La Corneta Taqueria - Mexican - Mission - San Francisco, CA - Menu

La Corneta Taqueria   - Mexican - Mission - San Francisco, CA - Menu

I had a carnitas baby super burrito and holy crap I think by baby they mean as big as a baby. Really delicious all the way around--probably one of my favorite burritos. Rice was also delicious!My only critiques are the TVs are louder than I'd like and I saw three dogs inside the restaurant which was pretty gross (paws on tables and such).Wheelchair accessibility notes: Flat entrance and a spacious dining area with movable chairs at normal height. Street parking only. Didn't use the bathroom.


I don't know why it took me so long to right my first review on this place, but the first negative experience unfortunately lead me to post on Yelp.  One rude chica got my order wrong from the first order to the second. First order I watched to see if much  order was no ng to be skimpped on with lack of sour cream and cheese. I go to this specific  location for the quality of the food when I'm at school or nearby in the mission. The chica put beef on both orders. I asked that she not put lettuce on order and confirmed I wanted chicken.  When the second order was done wrong yet again, she just dumped the beef in the garbage as if she was going to dump the whole burrito in the garbage, then attempts to correct the mistake.  I asked the rude chica" was I rude to you?" NO response to my question and instead said the order was fine. I guess the assistant  manager came over and offered to make the order her self. I told her thank you and left with my order done correctly. To be totally honest it saddened me because I made it clear that I come to this location frequently. I don't have all of my receipts to prove my frequent purchases,but I do go there often and felt my patronage was not appreciated.  Additionally,  I feel  I was disrespected for no reason. I shouldn't be going to this location and instead  head to Poncho Villa instead before school or in the area. In fact that's what I'm going to do from now on. (one bad apple has spoiled me ever going back. I don't think she even thought she was getting in trouble like she was part owner.)   Adios!Order received at  super baby chicken  burrito with extra cheese and sour cream,  spicy  Pico de gallo, no lettuceTime in restaurant 5:25pm


I'll be honest and say I only came here because I was too lazy to go to the ATM to get cash for El Farolito and it was too crowded there anyway. This was my first time and I was very happy with my experience. I got a super burrito with carne asada (no sour cream), a small cream-filled churro, and a Mexican Coke. The burrito was amazing!! It was an awesome replacement for El Farolito and I almost ate it all in one sitting. I'm very picky about burritos and it's hard to please me in this area. Most of the time, burritos can be too dry or have too much of a filler in it. Their burrito had the perfect amount of ingredients and everything tasted fresh and was seasoned well.The only disappointment was the churro. It was too crunchy for my liking and didn't seem very fresh. It almost seemed stale to me? Maybe I'm just spoiled by the Churros Mexicanos cart in Fruitvale... But El Corneta's churro relleno did not meet my expectations.I was also very happy with the service here. The two young ladies who helped me were very attentive even though they seemed swamped with orders. The lady who ordered before me was rude to them and almost ran out with MY burrito because she wouldn't listen to what they were saying. Some of y'all customers need to chill and be more respectful to workers. Thankfully, they were able to stop her from running away with my burrito. I have no idea why some people are saying this taqueria is cash only. They accept cards too! Also, this place is very spacious and there's A/C. It's the perfect place to get lunch in the summer if you're in the area.

Hilarious sign. Hilarious sign. 7/25/2016

This place reminds me of Pancho Villa Taqueria. The interior is spacious, nicely decorated, and they have a tall ceiling. There are plenty of seats. When you walk in, there is a steam table with a variety of meats which they serve you from.  The salsa that they offer is chunky and by default, non spicy. You have to request for the spicy option. In addition to the salsa they give you, they have the largest self serve salsa selection I have seen, with more than 6 options. I ordered the super burrito and it did not stand out at all.

Complimentary tortilla chips and salsa Complimentary tortilla chips and salsa 11/16/2015

It may have been because we were a party of 6 and ordering multiple pitchers of margaritas, but we got the all-star treatment at La Corneta and we would totally come back! In the area to visit a cousin, we wanted a taqueria we could all meet up at where we could easily grab a seat - this place was a great bet; we were able to waltz in, hold a table for six, wait 15 minutes for the rest of our party to show up, and then get table service from an incredibly friendly hostess who hooked it up fat with several baskets of chips, salsa, and a couple guac cups. Way to get it started!The margaritas were super-drinkable if not insanely strong, and the chips and salsa are great (not spicy at all, but a very fresh pico de gallo). My bf and I shared the chicken enchilada plate ($8.70) and the steak & prawn super quesadilla ($11). The enchiladas are usually my go-to, but the quesadilla stole the show, big time. I could have done without the sour cream, and would go for the regular version in the future. If you're thinking of trying out the place, ditch the burrito menu and go for something unique. There's always El Farolito down the street if that's your mood, but I loved the classic taqueria vibe, seating, and service. We'll be back!

Super Steak & Prawn Quesadilla ($11) Super Steak & Prawn Quesadilla ($11) Two Verde Chicken Enchiladas Special ($8.70) Two Verde Chicken Enchiladas Special ($8.70) Full bar, great margaritas! Full bar, great margaritas! 5/6/2016

Great place and great prices! La Corneta Taqueria is kind of set up like a Chipotle where you order at the food bar, but the food is FAR from Chipotle. It is made fresh to order and very delicious! I came here with a friend for Cinco De Mayo, and the place was pretty busy. The line was to the door, but it definitely moves very quickly. I had a taco dinner which included enough meat for 2-3 tacos, tortilla, beans, rice, guac, lettuce, tomato, and a side of chips and salsa. All for $8! We also had margaritas ($6 each). They we very strong and delicious.


ONLY TAKE CASHThis place is amazing. The food is authentic and absolutely delicious. The ambience is good for a go in eat and head out kind of place. The staff is incomparable. I say that because we stayed at this place for about 2 hours with one burrito and we were treated with the same courtesy throughout.


Used to go to El Farolito nearby, but they stopped having fish burritos and we discovered La Corneta. I loved the ambience of this taqueria, plenty of space, high ceiling, festive decor and they had mariachi band every time we were there.Super baby fish burrito was my favorite - perfect portion and tasty! Choice of salmon or tilapia. Super baby size was just filling enough for me, with the "super" fillings (avocado etc.). I was hoping the tortilla could be more toasted, but it was great overall with complimentary chips.We usually sit further away from the mariachi band, so that we could enjoy conversation with music in the background. Would certainly come back for another super baby fish burrito or other items on their huge menu!


Love the food!! I would give it a 5 star but the bathroom is always dirty!! But other than that it's great


This is my second event held here at La Corneta on 24th and Mission (first time was dinner this time was lunch) and the service has been excellent. The food was great and served the plate presentation was very nice, the set up was nice and prepped ahead of time with "reserved tabs" the staff was ready and attentive so everything arrived fast. The manager was regularly checking on us to make sure we were pleased and "hydrated"  I highly recommend the Sangria and the Mojitos the provided on the house. Overall experienced was excellent and I will continue to have my events here.

Long table reserved for a party of 20 Long table reserved for a party of 20 Salmon plate with veggies Salmon plate with veggies Beautiful mural of the Virgin Mary very nice for our communion lunch Beautiful mural of the Virgin Mary very nice for our communion lunch See all photos from Libby D. for La Corneta Taqueria 12/4/2015

Start with  the salsas... Probably the best charred tomato salsa we've ever had; the others are all fresh and distinctive.   Ceviche!   Fresh, fresh, fresh... Served on a nice thick, crispy tostada and topped with giant chunks of avocado. I wasn't very hungry, so had the ceviche and a quesadilla... Uh. $5... Crazy!   Tipped the great Trio (bongos and two guitars with a vocalist who brought back memories of old San Juan with his renditions salsa classics) as much as the cost of the meal.Good service, great food, wonderful live music and low prices.   I'll be back!  Oh did I mention the musicians were there at lunch time?!

Yum Yum 12/5/2015

We happen to be out and about and wanted to check out Mexican restaurants in the Mission district. We happen to stumble upon this restaurant. The restaurant ambiance was okay, but we couldn't really have a decent conversation inside; there was a loud live band inside- Mariachi playing.The food was okay. We ordered tacos el pastor and super nachos. There was nothing extra special with the food.

The super nacho! The super nacho! Tacos el pastor... yummy! I miss this place. Tacos el pastor... yummy! I miss this place. 6/5/2016

I learned a new Spanish word today.  It is "incompetente". My girlfriend (a Latina) and I love La Cornetta at Glen Park, but this one in the inner mission has total incompetence polished to an art form.They REPEATEDLY kept getting our orders wrong and that was after waiting for awhile at our table.  I don't mean just once or twice, they just kept getting it wrong again and again. Finally my girlfriend told them to forget it in Spanish and to refund our money we had paid. They gave us half the amount we paid. We pointed to the amount on our receipt and they gave us s refund back onto the credit card.We will never go to this one again and just stick with the one in Glen Park where we slways get fine service.Also wanted to mention fot the benefit of SF Health Inspector's interest. The staff was throwing metal food tongs into the salsa bins handles and all. Then sticking their hands in the salsa to retrieve the tongs and I watched them do this repeatedly.Avoid this one and patronize the one at Glen Park where they apparently have competent management.


I freaking loooove this place! They make the absolute BEST fish mojado burrito. I can't say enough about the tastiest burrito in the Mission. I have lived in San Francisco for over a decade and I honestly believe through and through that this place makes the tastiest concoctions of burritos. Whatever you're craving Mexican food-wise , this is definitely the place to go. They're always friendly and the tables and chairs are clean. You can take a tourist and they'll be pleasantly surprised. I've tried to resist writing about them because it's one of the best kept secrets and I don't want them overloaded with idiots clients like at EF. They hook up the chips too. They're perfectly light and crispy. I must give props where props are due. Thank you, thank you for making every experience so deliciously flavorful. You make me oh so happy.


Not a bad place to get lunch. I have tried their buttitos, tacos, enchilladas, chile relleno, ceviche and several other main courses and I never left dissapointed. The let down is the dessert menu; the churros this restaurant has in the menu were not fresh at all (I nearly cheap one of my front tooth while biting a churro) and the alfajores' powder sugar tasted like the kind of flour my great granma used to use to cook before we asked her to stop cooking for us. I will be back but no way I will be having desserts here, unless they replace the current menu items with decent ones.An advice for the owner, please go ahead and fire the person who makes desserts or send him to pastry 101 at some community college in Tijuana.


Came to La Corneta last night with a couple of friends for some quick Mexican food. Honestly we ended up eating here because we walked from one place to another throughout Mission and couldn't find another taqueria that took card.The burrito and quesadillas were really good. The green and red sauces aren't spicy though. Service was not the friendliest but this isnt the kind of restaurant where you get served food at your table.The ambience was nice, a lot more than you would expect from a hole in the wall mexican place for sure.The three of us ordered separately but we only got one tiny basket of chips..hence the minus one star. I'd swing by for another burrito though.


Terrible customer service- very rude and short or they just completely ignore you. They can never get any order right, I order 2 tacos and come home with 1. Horrible burritos. There are way better Taqueria's around. This is a last resort and if you're okay with being ripped off or not given your full order.


We were craving good Mexican food and stumbled into this place after passing a couple places that seemed less than desirable. We got the shrimp burrito and the combination #1 (chile relleño, enchilada and flauta.... I traded the flauta out for a taco with al pastor) the shrimp burrito was BOMB! I would recommend getting the taco platter instead of the combo, just because the tacos are SO GOOD!All that food, 2 beers, plus chips and salsa was $30! No bad for really good Mexican food. The atmosphere is about a 2/3-- think Baja Fresh or el pollo loco setting... But no problem for a casual meal!


Terrible slow customer service. Waited 20 mins to put my order in. They cannot understand your order even though you are reading straight from their menu on the wall. The ceviche tostada I ordered was unable so they decided to charge me for a shrimp combo plate. The cashier guy did not even apologize for this major error. Will not be back. I do not recommend this place to anyone.


The best burritos I've ever had.  That 538 contest totally blew it.We've been going since they opened, and then expanded.  I love seeing the same faces behind the counter; it says something about long-term employee satisfaction.

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