Le Diplomate - Brasseries - Logan Circle - Washington, DC

Le Diplomate - Brasseries - Logan Circle - Washington, DC

My favorite restaurant in DC...period.I've been several times for dinner and brunch...always a great experience.Goat cheese omelette is my brunch favorite.Steak and fries is the best for dinner.


It's a fine place, but for Sunday brunch the pace is like a real Parisian café. Meaning that you need to be prepared to eat and move, as the wait staff is busy turning tables. I keep threatening to go on a Tuesday or something when I'm sure it's more pleasurable.

10/24/2016 Updated review

Back to Le Diplomate with my parents in town. We were lucky enough to snag a last minute reservation and couldn't believe our luck. I copied my meal from last time - mushroom soup with the Veal Escalope. Both are so delicious, though I probably won't get both again. They are both super creamy and heavy. DELICIOUS, but a heavy combo. My mom also got the mushroom soup and had the duck as her entree. She's never eaten duck (outside of crispy duck from a Chinese place) and was apprehensive, but loved it. The couldn't stop talking about the cherry sauce! My dad had the french onion soup and really enjoyed it, and had the lamb entree. He said it was good, but it is a Morroccan influenced dish so he wished he had gotten something more French, and wouldn't order it again. My husband was eyeing the next table's appetizers and ordered what he thought they had. Turns out he ordered the pate de campgne and they had the foie gras parfait. Theirs looked much better. The pate was ok - but not great. He was definitely disappointing and didn't enjoy it very much. He wished he had gotten the mushroom tart. He also had his favorite beef bourguignon which he loves.  We were too full from this and all the delicious bread to even look at the dessert menu. Downgrading to 4 stars because we sat without food quite frequently. After ordering, a long wait for our apps, took a long time for those to get cleared, and then sat a LOOOONG time before our mains arrived.

11/2/2015 Previous review Yet another great night at Le Diplomate! My sister was in town so we went here for a great meal.… Yet another great night at Le Diplomate! My sister was in town so we went here for a great meal. We'd had a late lunch so weren't hungry enough to order as much as we normally would, but shared the mushroom soup - it was incredible. Best mushroom soup I've ever had! My sister had the duck and polenta, it was incredibly delicious. I normally prefer crispier duck confit but it was awesome. My husband loves the beouf bourgingnon so he got that and wasn't disappointed. I tried the veal and absolutely loved it! It was exactly what I wanted, right temperature, thickness, the sauce was perfection, and the creaminess was broken up with the brightness of some green onion. Definitely one of our favorite places for a reason! Read more 1/8/2015 Previous review Le Diplomate was SO good. We went for my husband's birthday and enjoyed every moment. I lived in… Le Diplomate was SO good. We went for my husband's birthday and enjoyed every moment. I lived in Paris for a few months and this felt really cool and authentic. Apps - I saw that the mushroom tart had been raved about so suggested that. The pastry was delicious and the mushrooms were super flavorful. We also got the escargot. I liked the ones from Sur La Place better (because they're cheesy!) but these were still excellent. We went on a Tuesday, which unbeknownst to me is the best night to go because the nightly special is the Lobster Risotto. It was sold out, but they had a plate on hold for Joe Biden (he was there that night) and he didn't order it, so our server got it for us since we were celebrating a birthday. It was SO good, the lobster was perfectly buttery and the English peas in the risotto were very good. I had the Beef Bourgignon.  I've never had it before so I have nothing to compare it to, but it was good. Mashed potatoes were a little loose, and I thought the sauce a little over the top, but it actually helped a LOT when I had reheated leftovers the next day. For dessert we had the dark chocolate napolean and it was great - best part was the ice cream. I wanted to get the lemon tart but we were way too full at that point. A note on the service - I've never been so well attended to at a restaurant in my life! My water glass was never more than half empty, they change the paper table cloth before dessert, always bringing more bread, changing out silverware, etc. It really was a wonderful experience overall. We loved taking in the restaurant as a whole. Our server, Jason, is legitimately the best waiter either of us had ever had.Only complaint - I wish we'd had a nicer table! It was kind of close to the door and I wish we'd had something slightly more out of the way in the raised dining room. We are definitely excited to go back and try the rest of the menu, and I hear they do a great brunch! Read more 10/15/2016 Updated review

I've now been to Le Diplomate twice and both times the service was excellent, the wait staff were attentive and helpful without being overbearing. The menu here is excellent and pretty authentic for French cuisine at this price point. Their chocolate pudding is fantastic - almost mouse like - and not to be missed.However on my most recent trip there I opted for the beef bourguignon over the hamburger (which is truly fantastic) per the waiters recommendation. I'm not sure I preferred it to the burger but it was certainly different and I enjoyed that. However I left the restaurant - after having the beef, pudding and water for dinner - and had food poisoning. I was shocked that a place as well respected and delicious as this would lead to something like that. (To clarify I hadn't had lunch that day and didn't consume any alcoholic beverages, so I know it was from this meal.) I won't say Id never go back here - but it will certainly be a long time before I return.

9/30/2016 Previous review A wonderful brunch at a great price is hard to find and too often the places with the most buzz turn… A wonderful brunch at a great price is hard to find and too often the places with the most buzz turn out to be over-hyped, so when a friend said she had reservations for this place for her birthday, my expectations weren't high. We arrived and the ambiance was perfect, somehow in this corner of DC, they've captured the vibe of a European cafe in a way I've rarely seen captured elsewhere. The decorations and everything about the restaurant don't feel like they've only been there for three years, they feel like they're much older. In front of the restaurant is an ice cream cart, serving cheese based ice cream, by a lovely french man, dressed up. While I waited for my party, there were a lot of groups that came by, snapped photos, bemoaned the wait for the brunch- for those who didn't have a reservation, grabbed an ice cream, spoke in french with the staff and felt like I might have been back on a street in Europe - minus the size of the streets and the number of people in athletic wear. When the party arrived they seated us quickly and without a problem, even though we were almost 20 minutes late. We immediately had drinks in front of us and the waiter offered great advice on what to order. The food came promptly and there was a great variance to what was there and it was all seriously delicious. The quiche was fluffy, tasty and light but still filling, the crust was there but not heavy. The burger was delicious, flavorful, not overwhelming and served straight with cheese, no need for lots of toppings on beef that flavorful. The eggs Benedict was perfect, the eggs poached just right, the meat to egg to hollandaise to bread ratio perfect and with a side of delicious potatoes. With food this amazing, I can't wait to come back. Read more 10/2/2016

I'm so very confused by the 4 star rating?  Did I just have a bad experience?Went for mid-day meal with a friend and we were seated fairly promptly and the restaurant was very busy for 3:30pm on a Saturday.I ordered the SALADE NICOISE which is confit tuna, red bliss potatoes, green beans for $18.  I specifically asked the server John if there were onions and if so to please make sure there aren't any.  When the salad arrived it was covered in red onions so I had to send it back since I have a food allergy.  The second salad arrived and the tuna was inedible, it was so dry that it made a knocking sound when I tapped it with a fork.  I had to send this salad back as well.  Confit tuna when done right should be very soft and almost supple, this was worse than canned tuna.  I went with the MOULES FRITES for $19.50 since the first two salads were horrid.  The mussels were plump and moist and the broth was nice.  I would have loved some bread to sop up the broth but it only came with frites.  I wasn't a fan of the frites, they were over salted and a little soggy.I wanted dessert so I opted for the MILK CHOCOLATE POT DE CRÈME for $10 which was beyond delicious.  It may be the best chocolate mousse I've ever had but I was a little frustrated about the entree mishaps.I was pretty surprised that they charged me for the mussels after having TWO issues with my entree salad.  A manager never came by to apologize for the mishap.  I think most people understand that when dining with a friend that when you both order entrees and there's an issue, the person with the issue is just waiting while the other person is eating.  My friend finished eating by the time I received the mussels.  Our server was ok but we found ourselves having to look for him throughout our meal because he didn't come by often to check on us.  I absolutely love French cuisine and I felt the food was extremely overpriced and mediocre with the exception of dessert.

See all photos from Amanda M. for Le Diplomate 10/8/2016 Updated review

For times when the confit is not on the menu, the duck breast is a great alternative. Attractively presented in cherry sauce, it is meaty, with well crisped skin.Also, the tart tatin is extraordinary. The perfectly caramelized apples have a glass-like sheen and are dark and sweet. The pastry crust is nicely textured, and well-suited to its supporting role.

The duck breast. The duck breast. 2/9/2014 Previous review There are echoes of New York's Balthazar in the decor and dinning experience. As for the food:The… There are echoes of New York's Balthazar in the decor and dinning experience. As for the food:The skate wing was golden and crispy. The mushroom tarte was as fantastic as advertised.The lamb shank lacked flavor. Three stars.I went back a second time, and enjoyed the duck confit which was extraordinary. The fat has mostly rendered, leaving only the crispy skin and rich leg meat. The varied breads and creamy, whipped butter are also worth a mention. The dessert instantly became my new favorite: Pot de creme. It is a simple bowl of rich chocolate cream topped with whipped cream. Somehow it manages to avoid being too heavy. Read more 9/27/2016

Ok, Le Diplomate, you are as advertised. I was in Washington, DC for a conference, and my lady-doctor friends and I decided to splurge on dinner here. In my ignorant innocence, I did not realize that waltzing into this joint on a Friday night without a reservation does not normally produce a table. But we got lucky. We were seated outside under the canopy, and it was a beautiful night. I decided to go with "the food poisoning special," a self designed combination of raw oysters, steak tartare, and mussels. Don't let the suspense kill you - I woke up the next morning happy and still full and with no poisoning of any kind because this restaurant does not mess around.The raw oysters were delectable, served with the usual sauces - why mess with a classic? The steak tartare was lovely as well. The mussels dish was divine, and I found myself drinking the butter sauce after I had finished all the goods because I care about my heart health.We all had glasses of wine recommended by the waiter, and while I cannot remember what exactly they were called, all were great.This place also serves exceptional, crusty, fresh bread, so don't miss that.Overall: there's no reason not to go here. Make a reservation, expect to spend a little bit of money, but you won't be disappointed.

Girlz. Girlz. Steak tartare Steak tartare Raw oysters Raw oysters See all photos from Lindy D. for Le Diplomate 10/20/2016

I've been here at least 10 times and I've never had a bad meal! I'm a huge Stephen Starr fan and I first fell in love with LeDip when I tried their sister restaurant, "The Park" in Philly. I pretty obsessed with the steak frites and burger. I've had a ton of other items as well, but those are my favs and they never let me down!! This is one of the best spots on 14th street hands down!


Food wise, scrumptious.  Service wise, ok.Made 10 am reservations and were seated right away at a table by the window. We waited.... and waited...... and waited for a server.  there were servers hovering over our table yet none made eye contact.  We looked around and around.  Many people yet no one to help us.....So....bizarre.Finally, a server approaches for an awkward interaction."you ready to order??" "ehhhh we don't even have drinks yet."" so do you want drinks?""ehhh you're not our server are you???""nope...but I can get you things."OK then.....We place our drink and food order....Half the drinks arrive...Our actual server breezes into the space....was he late? I don't know... zero apologies.... all other tables then received a run down of the menu.. an explanation of dishes...suggestions of popular items.  Us? nothin... needless to say....we felt slighted.But the food..... the food is delicious.The bread that all others swoon over, didn't do it for me...But the mushroom tart and the quiche...OH YES.buttery...flaky....pillowy..... deliciousness.The moules frittes... lemony, buttery,salty, crispy, smooth....all of the above....was delicious.The creme brulee, although not the best I've had was pretty on par with how creme brulee should be and big enough to share!Would I come back?? absolutely.... service was lacking but people have bad days....I'd come again for that quiche alone. oh baby.


This is a nice charming and loud restaurant. My husband and I came here for our anniversary and had a late dinner. Service was helpful and attentive. The bread basket came out right away... Yum!! Their bread with cranberry is delicious... Actually, the bread tasted so fresh... But it was so filling... And soooo good!We ordered the Charcuterie Plate. It was good but it was too much for the 2 of us to share. I loved the pate, it tasted so light... My husband liked the salami... My husband ordered the burger. It had great reviews... And my husband who always complains after he orders a burger agreed... It was tasty and says he would definitely get it again.I had the braised lamb. The lamb was tender but was dry and salty. The couscous tasted salty. I regretted picking that entree. For dessert we shared the creme brûlée... It was creamy and rich. I'm happy we shared.  It was a nice size portion.We loved the atmosphere there so we're willing to try coming back. They had other options I wanted to try. Let's hope it was just an off day with the chef and the other entrees "wow" me.

Braised lamb Braised lamb Delicious but too generous for just 2 people to share. Delicious but too generous for just 2 people to share. See all photos from Mary H. for Le Diplomate 9/4/2016

Food was ok. Typical French bistro place. Food:Frog legs - very bland; could've used better seasoning or sauceFoie gras parfait - okGougeres - salty, less cheesy version of the Brazilian pao de queijo; goodMushroom tart - crust was too thick and bland for the amount of mushroom and cheese; just ok Fromage de blanc ice cream and Caribbean sorbet - the cheese flavor was good but the Caribbean sorbet was just ok

Mushroom tart Mushroom tart Foie gras parfait Foie gras parfait Frog legs - kind of bland Frog legs - kind of bland See all photos from Buo Z. for Le Diplomate 10/9/2016

Le Diplomate is fine. It's like a Parisian corner bistro or cafe, but twice as expensive as the same thing in a major French city, and in addition to the higher prices, you get the privilege of subsidizing labor costs for wealthy owner Stephen Starr's servers and staff with the typical 20 percent USA (yay!) tip. (Of course, this is not a problem unique to Le Diplomate, but if Starr really wanted to recreate the pleasure of dining in France, he neglects some of the best bits: not having to tip and the ability to "own your table" for the evening, even after finishing one's meal.) First impression is the place is pretty great, but then you realize it's not a unique restaurant, just another "concept" by a multi-state restaurant group. And, perhaps even worse, is that your fellow dinners exemplify everything that's depressing about the hyper-gentrification of DC.A few positives: the pastry basket at brunch is nice and the baguette served is pretty good.


Omg can I give this place ten stars please? Amazing wine, bread, cheese, service, menu...List can go on and on. But let's face it, the most important part is the main entrees and they were fabulous. I have tried their duck, scallops and lobster risotto and it was all just absolutely wonderful. I want to eat it all over again! Must try is their appetizer ceviche!!! Do yourself a favor and come here for dinner. Prices were also very reasonable.The only thing that I wasn't quite happy about is the portion size. It was either all very good or I was really hungry that day. I can't imagine getting full from an appetizer and an entree unless you eat some bread on top of that. Bigger portions and I'm making this place my favorite ever.


The decor has a beautiful old school classic French feel with lovely tile. The atmosphere is really incredible. They have a very cool interesting cocktail list that changes seasonly. I love to sit at the bar and people watch.The entrees on the menu are good, but a bit boring. It's pretty standard French bistro fare. It's all well executed, but I guess I like food that is a little more unique.When I go, I like to order some of the less classicly French appetizers. I like to get the tuna carpaccio which is a beautiful thin circle of tuna with chives and also the ricotta ravioli which has a great homemade tomato sauce.I think this restaurant is a DC experience you have to try once, but not a place I want to return to on a regular basis. It's a good place to take your out of town relatives to show them DC is just as cool as NYC or London! But not someplace I go regularly.


I waiver between a three and four stars for this place because I am a fan of the brunch menu over their dinner selections; however, the one common denominator that is on both menus is the deliciousness they call mushroom tart. Earthy, cheesy with just amount of flake makes this the perfect appetizer to share or even a meal in itself. Having dined here several times, I have ordered the norwegian salmon, beef bourguinon, mussels, and escargot for dinner and the common problem I have with all of these are that they are overtly salted. The meals are cooked to perfection but they just put too much salt in the dish that it ruins the entree. If you dine here for brunch, I highly recommend the foie gras parfait, duck sarlardaises, and the poached eggs basquaise. I prefer savory over sweet when it comes to brunch minus few occasions when my sweet tooth kicks in and the dishes I mentioned delivers just that. I mean, who doesn't love a luscious, runny egg that coats your dish and could sop up using their fantastic bread basket? The foie gras parfait desserves it's own paragraph because it is so dang good. Who would've thought the combination of jam and pate would work so fabulously? Imagine a generous slab of perfectly smooth foie gras presented with a couple thick slices of texas toast. My friend and I still talk about this dish and let me preface this by saying that we both have big appetites....but we were struggling to finish this appetizer. We so wanted to finish the last bite but failed to do so. Sad.Service can be up and down from personal experience. It's never not busy and so you may across a server that rarely checks on the table. Atmosphere is fantastic though--truly feels like you're transported to a bustling Parisian bistro.

Foie gras parfait. Perfection. Foie gras parfait. Perfection. 10/10/2016

A popular spot for a nice lunch or dinner with a client or business meeting. It is also a good spot for a group of girls to indulge in a fancy meal. First of all, the menu is somewhat described in french so it might be hard to read the menu items but the waiter was willing to let you know what those items were. However, maybe because my pronunciation of a french menu item got him offended and he just left me hanging without saying he will be right back. Nevertheless, here is my experience. I ordered the shrimp salad but when it came out, they brought out a soup. When they finally brought out my salad, the manager came and brought it to me and apologized. But when I tasted my salad, it was VERY salty. i could see the salt crystals hanging by my leafy greens and had to request it to be done again without the salt. When the salad without the salt came out, the manager was very apologetic and my waiter was very apologetic. This part, made me feel at ease and was very appreciative of their service. In the end, they comp'ed out my salad because by then, my friends had finished their meal and I just got it boxed up and took it home. Their service is up to par and I would come back to try something else on their menu. They are very attentive to your needs and will make sure you have the perfect meal.


Five stars. Last time I dined here, I had the best brunch of my life. All these years, I thought brunch was an overpriced meal with eggs cooked in some way. But at this place, the duck and potato dish with truffle oil for a brunch item blew my mind.The different assortment of complimentary breads they serve are delicious themselves - you don't even need the butter or olive oil. You can tell that they are baked fresh in the morning. I almost wanted to ask them to pack our leftover breads. It was that good.The second time we were back, we arrived around lunch time and they did not have the brunch menu. So we had the cheese platter with a glass of wine and beer, followed by mussels. Everything was just done right. The French blue cheese with truffle oil and honey was our favorite out of three different cheeses. I would definitely go back to try more cheese and all other dishes on the menu.All staffs were nice and very attentive.Bathroom was super clean.

Brunch Brunch Cheese plate Cheese plate Mussels with fries Mussels with fries 10/7/2016

Love this place...has an authentic Parisian feel with out the wait staff Parisian attitude. Try the fois gras parfait...unbelievabl!  A competent bar, try the grapefruit cocktail. Just a great trip to Paris without the air fare and fuss.

Sinfully good Food Gras Parfait Sinfully good Food Gras Parfait Paris on the Potomac Paris on the Potomac 10/19/2016

Le Diplomate is the best French restaurant in DC. Every time I go I am in awe of the service and food. I went recently for my sisters birthday. We had a cheese plate to start and whenever you ask the server to pick for you, it's always an awesome diverse selection with well matched jellies.The French onion soup is some of the best I have had, but you better come hungry if you are going to order other things because it's really rich!This time I got the beef bourgignon. The beef was so tender and melted in your mouth. The carrots and onions were well blended and the sauce had me dipping the bread in to soak it all up. The side of mash potatoes really rounded out the dish.For dessert we had the creme brûlée. It was so good and you could see the vanilla bean on the bottom! Beautiful ambiance. Honestly nothing bad to say about Le Diplomate. Next time I'll be getting the salmon.

Beef bourgignon Beef bourgignon 8/15/2016

Meh...a very underwhelming experience. After reading all of the rave reviews on Yelp, maybe I came in with too high expectations but I didn't find any of the food particularly special or great. I came in for brunch and had the following:+ Pastry Basket: My basket consisted of a blueberry muffin, a croissant, a croissant filled with chocolate, a croissant with raisins, and what I believe to be some sort of apple pastry? I actually asked for this to-go and at first they forgot to give me the jam that is included so I had to ask for it specifically. The best out of these would probably be the blueberry muffin and the apple pastry, but even then none of the pastries blew my mind in any way.+ Mushroom Tart: Another disappointing dish. The tart was very dry and the crust was hard; I felt like the tart should have been flakier. + Poached Eggs Basquaise: This dish was definitely better than the previous two. The eggs were poached perfectly but overall the dish was very bland. I felt like there should have been more peppers or tomatoes to help balance the dish.+ Artisanal Ice Cream/Sorbet: I chose three different scoops, which included olive oil ice cream, melon sorbet, and banana-passion fruit sorbet. Dessert was probably the highlight of my meal; the olive oil ice cream and melon sorbet were delicious but the banana-passion sorbet was way too tarty for my taste and you couldn't taste the banana at all.Maybe dinner is better, but the brunch here is very overrated. The food is good, sure, but not good enough to justify the price point and I'm sure there are better brunch places in DC.Also, I overheard one of the servers telling another that she "couldn't wait until the two girls she was serving finished up". Granted it was an incredibly hot day but I thought it was very unprofessional to 1.) talk that way about a customer and 2.) worse, say it in the hearing vicinity of another diner.

Mushroom tart Mushroom tart Complimentary bread basket Complimentary bread basket Poached eggs Basquaise Poached eggs Basquaise See all photos from Rachel L. for Le Diplomate
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