Levine Family Law Group - Divorce & Family Law - 5801 Christie Ave, Emeryville, CA

Levine Family Law Group   - Divorce & Family Law - 5801 Christie Ave, Emeryville, CA
9/22/2016 Updated review

They are awesome...in the end they ended up representing me in Modesto. I had the privilege to have Stan be my council in court which made the court process painless for me. Truly worth it..

8/25/2016 Previous review Very informative and with a decent price. The only bad part was i couldn't get them to represent me… Very informative and with a decent price. The only bad part was i couldn't get them to represent me due to my case been in a different county, wish i knew before hand.Overall good service and good information. I would still recommend them to my friends. Read more 7/29/2016

If l could give more ten stars instead of five l would!! They are definitely worthy of the highest rating due to their efficient services, fast, and outstanding performance. Erin Levine Esq. knows her stuff and looks for the best interest of her clients. Also everyone who l had the pleasure to speak to and deal with at the Levine Law Group office was very attentive, knowledge, and courteous. I would absolutely recommend the Levine Law Group to any beloved family member, friend or anyone who needs family matters taken cared of and done well. Thankful I found an excellent attorney in a city full good, so so, and mediocre lawyers when time was of the essence. She definitely delivered and was worth every penny.


I can't begin to explain how happy me and my husband are we are overly joyed with Erin's performance today in court. Not just today but all the other times she represented us in court. The whole entire staff at Levine family law group done a hands down awesome job everyone worked together as team from the very day we walked threw their doors. Levine family law group was able to take a situation that wasn't really good into something that was the absolute best for the child. Levine family law group made what seemed like the impossible POSSIBLE! My husband and I can't thank you guys enough. All you guys are truly the most sweetest , kind hearted people. Thank you again Levine family law group. Oh did I mention that we WON our case!


First of all, everyone at Levine Family Law Group are very friendly and helpful. I contacted the firm last year for guidance in filing for divorce and met with Erin initially, who gave me an overview and options on how to proceed. I retained the firm for legal coaching, and mainly worked with Eileen Eib throughout my divorce. She, as well as everyone else in the office, made what could be a very frustrating and emotional time and process, very easy and straightforward. Any time I had questions or needed advice, Eileen was prompt to respond via email or telephone call, always on top of everything, and very knowledgeable. All legal matters, strategy and document filings were taken care of by Eileen and the firm, and all I really had to do was provide and review documents that would be filed. This legal side of a divorce was made very smooth and simple due to the hard work and  the expertise of Eileen and the Levine Family Law Group team. I highly recommend working with this firm, especially if you don't know where to begin. I am just so relieved that my case is final, and settled favorably. Thank you so much!!


Yelp incorrectly directed me to Levine Group, and Erin was very quick to respond to my request for a quote, AND, she took the time to point me in the right direction. She can't help you with landlord issues, but I can attest to her kindness, promptness, and high level of client service.


Erin and her staff advised me during my divorce mediation process, which took six months. My mediation was very emotional and difficult for me and she was helpful in guiding me in the right direction while being warm and caring. Everyone in her office is knowledgeable in family law and child custody issues. Erin is patient and helped me prepare for my mediation sessions, giving good advice about how to proceed in each step. Her staff are professional and courteous and very responsive.


Erin is a skilled family lawyer and does a great job with the clients we send her way for transmutation and pre/post nuptial agreements, as well as parentage issues relating to custody and adoption.  She also has a clear understanding of California state domestic partnerships and the evolving rules for same-sex couples around marriage.  We are very pleased to have her as a family law resource!


I wish to give a better review. Mrs. Levine is extremely talented at negotiation, mediation and strategy. She works hard for her clients. Where she fell apart for me, was in my trial and major mistakes in trial procedure and tactics. It was so hard to change lawyers but it felt like a sinking ship! My case never recovered from the major mistakes in the beginning that well versed trial lawyers know. Just needs more time in trial situations which I understand and to be fair, we really hoped and tried hard not to go to trial and for that Mrs. Levine was phenomenal!! My case continues in court and I contemplate hiring her back as she is gifted in strategy and mediation and goes the extra mile for her clients because she cares, not the type of lawyer to charge for every 15 minutes!  I respect her completely and miss working with her.


If you're reading this review, it most likely means you're in a similar circumstance as I was. Before choosing a divorce attorney, I carefully read a number of reviews. Many of those reviews described very complex divorce issues, difficult spouse relationships, all essential components for a very unpleasant divorce experience. I knew my divorce would be no different. I do some consulting work for law firms so I've met my share of attorneys. I chose Erin because she is the most down to earth, real, genuinely compassionate attorney I've ever met. During my arduous divorce, Erin and her staff exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable. Erin's command of Family Law is second to none. Her legal briefs are filled with citations to strengthen her client's position. She knows the law, and whether in court or otherwise with opposing counsel, Erin expresses her opinions in a concise and confident manner. Ashley Schuh also worked my case and represented me in court. Ashley is also extremely professional, competent, and most of all, another wonderful person at heart. The Levine Law Group's Case Manager and Paralegal, Shelley VanRenselaar, was instrumental in many aspects of my case, and kept me up to date with all proceedings and deadlines. My divorce is final. And I could not be happier with the comprehensive representation of Erin and her colleagues at the Levine Law Group.


I highly recommend  the Levine Law Group. I am a Board Certified psychotherapist who works with high-conflict  co-parents regarding custody and visitation. I also consult with individuals getting divorced. In that vein, I recently referred  a client to Erin Levine, attended attorney meetings and court appearances. My client was overwhelmed before meeting with Erin. However, following our first meeting, her confidence in  her case substantially increased. This happened after every meeting with Erin. Erin is extremely knowledgeable about family law. She is very professional but her demeanor is calming. One feels very reassured while meeting with her that they are meeting with someone who knows exactly what she is doing. If I had it to do over again, I would have Erin represent me in my divorce case!


Getting a divorce is one of the most stressful things I've been through!! I'm so thankful for Erin who made this process easier. I felt as though I had a friend instead of a lawyer, she cared and was supportive and made me feel at ease. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone having to go through this process.


My divorce is final!Erin and her team defy all preconceived ideas we have about lawyers and especially divorce lawyers. I have met my share of lawyers and heard  (and lived) horror stories on the predatory practices that many have.  At Levine Law Group you will find a cohesive team of talented, smart, diligent and genuine professionals who are here to serve their clients' best interests first and foremost. Erin herself is a brilliant, sharp lawyer with outstanding negotiating skills. My divorce is final and I am so thankful to Erin and her team at Levine Law for their help in allowing me to put a miserable chapter of my life behind me. I feel like a new woman with an exciting new lease on life.It might seem ridiculous but I can only express gratitude for having found this law practice.  Highly recommend!


Erin and her team are amazing.  They helped me through a very difficult time while being mindful of my financial situation.  They have an amazing on-line system through "my case" where you can interface with their team of talented attorneys.Erin was prepared, professional and pragmatic through the entire experience (even though I got emotional at times) she staid the course and helped me navigate through a difficult time. She was honest and always looking for ways to save me money (not pursuing matters which didn't make financial sense). Erin is an advocate for her client's and, most importantly, her client's children.  As a parent herself, she put the children's need first and foremost and that's what I truly respected.I can't recommend the Levine Law Group enough.  Your search for a family law attorney is over....click on their website and schedule a consultation.


As a local business owner in another industry, I have referred several clients to Erin and Ashley over the years.  Each and every time, the feedback I receive has been positive.  Every person has come back speaking highly of the firm's professionalism and expertise and have thanked me for the referral. I am very careful about professional recommendations as I feel they reflect back on my own business and I would not hesitate to recommend the firm again.


I highly recommend Erin Levine and her top-notch law office.  You will not find a more dedicated, hardworking, and honest family law attorney in the East Bay.  I am a legal document preparer in Oakland, and I refer my own clients to Erin quite regularly.  Often my clients require legal advice or representation that I am not qualified to provide, so I need someone I can trust to be there for them.  Erin and her staff are highly trained and well-qualified to advise and represent people in complicated family law matters.  I have gotten to know Erin very well, and I am familiar with her work.  I know that she does well by her clients because when I refer my own clients to her, they always tell me they were very happy for the referral.  Readers, understand: I am a business owner with my own reputation to protect -- and I only refer my own clients to service providers I would trust with my own matter.  I would go to Erin myself in a heartbeat if I needed family law assistance.And she is nice too!  So is her staff.  Don't discount the value of kindness -- extreme competence and a nice person too?  That's hard to find in a family law attorney.  Go with Erin and your needs will be well-served.Ian


So happy to have the opportunity to share my gratitude to Erin and her wonderful staff at Levine Law Group. I needed help ASAP in a support modification case involving my adult disabled son. I approached several lawyers who did not feel they had the experience with this type of case or we're not willing to take it due to the work involved. Erin and her staff took on the challenge! They advocated for me, kept my anxiety in check, and always made me feel a part of the team. Erin often responded to my urgent emails/ calls after hours or on the weekend . Often times it was just to have her tell me everything would be OK. Erin took the time to ask questions about my son to get to know him as a person. I knew my son's welfare was in good hands.Erin diligently helped me keep my legal costs down. Erin and her office staff assisted me by developing an affordable payment plan and gave me advice on how to keep my costs down.I would highly recommend to anyone going through a support modification to go the  the Levine Law group they are highly professional and very supportive.


Erin is one of the best Family Lawyers I've ever met. She succeeds in combining the most essential skills of this specialization in one person.Given the continually competing demands of this type of practice, this ability is truly remarkable. I have first hand experience with Erin's ability to be extremely empathetic and clear on what her client's goals are, while also staying focused on the critical legal issues that will finally shape the outcome. I know for certain that I would have walked away from my experience out of frustration and confusion if I hadn't had Erin to guide me and encourage me to take good care of my own rights and needs. Going through a divorce can be frightening, confusing, infuriating and depressing, and often all at the same time. Erin was able to think when I couldn't and bring me back to focus on my goals whenever the drama du jour had me lost in a spasm of emotion.I recommend Erin unreservedly to anyone having to navigate the unpredictable sea of dissolution. Don't go to sea without her!Bob HahnPartnerLAW OFFICES of GOULD & HAHN


I cannot recommend the Levine Law Group based on my experiences. They didn't respond to my email after asking me to email them to review my document that I needed to email in order to get a consultation. They neglected to contact me for many days and then apologized for it (wasting my time is ok, but wasting theirs is not) and then said they were looking into it and then said no thanks because they only take a quota of cases derived from people with legal insurance. So if you don't have the money for her exorbitant legal fees, you will probably not be served-it's hit or miss I guess. Based on these contacts with the Levine Law Group, the universe is telling me I can do better and as usual the universe knows best.


I have known Erin now as a professional colleague for six years and highly recommend her as a family law attorney. I actually work in a building of family law attorneys yet when I have a question, Erin is my go to person. She responds quickly, always gives me her time and is more knowledgeable than anyone else I bother to ask questions of. It really surprises me how many other lawyers I can query who don't know an answer yet Erin will get me the correct answer immediately. I always refer clients to her who need family law services and have no doubt as to her competency level. Even when she passed the Family Law Certified Specialist exam, she modestly never told me even when I bugged her about her results! She is frequently in trial and trading tips about trials and local judges is something we engage in frequently. With all the shuffling of judges in Alameda County, you want someone who knows who is on the bench and what they expect of the attorneys that appear before them. Erin is always knowledgeable about the local bar and stays on top of current events. I would not hesitate at all to recommend her.

9/7/2012 Updated review

So, here I go again...  When my son's father, who never has paid for his son in over 13 years decided to cut off contact with him, Erin and her staff again came to my rescue.  Her professionalism and kindness made my child support case and custody struggle a smooth and easy experience. She got my son exactly what he deserved,  Financial Support!  She was helpful, knowledgeable and realistic.  Her support staff was prompt and went above and beyond to help me stay connected and help move the process along as fast as possible. When it comes to the subject of divorce and custody, Erin not only knows her stuff, but is caring and compassionate throughout the challenging process.  I will continue to recommend Levine Law Group to anyone who is having family law issues.  Thanks Guys!

8/27/2009 Previous review Erin Levine is an amazing.  she is so attentive and helpful.  She has made getting a divorce a… Erin Levine is an amazing.  she is so attentive and helpful.  She has made getting a divorce a joy!!!  I was more than ready to get divorced and she made it happen smoothly and without  any unexpected bumps.  My divorce was the best thing about my marriage thanks to Erin Levine and her assistant Shelly!  Thanks Girls, I'm happily single thanks to LLG! Read more
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