Las Margaritas Restaurant and Cantina - Mexican - 2801 Leavenworth St, Fisherman - Menu

Las Margaritas Restaurant and Cantina   - Mexican - 2801 Leavenworth St, Fisherman - Menu

Yelp reviews suck in SF. Very filled with hate and phoniness. So   don't be scared off by stars. This place had decent Mexican food. Three stars for that, and I don't consider that an insult. Five stars for the margaritas.  Freshly made with VG tequila. Yes I'm a tourist but I'm a margarita expert.


My family and I had gone to this place little past lunch. It was empty may be three to four tables, not more then 15 to 18 patrons at most and there were three waiters.  The food was okay nothing to write home about, although if you like really bland, hospital type of food then this is the place for you.  The spiciest salsa and the only salsa they had is not for people who eat real Mexican food, this is for tourist whose country lacks Mexican restaurants...including Chipotle.  The service was horrendous.  The staff acted like they were doing us a favor by letting us eat at this place. As mentioned above they were not understaffed for the number of people who were eating here.  Added bonus for us...sorry them, they gave us our bill with gratuity included.  I believe there are other Mexican restaurant around and at the Warf with better food and service.


The 3 stars is NOT because of the food, which was very good.If it wasn't for the sign downstairs we would of missed this spot. Upon entering, the place is decorated very nice and makes you feel welcome however the wait to get seated took me going to the kitchen and getting the cook to find someone to seat us. After eventually getting seated, the waitress was very nice and immediately brought over their home made salsa and took our drink order. The salsa was not the typical chunky kind, but was very, very good and had just enough kick. We also ordered the guacamole which was delicious. The entrees came and were proportioned to fill you up without having the need of a wheel barrel to roll you out which I appreciate. Overall, the place was very good and would go back.


Great place! Delicious nachos supreme. Perfect patio to relax and enjoy a margarita. It's always the little places that turn out to have the friendliest staff and tastiest food! Worth the stop to enjoy s margarita on the patio!

Pomegranate margarita :) pitcher style !!! Pomegranate margarita :) pitcher style !!! 3/15/2016

Wow, are there some overly harsh reviews of this place on Yelp.  I can assure you, while you might not want to seek this spot out for a foodie-style experience, you can plan on reliable Mexican food and a nice environment.  And, realistically, you can get a different feel from what you might find in other places in SF.I hope what I am about to say doesn't come across as a back-handed compliment, but I grew up in the suburbs and I enjoy restaurants that are worry-free, reliable and have solid, filling food.  Honestly...  What do I want out of a Mexican Restaurant?  Let's go through the experience:Nice Environment:  Check.  Classic Mexican Restaurant Decor with nice furniture.  Cool high ceilings by virtue of it being in The Cannery.  Nice Tequila Bar area - we'll come back to that.  Outdoor tables overlooking The Cannery's courtyard.  All wins in my book.Chips and Salsa:  Check.  Homemade.  Warm.  Good spicy salsa.  And, not to sound cheap, but you don't get charged and they are pretty quick to refill them.  Food:  Check.  Just the classic Mexican Restaurant-fare done right down the middle.  All the standards.  It will likely not shock you with something new to try.  But, everything is tasty.  Portions are not insane nor are they full of fillers.  I grew up going to the local Mexican place in Minnesota and dreamed of getting to order the combinations off the adult menu - they've got those.  I've never been disappointed.  The sauces are flavorful, but not overly salty/seasoned.  I really enjoy the Chicken Tortilla Soup for lunch with fresh avocado.  I have not tried many of the Seafood Dishes, but they have quite a few things to try.Drinks:  Check.  Speaking of things I dreamed about as a youngster.  Alas, I have never had a drink here as of writing the review.  But, they have over 200 Tequilas in their bar.  Not to give "Yelp Talk" any fodder for hate, but I am guessing they know how to make a Margarita.Staff:  Check.  Nice folks.  This place has been around for a long time - I believe over 20 years.  If you don't know the history of The Cannery, it's been through a lot of change and I doubt it's the easiest place to have longevity as a business.  Plus, their location is a killer.  True, I can see it from my office window, but if you didn't know it was here, you probably wouldn't find out.  Price:  Check.  At The Wharf, things are often over-priced.  Entrees in the $10-15 range is not bad for a sit-down spot around here.  If I came here expecting some sort of amazing experience, I would be a bit disappointed.  If I was craving Mexican food and want something satisfying in a comfortable environment I would be satisfied.  Plus, this is a nice spot for families since the prices are reasonable and there is generally not a wait.

Chicken Mole Enchiladas Chicken Mole Enchiladas Ensalada del Mar with Shrimp and Crab Ensalada del Mar with Shrimp and Crab Enchiladas Suizas Enchiladas Suizas See all photos from Adam S. for Las Margaritas Restaurant and Cantina 9/15/2016

This place is ok, if your hungry and haven't eaten for a while come here. Best part of my meal was the Margarita


I don't want to argue about your bad drinks. The chips were stale and the margaritas sucked sad that you exist. Maybe this will help others to not waist there time


We tend to be margarita snobs so we're a little skeptical upon sitting in the bar.  The bar is loaded with every brand of tequila imagineable.  Observing the bartender make the Cadillac margarita with patron silver I knew we were in for a treat.  Surpassed expectations.  Great service, very friendly bartender.  Will definitely make this a place toVisit whenever we in the mood for margaritas no matter where we stay


Cute place with a fully stocked bar and tons of different kinds of tequila. Always seated, and served fast, even during the dinner rush. The margaritas, are always delicious, and super strong. I recommend the Cadillac with an extra shot of grand marnier. The guacamole, chips, and salsa is really good here, but the entrees are not my favorite. I've only tried 3 different things here, so maybe I still need to find the one great thing on the menu to try. Not a fan of the tacos, chile rellenos, or tostadas. For the touristy price I feel that I'm mostly better off just coming here for drinks, and chips and guacamole.


Why does yelp not have 0 stars??!! This place would have gotten it for this review.The Bottom line:1) Sick-looking and attitude-full bartender (and staff). To the owner of this place: I'm at the bar, it's Saturday, April 2, 2016 and the time is 4:14 pm... Change your staff!!!!!2) Everything else you can think of!Stay Away!!!!


Food wasn't too bad. Service was bad- server looked like he didn't want to be there. He wasn't friendly. Drinks were really small. Worst part was the bathroom was outside the restaurant, you had to get a key from the bar and go into the school next door and use their bathroom. Overall I wouldn't go there again. They need to get a better staff because their food isn't too bad.


Not good and below average for Mexican cuisine.   It was edible for food after a long day and in need of something quick close to the hotel - but completely unmemorable... It's too bad because it is a nice divergence from seafood restaurants but there are definitely better options.


For being in a tourist area, no tourist were patronizing this restaurant when we ate lunch. The food was ok for Mexican.


Food was good...ordered on the rocks margarita, brought me blended, when I mentioned it was suppose to be on the rocks, lady was not happy so I gave in and drank it. Waiter didn't really smile.


So I went to this restaurant for some dinner and drinks last night and well we made a huge mistake. the place is pretty hidden so you can't really see it from the street but somehow we spotted it because of a sign on the street.I will be brief:1) Horrible customer service; you ask the waiter a question about his menu and food and he gave us attitude like if we were bothering him. 2) The micheladas here suck. My cousin ordered one and it was full of clamato and salty not good. 3) When we requested to split our bill the waiter gave us an attitude and they automatically charge you an 18% gratuity charge without any disclosure or consent. We will NEVER go back to this place again, stay away!


Quick attentive service.  5pm on a Wed was very slow.$7.95 guacamole and chips.  A few beers and a nice place to hang out.I didn't expect much in a fish town, yet the salsa was excellent. Guacamole was fresh and good.  I would recommend.

Menu Menu Inside Inside Guacamole yum Guacamole yum 4/3/2016

Cold food and bad taste cola. Service was ok. Should have taken notice by The non costumer experience when we came.


My wife and I were starving and had a craving for Mexican food. The atmosphere was good but once the food arrived there was much to be desired. Perhaps if you have never tried Mexican food this would suffice, or if you lack taste buds this may be the spot too. Once served we found out that portions (i.e. rice, beans) are sufficient  for that of a 70 lbs boy. The enchiladas were not bad, this was "the highlight" if you will of the meal. The tacos, both beef and chicken were plain/bland. Lemonade was straight from the box... lastly, service could have been better as we waited longer than reasonable to be seated and we're overlooked for some time despite not being busy.My advice, look for another place to eat unless you're dying to be dissappinted.


The lady at the front looks like she's pissed off at the world... The only reason we're staying is because the pictures on yelp the food looks good and authentic...

Lady at the front, they need to get rid of her, she's a bitch... Lady at the front, they need to get rid of her, she's a bitch... 10/12/2014

Came here just for drinks yesterday. Being fleet week and a weekend we were lucky to find some place without a wait and that wasn't crazy packed. We sat outside because some of the tables have a tent with nice lights. Ordered 2 margaritas each. But I should've specified that I wanted it blended. Or our waiter should've asked...The second margarita I got was blended and pretty good. Chips and salsa were good too. Unfortunately service was very slow. I think there was only one waiter for all the outside tables. Our waiter seemed kinda stressed but was still nice. Took forever to get our check. I actually just ended up giving my card to a busboy after he asked me 3 times if someone had come out with our check. Thankfully we weren't in a rush.

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