Local Boy Sushi - Japanese - 46-026 Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe, HI - Restaurant Reviews

Local Boy Sushi   - Japanese - 46-026 Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe, HI - Restaurant Reviews

Really tasty poke from a literal 'hole-in-the-wall' place!Grabbed a couple of Poke bowls to go - very very good stuff.  Give Local Boy a try!

Ahi Pole bowl Ahi Pole bowl 8/18/2016

This is my first time here, I got the California hand roll, and the ahi hand roll and the junior bowl. The junior bowl usually comes with rice but since I was already getting rice in the hand rolls I didn't want any more but I wanted the ahi, so the lady at the front suggested a salad! She was so nice, it was my first time there and I was on my quick lunch break and the food didn't take longer than 5 minutes to be prepare for me. The rolls were delicious and HUGE! As for the junior bowl, the fist on top it's TINY it's probably a quarter of a quarter of a quarter or a small fish, but then again it was 'junior' so i can't complain too much. Over all I was satisfied! The only complaint I would really have is when I got to my actual food they forgot to put the dressing for my salad so I had to eat a tasteless spinach and greens mix lol, but no biggie, in the grand scheme it was all pretty good.


I LOVE this place. I work once a week at a salon nearby and from the first time I've tried Local Boy Sushi, I was hooked. It became my new lunch spot. I actually look forward to the days I work in Kaneohe mainly for Local Boy Sushi (shh don't tell the boss.) I've since got my co-workers hooked as well!It's a small hole-in-the-wall place, literally. It's very easy to miss. It is located in the little center right next to the post office. If you see the post office then know you are within steps to LBS. Parking is not bad. There's usually a few stalls open. This place is NOT a restaurant. Do not expect to "dine in" or be seated when you arrive. You order the food through a hole-in-the-wall (told you it was literal), wait for your food to be ready, then take it to go or stand around the sidewalk on one of their tall tables out front. FOOD: I always order an LBS bowl which comes w/ your choice of three meats and a drink. They only use brown rice too for all you healthy yelpers (even if you don't care for brown rice like me, there's is GOOD!) I've tried their unagi--which is bomb, smoked salmon--must try, smoked meat, kalbi, ahi poke, and spicy ahi poke. My go to that I constantly crave is a combination of unagi, smoked salmon, and spicy ahi. I sometimes change it up but not by much, its always unagi, w/ one choice of smoked, and one choice of poke. **call your order in to skip the wait**On another note, my brother used Local Boy Sushi to cater for a Sushi Birthday celebration. Everyone enjoyed the food and there was more than enough food to eat.


If you feel like some bento, legit sushi, or even hamburgers and fries?! -this can be your new sushi joint. It might seem a little hole in the wall because well literally... it's just a hole in the wall where you order and get your food from. There is no indoor or outdoor seating. There are however, two tables where you can stand and place your food on the table to eat. My keiki and I love their LSL (pick your own combination) bowl. I usually go with Kalbi steak and 2 unagi (eel) on a bed of brown rice.  All their rice is brown rice and it's good on two levels, for your health and taste-wise.  :P If you're really hungry go for the Big Bruddah Bowl, where you can choose 5 different items on a bed of brown rice. I recommend the Poke, Kalbi, Unagi, smoked beef, and seaweed.  We also got the Lava Roll, Ahi pack, and complimentary Bread Pudding which was the best dessert ever!!! I could probably gobble 20 pieces of that ono bread pudding by myself.  :P

Bread Pudding!!! Best. Dessert. Ever. Bread Pudding!!! Best. Dessert. Ever. Lava Roll Lava Roll LSL pick 3 with 1 Kalbi and 2 servings of unagi. LSL pick 3 with 1 Kalbi and 2 servings of unagi. See all photos from Eri S. for Local Boy Sushi 9/9/2016

The food was Ono! I am not a fan of hapa rice (mixed white and brown) but i feel it added to the bowl. The worker (I didn't grab her name) but was super friendly, it was my first time here & she suggested different things trying to get me the best option of what I wanted. I'd definitely come back here again & recommend it to others


I've said it before, I'll say it again: I would have never found this GEM if it weren't for Yelp!LBS is literally a hole-in-the-wall serving poke bowls, sushi packs, sushi platters, handrolls, hamburgers/fries, and two types of dessert.  The hubby and I both ordered the LBS specials:  he had spicy ahi, smoked salmon and ahi poke, and I ordered the kalbi, unagi and ahi poke.  Bowls come with hapa rice and a drink for $8 each.  We both licked our bowls clean.  In fact, the hubby commented that he wished the bowl came with more rice.  But then I gave him a slice of their bread pudding and the first thing out of his mouth was "oh my god, this is the best bread pudding I've ever had!"  And all was forgiven regarding the rice.So yes people, the bread pudding IS good!  Show your check-in on the Yelp app for a free handroll - it'll really complete your meal.Next time I'm going to add a hamburger and fries to my order.Heads up: the parking lot is usually full but just be patient and wait for a stall.  Better yet - call in your order while you're waiting for a stall and it'll be ready by the time you find a space. :)

LBS special: unagi, ahi poke, kal bi ($8) LBS special: unagi, ahi poke, kal bi ($8) LBS Special: smoked meat, kal bi, spicy ahi ($8) LBS Special: smoked meat, kal bi, spicy ahi ($8) See all photos from Nat N. for Local Boy Sushi 1/6/2016

Definitely a legit grab and go place in Kaneohe. A small family owned place with some big flavors! Located in a little shopping center, you come up to a pick up window to order your food! This place is a bit hidden, so if you're not paying attention, you may just miss it all together, and you don't want to do that! I love local boy sushi, especially for their smoked meat, ahi poke, and spicy ahi poke bowl. All their bowls are served on a bed of rice and they also have rolls and platter options too. Local boy sushi has great friendly staff and are very on top of their social media game!Bottom line: Fresh food, great friendly staff and a super convenient "grab and go" spot. Check it out if you're nearby, and living on an island, this place is nearby! (verses Northern Virginia, where I'm from and the surrounding three states take 30 minutes to get into not including my 15-20 min drive into D.C but everything is spread apart so nothing feels near, especially on 66. Just in case you wanted some interesting facts about Northern VA... because I know we all do...)I'll be back, and this time for the bread pudding and sweet potato haupia pie too!

Spicy ahi poke, ahi poke, smoked meat bowl! Spicy ahi poke, ahi poke, smoked meat bowl! 1/6/2016

I've been eyeing out this place for some time now, but being that I'm rarely on the Windward side I never got the chance to swing by this establishment.  I've read so many people raving about this place so I just had to check it out.My friend and I shared the LBS (Local Boy Sushi) Special.  For $7, you get to choose 3 choices of spicy ahi, smoked salmon, ahi poke, kalbi, kalua pork, smoked meat, or unagi over a bowl of Genji Mai brown rice.  For all you folks who don't like brown rice, be weary...they use Genji Mai brown rice in all their bowls and other sushi items on their menu.  Luckily, I prefer brown rice so I had no problem with that.  This also comes with a small drink.  We got the ahi poke, spicy tuna, and smoked salmon.  Ahi poke -  Fish was okay, but it was quite salty!  There were big chunks of salt crystals found in there that really took away from the ahi.  Not to my liking.Spicy ahi -  Yum!  This was my favorite of the 3 choices.  Nice size chunks of ahi with a yummy unagi sauce (or some kind of similar sauce).  Not too spicy and quite flavorful.Smoked salmon -  Meh...I'm a HUGE salmon lover, but the texture of this salmon was similar to that of canned tuna.  There was also corn combined in this mixture.We also got the bread pudding.  Amazing!  The bread pudding itself was extremely moist, but then they add this incredibly delicious caramel sauce all over it...yummers!  It is quite rich, so I'd recommend sharing with someone...unless you have a sweet tooth.Service was lightning FAST!  We got our order in less than 5 minutes.Tip:  Make sure you plan where to eat your food.  The rice comes warm, so plan to eat your bowl soon or your fish will be slightly cooked.  There is only one bar high table in front of their take out window.  No chairs.  A couple was already waiting at the table with their things, so we had to eat in the car.  There are no other tables/seats nearby.  Parking is also a little tough.  We had to park on the side of the neighboring building.

LBS Special - Spicy Ahi, Smoked Salmon, and Ahi Poke LBS Special - Spicy Ahi, Smoked Salmon, and Ahi Poke Bread pudding Bread pudding Hours Hours See all photos from Traci T. for Local Boy Sushi 3/22/2016

This little hole in a wall joint is freakin amaze balls! Maybe it's the post-hike adrenaline rush fueling my passion for this delicious poke bowl I don't know, but my belly is surely satisfied after visiting Local Boy Sushi!Not sure which worker was THE local boy, but I could see them making my poke bowl and they took extra care in making sure it was made perfectly. I ordered the LBS special (3 choices) plus shrimp tempura. The best part about this place is that they give you an option to substitute lettuce or spinach for rice! A poke bowl turned into a salad! Absolutely genius.  Now, my conscience and my belly are happy!With reasonable prices, good portion sizes, and quality food, I will definitely be back when I'm in the neighborhood again!

LSB special with smoked meat, ahi poke, and spicy ahi. Topped with a shrimp tempura. Can't go wrong! LSB special with smoked meat, ahi poke, and spicy ahi. Topped with a shrimp tempura. Can't go wrong! 5/14/2016

Yesterday, I took my bf here because he saw the yelp reviews and really wanted to try it. We both had the LBS bowl with spicy ahi, ahi poke, and unagi. It was the best poke bowl I had in awhile. It was $8 and came with a drink.What I liked:* Fish was fresh and melted in my mouth.* Price was inexpensive for the quality of the fish. Around the same price as Kozo or Ninja, but better quality and more variety. * Perfect size for me. Also, the spicy ahi isn't too spicy. It's a toned down version of the Foodland one.  The ahi poke and unagi complimented each other. If you're picky on unagi, you may not care for it. Overall, I would come back whenever I crave ahi!

My bowl with ahi poke, unagi, and spicy ahi! My bowl with ahi poke, unagi, and spicy ahi! 11/21/2015

There are times when I withhold reviews because I am trying to feel a place out. I hate judging a place on one try, you know what I mean? And then there are times when I withhold reviews because I don't want to share my secret spots with ANYONE.Confession: I have a secret that I am ready to share. I haven't shared it with you until now because there's never a line and it's my current fave spot. I L-O-V-E Local Boy Sushi. Serious. Love.It's a hole-in-the-wall, I-needed-Google-Maps-to-give-me-WALKING-directions-kind of spot. Like seriously, you might have even passed LBS a few hundred times and didn't even see it. A couple of months ago, I finally stumbled upon LBS and, let's be honest, it was love at first bite. I'm a LBS Special kind of girl - you choose three choices - AND you get a drink. #itsthelittlethings You can choose from spicy ahi, ahi poke, smoked salmon, smoked meat, kalbi, or unagi. Like, for reals, you cannot go wrong with any of these choices. Perfect for an indecisive chic like me, you can do a different combo every time you go there. I do. And for days where you wanna kick it up a notch, you can add in a shrimp tempura. #youdeserveashrimptempuratoday Yuppers, thank goodness for a legit poke bowl on the Windward side!Thanks to the boys that work there for never judging me on my "new mom" look - you know, unbrushed hair, boroboro clothes (you know what I mean if you are local), crying baby, stroller in tow...They let me call in my order and I do a stroller-drive-by pick up. Those boys are the coolest and chuckle every time I see them - because when food is that delish, you don't even care what you look like. Ha!

I'm no "big bruddah" but I can be! I'm no "big bruddah" but I can be! Some options Some options 9/1/2016

This is hands down the best place for a pokè bowl on the Windward side in Kaneohe. I stop by here every chance I can get. I highly recommend the LBS special. Not a sit down restaurant, but no worries, good to go and sit on the tailgate of my truck!

LBS special with Kalbi, smoked salmon, and ahi pokè LBS special with Kalbi, smoked salmon, and ahi pokè 7/30/2016

I went to this place after seeing it on tv ( the show A U Da KINE) so I figured to head out on a Saturday looking forward to eat this awesome local Hawaiian sushi. I ask them is the fish fresh. He tell me (Yes) so this is my first time NOW so I spend over $45.00 worth on food and let me tell you this place sucks there meat, fish to the desert everything taste like it was from two days ago old and not fresh. Don't eat at this place why would you false advertise and not have what you say FREST but not. I'm not hating but believe me I know what's fresh or not and what's worth spending money so I was wrong not going back there again. Mahalo,


Yelp is one of those places where it's good to have many friends... well, at least ones who are active. :) I wouldn't have known about Local Boy Sushi if it wasn't for a friend's (Nat N.!!) review popping up. Thanks!! So far, I've been here twice for the Poke Bowls, and I will definitely be coming back to try the rest of the menu.Local Boy Sushi is located in a small strip mall that houses Pah Ke's "Chinese" Restaurant as well. It's right next to the Post Office. This place is literally a hole-in-the-wall establishment as there's only a take out window.On my first visit, it wasn't busy, in fact, it was just me! The lady at the window was super friendly, and I had a nice chat with her while I waited for my order: LBS Special with Unagi, Ahi Poke, and Spicy Ahi ($8). You can also choose Smoked Salmon Salad, Kalbi, Smoked Meat, or Kalua Pork. The bowl comes with Genji Mai Brown Rice, and you can substitute the rice with Romaine Lettuce or Baby Spinach.I didn't eat it immediately as I needed to get back down the H3, but the aroma that's somehow escaping the sealed plastic bowl and through the tied plastic bag was making me drool and my senses go crazy while dive-bombing down the H3. I was thinking to myself, "this HAS TO BE good!!" I just couldn't wait, and had to eat a few bites when I hit a  red light at a very long, multiple signal intersection. When I popped open the lid...wow, the aroma intensified tenfold and it was coming from everything! The spicy ahi was awesome. The fish was fresh and firm,  and I am a big fan of the smaller cube cuts. It was very tasty with a nice spice, and the furikake seasoning with the drizzle of unagi sauce added a nice savoriness and flavor to the fish. The Ahi Poke was very good. I liked how the fish wasn't overly dressed where the sweet soy was subtle, the sliced onion wasn't potent, and the sea asparagus just put it over the top with its freshness, crunchiness, and slight brininess. The Unagi was SO GOOD! The meat was firm and thick, and ridiculously tasty with a surprisingly nice char. The rice was moist and at the right temperature, which is the most important, in my opinion. At only $8, this is a very good deal when you can get three different quality items. It's not the biggest of portions, but this poke bowl was very, very satisfying. Everything was spot on.The second visit, I had the same bowl, but with smoked salmon salad, kalbi, and smoked meat (pork). Again, the aroma was somehow emitting through two layers of plastic. Smoky! The Kalbi was very tasty, tender, full of flavor, and cooked well. I don't like smoked meat to be overly smoked where that's all you taste, and that's how it has been more often than not in my previous experiences at other places. The smoked meat here has the perfect amount of smokiness where it adds to, and not dominates, the flavorful and nicely cooked pork. I felt indifference about the smoked salmon salad. It tasted fine, but lacked smokiness (which is odd considering it's besides Kalbi and Smoked Pork), and the consistency was too much like canned tuna salad. I wouldn't mind eating this in a sandwich, but not with rice.Overall, both bowls I had were very good. Everything was prepared and cooked well, and top quality, but if I had to rank them, I'd prefer all the selections in my first bowl. The staff is friendly, but there aren't many in the back, so when it gets busy (as it happened on my second visit), you will need to wait a bit. It is worth it though! This local boy is officially hooked to Local Boy Sushi, and I can't wait to try the rest of the menu!

Kalbi, Unagi, Spicy Ahi, and Shrimp Tempura on Spinach Kalbi, Unagi, Spicy Ahi, and Shrimp Tempura on Spinach Lava Bowl Lava Bowl Fries Fries See all photos from Andy F. for Local Boy Sushi 7/30/2016

The sushi tasted like a dogs chew toy.Great if your a dog. Not fresh. The lady in the front recommended some stuff we got and we were sorely disappointed.She was really nice though. Wanted to like the food but it sucked.


Smoked salmon is Winnahs! Just like their bread pudding, a must try!!Friendly workersFree drink with bowl purchaseOld style burgers with yellow sauce Large cut French fries


I'm so tempted to check into this place but I didn't actually step foot into this hole-in-the-wall restaurant. My bff suggested we get some LBS bowls and when she says try it, you gotta try it! I mean, do you know who Aimee is? #superelite lol Anyways, the food was so ONO! The rice was a perfect mixture and I'm pretty sure it was hapa...not too sticky or loose. I got the spicy ahi, ahi poke and Kalbi combo...delicious! The Kalbi was so tender and I like that it wasn't bone-in. No meat stuck on my teeth here. The poke and spicy ahi were cut into these cute little chunks. Did I mention the combo comes with a drink? Wow...for $8 it seemed like a steal! I think the next time I'm in Kaneohe for lunch, I may try to find this place myself!


This place is bomb. I don't head out to the Windward side too often but after hearing about this place from several friends, it was a good opportunity to finally go check it out after hitting a few balls at Bay View.We ordered two 3 choice bowls - one with the fish (spicy ahi, smoked salmon and unagi) and one with the meats - kalbi, smoked meat and kalua pig. Both bowls were around $8 which also included a small drink.I liked everything in the fish bowl. The poke was of good quality and seasoned well. The smoked salmon was ono and I could imagine myself watching a movie and just grinding on that and crackers all night. The unagi was really good too, and good portions.The meat bowl I liked a little less, but it was still good. The best was the kalbi. The smoked meat made me crave some beer cuz it was winnahs. The kalua, however, was just average.However, I liked all of the food in general and will definitely go back if I'm on that side of the island again.


Omg omg - so delicious- I love that the poke are diced up small. The flavors are amazing. Great friendly people. The price is unbelievable ! Cheap Delicious Grindz! Omg I cant even!  Fresh. Ono!Update- since being here this is THE place to go for poke! And their bread pudding - FRESH, DELICIOUS.

Kalua Pork, Spicy Ahi Poke, Ahi Poke over brown rice... $8. PERFECT. Kalua Pork, Spicy Ahi Poke, Ahi Poke over brown rice... $8. PERFECT. 5/4/2015

I want to love this place!To everyone who love this place - I'm sorry; I really wanted to like it. Turns out this place just did not suit my palate :(I ordered the LBS special with shrimp tempura which comes with two choices and a medium drink; if you check in with Yelp, you'll get a large drink which I didn't do bc I just prefer water. My two choices were smoked salmon salad, spicy ahi poke, and ahi poke. Breaking that bowl down:QUALITY -The spicy poke and ahi poke were both not flavorful at all - it was like I was just eating pieces of hum ho it's some kind of raw fish kind of fish :(The smoked salmon was pretty tasty :) I'd eat that again! :)The tempura was flat thin light and didn't really seem like a shrimp was in there :( There really was no yummy delicious taste I thought I'd expect.TRIED THIS PLACE TWICE -I actually ate at this place twice. The first time was for lunch. I picked up this LBS special and took it back with me to work. I started eating it and then noticed a bunch of the ahi poke pieces had a green sheen on them. Usually this means old fish.. :( How do I know?! Bc I've forgotten poke fish in the fridge that turned a green sheen so I immediately threw it away. It's a very sad thought to throw any poke away :(After work I went back and showed my bowl to the guy at the counter who said he'd never seen anything like that before. Anyway, he asked if I wanted him to make another and I agreed.I took this new one home. When carrying it to my car, I noticed the rice at the bottom was really hot. Idk if that's a good thing. If you have raw fish on top, it's definitely not a great idea to put raw fish on hot rice unless you know that person will eat it right away.At home, I tried it again. This time no green sheen fish! Yay :) I wanted the taste to be different but it wasn't. I enjoyed the smoked salmon and that's it.QUANTITY - Rather than trying to give free drinks or food away as incentive, I think they should just focus on giving good portions. The fish portions in both bowls I received were really lacking much fish. For the $8/$9 price, there should have been a lot more fish than just 1/4" - 1/2" deep. Let's just say there was a whole lot more rice than fish in the end. Kind of a waste of rice, right?!TWO STARS -Overall, I'm giving this place 2 stars bc I didn't think this place gave much value for the money and in combination with taste of course with the exception of the smoked salmon salad, I definitely think this place could do well with some kind of taste tweaking overhaul of some sort.In my humble opinion, the fish just needs to be flavored better, larger shrimp in the tempura with better flavor, and perhaps the rice should be somewhat flavored if the poke is not so much although that might be kinda too weird (= one huge sushi bowl lol nah) idk.I try to be very selective of where I'll eat when on the Windward side of the island since I'm not often on the Windward side of the island. Sorry this is not a fun exciting report of this place but am really hoping to see improvement next time I visit :D

LBS Special is one tempura + 3 choices: spicy ahi, smoked salmon salad, & ahi poke; comes w/med. drink LBS Special is one tempura + 3 choices: spicy ahi, smoked salmon salad, & ahi poke; comes w/med. drink LBS special w/shrimp tempura+3 choices: spicy ahi, smoked salmon salad, ahi poke; free med or lg drink w/Yelp check-in (I forgot this trip!) LBS special w/shrimp tempura+3 choices: spicy ahi, smoked salmon salad, ahi poke; free med or lg drink w/Yelp check-in (I forgot this trip!)
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