Los Altos Taqueria - Mexican - Mountain View, CA - Menu

Los Altos Taqueria   - Mexican - Mountain View, CA - Menu

California burrito? Yeah, they got that here. I've been slowly seeing the French fry added, so cal styled, burrito filled with yummy goodness start to pop up more and more in the Bay Area. For about 9 bucks, it's comes with the usual: choice of meat, rice beans, cheese, salsa, and most importantly, guacamole and French fries. It was pretty tasty here, and for those less inclined, they also have a pretty extensive menu.The tacos here are pretty good too. They've got the right spice, but a little bit too greasy for my liking. They also even throw in some chips for free. If youre in the area, you can't go wrong here: they offer a whole lot for reasonable prices, and they are extremely fast here not too mention very gracious as well. Oh yeah, parking is a breeze here too. Definitely would recommend this place.

Three tacos Three tacos 9/5/2016 Updated review

came to eat some tacos today, it was not busy so its not an excuse for this:the meat was cold ,do you guys want me to get sick?! I do like this place and i will continue coming here, but I will update my review if they keep the quality hey used to have on their food, any food serve cold its bad, but tripas and chicken could be the  worst!!!

3/22/2014 Previous review ok it has been awhile from my last review and to be fair they have been Great!! only 4 stars because… ok it has been awhile from my last review and to be fair they have been Great!! only 4 stars because it got a little pricey ! Read more 7/7/2010 Previous review Burros and tacos are great , but any other plate like chile rellenos  taste like cone from the… Burros and tacos are great , but any other plate like chile rellenos  taste like cone from the freezer and just put on the microwave.The people are really nice Read more 8/25/2016

PORTIONS: GenerousMY ORDER/PRICE POINT:Wet Super Burrito Chicken - $10.00Large Horchata - $3.00SERVICE:4.5 - Super fast! Like lightning fast! Like you're watching the cooks and servers in Fast Forward mode! And they're friendly enough.AMBIANCE/RESTROOMS:3 Stars - ...small restaurant... Didn't visit the bathroom.PROS: The burrito was stuffed to the tee, slathered with the sauce, with melted cheese on top. Exactly what I wanted and it tasted delicious. The price was good for the amount of food I got. I only finished 2/3 of it and saved the rest for later. CONS: Parking was a pain in this small plaza at lunch time during the week. SYNOPSIS: First time here and parking was not fun. I walk up to this mom & pop restaurant and I already see the line out the door at least 12 people deep. The restaurant is small, but every single table was seated with people. Despite the line being long, it went by quickly. My intent was to order take out anyway so it was fine. I kid you not, watching the servers and cooks was like watching a movie in Fast Forward. They were working their tails off to get the food out to everyone. Big ups on the speed! I would recommend this place if you're in the area looking for a yummy bite, at reasonable price, and are hungry enough for generous portions.


Don't be fooled by the reviews! It's only bcos the food is cheap and low quality. Doesn't compare to Chipotles or even Sancho's. After a couple of strangely gamey tasting chicken tacos I have decided to stick to the other places mentioned earlier


Came here on a Friday night about 1 hr before they were going to close. Super fast service however my Super Suiza wasn't as hot as I would have expected. It was just warm. Total cost for it with free chips when you eat in was about ~$8.50.

Super Suiza (~$8.50) Super Suiza (~$8.50) 8/3/2016

Looking for a quick place to eat for a late lunch in Los Altos, I found this place through Yelp. The place was completely packed at 2 pm, which definitely was a good sign. I ended up ordering a regular burrito with al pastor (~$8). It wasn't bad but I couldn't say it was an amazing burrito. The service was extremely quick though.


This is not like ... the best taco I have ever had, but it isn't bad. I'm starting to get a bit weary of taco places because unlike sushi or other places where there IS sort of a nice mediocre middle area to sit around in ... taco places are either impressive or not. I certainly was not impressed by their carne asada, which they charged more for, because it was sort of almost like ground beef. Their lengua was pretty delicious, but coming here about 15 min before closing on a Sunday night = the whole place smells of cleaning solutions.I'm sure its fine for tacos any day of the week, it's just not really anything spectacular.


My coworker has constantly told me to come here because they have good tacos...especially chicken tacos.I finally made it here some time last week...I was hungry and I didn't want to drive home from work on an empty stomach haha.It is a bit pricey, but it's pretty much like that at other taquerias right?Anyway, my friend ordered the carne asada plate and I ordered the taco plate (one chicken and one carne asada).  We also ordered the flan.  My coworker was right...those chicken tacos are bomb...I don't know what flavoring they added to the chicken, but whatever it was, it was good! Same with the carne asada, but the chicken won me over on this one.Maybe it's just me, but I wasn't too impressed with the flan.  It was nice in texture and consistency, but the flavor didn't really impress my taste buds...maybe I'm just so used to the Filipino style flan...I dunnoe haha...We've also tried their churros...custard filled...one dollar each...tastes good!I'd want to come back here again just to try their milanesa...

Chicken and carne asada taco plate! Mmmm Chicken and carne asada taco plate! Mmmm Carne asada plate Carne asada plate 6/27/2016

I tried the #29 Super Suiza with Carne Asada and it was amazing! Perfect amount of cheese, carne asada, salsa, sour cream, and guacamole! The tortilla was soft and warm with a little bit of crunch, and all the ingredients just melted together. They also gave us free chips and salsa. For a meal under $10, I would definitely come back!

#29 Super Suiza with Carne Asada Came with chips and salsa, meal under $10, definitely reordering this again! #29 Super Suiza with Carne Asada Came with chips and salsa, meal under $10, definitely reordering this again! 9/19/2016

Hands down the best burrito place in the area. Their CA burrito with al pastor is perfection. It's also HUGE (I can eat two lunches from a single burrito) and reasonably prices. The horchata is great, too.


Forgot to bring my lunch to work. Turns out it was a win anyway as it gave me an excuse to try this place. Ordered the Super Burrito Carne Asada and loved it. The place only had a couple of people in line before me at 1:30pm and I was out of there with my awesome burrito in tow in about four minutes. The burrito was huge (as expected, it did have Super in it's name) and was really decently proportioned out internally with all the ingredients. NIce and solid too as it didn't disintegrate as I was eating it.  Took a photo but my iPhone didn't do justice to what I was seeing so I'm not posting them.


Just your average taqueria shop but so so yummy. I gotta burrito and drenched it in salsa and it was fabulous.


My first dinner in Mountain View. It was a nice walk from where I was living so I was like why not. I first walked in and smelled great buritoes and I knew my dinner was gonna turn out good. I grabbed myself a super burito. You get to pick the meat in your burito, but my goodness they have the largest selection of meat I have ever seen in a burito place. There were many meats I have never heard of nor pronounce. I decided to go with the beef tongue as I am a fan of ox tongue in chinese cuisine. The burito was made really fast (less than 2 minutes). Fresh burito wrapped in foil paper and it was quite large. The burito contained rice, onions, beans and other typical things you would find in a burito. You can also ask to opt out anything you don't want.I enjoyed the burito. The beef tongue tasted amazing in a burito. My friend had the chicken and also thoroughly enjoyed it. I think this place is great, they got both speed and quality. Will definitely come back cause it's close by!


Never have I had a bad experience here. Maybe once or twice the rice was slightly undercooked, but to be fair, I came at a a very busy time and they were doing everything they could to make sure I got my food fast! (If you've ever worked in the restaurant industry you understand, and if not you're probably the ones leaving the lousy 3stars or less) I've been a frequent customer ever since my first carne asada super burrito over a year and a half ago. Since that time I've been pretty adventurous and steered away from my usual to give some of there other options a try, they have never disappointed! I always pair my meals with one of the refreshing juices (personal favorite is the melon, but they have many!) Thank you to the staff for always providing a delicious, quick meal when I'm to lazy to cook myself :)


Excellent food! Salsa, chips, enchiladas, tacos were awesome! The boy had issue because a teeny tiny speck of cilantro got in his plain cheese quesadilla. That's on him, not them. Ended our meal with 3 churros and an alfajor for a total of $4. Can't beat that!!


Look no further that Los Altos Taqueria if you are looking for a yummy taqueria experience. Even when I order online I still wind up waiting in line because of all the people who are ordering in the store. It's worth the wait, but I would suggest having an online order pick up line to expedite the check out experience.  My go to is the California Burrito with the BBQ chicken. It's filling (I can usually only finish half), flavorful and comforting for this Southern California girl who is looking for that burrito with fries fix. Friends have tried the breakfast burrito with chorizo (good but lots of potatoes) and the shrimp tacos (good and cheap for shrimp).  You may hesitate pulling into the parking lot but make sure you go in and place your order. You won't be sorry.


We've been here two or three times now with our kids and will plan on coming again sometime in the future. It's got a small eating area that can get pretty loud--and it can fill up FAST during dinnertime--but it's got a good solid selection of offerings at a reasonable price. What we've tried so far:Asada fries: they taste great and are filling, but they do get soggy quickly, so I'd say the large serving size is probably best for sharing or the super hungry. Plus, they're less than $9! Also, the asada isn't as citrus-y as I prefer, but it was still pretty good.Nachos: the ones with meat were pretty close to perfect and came in a huge pile of deliciousness! I also enjoyed the regular nachos (just melty cheese, pico de gallo, and guacamole), but the serving wasn't quite as big as when we got the super nachos last week. The pico was excellent though. So good. And the cheese stayed melty till the end. Yum. Still the dollar difference in price and the noticeable difference in size makes me think I'll go super next time.Sopes: Yum! And the shell wasn't overcooked either, so I didn't feel like I was going to chip a tooth.Rice and beans: Both are good. Not amazing, but solid. It comes without chips though. I've never gotten a plate of rice and beans before without at least 3 chips thrown in the beans. We did get chips for the table though, so maybe they thought those would last?We've also tried the jamaica and tamarindo aguas and they were lovely. The flan was ok, but the sauce on it tasted like chemical-food instead of real food, so the kids didn't want to eat it. The texture was nice though.Oh! And I also have to mention that the workers are patient and kind. Like I said, this isn't my favorite taqueria ever, but so far it's been pretty predictable and good.


They just updated their menu and have this California Burrito with French Fries $8.49.... The perfect carnitas burrito-- filling and delicious.


I've probably been here a hundred times. Ordinarily, I'd give it a 4+ on the stars, but something happened to the quality here since I was last here.  I ordered my usual chicken quesadilla suiza, some days it's two meals, so huge! Good prices too. Anyways, here is the problem. The chicken meat is normally shredded white meat, that has been simmered with a nice spicy kick. The best! Last night, it was grilled, cubed dark meat with no seasoning. The texture was completely off, rubbery, lacking of all flavor (the salsa added some).  I read a few other reviews, and seems to be an infrequent issue with others as well. I'm guessing since we came in an hour before closing you ran out of the regular shredded chicken. Instead of saying, "Out of chicken" as it's a big batch thing, you went, "Hmm, grill that thigh meat up, should work." Shameful.Keep up your quality that I've come to expect, such a disappointment!  I bragged about it to friends, dragged them there, and it came up lacking for their first visit.  I doubt they'll be back as they both got a burrito layered the wrong way, with all the sour cream on one end, guacamole on the far end, etc, so you get a whole bunch of lettuce, and nothing else in 3-4 bites. Google up "Dear guy who just made my burrito" and you'll get the idea.  Who makes a burrito like that?!  Oh, one had a thick black hair in it too, they didn't finish. Gah, I'm out of the running for any recommendations to my friends for a while after that now.I might give you guys a try again when you get out the kinks of whatever you are doing. I'll be sure to change the rating when that happens.

My friends' burritos. My friends' burritos. 10/10/2015

Bland. That sums it up well. Had the chicken enchiladas. No flavor which was amazing considering it had sour cream and guacamole and I was starving. Not bad by any measure but would not come back just because I can think of tenbetter spots within 10 miles.

Half of the menu...since they have like a hundred things you gotta like something. Half of the menu...since they have like a hundred things you gotta like something.
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