La Petite Playhouse - Kids Activities - 1264 Oddstad Dr, Redwood City, CA

La Petite Playhouse   - Kids Activities - 1264 Oddstad Dr, Redwood City, CA

This place is a must if you have children and need to "breathe" as a parent and the kiddos need to release some energy!! I've been here a few times already with my girl- she is 3. Lots to do for her and she loves it. I also have been through the structure when she wants me to tag along. Very fun.I supervise to make sure she is playing well and others are playing well with her, but I don't need to be right there-so I can sit and watch her- from "below". Allows me a little break and there's always some kids there that it makes for a nice time for parent and child. Very clean. Separate Space for eating. Free wi-fi. Friendly staff. Great price. Bring socks. $10.00/per child for unlimited time. Score! Only one recommendation: there are open cubbies for your belongings, but it would be nice to have some sort of a locker- for the smallValuables- wallet, phone Etc. it's a very trusting place, but it's a peace of mind. There's stillSome people out there that aren't so trusting!Will continue to come here.


Came here for birthday party and all the kids had tons of fun. Basically a 4-5 story slide and play structure. For little kides theres a smaller slide, some train track tables, etc. Bubble gum pop music also contributes to fun atmosphere. This place isnt the cheapest tho.


This was my first time taking my 16 month old here. She loved it and I overall, I was happy with the experience. It's very clean, pretty spacious, and has a variety of fun activities. The separate area for the 0-3 year olds is small so she was ready to explore other areas pretty quickly, although she did circle back to it afterwards. She was also content to play in the toy area and push a cart around for awhile.The part that I did not like was really due to other parents. They have a no-shoe policy, but most of the parents left their shoes on while waiting in the center blacktop area, so when all the kids run back and forth through this area they track everything from the parents' shoes into the play area. Ugh...I wish that the staff made everyone take off their shoes no matter what. I also saw one kid get away from her mother without taking off her shoes and her mom definitely made no effort to chase her down to get her to take her shoes off. She just yelled, "shoes off" kind of halfheartedly and then didn't follow up. So off she went, with her shoes on charging up the slide. I was surprised to see how many parents just let their kids loose and don't supervise them at all. They just sit in the middle, are mostly on their phone. and generally not paying any attention to what their kids are doing. There was a girl being kind of a bully to my daughter and others in the 0-3 play area (blocking them from getting onto the slide, taking toys away from them, or pushing them.) Her mom was busy reading a book. I'm definitely not going to parent someone else's kid for them, so I only stopped her when she tried to put her hands on my daughter, but seriously yo kids!Most importantly, the bigger kids play really aggressively and they run really fast without regard for the smaller kids. So, if you have a smaller kid you should stay with them or they might get trampled. There was one boy who pushed past me and said, "Can you move???" Very rudely. Again, I'm not going to parent someone else's kid for them, but I'm also not above shoving an 8 year old who totally deserves it. I observed that it tends to be the kids of the parents who are not paying attention who are little a-holes. I would bring her here again and would definitely consider having a party here in the future!


It was really fun


I'm so glad that I ended up finding la petite on google randomly one day , while searching for fun things to do in the Bay Area with a three year old .This place is absolutely amazing .Every employee is so helpful , informative and kind and really seem to enjoy their job. They keep this place super super sanitary , you can tell . Just being there about two hours I saw people coming out to clean several times, and all the kids are required to wear socks and wash hands at a provided children's sink in the front There is a soccer and basketball area with soft squishy balls , huge colorful plastic slides and an enormous play structure with lots of fun stuff inside .  We could spend hours here , my three year old absolutely loves it and asks to come here almost every week !

My daughter loves the interactive projector area , where the kids can play games and dance . My daughter loves the interactive projector area , where the kids can play games and dance . 7/11/2016

This place is a great find. Hours of fun for kids of all ages. The fee structure is very reasonable. You pay a flat fee per child, and they can play, climb, run, slide, etc. until they are ready to collapse. Everybody goes home happy. Pro-tip: On holidays and at peak times, it can get busy. They keep the play area from getting too crowded by limiting the number of entrants, and so once it fills up you have to wait for someone to leave in order to enter. Basically, if you don't want to risk waiting in line, come early! To their credit, crayons and coloring pages are provided in the waiting area. :)


This place is great! My nephew had his 6th birthday party here and I was slightly shocked when I walked in. I hadn't seen an indoor play place this huge since the Discovery Zone (forever the best). Very clean area and great that they have a seating area right by the front entrance gate. The mini basketball court was PERFECT! I spent far too much time dunking on this mini-hoop. The workers were decent... they appeared to not want to be there and seemed to be "just going along with their shift." I would suggest pepping it up a bit, especially knowing that children only know how to have fun and how to be loud. Overall, great place to have a quick little party.


Ok, let's be clear here. I am writing this review for myself, not on behalf of my kids. I don't know if they had a good time or not at the birthday party today; I left the little one with his mom in the 3-and-under section and spent part of an hour chasing my daughter around.I had a damn good time. I have been to a lot of birthday parties over the last three years, and this is the most enjoyable birthday activity I've participated in (far surpassing bird shows and bubbologists).First of all, the name sells this place way short. I expected a dainty little play room, but they've got a serious play structure. It's really solid and big enough for adults (sort of - there are places where you have to crawl around). I've never really felt comfortable climbing on things elsewhere, but at La Petite Playhouse I felt compelled to explore. There are lots of branching paths and tubes to wander through, all with an ocean theme. I was too heavy to generate any speed going down the parallel undulating slides, but the yellow slide in the middle is serious business. You go around and around several times and it whips you out of the tunnel at the bottom. It's even better because you have to work to get there; it's not obvious how to get to the top of the slide.Everything is really well maintained and seems clean. Now all I have to do is convince one of my kids to have a birthday party here.

the yellow slide is the best the yellow slide is the best 5-way slide 5-way slide climbing tube climbing tube 3/1/2016

Really fun and clean place to hosts birthday party! My nieces had a blast here. There's tons of slides and obstacle courses for them to explore. I really like the cleanliness of the place. There are stations to wash your hands with soap and water or even hand sanitizer. There's a few table and benched for adults to wait it out but they can also join in on the fun and slide down the big slide! Food must be eaten outside of the gates that's all. But no trouble there's a table where you can set up the food. And the kids are having too much fun to might even eat!

7/1/2016 Updated review

I gotta update my review.  The owner contacted me regarding my previous review and said that they have posted signs in the playground warning parents about the speed of their slides. True enough, when we went back here, the signs were up suggesting to parents to slide with their kids, if your kid is less than 30lbs.  The signs were on the TV monitors, as well as right above the slide.  I'm glad that the owner seriously considers feedback from parents.Even then, I already thought that this was hands down, the cleanest indoor playground I've ever been to.  And now, plus points for taking the kids' safety seriously.

Warning sign on TV monitors (also posted by the slide) Warning sign on TV monitors (also posted by the slide) 4/25/2016 Previous review We attended a friend's birthday party here during the weekend.  It was nice.  Like others have said,… We attended a friend's birthday party here during the weekend.  It was nice.  Like others have said, it was clean and fun.  However, the reason I am only giving 3 stars is because my son almost flew off the big slide, just like another reviewer here (Eskimo) who posted a video of her daughter flying off from the long slide, at the exact same slide too -- the blue one, first slide you get to.  I think the slipperiness (the steepness looked the same for all 5 slides) of the slides gradually decrease, whether intentionally or not, it seemed that the farthest slide was the least slippery and safer for younger lighter kids.  My son is 3 years old, barely 27 lbs -- and he hit his head on the slide, the first time he went.  But it didn't stop him from trying again (with his dad, and eventually by himself) when we realized the farther slide was "slower" because it was less slippery.  We will probably go back again, but next time, we will avoid the first slide.  If it was intentional that the slipperiness decrease/increase --- it would have been nice to be informed. Read more 8/2/2016

Great place for kids ages 3-6. Tables, toddler toy area, restrooms and front snack area are kept clean. Comparing this to Billy Bees in South San Jose, this place is a lot smaller, no snack bar or vending machines and parking is hard to find. Only 4 stars because if you leave to get food, you can't come back even if you show your receipt. They don't have re-entry policy. Just make sure to bring food on your visit.


Came here for the first because of a birthday party. Great indoor space for kids to run around and burn off energy. Love the multiple slides that they have. Also they remind the kids to watch their hands before heading out to the party room to eat. Definitely will be back.


This place is amazing. I was a bit worried that this place wouldn't be good for a pre-walker but it's great. My little one loved this place. There is a small area for 0-3 year olds that is really good. It has a slide and a little baby ladder. The bigger area is great for big kids. I was allowed to carry my little one through the area and it was quite a workout. So I would expect that this will seriously poop out any active kids. This is the perfect place for rainy days. I was there for 2 hours and definitly felt I got my $10 worth.


Took my little one (11 months) here today, and it was a nice change of pace from crawling around the living room emptying laundry baskets on the floor. She's just on the brink of walking, so we mostly hung out in the baby/toddler zone (though I did carry her to do the big slides a few times, and it was a workout! (Getting to the loopty yellow slide with a baby in your arms is like some new level of crossfit hell.) Super fun, though. I would totally come here with my husband so he could hold her and I could just slide to my heart's content.Like everyone says, they're good about no shoes and hand washing. The only downside I saw was that the staff (or the parents/caregivers) aren't very diligent about minding the "3 years and under" rule in the baby area, so we were constantly dodging super hyper older kids who were running up the slide, crashing into the soft blocks and even acting irritated when my little one wanted to crawl on some of the foam shapes or play with the toys. Maybe the free-wifi in the observation area is just too attractive to the adults, because there's a lot of phoning and not a lot of supervising. That said, I'd probably go again on a hot or rainy day if we needed some indoor activity or just to change things up.


Short and Sweet... right? because who has time to read an essay!Playhouse was recommended by my wife who had gone previously with our daughter, so we decided for playtime! THIS PLACE IS HUGE! Great thing about it is the parents can accompany their kids! but also so huge that you can actually lose your kid if they're fast enough. lol. There are multiple levels and pathways to go, accompanied by lots of slides differing in height and shape. There are small basketball and soccer playing areas, and in the very back, two very large party rooms. This place is kept clean and well organized (evidenced by a worker wiping down the mats)So what I DIDN'T LIKE! There is this cool projector in the back that hangs from the ceiling and projects games on the floor where the kids can interact wherever they put their feet on due to a sensor which picks up motion. This is very GREAT, although the floor (as told to us) was recently rebuffed. And in the playhouse, all kids have to wear socks. So simple math... SOCKS + RUNNING KIDS + HARD SLIPPERY FLOOR + RUNNING KIDS = INJURIES! Spoke to other parents saying they have seen some pretty bad injuries in that specific area so this is an area that needs significant improvement! La Petite Playhouse, FIX THIS unless you want someone to sue you down the road! Surprised you guys haven't been yet. Otherwise, would we go here again? For sure! Great big place for kids to run around, but I can guarantee you, myself... and other parents... will not want to have their kids injury themselves so are better off taking their socks off in that specific play area, that, or change the flooring. If you're hungry, there's no food inside so best bet would probably be to grab food outside first, although you can bring snacks in. Also tables and chairs to sit on and do work! So much for a Short and Sweet response... but at least it was informative?!? lol. Have a great Weekend all!


We love this place! It's so clean. You always see one of the employees cleaning something. Its a cool place to go on a hot day and vice versa. Its really big allowing for a good amount of kids to play nicely. I love the separated area for food if you want to bring lunch. What's great I'd if you have a sibling who isn't walking yet, there is no charge. My kids have so much fun here!

Fun on the big slide Fun on the big slide Loving the baby area! Loving the baby area! 1/13/2016

Had my daughters 3rd birthday party here this past weekend and I was very impressed with how smooth and stress-free the entire party was. From the moment I booked the party to the moment we left the playhouse. Rachelle was the coordinator and she was great at communicating and explaining everything to me in detail. The entire staff was awesome and friendly during the party and made sure everything was organized and we were satisfied. My toddler along with all of our guests had an amazing time and kept raving about the venue. I would definitely hold another party here. Highly recommend!


This place is great!! The kids I bring here love it, especially the 2 year old. Clean and safe fun.


Came here for a family's 4 year old birthday party.  Pretty fun place even if you're a grown adult.  Lots of cool slides, obstacles, climbs, and props.  Everything seems to be pretty child injury proof.  All that was left was a sweaty good time climbing to the top of all those obstacles and racing down all those slides.  The venue itself is very clean, and definitely well maintained.  The staff was very friendly and conscious of caring for the kids and clientele.  There are cubbies to store your shoes and belongings so you can romp with your socks on.  Great for larger parties.


Came here for a b'day party. The kids were having a blast, it was fun and most important for me...clean. They seemed to get a good crowd with well behaved kids.

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