first. The people running the cafe are so lovely and the food is fantastic. The shrimp po'boy would make any New Orleanian proud and the fries are actual potatoes! The BBQ ribs were meaty and smokey and a good size portion. Baked beans were legit! Not like the overly sweet and undercooked baked beans you generally find in these parts. Go get some fantastic food from this sweet place and support local Oakland businesses!


I came here with some colleagues. I was super excited to try this place. I've passed it several times. Let's start with the service. From the time we arrived we were greeted  not with a smile or a warm, "Hello, " but with an attitude. The feeling was that we were annoying the woman taking the orders by asking questions about the  menu. How dare you ask about the sides for the day. Shockingly, the sides posted as being available, weren't. So we received our food. It was less than stellar. My fried chicken bloody and appeared not to be thoroughly cooked. I gave it back  to a different person. The doors from the back were flung open and the person that took out orders came out with a scowl and I was told that the chicken was cooked and asked if I wanted some more. I was not interested at that point and just asked if I could have the bloody chicken back in order to post a picture of it. It was abruptly thrown away. One of the ladies ordered the gumbo. Her take was that it was mediocre. The crab was delicious and sweet, the prawns were juicy and the sausage if browned would have been good as well. The roux was a little watery and not very flavorful. The other person in our group ordered fried chicken. She was disappointed when it arrived and was all dark meat. She bit into her leg and found that it was not thoroughly cooked, or appeared not to be because it was bloody as well. She said that her yams were average.We were checking this place out because we wanted to see if it would be a good place to choose for an office celebration. NEGATIVE. The food was mediocre, maybe 2.5-3 stars, but the service was so awful that it was almost comical. I believe the person providing this horrible service was the owner.  On the bright side, my money was refunded. There was another group of people that ordered the fish and apparently enjoyed their food. Maybe we ordered the wrong items. After that piss poor service, we won't be back to find out.


Based on the awesome Yelp reviews, we decided to go with La Christa catering for a retirement party at work and we were not disappointed ! - no delivery fees- owner agreed to deliver earlier than their normal business hours - delivered right on time! Food was piping hot & they help set up the food in the party room.  TOP NOTCH service. We asked for tartar sauce and they made a special trip back to hand deliver their homemade tartar sauce - which was off the hook! - owner worked out a great menu for us for an unbelievable price! And everything was so delicious - Everyone at work was raving at how good the food was!  We had huge pieces of fried chicken, whole fillets of fried catfish , Mac n cheese (heavenly!), greens, yams, red beans & rice, corn bread, and peach cobbler (which I didn't even get to try, it was gone so quick!!).Thank you La Christa for helping us throw a retirement party to remember! It's been a few weeks now since the party and people still talk about your food.  You've met and exceeded our expectations and we will definitely use you guys again for our future events.


This was a pleasant surprise at the end of our "day in East Bay" on Saturday.  It was 10 pm and we were looking for dinner, and found this little spot on yelp. When we walked in we were greeted by the nicest lady, who explain the menu to us and showed us all the food items. I ordered the chicken, and my fiancé orders the brisket. Everything was SO DELICIOUS, and the portion was great too!  I wish I can list my favorites but honestly everything was so amazingly tasty that we enjoyed every bite of what we ordered! The meats, the yam, the green beans, the corn... All so fresh and flavorful, such a great place for soul food! We live in San Francisco but will definitely come back to Oakland for this place!

Beef brisket, all delicious meat and so good! Beef brisket, all delicious meat and so good! Chicken on the Saturday menu, it's half of a whole chicken! Chicken on the Saturday menu, it's half of a whole chicken! 3/18/2016

Spotted La Christa's across the street from Off the Hook (review coming soon) on a jaunt out to Oakland! My mother and I walked in to see a few people in front of us, one was just finishing up their order and then the 2 women that were next began to order so much of the menu, that the woman working had to pause, to call it out to the kitchen and then come back to get the rest of the order! The women finished the order off with a piece of chicken from the hot case to enjoy that very moment while they waited for their order to come up! We knew right then and there that we had walked in to a true authentic soul food restaurant with some serious eats!We walked up and began to peruse the hot case and saw some of the most mouthwatering items! I walked to the fridge next to it and again was left salivating over the contents inside it!We had just placed another take away order, but could not fathom leaving this establishment without having a sampling of the food offered.We decided that we would go for one of "The Hungry Man's Special's": 2 Piece Chicken and 1 Side. It was a clear and easy winner as my mother and I were both in awe of the Mac and Cheese! It had the CREAMIEST consistency, while sitting on a hot bar no less, for goodness knows how long! We could not believe that it looked as though it belonged at our house during thanksgiving! (We make some bomb Mac and cheese BTW). Not only did the women working the counter give us a heaping serving of the Mac and cheese, but she was also very selective about what 2 pieces of chicken she was going to give us, plump and juicy on the inside and crispy fried on the out, not like the anorexic pieces you get from other places! Sooo Sweet, I really appreciated that! Moreover, when it came to the desserts she was just as helpful with the selection! Letting us know that "the lemon cake is made like your Grandmama used to make, it packs a puckering punch" and that selling point made up our minds for us! You better believe that we will be back with empty stomachs to taste and indulge on more items, like the luscious looking banana pudding they had! Mmmm, just writing this my mouth is watering


Seems pretty unanimous on here - great great food at this place. Wonderful bbq last Saturday night, but the yams were breathtaking and the prawns (on the po boy) I sampled were huge and perfect. The menu changes everyday so we have to keep going back and trying everything. And the staff is super friendly.


The best fried shrimp in Oakland!! Love the sides and gumbo. Tonight was my first time trying this place but I will definitely be coming back again and again. Good food with friendly service but parking isn't that great.

Jumbo Fried Shrimp!! Jumbo Fried Shrimp!!
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